Okay! Can we do that all again this time with the camera rolling? Well, i wasn't sure how to make youtube gold extra unique today. So i thought a whole bunch of repair was what we needed to do: youtube gold, yeah i'm, expected to be giving these guys a unique uh adventure when they come here, they're paying for top quality uh and i don't mind putting in a little bit of extra Work for these guys on the side, so they can really feel like they're getting their value out of being at the rc spark studio. Oh only leaking a little bit we're gon na pump out the pond right now. One rip on that side to the tarp. Okay. Well, that's, not too bad, so it really shouldn't be leaking out past. That point, then it was too late by the time. I noticed that we were in the pond it's your job as navigating i was out of come on. Do your job, god, damn it! I too was having fun you're here, dude i'd, like to say you guys are voluntarily wearing your your your your high vis stuff today. Look at that it's hot today, oh yeah, pretty good with it. I see the crazy bob took your friggin, your sunscreen. He wasn't supervising him, so you got, you know what to do. Basically, just take the drill bit drill through the wood and then you got the zip ties i gave you yep good.

I want you just to zip tie the two boards together and make it as secure as possible. Youtube gold youtube. Gold goes in Applause. Do you know why guys always have to shake it after they take a leak? Why? Because you can't teach at school. This is where i thought he was the best man for the job, because he was wearing basically thongs, isn't that what they're called, i think so yeah yeah so he's down in the mud right now, zip tying the boards together. Basically, i did this whole thing on purpose to test the guy's ingenuity and uh they didn't come up. What did you just say nothing? What did you say nothing? I i wasn't quite sure what he had said there, but i heard that oh wow, the disrespect on this mindset, i'll tell you you're lucky. This is an adventure park. Gentlemen. I gave you something to adventure with. What do you think you just come here exactly dude? You don't know your own strength. I thought these are titanium, zip ties. No, these are straight from china. We should almost have a green mediocre work. We may uh even put a strip of gorilla tape across the top there i'm going to show you how to do a field band aid i'm just going to back up a little bit. So i can see you there bud make sure to line out a few pieces of tape, gorilla tape, bright orange, this way, you're not going to have any problems with amazon or osha or whatever shaw you're dealing with tyler Music.

These guys have been here the whole time all week, we're just gon na get one of these right here all week for like the last three months. Okay, turn your head away! That way perfect! Thank you mike, come on in hold these two right here. For me, right go behind vial and stick your hands through, and then you can hold. I like to review my contract at this point. Don'T touch them don't touch them. Okay, just reach around just stay still don't move. This is becoming stressful. Okay. This is one of the worst safety hazards, i've seen here so far, just it's it's, almost like you guys, aren't even listening to that safety's priority 19.. I literally had to move it up the list here. What is it now? Well, look at all these. These could easily scratch someone's leg on the way hey we're by that today i know, but i can't have a patch over a really sharp spike sticking out. Did you find the flush cutters? Perfect, shirt, good job? I think it was tyler's fault. Hey! I didn't do this yeah, but weren't you supposed to oh, i saw you doing zip ties this way. It is clearly visible where there has been a repair and there's no question in the future. If we did it right or not, because gorilla tape, as we know, holds everything there, it is that's right, it's. The only way we're going to get a sponsorship from gorilla tape is to use it as much as possible.

This is not brought to you by gorilla tape, even though we use it in every show. Well, if they can't find you sexy at least they'll find you handy yeah keep up the good work, you're doing great green horn like when we bring in the youngins that didn't sound right, i think he's jealous of our hair. I don't even know what to say in boots or what i don't even know what to say anymore: everyone's wearing sandals yeah he's, watching hot dude. I, like you, i'm gon na go stand over here with the with the other guy. I, like my toes beside me. Tyler, do you agree that it is now repaired? I believe so matt? Is it repaired i'm, pretty sure yes repaired better than it was before? Yes, i, like that, are you ready everybody ready? Yes, beer break you're gon na run it over again let's have a beer that's way too hot outside to actually do work. I love beer all right. Everybody thought i should be giving the boys a better lunch, so i made sure to get them. One lyle, i don't have a table what's up buddy. Can you just hold that you can be the lunch tray for everybody today? You want to pop this lunch time. Come get your meat right in his lap. What there's some pickle, i think tyler likes pickled pickle. He loves pickle. I guess we could call lyle the lunch truck that ain't salami, careful schnitzel, absolutely not if you're watching right now leave a hashtag that says: youtube.

