Weird you've been, i can't, believe you got a day off your voice is feeling much better yeah. I had to take a lot of lozenges and some honey and i'm okay now and you're. Here, oh yeah, crazy, joe welcome back where's that golden smile, nice brother. Can we get a little sample of what you did a lot yeah i can't it's in my contract. Everyone'S been wondering, could we get a voiceover when you watch uh backdoor miners from pluto, you might catch a bit of it. Nice nice little tip. Welcome back matt good to see you buddy lyle. In the background good morning, sir, how are you fantastic? Are you ready for youtube gold, baby, we're gon na have to start off with uh having a beer wouldn't, you say: oh yeah that's the way it goes noon around here. I want to thank puki for paying his bill in advance. Uh it's you've been doing extra work. I appreciate that as well as lyle. Thank you for paying your bill in advance. It always helps the studio. A lot of people question me as a friend charging people to come over and hang out with me for a while, but 25 000 was far too little. I agree. I saw some people comment on that. I bumped an x up an extra five thousand dollars. Thank you for i subscribing that money into you guys. You know that, especially if you've seen loading kings that's a great show, so i got a special come on over here there, joe and uh pookie come on over here, sir.

Why don't you grab yourself a beer there, joe? Oh, no, no, no, sorry, buddy, that's, ah that's for people that have paid! Oh, hey! Excuse me! Oh there you go there, you go you're, you get the unpaid there! You go! Oh touch the red one! First, that is full. You go ahead, your your pick of whatever's in there you get the unpaid there, joe yeah, sorry matt best. I can do buddy next week. Yeah, i might put, did i even put some water? What the hell there's no ice in there? Sorry about that here you can have a beer cozy for it. You can cover it up. There like. I need my beer any warmer like it's room temperature. All we had in season. One was warm beer. What are you bitching about it's? True it's, an improvement man? It'S still beer, you open this. I want to see you put it in the cozy since you opened it go oh we're, ahead the day off right. What time is it? I think it's like 8 30. holy cow? Oh my bad! Well, like a boss! Well, that's a problem solved lyle. I hear that you're a little hungover today. Well after i sober up i'll be was. Was that hard to watch joe down that warm pilsner a little bit yeah yeah everybody watching right now is probably going to leave a comment saying that uh breakfast attack beers beer breakfast of champions back at the mine site today, joe running up a high tab.

All these boys, starting to get uh all paid up here, everything's all set and ready for them to dig up some gold see. He knows, what's up Laughter, hey girl, my security dog, filling up the recovery area, it's all been emptied out. This is going to spill over into the pump side. Goes up to the omni fox here it's, a beautiful four foot sluice run on there with gold hog mats. Everything is getting all ready to go. Yes, sir, i think we're almost ready, i think we're almost ready water looks good and full the other guys weren't able to make it here something about. They couldn't pay all the fees all at once and we've been extending them lines of credit the whole time, and we actually feel are you okay? What happened wrong fly in the mouth? That happens. A lot you'd be much better. You know what, during the pandemic i'm just gon na i'm gon na just use my zooms i'm sure rookie's used to hearing stuff like that now. But can you do a cough and spit for us starting off the day right, making sure these boys are fueled and ready to go for some youtube gold, youtube gold, boys, yeah, it's, good, to hear pookie's voice here, yeah it's, i got a fan on it for Cooling yeah, you can unplug the fan for it, it's not a big deal. We don't need it eats up extra battery juice. You can see here normally i do shots of this while it's running here are the grizzly bars and it goes down into the trommel down here.

The trommel is just a rotating barrel that screens all the aggregate that comes inside and as it screens all the larger stuff comes down down to our recovery pit right here, which basically can classify all the way down to just having a pan on the bottom. So if anything does get missed, you know we can catch it in there as well run a metal detector over it. Everything'S looking spiffy ready to go, got the white uh komatsu up and running again. This has a hue. It has a huge black bucket on the front uh it's uh. Definitely a black and white machine coming together in unity working together as a team. Okay, jesus everything's getting fired up uh matt. Can you go plug in the pumps for us please over on the battery? Get those fired up, get those loose boxes, running crazy bob. Maintaining the site looks like he's got a little bit more of a relaxed pose today, spatula city, where you buy a t, shirt and get a free, spatula where'd you get that spatula. I need to see all the outside please. I know we're all enjoying a cold one and we don't want to stand out in the heat, but someone has brought up a very valid concern on youtube gold again yeah. What are they concerned about now? Aside from you being missing for a month, well that fall everyone's like bowing down. Oh my god, pookie is back now they're, all like where's sluice.

