I see clouds on the horizon, yeah there's a couple. It looks. It looks very ominous all the way around even Bob's, looking concerned. Well, you're, the only one holding an electrical device of lightning starts. Just everyone didn't show up today, because I said last episode that we're going to be going camping, eh and then he was supposed to rain like this and I freakin canceled. It Lyle stayed behind to help out on the mine site. Anyone notice how warm it is out here. Is it just me since there's only a few of us we're not going to be able to run each mine site, but I think just that we should in case your load is closer to the mine site than the other mine site. Then you should just dump it where you need to go right. Okay, that way, it's all running you guys don't have to be confused and you know what's going on always okay. So last week we got sluice box Steve to get in here and help make out the the tailings pond. Obviously this is where the tailings go into a container overflows into the pond. Then it goes into the settling side. If you miss YouTube gold season, 3 episode. 4 or 5, where the were you, because obviously we've got some new Street here. This is the gold fox USA, omni water trommel check this out in the last episode. If you didn't see it got the proper safety battery hooked up here, don't worry.

I got a voltmeter right on it, so you can see what the volts are at now says. Twelve point: nine right now, good everything meet your approval today, of course, everyone's expecting to see my big Johnson clips just stacked on top AJ. Oh it's extra, safe bro. Are you gon na use, my big Johnson first or am i I don't know, should we ask Jim well? Why should she care freezing to my excavator, hey raven? Should we bring out the excavator or what see she's about as interested as everybody else in YouTube? Gold, hey. The spray paint I put on here this morning is dry. You can see through it, but I think it'll work. I just didn't want some stupid piece of Tupperware floating in my my tailings pond. That makes sense right, good, good job Pookie. I like how it has wheels on that container. You can roll around in the pond okay. So one of the issues I have here today is that in the last episode a lot of the viewers were saying that we needed to take the Volvo Rock truck and dump it directly into the conveyer belt into the big new Greenland yeah. Well, that's. The whole reason why I'm I actually brought in a small crew today, because everyone said that we should just be dumping from the rock truck onto the conveyor, and we didn't really need to use our C's anymore. So I thought if we just used a shovel and here hold this cake, you might recognize this from last year.

I don't know my shovel, hey, you get to work and start well. I use our season all. They said we have all this farm gold here. I might have something to do with the type of channel that you run what's wrong with my type of cow. Oh what's, wrong with it a radio control hobby China gets based on radio. On that YouTube thing: yeah YouTube gold baby! I thought. That'S only did you get me a servo for this that's, a good idea, Pookie. I have a perfect idea for all the people. That said, we should use the Volvo Rock truck just to dump it onto the conveyor. Okay. Obviously, no one wants us to use the big excavator and they just know. Nobody cares about that. I love the dump truck yeah Johnson, so I think we should actually make the conveyer hole smaller to dump into so we don't have that issue anymore. Clearly, I'm, not just playing around today. Oh add ulting right, so we'll do now that we know that we're, not just fooling around here anymore, seventeen and a half that way it protects me. Okay, I'd! Wear this on wear the other ones on the inside, but it just gets foggy vision is slightly important there. Okay, now that I know how long anybody can do this in the field, it only costs a few dollars if you're having an issue where your conveyor opening is too large simply take some Gorilla Tape.

I'Ll leave a link to it in the video description box down below in case. You want your own tape and you want to do like this double sided thing like this. A little bit perfect. You can see the gentle arc in that we'll do another one. The same way great, we want to seal that right up, though right just enough for the just enough for the hole to dumper load penalty over there over there working, I need a beer. Just so we'll have to make it 10 inches at least so. Attending to ximnez depth is 5. This is moving it. This two and a half inches nope yeah that's good. You know what the problem is, though. I think that Brooke and Volvo can still dump in there. Anybody got more tape. No, I put it away all right. I think it's not started up cause. We'D have to shut her down on water on that water generator on. If you can you're supposed to you're supposed so everyone's on the same board, yeah no need to jump. It today sounds like me getting started in the morning. There must be way to get more alligator clips on there. I don't know it looks like a pretty flower though like each one, did it just quit where's our water go. What happened? Oh point. Five should be good I'm, not getting any water where's. Our flow watch impossible. He'S. Switching batteries generator continues to hum away the shaker plant.

