I'Ve already seen it it's crazy, it's, huge dude. We knew as long as we got in between those rocks that we were going to find something amazing, that's, crazy, welcome, back crazy way, bigger put it up there. Oh there's, the two biggest pieces of gold we've ever seen: yeah youtube gold, baby. Okay, gentlemen, i know there's one thing: that's been bothering us and people have been commenting. Uh gene welcome i'm glad to meet you finally, that's, not what they're commenting about by the way brother to aaron good, to see you. The dozer brothers, are here uh, geologist very good to see you back here. Wait until you see the gold nugget we found in between the rocks last episode, it was bigger than anything you can find in your nose. Yes, yes, it was absolutely. It was a little bit of a different spot, but we'll get there matt good to see you buddy welcome back okay. So what they've been saying is that the alligator clips that we've been using on that battery for the conveyor is not good. The cluster is not good, so we need to make some sort of control board it's getting warm yeah. So i think we should do this youtube gold style and fashion, something that will truly work well. So what do you got here? Lyle, oh we're, thinking that this high quality styrofoam board you got going on here, it's extra thick that's. What we need it is yeah we're, going to get the 12 volt power to the back or middle of this board and we're going to have some metal coming out, we're going to run some wires out enough for four sets of alligator clips, possibly more in case You want to hook up like a horn or a bear fridge or something that sounds crazy and terribly unsafe, yeah.

What safety what's our safety around here boys priority. Number 19. that's right: youtube: gold, youtube, no yeah! Okay! We need one more, please: Applause, okay, so income! The leads, and then we can hook up everything individually perfect. We should even mark what's going on here. This one's for the pump want the flux. Okay, we got the new power board ready to go. How do you feel about this joe that's, the safest thing you've ever seen absolutely dangerous. The styrofoam gives you that extra peace of mind with the inflating factor well in the way, the wires all across each other directly. You don't have interfering. You know electrical fields, so it'll work, just fine sponsored and brought to you by our one and only show loading kings. Yeah loading games, Applause check it out on youtube right now. You can see these boys in the off season, know those guys zip ties, inadequate nails, bubble, gum, i'd, say either zip ties or uh. Maybe oh he's got the tape right on. While i was smoking this stuff, i thought of this perfect. Thank you. We need an exercise, what we need, an extra set of jumpers. Don'T almost feels like we do doesn't it see that goes to the trommel. Those are those are supposed to be spares that goes or spares or two. Oh there that one could hook up. Okay. This is the other conveyor yeah negative. There you go negative and the positive right there boom super easy to understand there.

Okay, everybody back out dude get out of the water's, not running the water's, not gone. Oh jesus stop! Yet you guys didn't fix it back up. I need to see it. I understand okay, trying to figure out exactly where we went wrong, there's, nothing wrong! There'S! These i see right there lyle. Can you hop in and do those ones over there who are we doing now? What they're on the floor look at there's two alligators, the water pump, not hooked up what's that christ guys. Does anybody do maintenance around here? Yeah? Thank you turn it up. Wait, wait, wait! Fire it up. Here we go, give her a test, it's still unplugged. That was weird it's, not even attached that's. Why we have the board – oh careful, careful one per other ground right, one anywhere, dude that's the ground. I can't believe you don't understand this look i'm, a geologist there. We go all right: hey we're, rolling everybody, youtube goals, yeah let's get going Music, um, Music, Music Music. Here we go Music. Thank you, crazy, joe making his way down into the funnel mine. It is deeper than ever now. Yeah buddy it's, a honey hole. It'S never easy getting in a honey hole. You know that the johnson is fully buried in the hole yeah. Yes, absolutely look at this right down to ground level, yeah! Well, take your time joe focus. Yes, buddy, be careful. It'S a small wall you're gon na have to use that rock as a bit of a turnaround, room, yeah, good, good, good, good, good, good, oh upside down, good job.