Well, he didn't can't be here every time right without doing lines again right. Okay, so the biggest complaint is radio waves. There are way too many radio waves. Would you agree, there's a lot of equipment running here. There is a lot of, we have internet signals, we have cell phone signals and so tried tested and true all right. So i know this will help you huh do our own, of course, i'm not going to do it for you. How am i supposed to do that when you keep taking your hard hats with you fire it up fire it up? Everyone should be more protected now, especially against the sun bob's wearing a golden helmet. He doesn't need the extra foil radio on site, good job, it it's hard to to figure who bob looks like more you or michael it's, a pretty close thing last week. It was, it was last episode was pretty close: yeah, okay, yeah that's, pretty good; okay, oh don't trip. Yes, i like this. In fact, you know what we need you to do: who's running a rock truck we'll, get you just to bypass what you're doing and come straight over to uh the big johnson yeah. So we got everyone blocking off the road right now, so you can get through crazy, joe, please with those glasses to be fair, because michael did do this as well. Go and fill up a rock truck with the big johnson, okay and then we'll be able to figure this out once and for all.

Do you feel better cooler? Now, uh, you mean temperature wise, well, yeah! Well, overall, i think it's a great fashion statement. You believe eh, you don't, think so i think it's blocking the sun and the radio waves. In fact, you should write me a thank you letter. You are canadian. Well, we had to pay like uh two grand a roll for the foil least you could have done. Is found a gold foil, it's premium, no gold. Everyone knows that it's, the aluminum foil that works the best come on that's. Why it's a premium it's? Where wait? Where i'm? Where am i going to get more foil there? Look how far i had to travel. Do you see any stores around here? No a premium should be able to do this all by feel michael tilted, his head to one side. He said that helped is that not helping i'm good he's at the extreme level of focus? Remember kant is the real c word, get the job done. That could be the best load you've ever done. It'S warm, i think, it's cooking, my brain. How? How does your head feel little lightheaded? I feel a little warm. I feel like a little bit of a hot potato um, i feel like a roast turkey. I think we should ditch the hats on all for the radio pollution yeah take the radio waves. I think i'll take the radio waves stupid idea. That was a terrible idea.

Hey i can use that as a beer holder, though maybe that's a good idea here. She comes now my beautiful lovely, oh my god, breakfast hello boys, help out my lovely wife, please run to her you're right. This gets lighter as time goes by oh yeah. There. We go no it's, lyle, actually, lyle, all paid up here, oh, never mind, yeah, no lyle's, all paid up, yeah, fantastic, matt yeah! Thank you. My love. Nothing like starting the day with lunch. You know breakfast yeah of champions. Thank you, my love. This is great guys. Lunchall right, what shut her down shut her down? How can we shut down when we haven't started? Well, i wanted to have lunch at least early in the day dude we had lunch yeah, but this is the way it goes. You you paid for the experience and you're complaining you don't have to have any. You know you can get back to work. No then here's. This is for joe and matt there's, but uh you guys can make yourself some sandwiches if you'd, like so nutritionist nutritional phone number, so i can get this damn bill paid. Please you won't like what you have to do, but you want to start doing. Voiceovers now start doing porn too money's money let's, see pay's, good you're actually doing porn. Now i thought it was just voiceovers. Well it it's a slippery slope and it still is oh nice or that's. What he said in this case could be yeah matt help yourself to some lunch here.

This is the unpaid version. You guys, please. I insist there, you go. You insist. We imported this cheese, all the way from france. For you. You know everybody always asks like. Where does the money go? It really pays to pay your bill yeah it does. The pear will be delicious. No i've seen enough of that thanks just a little excited to be here. Oh sorry, be careful. You almost shot me dude. I normally have a clean up. After this you know, i'm having lunch, warm barley, sandwiches, nah, not much for fruit, yeah it's, just squishy for you, oh wow. It was sitting in the sun for a little while warm barley, sandwiches. Basically what beer is. This looks delicious yeah, but this already processed true. This will be fine, though oh that'll probably get you just as loaded yeah. I don't doubt it it's a little fermented fruit, yeah, okay, rookie's, insisting that we take a break during lunch to look at his new vehicle. He'S worked hard for it. The stories it could tell this is what working in pornography i know you can see the size of the back seat. Oh yeah, i got an edge and the leg room you got in there too, huh yeah. You know i had the uh so uh when you start it up. What does it cost you a buck in the heaven? Okay, yeah yeah it uh doesn't, go very far on a tank of fuel it's, five bucks to warm it up.