Now getting some water will hook up this battery right here. Negative positive flow yeah looks like this. One is a little bit cockeyed. I can fix that. Both of them are sloping towards the middle. We can fix that looks like we're continuing to have flow issues on this big pump. Is it spinning? Is it spinning quickly that's an issue let's try a different pump. You can see it back flow like it's, oh there it is. Yes, I see the air bubble. Yeah let's try in that shouldn't be like that, though. Well you got a blade, a pump issue. Can you grab yeah butt connectors, but characters butt connectors? The Handy kit I got on Amazon I'll leave a link in the video description box. All of these issues on a short crew makes it so that we can't run gold right away, he's, just having a look inside to see if there's something caught in the impeller here's the buck connectors I'll exert I feel like this is one of the safest mine Sites there is, I of course, had another one on hand always got to be looking one step ahead, a you got a bumps yeah. Oh, that might be what happened to it: how we're on whoa way that's a huge amount of flow that's, a happy pump that's a happy pump then turn that down a bit there. We go, but some good flow going down into the trommel. Oh yeah trommel not not spinning yet, but look at that.

Wow that's, a ton of pressure washing everything going through there: sweet Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Lyall, rockin and rollin bringing in the 4200. This also has a large aftermarket bucket on it, but we're gon na use this, because it's got a nice smooth bucket on the front, no teeth really good for scraping in and around that bedrock, even though normally I'd like to see teeth in there. It makes it a lot easier for him to scoop tons of rain, put a washout in here but Brooks able to navigate it simply because he's been able to do this for so many full years, really there's a Lyell getting a nice big scoop, everyone's waiting on The on the big Johnson we're gon na use that to load up the conveyer, this aftermarket bucket being able to move micro yardage by the micro ton. This brings micro mining to a whole new level voice. I think it takes a special personality to do this. You definitely have to be special, yes, great day, unusually long scene, yeah long awkward, pause here, crapola Music. How many scoops did it take you to fill the ball whoa? I really wanted to just say two scoops, just because the Raisin Bran commercials from the 90s but yeah four or five four or five rookie required to take the longer road out of here yeah we don't want to build the road and not use it. Joey would be upset agreed, Music, Music, Music, it's operating your Johnson they're falling behind Lyle says we should start calling at the dirt truck if he doesn't think there's enough rocks in there they're very, very small.

We rocks clearly imagine that and like a full size, mind folder that's worth it good gold is, I don't know: are we ready for this yeah right? There just make a pile over hey. We need another load, new conveyor squeeky a little bit. That'S. Okay, though roughing the edge yeah, I felt some rain. You better get moving pay. These people looks that gold first useful Music, yeah baby little drops of rain coming down. First thing going in way. She goes first love going down into the YouTube gold gold, Fox, Omni, trommel and sluice run there. It is washing already into the container into the overflow which overflows into the settling pond onto the other side and then recirculated back we're doing it. Rook no it's very smooth this excavator. I give this to the ones that people that need to learn it gives them great control. You can hear the bedrock on the bottom scraping away. Traitor now boys might have to shut her down. So I just got started buddy a little rain. Never stopped me now, a lot of rain that is stuff yeah. You don't make no money being shut down, keep washing that dirt anymore, back Music, yeah, good timing, Music! Thank you, sir Music. Sweet. I see it as rainy and even harder now. Yes, yes, it is. Are you worried I'm, not worried, no, no about what your hair? No. My hair actually does very well in this weather. I yeah well it's, actually kind of looks like I feel a little like carrot, top and crazy Joe had a baby, and then this is what it was except I turned out to be like, ironically skinny.

I think the water is still on and you also have hair on the top of your head. Well, that is a big difference. What water off water off? Okay, too much rain it is coming down! Everything is getting soaked. We'Re gon na have to take some of the machines inside shut er down, but they're already inside the what truck the rock truck, what truck the dirt truck? Alright people always ask me why I have all my radio set up the way I do they're not normally typical to what you'd normally have on a setup. You'D agree. Yes, I do. None of them are the same. That makes everybody an equal opportunity when they get here right. They all get a chance to have fun, no rest overworked Music, Music, yeah. You owe me 20 each thing: a beauty, safety number 19 priority. We do 219. No, I think it was 19. I know we had to move it up: yeah that's, why we have so much hand around here, that's Orange we don't want to get too safe, though that's. Well, what fun is safe, get all that beautiful, it's, not gold. Yes, it will be there. You go Thanks. I, like the pond it's working, exist perfectly at overflow, Music, Oh Music, good that's, the only neighbor I've seen in three years, pretty rare, hey I like to maneuver this with precision. Go ahead. Man give that try all right huge, yes, very sensitive, not bad! For your first one, pretty good half a scoop: Oh beautiful nice job, water, machine, nice.