Gold, baby, youtube gold baby. All these guys standing around eating when we should be moving dirt, barely moved. Today, it's a beer break, you shut the hit the switch. I thought we should fire back up there: okay, let's fire it up. I don't know this. It looks perfect, looks great, looks good missing dirt, though the gold fox omnifox trommel, spinning round. I don't see the trommel moving spinning around plug in the uh array of batteries onto the posts i'm going to show everybody watching the new box. So i finally got all the switches together. Everything can now be controlled on the one box and two batteries you got the jumper cable there tyler come here, buddy jump on that all right attach those two to those two make sure these aren't touching don't need to be doing some welding there. You go perfect boom boom, yep and then boom boom red to red, perfect, perfect, ready to rock. We got 12.6 volts firing up everything. Everything spark starts up: everything from one spot: beautiful turn it up Music to get the horns Music. So yes, first layer of pay on its way who wants it? Oh you got ta. Take it one lap around it's, mandatory it's for safeness, so you got ta work your way by uh coming down work by tyler. This is the only way we're gon na get youtubers to stop writing in to complain about how unsafe we're being, i think, you're wrong.

I think there's gon na they're gon na find reasons, no matter what you do. I think i think you're right tyler doing his best to get out of the way there he's having to do some work on the road it rained and rained and rained this uh. This week we weren't able to get any mining done at all. Finally, we're able to get in there and start cleaning up the roads, obviously for the experience of them getting to fix up this whole area, i'll be charging them double, but it only seems fair we're throwing in for material when's lunch. Ah, lunch will be served when you shut up get to work. This is a authentic of a work experience as i try to provide for everybody here at the mine site. Any construction site really here i've been working like 10 minutes in the beer break. Yet i know right here comes lyle around perfect over there, just here yeah in the pit right there, my tiny hole dump your load such an awesome, looking machine, let's move some dirt matt and the music kicks in. This is one of our most important jobs on the mine side here, it's, basically, where all our hard work and efforts go into them, getting all the gold. For me, perfect, yes, it's way harder than the real thing is it way harder. Matt'S been working on in heavy duty equipment for how long now now these guys are moving lots of dirt right now.

You can always tell when gold fever hits these guys really start moving and it's, even on a hot day too. You'D expect a lot more beer. Would be flowing, but these guys are focused right now. Here it comes away, goes into the omnifox into the trommel and down this loose run Music. So, hey guys, i can't help but notice that no one's putting any dirt in the machine and everyone's just digging out of the mine. Well, we need more people on that equipment to make the dirt get processed faster because we're ahead of the game, what's what's tyler, doing if you're ahead of the game, you should be jumping on another piece of equipment: he's driving that rock truck i'm driving. This rock truck, then we only need one because we only got one plant loading, so we only need one plant, a rock truck moving. Someone needs to take over the cavalco here, just getting a feel for the john deere, like controls here, you don't have any pay dirt. I noticed. I know that could be part of the issue. I think so. Okay pay dirt, no one's on pay dirt. Where'S lyle i'm, going oh rock truck's on his way, good good, good, good, good, good truck's covered. We need more speed out of those things. They'Re too slow hold on hold on shut her down, shut her down, shutting her down Music. We need to get a one way sign over on that bridge.

We were threatened last week that if we didn't do that, someone was going to report us. The perfect thing for almost everything hold on. I got tyler come over here and give me a hand sure. Okay, so right in this section, we need to clearly make sure: could you put a strip of tape across there and then there's just no confusion whatsoever. I don't even think we need the marker watch this. If, oh, my god, i totally understand what you're doing. Oh, you know what you are showing some true leadership: skills it's, almost more valuable than jim being here. Well years of leadership, training don't get me anywhere fire it up. I love this thing. People might actually be confused with that arrow. Okay, what if they were coming down the other way and they didn't know, though now there's no question, which way is the right way to go? Stop stop who's driving lyle come on down. We just want to make sure so there's no complaints from the youtube community. Can you clearly see which way is the right way? Yes, excellent proceed: Music, crazy, joe almost smashing into his beer. There i'm surprised it's so close, but i think it's acting as a spotter that there's danger. If you go that way, ah tyler continuing to grind lyle's on that pay dirt. This mine site has become so large. It takes a lot of people to make. This show happen now i mean to make the mine side operate beautiful, so this there, it is going up here, there's the pay straight into old, faithful, old, faithful, taking it down to the grizzly bars.