Why are you sitting over there? They told me this. Was the unpaid table, the unpaid table? No, no there's a bench over there. You see those two skid steer buckets yeah. This is the shaded area. Oh yeah! Well, i already got warm beer. Listen! We! We all brought you here to tell you something right: boys, yep pookie, has been working so hard that he ponied up and paid your bill to get the up yep thanks, buddy yeah. He had to suck a lot of dicks whatever you did. Thank you. Thank you. So he is, he is out you're out and of course, as soon as matt squares up, which should happen. One of these days, pretty quick, you know we're all in the clear, so you're out, buddy thanks thanks, buddy you're gon na owe me gas money. After today, though, yeah well, you owe him a whole lot more than that. If you know what i'm saying figure it out – i'm good for it, yeah you're, you're driving him home right, oh no, he's, giving me a ride. What does home mean? He'S got to start paying his bill. Somehow he's going to be in the passenger seat of my car that's, it that's a big back seat. What is that lyle? I have some cash. I have some cash. You had cash. I have some cash – oh my god, you're not going to tell me that you basically saved up and you're almost ready to pay.

Were you well. I do have some cash dude at the end of the day. Remorse. I'M. I'M. Really sorry that you had to do all those things, but i really appreciate he did it by choice for me he clearly enjoyed it, god, damn solid that's, a true friend right there right and not not to mention the guy that that's hosting all this for youtube. Gold baby yeah youtube gold. I i don't want to be a dick about it, but you basically set me for life. So thank you for that. All right, you know well hey yeah, so i'm, just glad my bills, squared up looking at free passes now. Well, you didn't sign the contract where i continued to get a royalty on your videos. So if you sign that that's no problem, that's fair, hey 580 billion dollars, yeah like that well banjo bill, it is – is that what it was up to it was in that neighborhood. Then. Actually, then, then you didn't pay enough that's. The problem – oh no, i'm done! Then we're gon na have to go back to i'll. Give you my other boss's number. Well, then you have cash, then you said right. I said i have some cash. I can accept cash. I accept cash. You may now help yourself to the lunch. Access granted. I'M surprised you didn't, have the yeah freaking sweet. I i just want a piece of cheese pookie. You will do the honors firing it up fire it up there he goes starts.

Pumping the water, like a pro seems that he hasn't lost his touch. New switchbox controls. Everything i converted an old radio box into a switch box that controls every piece of equipment here and the boys automatically know what to do. They'Re going to start digging in the pitch is on yeah. We don't need this one yeah. So what do you think of the new switch in the box there pookie it's beautiful? I love it. Yeah super easy to figure out. It'S got all symbols that make sense for each one. Absolutely you got beer time yeah. You got your horn alien. I don't know it's probing. I guess you got x, men, uh, that's, towing, knowing yeah, you got water water. Well, we can't say that on camera, can't say that joe boss, i know your safety officer for today, so i got to point out something right away. There is a problem with the cable we can't have exposed cable laying across the road. Can you please ensure that it's buried somewhere? I sure can. Thank you, sir appreciate that hey, hey, hey everyone's, got ta work here. Just hang on to that don't around. No touching anything was that necessary. You look like you hurt his feelings. Lyle'S on my big johnson here. Go ahead. Buddy mine site, getting wider and wider truck after truck week after week cannot believe that we are already passed halfway in the season. What an incredible shot in the background, it's beautiful here today, boys perfect day for youtube gold you're, too cool! Yes! Now a lot of people continue to say why don't we fill up the trucks.