Yes, what is that clicking noise? I hear I don't see anything wrong. The turret seems to be moving okay, yeah beautiful, so we hear a clicking in here just random mill there. It is keep going now it's like it's skipping yeah back in like rotation. Oh, I also see a hydraulic leak unless that the old, no it's it's new it's coming from this side, unless that's old hard to see, I don't see anything leaking up here. I don't want to break the slough ring in there. Okay, the viewers get what they want: we're gon na dump the bubble right into the conveyor. What oh? Well, you see motor let's use the loader Wow you're gon na, like blue ball them Lyle's, trying to diagnose right now there. It is right about there it's the same point: a there's, nothing underneath you put your hand through your fingertips on this pivot point: it's, not there, whatever. This is ya, feeling it on there, the motor and that's, the holder and the string. So if you put your fingers weight again way down deep, you feel nothing, but if you do it – and you have your fingertips on this yeah, you can definitely feel it in there going deep with your fingertips to up to them. Did you try three? No she's? A big world it's day, one okay, I'll clear this area, Lyle, will get you to track out with the Redcat yeah see if you can just track down here.

I know you have no experience, but you should be able to lower the boom and crawl off the side. Are you were going to do it good good? I can't believe you whipped out you're wearing a hoodie, yeah it's cold out here you got hair well. What was that? Oh? That was the conveyor. I hope look at that down at the bottom of that one yeah we're losing a little pay that's, not too bad, though be careful, rook, no pressure, you got it lower down there. It goes all the way. You'Re good good job Applause, Music, nice all spot up there, Music Music, while supervising you've done an excellent job. Sincere promoted last episode, sir. Thank you. Yeah he's been forming the entire time he's like a silent ruler, it's over since he started wearing the white hat. The grind continues many hours into it. The flow off the pan still looking fantastic that tailings pond getting full while cleaning up the dirty hole. Listen, we should give the people one volvo dump truck one mobile dump, all right, yeah, Wow Wow fill up the truck buddy. We need one thing: a baby before we shut her down from the Volvo. We know that people want it. I love the way you keep to it. Thankfully, the mine site is fairly small. Lyle was able to get on site quickly, yeah already getting half of the dump truck full big, huge scoops from the 4200 yeah, but it's extra safe we've actually had a drop in YouTube complaints about our safety.

Since we installed the funnel road – yes, but they haven't stopped complaining about Lyle sandals, their safety, their safety sandals, yes, yep, yep they're, rubber toed. This is it right in no, no, no don't pre jump line it up properly. This is for all the viewers that we're begging for it made the hole, nice and small, easy to shoot for backup for more there you go dub, Oh, got a pull forward next time, that's! Okay, look at that way. It goes sir beautiful, looking good we're gon na say we should do that all the time, but then we might as well just start using shovels. Do it by hand if we're gon na do that we YouTube shuttles? We could look at all that pain, that's, a huge amount, all the way down over the Nugget trap. That'S insane look here: it's stopped all the folders right here. Up all that dirt get broken up, look at it all crazy. Take that one out don't need it. Take out the other one don't need it: they've hurt that water try to wash it all off. Okay, I'm gon na shut it down. This whole thing over here can be stopped. How many volts still got 12 point 5 volts on it, that didn't barely use any power at all with those pumps the wind is picking up, though any gold I don't, see any. Of course we didn't run any dirt through here, so that's disappointing zero I'm disappointed.

I guess you actually have to run dirt. If you want gold, I don't even know why we started this one up. Then oh you're, the boss, okay, so another big day Gold, but the issue is, is that it is the storm is moving back in. It is starting to get windy out here. The equipment is getting wet, most of all my hair starting to go flat and that you know firm frizzy. I can feel the electricity in the air. It must be YouTube. Gold, I'm gon na shut down the conveyors. It seems a shame they're, so nice still got some pay left over, but holy did we get some gold. It still stopped, though yeah, who cares beauty anything in the final solution. I don't see anything. I see one piece right there. We didn't really run a whole lot of pay, but we ran enough for the day for the three of us, that's insane and Bob sorry, Bob hey he's, always here bro never complains. He likes you just the way you are watch out for the generator guys put the pylon there now well, while needs his glasses, clearly yeah. I know a nice little pocket, hey, no real nuggies that I see in you, Oh frig. That is good. Look at that holy cow nice – that is a nice one, jeez that looks well washed man there's two of them in here there's a little one, that's, not too bad. Oh yeah, this one way down the mat.