Oh welcome, back shit, okay, hold on don't move, don't move, don't, move, don't don't! Just leave him! Let'S, try to use it with the bucket just grab them by the tire and try to roll them over just adjust the tire yet joe yeah careful because of that hood halfway there, careful of the hood. You missed him, you might want it. No don't move joe matt come over here, so you can see what you're doing bro you need to hook the top of his tire yeah. No that's. Okay, then grab his hub with the outside tire, the inside of his hub yeah right. There bro push push push. Oh, there go and down and down yeah push push good work. Push oh hold on hold on yeah joe. Can you turn to the left a little or to the yeah left either back there that's good that's good. Now, keep now yeah lower down same thing. Buddy stay right. There perfect, joe back up, actually go forward there. It is back up forward right, yeah, now forward yeah no don't move okay hold on don't move man. You still need help uh, you are wearing sandals, sir. Absolutely so. Could you come on over here right here and uh? Take one of your sandals off yeah, thanks which, which one is your strongest toe they're? All about the same that one we can use sure okay, come stand over here: hurry up, geologists, jesus christ, it's just a knot, he's trying to tie a bobacca.

It takes practice. You know what tie in the knot. Ain'T something you should do frivolously is that camera rolling still matt yeah. Can you push stop and then start again on it? It'S not it's, not on actually very heavily? No, i don't think we're going to get up that wall i'm concerned about the wall. It'S. A big wall i'm not worried about the wall he's supposed to he's supposed to be buried in there. Why is it on a tow hook? Okay, okay boys in three two one pull see, we should have done that now someone drive forward and help him out stay on the tow, strap drive over yeah. Get him get him. Give him something to stand for. Oh, oh yeah, okay, now there you go there. You go support. Him support him on the tire support him on the bit on the front tires: that's a good there. We go there, you go round of applause. Thank you. Go forward. Go forward supporting the power there. You go now he's in there, okay, whoa whoa, whoa whoa, stop pulling. We don't need a health crisis here there stop stop. Stop here, lyle what's up well, i'll cut the truck for you. Will you yeah just cuz it's, only a toe? Ah, so awesome youtube gold, baby gold baby might need that again yeah we could have just yeah. So now you can turn around elise. So next time you come down here, make sure you turn around, maybe drive in forward next time that toe strap there backwards seems a little dangerous we'll take the strap out.

I don't want to get caught in the equipment. Okay, you're good yeah he's, just gon na go straight on by him. You are allowed to go forward now the geologists decide to step up to the loader loader backing up. That is a healthy scoop. Full sir. Looking nice, these conveyors now having adequate power distribution from the power board, fantastic what's, your name. Why are you here, aaron yeah you're, on the work release program yeah from yeah? Well, i take on equal op you've, seen uh antonio back there. I take on equal opportunity. You know here yeah and do you what time you got to be back today? I think three, three, you, you know you're going to be uh probed before you leave that's part of what lyle signs up to do. Well, you should be used to it. You'Re going to be probed when you get back isn't that right, yes, there you go so stay back to work, then thank you. Gene working away on the roads used to working with these huge machines showing off his skills. Today, 63 pounds of pure muscle feathering it in there like a pro look at it all gold, rich pay, just love this, the trommel screams out the aggro gets into different sizes and they go down into those sluice mats sluice boxes to get washed. Anything too big gets carried up to the shaker over there crazy joe out and away take it nice and wide baby.