This is where it screens out any of the bigger rocks down into the trommel here filtering out to those two sluice boxes getting down here down here. Any bigger rocks that do go in there automatically get processed here, bigger or just smaller than a quarter. Inch comes up to the shaker plant, gets re washed right here and there's a final sluice on the front you can see. I replaced the motor it's spinning beautifully back into this side of the mine site Music into the funnel mine, which has just been paying out for us, which is awesome truck after truck keeps coming out of here. Everybody always asks. Why do we keep using small equipment when uh? Clearly, i could bring in big equipment and get the job done quicker, yeah right joe, you know, you know how angry my wife would be if i had huge equipment in here. I know right it's. The only way i can have the best of both worlds county goals down joe's, going to try to work his way out. You might have to use the hoe to toe you out. You might use the dozer to pull you out. Instead, you know what put your bucket down and help dig you backwards. Bro just dig into the ground and push yourself backwards. Oh my god, yeah he's close to the pond that's the loader. You all yeah looks like he might be stuck. He had no hydraulic fluid because everything's on an angle yeah, he needs a pull.

Michael grab, the dozer. We need a pole. Actually, you know what i never mind. I know what to use nice is that uh? Is that too much truck for you? Are you sure you can handle that that looks fun? Can i try? I don't think the road is wide enough. I don't think so either. Oh god, dude Music, dude, that's, crazy, dude, that's insane yeah that's power i'm. Really proud of you. I made it. Of course i can handle that truck okay, you rig up there just tie a knot in it yeah around on this side. You can see how i rig up i'm going to put lyle in the most awkward position, because he's got a bad back, much like myself. So i figured leaning underneath one of these giant trucks would be a great thing to do for a prolonged period of time, while we showed how to rig it. But if you're trying to do something professional, remember over under over under with a little loop in it, joe looks like he tied his rabbit here goes through the hole, threw that on the back over to grandmother twice yeah, then through the loop, then you want to Wrap it around no less than 16 times yeah. Are you going to follow me outside it's, like that's, seven, no he's busy, seven well, youtube's youtube's known for tutorial videos, and i want to make sure to give everyone a tutorial on how to do uh a proper badachka, and it looks exactly like that excellent you're, Letting tyler go ready.

I'M going yeah, your tractor's broke Music. What did you do? What happened? Scrape the vin number off and leave it take the gossip you just had one pin pop out. Thankfully i have super strength. Oh excellent here hold on. I think you should take the track off and we still pull you up. I think we can do it. Maybe you should okay rolling lyle. Why don't you uh it's forward on one side, steering on the other yeah keep going whoa, lock it down buck it down. Can'T buck it down, there is yeah, oh the other track's gon na break. Oh you're, going the wrong direction. There you go hold me up. Oh nice, hold me up, go, go, go! Let it go. Yep, come on out of the cut: stop, stop that's the power of a mine, truck nine, seven, nine, seven right out onto the road right, oh he's, stuck now dude! You have to go forward not backwards. Well and two is if somebody unties my babachika vidachka, that that guy yeah, no it's actually indestructible once you tie one of those no way anyone can untie it interesting awesome thanks, boss, good job on the badachka knot. Thank you with my super strength. I can't move. It i want to show how strong that string is backwards. Ah, Music, i'm right here, you could have sandals on you would have been fine. I want you to know this was an example of why i wear steel toe boots.

