I have actually located my new Chariot to obtain me around the #YouTubeGOLD mine website! Some brand-new mining tools has gotten to the site and today we get to learn everything about them. #SluiceboxSteve has come by to aid unbox two splendid equipments dispersed by an U.S.A. company "RC4WD". (www.store.RC4WD.com). The two versions being uncreated for you today is the "1/14 Range DXR2 Hydraulic Earth Dozer" Here is a straight link: Simply put. it is a BEAST! All Steel. and also weighing 58 pounds. this point takes genuine effort to move around. However, when you placed a 3s lipo into it. the machine moves without effort! I have added ISO 32 Hydraulic oil, which is extremely slim and functions so well. The thin oil enables fast activity in the hydraulic rams and also via the hydro block. I have actually placed a replica activity figure of my wife right into the drivers seat of the Dozer, becuase it is just a [email protected] @ss, much like her!! Hah! At the time of this shooting, this version expenses aprox $2699.00 USD + shipping

The mining vehicle is the "1/14 RANGE EARTH HAULER 797F HYDRAULIC MINING VEHICLE". Here is a direct link: Steve and also I were stunned, and practically speechless when we uncreated this device. I am actually changing the name of this model to the "FMDT". The "Frickin' Massive Dump Vehicle". It is just one of the largest RC lorries I have actually had at the mine, as well as it is ALL STEEL! RTR (All Set to Run) and also evaluating in at 220 lbs – this dump vehicle is the largest dump vehicle I have ever seen face to face. It arrived by freight (which implies on a full size SEMI TRUCK), as well as it is just a marvel to look at face to face. There are no servos to transform the tires. It is actually an ELECTRIC MOTOR that relocates guiding rods. This vehicle can lug a payload of 440 lbs!! The Battery can be approximately a 22,000 mah 3s Lipo, OR a DEEP CYCLE 12v DC Battery. I will show you that in the coming weeks. as I currently have one right here at my program. The cost of this version is $4000 USD, + delivery.

Since we have these products here at the mine, we are mosting likely to be able to relocate the yardage we are expecting. Like I said ever since Episode 1 – I will do what ever before it requires to reach my season objective of 1/2 an ounce. as well as I think its actual achievable.

I wish you have been delighting in YouTube GOLD! Currently. it is time to get to work. and also relocate some dirt. Im searching gold. like a retriever hunts a dead duck. Sickness sniff it out. and also put it in the sluice box!

A lot of individuals assume that I am building a miniature mine website. and in some ways I absolutely am. I am building a reduced variation of a mine website. that can IN FACT GET GOLD! YouTubeGOLD is an apology collection based around the GOLD Shows of TV that all of us understand and also love. #GoldRush #YukonGold #BeringSeaGold all of these are programs that my family members delight in seeing!

I have actually always known that making a GOLD MINE would be possible with RC versions. as well as finally I reach understand this dream.

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