Yeah, oh support his back bucket. If you can there you go there, you go. He looks in trouble. That'S that's gon na be a problem point today: hey track forward: yeah yeah, yeah, good teamwork, Music, good boys man bring that pay all day every way bring that pay go yeah for those that may have missed it. We took out the one way they can travel. Both ways it just seems to make it easier thought it was extra safe, but it turned out to be slightly more of a hassle for the boys. There goes into old, faithful into the trouble washing down into the sluice pits, absolutely beautiful, well dehydrated and ready to go again. The final push for the day: okay, boys, beer break, yeah beer break let's, shut her down, shut her down we'll clear out the uh, the auger we'll get the trommel going. Take care of this plant we'll, get it running properly. Yeah five minutes, no problem. Yeah everybody get some shade, get some beer. Your beer cooler is empty, sir, it is that's a shame nelly's full of it, though. Okay now i don't know if many of you noticed here, but crazy bob has decided not to go by crazy. Bob anymore he's decided to well, he didn't like being bob, i guess, or robert or whatever, and he got himself a haircut and he prefers to be called antonio. I wouldn't make fun of him. If i was you, antonio yeah, have you seen him concrete? Have you seen him works at a construction site? Doesn'T really look like an antonio to me takes care of problems, looks like he should be running a dredge crazy.

Joe walked right into antonio's only shot of the day. Yeah just just took it over. Oh, my god. He changed his name so you'd like him, more oh fuck up there. Oh, he found it that's a nice belt. I like that, but i just stole it sweet score. I know right you're, gon na put it on. Oh, i see right through that's, perfect, rambo, rambo action here right, excellent, quick fire belt nice we're gon na have to let out the line a little bit there for you, oh that's, true, you got a hole in that one or what it's a belgian white that's Funny or a belgian moon that's one of your face, isn't it there you go good, you got one beer, break, everybody's, feeling nice and refreshed good. Mr lyle! Yes, yes, hello, my love! Yes, our county! Yes, the county midland county, yes and just listen, and it looks like, as of september 2020. Our water license has been what, for our home no for a commercial water license for gold mining they found out. We were gold mining on here. Apparently, we've tried to pay the license with the money that you had that you got and it was. I played, i paid our license with slick rick, the americans money there. Apparently it wasn't real. I know we found russian writing on it last week. So now sort of the county. So where are our licenses so that's? It is it as of september as of september no more time.

So we so we started so we started late and we ended early. So fucking beer break is over dudes start it up fire. It up let's go this, is it? Are you sure there's nothing we can do. Those are my. Fortunately, the county is the county. So then, you better just call up our lawyer just to make sure because explain the situation about rick i will and the money and maybe there's something we can work out. I'Ll. Take a look. Okay! Thank you. Thank you, you're a resident geologist. I might be able to find you some uh. You know black market water it's great to be back here on the mine site, yeah crazy, joe good to have you back on the mine site, trying to hear as much as possible. Dude, the last four episodes i haven't had you here at all: i've had to make up shit for why you couldn't be here: dude there's there's, a lot of stuff going on there's, uh, well, you're telling me there's things i got! You got life going on behind. I thought there's nothing else, but youtube gold, baby there's a lot of fucking beer to drink out there, but i'm. Only one man, that's true it's. True, i can't fault a man for that. We only got a few more episodes to go. Bro we're going to hit the bottom of the mine shaft through, like eventually i'm going to do the best i can i've already drained like 12 bars of all their alcohol i've, got like three more pubs on my list.

If i can get them done this week, i'll probably be back so hey undo it you're smoking, fucked up you're smoking, the styrofoam held fine. Oh it looked like smoke, there was smoke, it was he welded the nut and then that one sparked that's on a positive. No that's a negative it's supposed to be on a uh. Is it hot? A little hot i'd burn my finger today, don't. What are you doing? Dude i don't know get away from here. Okay, he literally welded the end. I said you got a little gopro bro yeah, i do hero 7.. This is a. This is a little gopro it's a session. Okay, do you want to put that in something? Oh, i wasn't talking yeah. They like they like. Can you just hold your beers? A second there, his lips are flapping, so you want to put this inside a machine. I thought i was coming over here to do an interview to get joe to go. Shove it in his truck yeah go make sure that stable inside something viewable tape it to the top of your truck. As you drive, oh no, i'm, probably going to roll the phone. He is okay, so you go wait by somebody while we interview lyle excellent. This is supposed to be a confessional. That sounds like a great job for me: rookie's driving your truck, but mine's almost full. Do you want to take that? Are you going to be a couple seconds i'm just going to roll it over anyway? Okay, nice backing his way down, looks like you guys are getting more comfortable on your way down here.