I wasn't actually heard in this simulation. This was just to demonstrate how these gentlemen could clearly have been hurt on the site without proper mine site shoes and safety gear. Clearly so, i'm glad i was able to take the brunt of that for you, you did it clearly. Clearly, we can wear sandals on site, mandels it's, going to be very tough to take you around here, there's a block in front around no problem, there's a block in front of you blocking the way yeah it's blocking the way nice Laughter wait. Where'S the controller oh yeah hold on like the hospital bed. This is for your comfort lys. It helps you out now that you're old it will help you stand up in a very slippery way. Laughter youtube gold, baby, lyle. You just got dumped on international internet. How does that feel? Is it personal feeling or like rock bottom man, rock bottom rock bottom dark horizons? You can tell all this heat all the humidity thunderstorms incoming the pay continues to go around. These machines are insatiable always eating crazy, joe. The control box is working. Fantastically wouldn't, you say it's great one, one battery powering all this stuff. It only took us three years to get to there. Well, you know baby steps: almost 1600 apps, cold cranking apps everybody – maybe steps bud, but look at us now giants of the industry Music. So so, Music, what are you doing? You'Re, like you're supposed to be loading pay back into the funnel mine, big johnson swinging around the mine site? Definitely in charge that storm's, threatening everywhere we go what's going on what's the matter.

Oh dude wrong way wrong way, dude wrong way. I thought we clearly defined that there you go that's better. I can definitely tell that you've had tons of experience. Tyler, i was questioning you in the beginning. We'Ve had lots of people like lyle, specifically saying that they could do stuff when clearly they hadn't done it before yeah. I agree into the grizzly bars filtering around into the trommel, getting screened coming straight down. You can see some of those need to be shaken through still that's okay, but as they pile up they get taken up here all the way to the shaker. It just continues to go and go and go looking good Music, Music Applause. Oh no! Dude! Stop! Don'T! Move don't move turn off your pump. Okay, uh x, don't move don't, move don't move, i mean it. Don'T move get the excavator and we'll roll the excavator down here i don't know what the is going on with crazy joe. Today, hey, oh, oh, we got. We got a dozer almost over guys. Can you bring over big johnson? Please don't worry about it. Kj we got big johnson on the way Music. Big johnson was way: heavier bro, big johnson it's. All the pressure trying to get the gold it's. Okay, man don't worry about it, you're a good worker anyway. Oh thanks. Besides, if there was any damage it would just go on yeah. I blame it on nautilus enough. Beer breaks clearly goes on your bill.

Well rear brakes could be on my bill too. They are cheaper, no, they don't. They actually went up this year, well, they're still cheaper than repairs. Okay. Here we go okay, so here's the situation we got a huge storm rolling in and kj has his dozer stuck we're gon na try to get it unstuck with big johnson bro. Why keep giving me such a hard time, man, i said it's, not enough beer breaks. I think you've had many beer breaks today, i'm under stress you're, fine backwards, joe just on the left track on the right track backwards. You'Re, oh great, it was not a badachka. He wanted to rush me through yeah tighten up hold on hold on. I don't want to be in the way i might lose my finger. Okay, only the right track, joe back up yeah, keep going michael back up there. You go both tracks. There you go looks like you guys know what the you're doing he better do it again. Then nice job we got ta beat this storm. Gentlemen shut her down, shut her down all on one that's handy, shut, her down let's get this stuff cleaned up. Dude we couldn't move the amount of material that we needed to today, and the winds are starting to pick up now. Crazy, joel, just shut the pump down yeah we're cleaning up that's good nice. I see some in there it's nice to see some sparkle quite a bit right.

There twinkle twinkle little star. Oh there's, a nice big chunk there. You are, i love it. Oh there's, a nice one! There too right there come on over here hold on. You can see joe's clearing away, we're, just basically blasting the side of this it's, a lot quicker to get down to where we are because there's a lot of overburden up here. This way, i'll show you what i got in the sample off the side come on over here, joe you just keep shooting over there mountain good job, don't have okay. So i need to fix my hands on this. Are you picking out the clover crimson keep it on there? I see some right there. Look at. Oh look at that. Look at it! Look! Oh there. It is look at that. We'Ve got some gold in there there's one right there yeah. I know it was good ground dude right there, so that's how we're able to blast through it, as you can see, right there, but it's a lot of work. This is why we use the machines to help us get rid of all that crap there. Look at that wow. Those are some masks. Those are nice eh yeah that will go towards today's count, yeah, two of them sweet, hey, youtube, baby baby check out these nugs. Oh, i saw them. Man look at those wow. We got lots of gold in there. I was inspecting the trays earlier. We got some more over in here.