We should save that and put her up in the trap for sure all the ones you can get to you at least I'm, actually looking at getting a double barrel for that trommel. So we can sort two different types of aggregate, so we don't have to search through this. In case we did find anything bigger than a quarter inch. Gold fox allows me to do that or you can order your own stuff to size. I don't see anything right off the hop if that miner's moss a good squeeze. Everybody is that legal miners, my miners miners monsters hug hug a miner today right I saw that bumper sticker. I felt awkward when I saw it yeah I'm, pretty awkward with all the thoughts in heaven, but you talking about miner's, moss, he's cleaning, it hey that's disgusting. It is it's stuck in there so easily, hey all that really small stuff! Hey! I wonder if we're losing any gold right here, all the gold getting pinched in between there a little bit. I love it working pump on oh we're, doing it wrong. I don't think we set it up right. I set this up like a pro. I just thought like: if I turned away for a few minutes, it would just magically happened. It wasn't this year project. Last week I know she's boat wheels. Didn'T, you set this up. No, you just! I opened the box, you stood by Wayne. Well yeah. We know it, we did that I opened the box and then I'd laugh to Joe for a while yeah that's, better good thing.

We had a video from last week yeah. I forgot how to set it up and to review review the review water off pump on all right nice. So you better be good I'm, just gon na feed the baby. All right, oh there's, one piece right away: it went strong yeah, just like my favorite part. All the extra is just working feels oh that's, a nice piece yeah. No, I already told these guys that they're gon na have to go through a full cavity search on the way out. Oh their glory goes hello, nice, I'm. Surprisingly cold. Today it is kind of cool. This is YouTube cold weather. Very typical yeah. Ask me again: I sweat next weekend. Snow yeah summer should be over almost well. You know summers only June yeah it's soon already here bless you whoa train. We get to finally see how this will separate on the bigger wheel which we didn't have before the table was absolutely essential. We couldn't move this much micro yardage into this small 12 inch wheel, 24 inch wheel can handle Lots, you see, claim jumpers, go get him good girl, she's on alert. Keep those claim jumpers out of here shut her down we'll rewash what's in there kind of take out the flakes automatic panning wheel, sweet. It goes back in sir just to get rid of all the black sand as best we can should probably put it on a. I should be fine, lock it in place: oh dude, Volvo Rock truck right into the conveyor.

If we do that, we're gon na be done by like two weeks, eh yeah we'd be done, we'd be all dug out here. Youtube gold would be over that's a lot of gold there's that other piece that's, the one I saw the flat piece behind it: oh yeah, maybe it oh there's a little piece: yeah there's, another one, yeah yeah! You see these. You never give up on the wheel of fortune all day twice as much gold twice as much wheel. I knew that was gon na work out. Yeah, okay, let's see what we got. Try this out. Okay, wish wish the other boys could have been here today. Doing this, for you guys dude that's, a huge job, looking crew, that's, amazing man! Imagine if it didn't rain and we could have gone up like a more solid way. We could have had some serious gold there, brother good job, it's, a nice work, good job, shiny dry, it out. Yes, yeah looks like we're all gon na be getting gold teeth. Yeah this one actually puts out twice as much power has a two stage fan on. It should be pretty easy to use, it should say: YouTube gold right on it, dude that wheel, clean that gold, so well yeah working so well. Yeah here is all the gold that we have so far in the season it looks like the roads are starting to pay off. It looks like the extra equipment starting to pay off yeah.

You know everybody is enjoying a little bit more let's face it. They have not had that barbers open for a long time. So how was I supposed to get a haircut valid point all dry, ready to rock he's good to go man? Okay, let's get her into the container. Thank you for cleaning off the scale after you're done. Using it well you're welcome there, you go you don't, you sure what if you spill it we're, not gon na see anything who's that we do it. Okay, there we go count. Your goal, whoa whoa, point four point: five: yes, one gram, dude, yes, five grams, don't dude, look at that! Shimmy shimmy come on Wow; oh, my god. You didn't even do a neces. No, we didn't seven point. Eight seven point: nine did week: eight, we did not nice job nice job, a crab. Leave that dude awesome snow time. It snowman is good to get that in golf, that's, real bad, oh man, dude! Can you please open this? There is careful, don't fling it everywhere. Take take your time there we got to get a maximum way in because the 8.1 wasn't our largest day. Oh eight, point one Isle of cheap scales too nice. This is. Oh, there is liquid. Oh oh inside the Nugget room, you got ta wear different shorts. Next time bro, I can barely see you that's true. That is why I said: barely okay check the bottom of his fingers make sure he's not trying to take some okay, we ready yep.

Can I go second. Nine. Ten grass, 13 grams, nice. 16 grams. 2020. Do I hear 30? Oh, my god, are we gon na see? You know Jesus, oh yeah. I think that is that is one ounce, nice that's, a one troy that's one let's see let's see mode. Ounce 1.11 troy ounce whoa. I was even focusing on it.