It seems so easy to me that you don't want to spill any on the ground. How many trucks have you tipped over matt Music? What'S that i could they said two or did you say twenty two, oh that's, what i figured yeah, one more and he's good beauty: oh Music, shooting it off to the side there! Pal you're right here you go radio out of sight. Well, you know what you're right just saying it is. It was him. Thank you, Music, well, we're, gon na need. It moved over a little bit more about another inch, Applause. Music. How do you do boys sounds like mediocre. The front of your hood is open. Can you close your hood? We tried it uh back up, bring it back back up faster. That is excellent, driving by the way. Thank you that didn't seem too hard that didn't seem too hard good job that's. Why you're, the boss, Music? Okay, so, as usual, make sure you do your lap around just to make sure everyone's clear we'll do whoa whoa whoa stop back up back up. You can't be on the water line. Okay, who's got a hoe. Oh joe's got a hole. Who'S driving the kamatsu – i am okay, please go down to the water line, lift it up, so he can drive under it. I could use a beer. I was just asking lyle. If he needed a beer, it sounded like a yes but i'm, not sure i'm.

Gon na go with noah now what what happened? Many beers last night kick lyle's ass and maybe half a bottle of vodka. Dude dude don't worry, okay, don't worry, rookie paid my bill. I got your back. Bro sounds good there. You go good job. Gentlemen, good work, we're gon na need you to do that. Every time really well, it only makes sense it's a good thing we put in those roads. Today i thought where you were going, you didn't need any roads, hey yeah! You could use the beer break. You could nice, oh that's from the paid rack you don't have nuts, oh nice, nice. This is uh these remotes waterproof. I got two more in my pocket because lyle didn't want one. So i i got his back since he paid my bills. Matt there's a tap in the bathroom. If you want some water already on a pay pile, the 4200 i've been renting the cabelco. We didn't need it today, so we left it hey rocky. I need your help again back down there already yeah it's, only a one way i don't know. Well, i got ta drive back around Applause, the remote that's a penalty. Are these waterproof that's a penalty or beer proof? I think so because you know what happens sometimes. I'D like to take this moment right now, shout out to our sponsor loading kings over 100 000 subscribers yeah. Thank you for sponsoring youtube gold by the way i'm terrible at this in case anybody's wondering you are getting better, though sir.

Oh, my god, that's that's, an attempt right there attempt thanks guys, go and check it out right now. If you've never seen the world's only rc radio control game, remote control, warehouse forklift, you know you get the idea, runners, we got stuff yeah, we just play with stuff. Yes, i see you down there. This is very inefficient, you're doing great wait a minute. Is he going the right way? Oh, yes, he's going he's going the right way yeah. Can he be coming back up the other way? No! No! This is only a one way. Did you miss that episode there's a there's, a sign on the on the ground over there on the fence? It says one way: it's true ready. He needs hydro, fluid he's here every day, that's where he wears the golden helmet golden helmet security yeah. This thing's not doing anything. Oh great, i got jammed Music. Somebody needs to be manning those switches at all times. You think so yeah, surprise you don't have a remote for the box. Don'T. You have a comfortable chair around here, somewhere yeah it's in the garage. You should bring it out here and put it by the box there. You can be in charge, yeah well, you're performing start digging yeah. This is probably the silliest episode. Yet you know that right. Well, there's been no words. Oh, this is gon na take a while dude you're in the shadow. You know you got ta, go and stand on that side.

There you go hey watch out, you can watch. You know what just scoop it into here. Don'T spill it hey. Can you lift it up? Okay, like there, you go, come on that's, better, be hard i'm, not on my back already size of the shovel. Hey someone get nancy a kneeboard he's complaining, i didn't bring mine. Yeah here comes matt with the rock truck you don't have a great record on the rock track, hey. Why is your hood open, no one's watching their hoods around here? Oh, my gosh, hey, are you sure, that's the experience you paid for yeah? I had to chip in an extra 40 bucks, so you can sit in the chair, yeah that's for an hour, though yeah only 49. Well, we don't want to be gouging people. That would seem rude well. You'Re holding up the crew see that's the problem that you were monitoring this whole unit right. It can only go so fast. Where are you were you monitoring the units i'm taking responsibility? Just drive around the house? Where is the edge of the end of the hose, then it would just be a good idea to move the hose out of the way come on okay, so we're going to go for the classic vebotka. I want a nearly indestructible knot. Come on in here. Don'T be shy. I want to show everybody you want to take it loop, this around no fewer times than 16. that's close enough yeah slide it down like that right, strong, super strong, now, there's, a clevis and a hook back here, i'm just going to use a classic slipknot there.