It'S looking way better than joe might have not might have something to do with the beer belt. That could be a definite issue. Yes, good encouragement, you're welcome, dude. I wonder how much of my shit you just shorted out that's it there we go that's all we needed: hey, how's, your thumb, a little hot. It was hot eh, no there's, no blister or nothing it's. Fine, everything's working we're rubbing the cord underneath here, uh that's. Okay, it's fine back to work good job kooky. So apparently this guy knows more about gold mining than you do yeah. Well, he got fucking beat for his beer belt today. What happened? Keep going turn it on there. It is there it is beautiful. I love it. Look at all this go straight in there can handle such a massive amount of dirt. The omni fox from gold fox, making a special youtube gold edition for us Music insane. There you go there. You go back forward: yeah, yeah, yeah boys, nice job, the more! That goes in the more we get to wash come on. We only got three episodes to dig this motherfucker out, let's get to the bottom of it. This beer belt is the best thing i've ever stolen as prison rules on the mine side. If you can't, protect your shit too bad for you, loving it man digging deep in the honey hole, beautiful, that's, nice and full all right, hey let's, see him get out of there successfully boys Music thanks buddy, no problem teamwork makes dream work supposed to be doing Our crowd, favorite interviews here, but it's, been all this debauchery today, as for normal, as for nor he's loud on the website, hey well on the mindset, probably the loudest guy he's, not only what loud on the mind site loud on the website.

From what we've been hearing you know so yeah, so are you excited about. Being here still is sad about leaving early what's going on here. Oh, we got two or three shows to go something like that yep. Something like that. I really feel as if i've climbed the power rankings quickly, with the absence of rookie and joe on occasion, i'm glad they're, both here today, because i miss those guys but yeah i run this show now it is not only the water is going to be expiring, But i'm running out of room to mine gold, all together the bedrock soon yeah. We were at one point actually yeah. It turned out just to be a stone yeah that's, where we got the gold nugget. This you got ta come filming all right, hey! Let me go yeah bring in that pay. Baby smash that like button right now, if you love youtube gold, all these boys coming out here, putting on a great show, i i can't believe the great weather youtube gold, woo, yeah everybody's here. Well, most everybody we got so many people that come here it's hard to have everyone here, all at once, we got ta rotate the people that come in nice scoop there. Charles thank you. Alrighty boys shut her down lunch time. Gentlemen. I know that lunch has not always been fantastic here, for you. You'Ve never had lunch here before uh you're having lunch right now and uh peanut butter, you guys well, they had a beautiful spaghetti last week, but unfortunately, since somebody complained again in the comment section that he was gluten intolerant as well and we didn't offer him something.

Lyle, what we brought in a little snack, bring it in everyone here. Just like a scrabble bag grab that grab two there. You go grab two yeah. I love crackers. There you go well, not just crackers, they're good for your stomach. There you go my favorite digestible. Some toppings for y'all got some mustard it's good enough for tom hanks it's good enough for you guys. I figured you're all stars in your own little heart, that's great, oh, my god, that's a lot of ketchup just put them together! Well, yeah i'm gon na make a ketchup sandwich there. It is gon na cost me well it's part of it it's a matter of experience, part of the experience there. You go that's what you're getting beautiful, good jimmy gentlemen, it's always lovely to see you. I think someone just blew chunks on me, but not to you so that's. Okay, thank you, my love! Thank you enjoy, gentlemen. All right guys, yeah, i don't have any drinks for you. So there's. Some ketchup, though that's, why we brought well joe's got plenty of drinks. You'Re, welcome no all righty boys now that you're all full up. You feeling better now enough ketchup, yes enough, hot mustard, for you still waiting on the straw, the for what for the ketchup? Oh, you don't! You only! I told you you get a rationed amount of ketchup. I can ration with a strawberry, yeah, okay, so uh obviously we're on a time crunch, to get as much gold as possible.