Where was another one? Oh yeah, we got this right here. It'S only the universe is allowing us enough time just to do youtube gold before it totally cleanses this whole side of all the stuff. We did today, even the earth needs to be washed bro, especially now it's gon na get dangerous out here, let's wash before we get struck by lightning, so just washing through the tailings here, just making sure that if there is anything in there, it goes into the Japan below thank you, so many people watch this show for different reasons at different points. In the show people like it for the the equipment that we use. People love it for the gold cleanup that we have people love the camaraderie that's, the actual youtube gold, lyle standing there with a sledgehammer and a hat like that: that's pure youtube gold. Next, this one yeah, oh yeah, no, this is that's where it should be catching everything that's, where all the big stuff catches in the nugget trap. I don't see too much in there, though that looks like tornadoville yeah. Oh, i just saw that i didn't see it yeah lightning, hurry up boys, hurry up boys, hurry up boys everyone's, getting older, yeah that's, it it's rolling, okay about time. I did something around here here. We go got straight on to it. Sir. Thank you yeah. I know there's tons of gold up there. Jesus what's going on hurry up Laughter gon na make you wear a bikini next time.

Only when you do let go of that ah right in there. No, no nothing in the edge not on the edge in there end up buckling. Okay stay there make sure it's. All going in here comes the gold rush yeah, but yeah, okay, we're good nice, okay, water up, i feel like i'm going to burning man. I think we need guns is the mine upside down. I maybe perfect excellent. You should feel lucky remember when we weren't, including you in the masks and you had to sit over there yeah. I know those were good times. Those were good times all right start feeding the wheel, feed the wheel feed the table. I was testing you. After all. This time testing you carefully putting everything there it's excellent you're, doing a great you're doing a great job. You don't want to overload the table no or the guy running the shovel that's right. I don't want to get a piece of gold. I don't want a whole bunch of claims, oh right away, right away, good, good, beautiful. I see this for a second boom that's. What we want to see. Thank you. I want to see some gold. You can tell that rookie is not here. Gold there's, a big flake right there go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go nice! I love it. Yes, gold piece right. There it's got to get weight, get your eye on there.

Oh i got it. I got it. Don'T worry! Don'T touch it don't touch the table. If you get no, you can't have oil on the table. A brush, yep there's, another one i'm working on i'm digging it there. It is nice they're, beautiful yeah! I look at this – is separating it. No, no! No! No! Holding on it's, so pretty that shoots it right out there dude they'd be asking us right now. Why don't you just blast the whole side of the mine youtube gold would be over. We could end it right now and just go blast all the wait. Oh in the comment section, what tell us if you'd rather just see us waste it all on one shot and blow the side of the hill out, or would you like to see a few more episodes you literally just oh, he forgot his job. They can't yeah explosives are illegal here. Actually you can't even get them so, oh well. There goes that idea. Yeah too bad, yeah, sorry, canada rules say hi in the comments section anyways. Can you imagine what the gem would say if something blew up the side of the hill? Oh, she was standing there. It could be like fireworks. Thank you. Oh there would be fireworks yeah. Everybody keeps asking about why they don't see more flower gold around here, and the truth be told, is that the old timers, their flower gold used to be more worth more out from the prairies than the larger gold and a lot of the old timers stripped.

All the old uh, the flower gold out and just left the old chunks because they didn't think it was worth their time, which i have a different thought and you can think all you want that's the truth. It'S all in tyler's pocket. We did have a smaller gold count last week than we thought that's. What i'm saying i don't have anything i'm bringing in a metal detector for us just hey, you know, friends and money. I hear you bro, especially when everyone was looking at you. Don'T look shady. I try not to notice he hasn't asked anybody for money today. Isn'T that weird, i think, that's kind of weird gold gold go go, go, go, go, go, go! Music, need a little foot to push down on the shovel Music, no there's, none yeah! You just saw two yeah yeah. You missed the average of nine pieces every time that's why we have a recovery, tray we're gon na need that i know, but is it the goal to get it the box? You got ta, keep them busy i'm trying to make this an authentic experience here. I think it doesn't get more authentic than than a green horn fighting losing gold. Oh i'm. Sorry, sorry, all that what what wheel is rolling wheel of gold there we go. Yes, emptying the gold that we got from the side of the hill. Yes scoop it in there, my man let's. What did i hear? Mexican barking spider? Oh? Where are these first? Oh right, there there's gold, first scoopful.