You go he's, ready, Applause hold on be careful hold on. We should get an action shot of this okay. Everyone says you need to have a scale uh chain, or something like that. I i say no, no, you don't looks like rookie has been giving him uh lessons in hose handling here, he's doing well, how's the beer. I got it all shoveled out, man, good job, all done holy freaking hell. That was a lot of work. I bet it was oh it's supposed to it's supposed to let go after 60 seconds that's, the babachika, not the bid is different that one that one real tight one you can't even cut with the knife. I gotcha right. Yes, that's just let's go after 60 seconds once the task is done, yeah right and then make sense. So stick in stick in crush me: hey hey, hey i'm trying to get the shot come on man. You got to be standing over here. You can't be in the scene you're going to knock me off the ledge here, like you're totally in my way 36 feet. Give me an inch come on. I can't see what i'm doing i have to get the shot. If i can't see what i'm doing, how are you gon na get the shot? Oh my god! Oh no, i got the cameraman. Oh no. I couldn't see what i was doing and i dumped the pay all over outside of the goddamn chute.

You don't think the beer had anything to do with that. You need to stay out of the way. I couldn't see what i was doing. Clearly you could see what you're doing wow you could. If i was in the way you could see, i was in the way correct i tried to so you could see what was going on lyle, yeah, foreman, no as an owner. Thank you, see, hey. You want to call it where's, pookie, ahead of us. What happened? Beer break shut her down, shut her down beer break, we don't need a working beer. We need a break beer. I know i'm gon na put this one down and grab a break. You can sit at the paid table now in in the shade i'm gon na put the shovel down there. Yeah lyle, you got a copy lyle, your your hood's, open, lyle yeah. If you wouldn't mind use your radio as well that'd be helpful. I i'm unaware of this radio. I only see one i can only afford one this season, we're, not getting a lot of gold. Try that we're, good yay, Music, Music, crazy, joe plugging away at the hole digging deep, must be a good feeling to be paid off. After all these years, hey, oh man, is it ever man we're, reaching close to a billion uh after the first season, uh yeah, yeah yeah, my lawyer's fees alone, substantial bill, my lawyer's fees alone, yeah. What was uh? What was the name of that firm and associates? That'S right, that's, right fideller, where they're not there to screw you over they're just there to help.

You know what they did: a really good job yeah. What, if contacting you and subpoenaing you? Well, they were very nice okay. So after lunch, i will pretty much get as much pay as possible moving through the plant and uh from that point forward, we can just carry out the day. Are you okay? With that? Are you nice and fed? I am we've moved some stuff already. Somebody wake up joe hey, hey time, to get up getting back to work, hey buddy! Thanks for paying my bill. He didn't pay your bill. He didn't, hey! He didn't pay your bill. What did you enjoy? Your snooze, you dreaming? Okay, back to work. Lunch is over. Come on let's go youtube, cheer him on boys, he's feeling down come on. You said you could do it here. Comes another load right around the corner. Beautiful looks like lyle's got a battery problem. He is out of juice. On the rock truck. The day is growing long. These guys have been moving a ton of pay, look at them, trying to scrape every last bit it's what happens when we're short staffed, but it gives them plenty of opportunity to run whatever machine they would like. We even installed a bench conveniently very far away from the mine site lyle. If you need to take a seat there's one bench way over there, we put it conveniently 20 meters away all the way over there. Yeah thanks you're welcome next ready, ready, Music, Music, Music, Music Music, so so hey all day, baby i'll take some youtube gold in a half an hour when you get over here, come on lyle, where we going over here crazy joe come on down here.

Matt come on down rookie, we know you're still working there, joe. We all chipped in and got you something for your welcome home party. Here you go, you can now be a part of the mustache and beard group. We'Ve all been wondering. You'Re gon na have to get some double sided tape or something oh there's, some on there wonderful huh, no coke nail that's weird. It was weird. Oh success! Bitch you don't want the bottom one yeah there it is. It smells a little fishy. Welcome: hey that's, just that's the way it's new it's new smell like fish, normally, okay, what do you think right part of the brotherhood hell yeah yeah we've been waiting for a long time. All right keep digging watch out, lyle's wearing sandals, the safety candles, yeah they're? Actually called mandels, you know handles in his industry. Mandels are a lot or something a lot different. You got a little. I don't think my tape is working, it's, hot and sweaty out so tape's not uh. Can you explain to me what a mandel is in your industry? No, not on camera Laughter, no we're, all waiting for you, joe yeah you're done it's beer time, yep he's, taking forever hey dude! You haven't been good with a hoe. There you go you're welcome yeah! I am i'm gon na try and fit in because you gave me buddy's phone number, so i should get better with the host. It looks like a rock.