So if we can all fucking come together right now and try to get in and get this done. Is that cool yep everybody good to go good to go? Okay, one two three youtube goals: yeah let's fire! It up boys straight into the negative, should fire everything up. There goes here. Comes the water, such a beautiful season of youtube gold, everything's moving load after low dumped into the conveyors round and round. It goes in the trommel. If you guys are just joining youtube. Gold and you've never seen youtube gold before you must wonder what the fuck you're looking at right now, but i got ta tell you it's one of the coolest things that we've ever done working with the radio control hobby mining for gold, although on a micro scale, Has been a lot of fun like a well oiled machine, ah taking the short way, because we have a limited time now, we're no longer doing the mandatory circle, all the way around the site for those that are wondering what you're looking at here is a modified Rc four wheel, drive 4200 xl what's modified on this is the bucket the pipe or pardon me. The hydraulic pump is what i wanted to say there it's a beautiful setup, making it very smooth what's it like it's, really beautiful yeah. It is wonderful. Now i know it's backwards. There'S john deere set up on there and controlled nc. Do you get used to it i'm used to it now very nice, very nice, bob's.

Pardon me, antonio, is poking over your shoulder. There yeah trying to make sure everything's getting done right here, huh best buds, matt, joe and rookie deep into the honey hole conveyor down. Oh, we got a knock down conveyor shut, her down, hey yours is knocked over too there, sir go shut her down shut down. The conveyor box: no, no, no, no, okay, yeah! You got it: oh man, careful rookies on it reverse polarity, please not all not make sure. Oh, i see stuff smoking down here. Where i saw stuff smoking. It was either dust or smoke. It'S gon na be nice. It'S something that's shifted right here, so uh let's reverse polarity on this. Oh, not up there not up there. It has to be on the battery undo. The battery yeah just took it just one yeah and then unhook. It reverse the polarity to see if it runs backwards. Okay, so these will take reverse yeah, yes, it's rolling! Look. It just needs to be tightened up, okay forward there, you go all right. This is how this is the experience you get on the mine site when you've been here long enough, yeah team effort here making sure the boys get into the pit nice and safe. That is a deep pet, ladies and gentlemen, good job, good job. Thank you hitting more rock there already what's going on charles. Unfortunately, our conveyor jammed right up now. He says she's out of order.

For the time being, we got to do some major repairs before it's back and certainly not another one. I feel like we barely got anything done today. It'S like every call it's like every time. I turn around there's something else going wrong today. Well, the only thing that's flowing freely is beer. Everything else seems to be seasoned up slowly, what's wrong with the mega conveyor. We lost the bearing what what why is the roller is done. Uh this roller see the bearing is blowing out on this side, see all that gap and see how the roller's trying to dig into the side on this side, because the bearings have pushed right through yeah. So this is for the time being: it's dead, uh piece of shit, basically yeah yeah kinda, so we blew out the motor on the front. We blew out the motor box, okay, no, the motor box isn't, you weren't here and the bearing is fucked on this one. Yeah gold, fox omni fox, continues to go it's running hard. Okay and we got old. Faithful up here, come on there's, more damage everywhere we look, dude unfaithful is dead. Show me he's got a broken roller too. This might yeah the whole roller's cracked. This whole plastic replacement, it's done really well dude for years. Since the last time we overhauled it it's been flawless, it doesn't notice anything. Okay, boys. We got no choice, shut her down. Everybody shut her down.