Yes, all the blacks and gold go go. Go! Go go: go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go there's! So much of it, though, look at that hell, yeah youtube gold. Baby. Anybody got predictions today. Oh geez, i'm gon na go with a 10. solid 10.. Oh that's, a nice low number. You must have kept your fingers out of the pad this time. I'M gon na wait till i see something before they're made controls i'm gon na say it looks a lot like point. Eight beautiful look at all that nice, steady stream of gold, the golden highway. Yes, we actually thought we could call it golden showers, but then it was quickly pointed out to us. That was a terrible idea. Yeah remember when we went to the river and we got hailed on yeah that was so long it's golden showers. Oh nice, you see nugget there. It is nice that's, a good picker that's in your hole, yeah get in your home. Just go home, joe's, just stirring it up. You can see the bigger nugget in there rolling around shouldn't you be using a shovel for that. So you don't get your finger oils in there. Oh that's a come on waiting on one piece here: get your damn finger oils out of there and use goddamn shovel it's, okay, get on there baby! There you go there. He goes there. He goes there. He goes. Look at that that's a nice one yeah, i think, that's it boys, i don't, see anymore shut her down shut her down.

What are you doing back there? What are you doing over there? Uh? Oh the door's, getting all dramatic. Were you peeking at the gold lyle's going to dry the gold? Yes, you had the dryer what's in your hand, nothing hey! I see you spilling stuff all over the place there boy! Okay, i need a gold pan. Please, hey quit messing around get a gold pan. I want to see how much gold is important part of our day here, no kidding that's, why? I was surprised to see you letting so much go down the table: okay, no water, first yeah rinse it out; first dry it out. First, okay, we got very little water, we got. I don't want to see the gold bring me the pan. We got whatever's in this little pail, whatever just dump it in three two one: gold, not bad average. Well, what else were you supposed to do today? You come here for an experience. Oh, it was an experience. Well, there you go you're, welcome a rough one, throw the gold dry, the gold that's. Actually pretty good. That looks awesome that looks way more gold whoa, those are big pieces. Growing nice go, go, go, go! Go go: go, go, go, go, go, go, go! You can't, start the gold chance. I thought we had a rule that we couldn't start a gold chant. Unless you'd been here one season. I thought everybody could start a gold champ. You weren't here that day wow.

I can't be here every time. I'M. Sorry, it doesn't pay a lot like i. I still have a bill. You still pay me, i think, it's in the billions now beautiful that's a lot better than what oh that's actually pretty dang good that's a lot more than i thought we had when you first dumped it out. It must have all been in a pile there's. A lot of black sand in there so what's your guess. Man me yeah. Looking at that, it looks like eight grams to be about that. Maybe depends on the weight of those those pickers boys. What do you think? Matt 12. i'm going to keep with my 10. joe. Do you care to guess? Did you guess earlier? Did you tear it over, say six and a half six and a half? This is in grams. Here we go boys, okay, no grams, nothing! No grams, no ground! One point: one: one group, one point: zero one point: zero that's, a nice heavy one; 2.5, this isn't, 2.8, 3, 3.4, 3.78, 4.6, 5.1 gold on the table, yeah that's normal 5.1 5 grams. Oh 5.1, dollar, pockets empty. I don't have anything empty your pocket. I think it's tyler, you showed me, did he show you his pokemon pockets empty them check everybody's prison willa. I clearly saw that there wasn't enough gold. Five point: two grams is not profitable. Gentlemen. Well, what about this piece right here less than the ground that doesn't even pay for the proper amount of beer you guys had well, i got ta go.

That means our season. Total 59.7 that's only that's two that's, two ounces, almost it's – definitely not enough to pay. The bills from what i hear i took out a huge loan just so we could do this. You know what it is: it's that beast joe lost earlier it's, the rain. Oh, those two pieces are nine pieces that went down that too yeah, but i spent like four thousand dollars on beer already. Are you sick, um? No, smoker stuff? I don't know if i can keep bringing you all back, though, if we just keep getting this much gold. Well, i just want to really pay my bill. Well, then, you should stop coming back here and start paying your bill. I thought i was like working it off got ta work, hard, stop losing goal, one together on three boys stay over there. Lol on three boys youtube gold. One two three make sure you don't let that fall off the table into the bucket, hey max, oh mask.