I see, rocks oh that's three pieces right. There looks like a rock, i don't think so, pull it out. Oh, no, that does look like gold. Oh nice, that's, a nice one, it's stuck in the ripple very nice, leave it in there we'll wash it out yeah there. It is all that effort all year, long youtube gold youtube gold. There. It is aren't you used to wearing things like this and you're out in your in your work line at work, not like this, no more of a smooth time and time now clean up time, boys. Yes, another day, another dollar, you said they said you couldn't hook up five separate positive. You know clips to a post. I disagree. It still says 11.8 on there right: 340 48.. It is pretty damn hot. Today, 22 yeah it's got to be at least 35 yeah. I'D say about 35 40 degrees and at this heat uh the lipo batteries and uh they don't like to work and frankly either do we here's this fancy new contraption? I did. Okay does vibrating or a noise for metal yeah well that's made of metal yeah. Is there anything over the rocks, though nothing nothing? Okay, please go check the tailings over there see how see how this is nice and efficient, now efficient, much more efficient. Is there anything in here nope, nothing, Music. So if there's nothing in here search again, nothing sweat! Nothing i like this it's way more efficient Applause.

Please scannothing, nothing use the carrot. The garrett carrot dude way more efficient, dude. The gold fox works yeah, it does okay, nothing, it is warm yeah, rookie, i'm gon na need an experienced hand over here. I think i think i have a here. We go no problem here here we go jose control hose b. I have a hose problem. I don't know what's going on look at the gold in here. Look at it holy man here. Look at that huge one right. There massive and underneath it there's a ton of gold in those wow that one's nice that's nice, look at that, like it's all mixed in there beauty hey. Are you ready? I feel bad. You guys are the one who paid for the experience you want me to clean the mats that's cool 30. G'S it's. 30. G'S. I know hey when you're paying 30 g's. You get to call the shots mostly. So what do you do with all that extra money? So delicate with the miners, yeah we've had some practice recently, not miners. What moss? I thought you said. Everything was bald, he meant short and curlies. So did he kind of looks like moss that's, it it's a lot of sand. You want the detector doohickey, you know what good idea, which one do you want. Sir let's use the garrett the wide one they won't say geared nothing on: oh there's, something buried in there there's. Definitely some gold in there hey, hey, get your ring, get your ring on there.

Buddy genius good call, it's close to your ring yeah. This is all your ring, there's, nothing in there it's just ring. Ah, okay, there is stuff in here and launches. Look at this right on top yeah. It doesn't make it through the big one. That'S excellent. Definitely something rings again, maybe there's another one right there are we gon na uh it's, so hot though i added some water to it earlier. I didn't freeze it let's. Do this okay, water on table on yeah i'm gon na have to plug it in here, matt's never had an opportunity to feed the gold onto the table. Did you have the shovel upside down that's? The first mistake you want to try catching do not come on. It'S fun, i don't catch the gold. Oh all right, there's, a piece right there, two one, two, three: four, oh nice one! You know i appreciate you guys coming on over here spending your hard earned money just to help mine me, some gold harder, yeah, crazy, joe i'm. Like you, i don't have a job. We all do what we can to get by there don't yeah. I do what i got ta do here. You know luckily molly's really famous on instagram. He wasn't that much man i don't know where i'd be but isn't that your dog, my dog, yeah, she's, a blonde yeah yeah nice, nice. Oh my god, look at this that's! Nice it's a nice line.