Sorry, antonio, why weren't you watching? He was watching. Maybe that was the problem. It'S almost like. I got a curse going on here. Nothing but equipment problems. Rookie, everyone's gon na say that when jib left and the boys came back, everything fell apart. Well, hell no sabotage, they broke it. While i wasn't here that's what happened, we got so much to fix. Do we have good gold somewhere here? Somebody give me some news. Everything cost me fortune today, how's that for a trap, excellent all of that that's, not all gold – is that all gold holy shit, it's all gold man, nice any more here, a little a little one. There. Oh, look at that big piece right now: that's a rug, that's disappointing that one is okay, so let's be careful. Did you tap this out? Did we tap it out? Actually, i want to run some more water for a bit. Okay, let's uh i'm worried about washing away the gold there, but we got the final sluice that's, okay, yeah fire it up gon na have to tap out the inside trays because we don't have a wash bar in the inside of this one. The reason why i never put a wash bar in here is because it's been going for years on the same set of bearings and it's, not easy to get this apart. So terrible water kills bearings, yes, dude there's going to be so much maintenance. For me, crazy.

Thank you, sir zoom. In on gene. He doesn't know that i'm controlling it we're wondering how long it was gon na. Take you to figure out that we're controlling the truck Laughter, youtube gold, baby, yeah, well, we're, looking at it and there's rocks getting stuck in the hole. Oh, you found some right here. There'S, a little nugget trap right here this one i got blue water through it and that's. What i found yeah good, good good, then let's couple flakes got out, though let's get it captured. I see the flakes right here. Yeah let's get this captured and pour it into a pan before we lose any of that gold there's there's some good nuggies in there. What are you guys doing over here, there's more trapped in the trommel right in the edge here? You can see it yeah, so we always be careful where it gets caught at that yeah. I know that's we've every time it's one of the things about having new people here, it's tough, because some people know that some people don't it results in sometimes lost gold. But thankfully you guys saw it today. Matt, look at all the gold in here dude, pretty decent boy, nice pieces. I don't see any like huge chunks, there's a nug there's a nice little one right there right there. The other trap on the table there has amazing amounts. Does it i'm glad to hear that on the left? It should be this guy, oh the right yeah.

I know we had to look. This is all flake gold. I don't see any like nuggets in there that's a lot of flake, though that is a lot of flake that's what you get when you get settling there. I knew in in underneath that rock right, the rock's going to act like a natural, riffle, absolutely and it's, captured exactly didn't. You say the deeper. We went the better gold. We were gon na, find absolutely and what'd you find when you dug deeper than ever before. Yeah, better gold, you guys aren't going to start squirting each other aria thanks for that bend over shot right. There matt that was great right in front of joe looked look good in front of joe he's squirting everything we still got the tetra yeah work that hose. I like that there you go Music, oh yeah, okay, gentlemen. Put your mask on this is in season one put the mask on okay, so here's the deal. We all know that you haven't been here for quite some time and the viewers missed you. We opened a small gofundme account to pony up for when you two arrived really and we both got you something yes hold that out, hold yours out, everybody pitched in we had more than a thousand people, donate nice brand new yeah brand new shovel holy shit, yeah, A thousand people donate a thousand people. You guys are welcome. Listen, give give me this. You get that old, shitty one! You can breathe that's what you get that seems ungrateful here.

We go into the fines, rookie used to delivering loads this quickly every weekend. Well during the week wow look at that dude look at the goal, there's a lot of fines. Today, dude. I remember our first season when we first started the season total was. I don't want to give it away to anybody who hasn't seen it, but i will say it was 11 grams. It was pitiful. We thought we were doing hello, unbelievable two, more episodes to go with the water that we have left, but i can't this is more gold than i've ever seen on the table. It feels like that we're getting deep in the hole, he's still going, yeah that's exactly the geologist charles yeah. You said it time after time, bro absolutely i'm. So glad i met you at the pub that day, you always got to look for the deep holes. You find you find the weirdest information, the weirdest place, yeah right, they're, gon na cut us uh. I don't know if i'm going to be able to continue next year if they already revoked my license that's the issue of the water, because now they're responsible now they found out, i was doing commercial mining here – imagine how much beer we'd have to drink. If we had to replace the water with urine – oh my god so much gold, it would be so stinky ears though, and it wouldn't be heartbroken. It works much better. This way, yes, i've changed it around here excellent.

So now the pump goes in the clean water and all the silt and everything aggregate goes into here. Then, as the clean water comes up, it just dribbles right back in for recycling recirculating. Do we normally leave chunks of gold in there all week, it's gold, it's gold, it's gold – i'm, not complaining about it. Yeah yeah just curious fire it up there we go round and round very nice. Look at that line. Yes, look at that beautiful gold there already. Somebody keep spooning it spoon, it lyle spoon it real good. Oh look at that it's! So pretty it is a puddle. This will be gorgeous fire. It up the train of gold that's gorgeous. It never gets old. For me, it's like it's mesmerizing isn't it it is. It truly is look i'm watching it through your eyes. Actually, you can see in my glasses absolutely look at that boys and girls. That is insane cleaning away. All that black sand looks like we could have it lay back just a little bit more that's. Why it's? Not climbing, oh god, oh my god, i'm. Sorry, ricky peter's, pants no i'm, a little too quick for that. This is what we worked hard for all day. Today, you ready get in three two one go. I love that gold. Oh nice man, dude that's, insane for the amount of dirt that we have been moving throughout this season. This has been the best season with the least amount of days and it all comes down to that plane ride all the way back in season.

One hey golden eye. I told us where the gold was. I could not believe it when we just shifted where we were digging five feet to the left. Well to the right. I guess it depends on which way you're facing the mine site, unbelievable that'll dry in a moment's notice, eh yeah let's keep her in the sun. Okay, gentlemen: it's that favorite time of day, anybody watching the video right now better leave a comment, because why? Because we all do this because we love you guys and show us a little love back by dropping a like click or comment. You ready to fucking weigh up this gold hell yeah. Here we go dude that's a huge amount. Anybody predict anything today. 13. 15. 15. 33., not even close dude. Look at that it's, so nice! Here we go who's calling today, two two: seven three: two: four: five: five: seven: eight: nine ten eleven twelve fourteen fifteen, sixteen eighteen, eighteen, sixty every nineteen shit; eighteen, nine, yeah; okay! So if that's 18 9 show a full full season, total 15 episodes yeah well yeah. Here we go, go, hold on, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, call it up! 30. 32. 40. 45. 50.. 65. 70. 80. 90. 100. 110. 120. One come over baby come on baby 150, 162 yeah Applause. But what are we missing? Nugget the big nuggets yeah, because our total last week wasn't like 150.. It should be like hell, yeah there's, that big nugget you ready 162.

1 182.7 182.7 let's go over here. Just because we're all point, eight point: eight point: eight! You get even smaller on top of the scale. Excellent let's. Do it let's. Do it let's see how i'm gon na double scale it let's see how many ounces troy ounces now come on guys four five dude finger in the way. I know five point. Eight five point: eight six ounces: oh my god: nice nice, okay, okay, charles cell phones, okay, look up the cost of gold right now; states cost of gold. U.S is 1952., almost 2, 000. So basically, 2 000 times six that's, like 11 000 worth of gold yeah, and you guys believe that that's amazing, unbelievable unbelievable. Can anybody give me a scale shot with their hand? Somebody somebody hold this because no one can really understand how much gold that actually is hey. Rook we've been doing this a very long time go ahead and put your hand out. Look at this two handfuls of gold right there does. It feel heavy there's. A lot of weight there, five ounces, my ugly hands, dude holy shit, that's heavy – i mean i've – heard that more than a handful is more than enough, but when it comes to gold i don't think oh dude. You can never have enough goals. How do you feel that's crazy, joe you're, not getting a paycheck now it's in here crazy joe? Thank you for coming back that's, an insane amount of gold.

You, sir, thank you for coming to help out as always and lyle.