We got going here. Everybody wonders why we use the table, but you can see how it just separates all the rocks away from the gold couple nice straight line. There got more coming yeah, those are nice pieces. Yeah there you go beautiful gold fever, it's separating really nice today. Yes, it is good pool right here. Well that one almost looks like oh looks like i could even put that one: oh huh, ah gotcha that's, just my ring. Ah, i was just with you yeah. My hopes were so high. Yeah. Sorry guys good. Try, though, thank you. Oh look at those pieces very nice. Oh my god, look at all that jesus wow, yes, the stuff that's on the table. Look at it! Look at that it's huge massive! Oh man! Definitely double dude definitely don't lose yeah we're, like 13. wow. That is amazing, there's even gold down here wow, oh it just keeps coming over i'm gon na be rich. Well, you are well yeah, of course, as soon as uh joe's checked, bigger too, that will never happen. You don't, like so no hey. I left the big pile of cash over there on the table you make tires out of his jacks. Did you have to? Did you have to use the brush? Yes, i used it two times, it's, probably close to dry by now watch the table right there. If you keep telling him to pay attention, we're not going to give him a hard time about missing any gold yeah, but we'll have all the goals yeah but what's more worth it, giving him a hard time or a few pieces of gold, both that's.

A good point see they do like to give me a hard time. Well that that's, the only way you know other guys like you right. If they make fun of you, that must mean everybody loves tyler. Okay, lyle has openly volunteered to put the pay into the. We oh we're, spilling off the side here. Are we that's? Okay? It looks good, no, no that's, okay, there! No! Oh! We need to adjust the wheel slightly so it's, more vertical, okay, good, all right! Next! Okay, here we go put it over here, i'm new. There. You go that way. He gives it a oh gold right up the wheel right away. Did anyone put the bucket in the back? Oh yeah, the bucket's there yep good, good good. You feel lost now joe hypnotized, with the goal having a great day hypnotized with the gold. The angle look at that's the real gold back there. I want that much gold that's pretty heavy. What year was that car 1947.. You got water all over your lens. You got excited, you said this is the first car you ever had. He got it when he was born. Yeah uh, the car's been in the family longer and i've been live, that's impossible, bought it in april 13th. 1965.. Why not he's telling family history we're? Looking for something funny, yeah captain series over there – heirloom literal literal man, the weeknd – the badge – is off buddy. Nobody will take their job seriously, but we do so poorly out here.

Listen, i we did our best. I see gold going through the wheel. I see gold. I don't know how i'm going to pay off the loan. I don't we're. Definitely not getting enough even to pay for the wheel. Loader. So far. Oh, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go gold! There we go beautiful, oh yeah, cleaning, all that black sand away. Look at all that gold! Dude guess is it today. I guess 13. lyle said 14 6. it's just perfect that all went in there. No problem is there anything left, nope good job. I see one right there, yeah 14, 6, 14. 5.. Okay, shut her down, shut her down there, you go gentlemen. What do we got? Gold is what we got. Let'S see everybody's big payout for watching all day: hey hey before you do it. If they're watching right now, they should make a comment right, absolutely pull out their phones. Let us know that they're still watching youtube gold. After all, this who's not still watching three, two one that's a lot of gold man that's, damn decent. That could be a sweet, 16. that's, not bad that's, pretty good for the amount of work that we actually got done today. That'S pretty decent, okay, well, let's have a beer, let it dry in the sun, yeah sun gold i've never seen sun dry gold. Can. I have a cold one. This time though yep well well, it looks like lyle's spoken there's.

Some did anyone close his cooler after he opened it last time i don't think i don't know no one even closed your cooler, sweet, yeah there's, a warm beer in there. I'M going all right, you don't seem overly enthusiastic, like the crazy joe. We know for warm beer. You'Ve already had like nine of them here hold this right here. Tight there you go, go, get a beer bowl from here. What did you just say? I said last week it was jim and he was stealing gold. He goes by jim cavanaugh brother, oh jim, kev, yeah, jim kev, and no he he definitely wasn't stealing, because that sound the initials would be kj. We could only have one kj that's, true it's it's jim kev it's it's jk it's jk there i could have sworn i heard: kev jim uh. No, they wanted kev, jim it's, jim kev, okay, yeah, he's, can't believe that's even call him jeff. I feel like my brain, has fried it's warm out mm. Hmm. Are you gon na believe the tin coil had 36 degrees? You guys want to give me a haircut yeah i'd love to all right. Let'S. Do it here? Can you pluck that one out of your chin to start with oh yeah, one that's like two inches longer than the rest? I don't know if you shave in the darker that happened last night i don't know some of them come out of my ears, they're three or four inches long come on out of my back yeah i'm.

Not chicken here! Take it you go. Maybe you should give these to him there you go here, you go. You all want me. You don't want me to get a haircut, so bad get on my way. Come on here, rookie, all right, you are on the back. I guess there you go that's good! That'S that way, you cut you can't, see anything don't put any hair in it. Looking at the piles of hair and i think, joe's winning everything's a race. I got scissors yeah thanks. Oh good, jesus, good, good, good, wow, good boy, okay, that's, oh wow! I uh in some areas that's a good lining. You might want to look in the mirror man. I don't really cut a lot, so i can see myself in here. I like it. It feels shorter back here for some reason: yeah yeah, you got uh, you look Music, hey you're, used to hair in the gold huh yeah! Oh, give it a good blow gold hair. That looks like a lot of gold. You look a lot better after your haircut. Thanks man it's a lot cooler as well. I bet i wouldn't know anything about that because you know you're all here i got some stuff. What does that mean some long logs? Well, i think, since i stood up hey lyle, thank you since i got a haircut said crazy, joe that's, crazy, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa he's, taking the stance careful, careful just buzzing from behind here.

I'Ll. Do it i'll? Do it distract him Laughter all right, this ain't? No cat fight quit your slapping come on, i don't know what's, worse hair and my food or hair in my good for gold. Shall we weigh the gold gentlemen put tear in your lungs beautiful there? It is zeroed out ready to rock okay boys. Good luck, joe count it out let's see what we got for today: everybody's dropping a light click right now here, let's get this hair hair out of the way yeah. I don't think that's from my head, though: zero a little curly zero, still, zero. Two point: zero: two one: three, six, nice, five, six, five, three, five, seven, six, seven, eight, four, nine four nine three numbers are harder. Ten sets eleven four keep going, keep going; she's gon na be a gooder, oh we're, getting there 11 6.. I don't see no 17, yet i said uh 13. lucky number, 13., six, 12, six, oh i'm, low! Thirteen, seven! Oh fourteen point! Oh three! Fourteen three there's a flake up here, six give me all that powder in there Music Applause. We know with this. If we leave it for a few minutes, it'll go to 15 grams. You know so. I'Ve got great hopes, good work today, boys Applause, youtube, gold, yeah, game goal. Yes well season weigh in now that we're 11 there's 15. good job lose weight. Okay. So this is a 11th episode. Let'S see what we got here, joe hey lyle.

You seem to be better at counting here. Come you can help me out here. Well, yeah, it's, fifteen one right now: eighteen, fifteen, five, eighteen jesus, 21, 22. 28. 29. 30. 32. Pounds. Three three: four: three, two, six, forty one, three wow. Ninety one point: four, two one point: four yeah. We are over two ounce well over two well well over two ounces and in fact, 31 grams that's right that's, almost three ounces of gold bam. So, thank you guys. I couldn't have dug this without you because i can't operate the machines all on my own and of course i wouldn't be able to be profitable if you weren't, paying your bills so for you, i'm you're, one of the last ones. I said i had some cash in my pocket. Yeah, do you do? Do you have any money? Now they left a pile of cash on the table over there. For you, i don't see it. I don't see anything. Matt did pay me, though he's all a paid. I can ask him: he was still. He paid me beside me when i, after lunch right, not putting stack of money over there 100 or what you you paid me in cash already, no i'm. I'M good. This is the only guy that hasn't paid up left a pile of cash on the table that's. You should have given it to me directly on it. I did, i don't know, did it say that's on the ground? Now you wouldn't be sleeping on the job.

Okay, so we're still gon na need thanks anyway, so hats, together on three boys, youtube gold. One, two three youtube: oh my gosh! Thank you for the haircut, oh, so much better, yeah it's changing color too. I know well it's the sun right, yeah it's, all starting to go a nice light blonde it's gon na look like me soon: oh it's, that's that's. Not he can only dream ever dude. Remember last year, yeah right we're, there, 91 grams, almost there dude it's, almost filled the whole tray yeah it's, it's beautiful, is that the goal build the tray. Well, the goal is to get as much as possible, because every year i keep coming up short and i just want to pay my damn bill. We blew our goal out of the water. Last year, yeah we did yeah. I didn't even set a goal this year. We didn't even have one.