At least boys youtube goals there's enough of them here. I actually couldn't believe welcome back to sluice box, steve he's uh. In the background there, he uh ponied up with a huge check for the rc sparks gold experience, one of the first original ogs to do so uh. Actually, we also have promoted uh kevin. He is now going to be well. He prefers jim to foreman, uh and uh he's gon na get right to work, so we're gon na see how it goes today. We'Re gon na be hunting for gold. We'Ll see how much we get we might as well start to fire it up. Applause. We got ta skim, all the out of the pond just so we can make sure everything is good to go. We don't want anything interrupting with the water supply to the shaker. We'Ve got all the plants ready to go a double battery. Here all machines are go and the shaker everything if you've missed the last episode of youtube gold. This is an old radio box wired. Everything up with everything running here is that beautiful, omni fox the sluice run by gold fox. They did for youtube gold check out that beautiful, beautiful run comes down into the final sluice. Just in case we missed anything. Yeah it's got great flow. 3, 500 gallons per hour goes into the recovery box. This is where it catches all the the tailings overflows into the giant pond and then goes through the wall into the settling area, and it gets re pumped up and around.

So this is all on its own. Conveyors are on their way, yeah michael good. To see you buddy thanks for paying your bill solid, great, just good, to be clear, yeah, i bet man well. We know that crazy. Bob here has been doing an excellent job. Getting things done, he's also, security for the site. He'S got beer cans everywhere, all right, yeah, yeah, that's, better don't, say we never did nothing for you loose fox, steve. Yeah people have been missing. You brother, i've, been busy man. Tell me tell me: where have you been? What have you been doing? Uh lines, man lines yeah, i do lines what what kind of lines were you doing? Uh soccer field sports field lines. You know you missed youtube gold to go to. I guess i guess. If you owed you owed right, you got to make money somehow yeah. I, like your shirt: hey thanks man, okay kevin, we all know. First rite of passage is to slam a beer at the beginning of youtube gold when you're foreman best thing ever warm pilsner. Here you go good luck, chug, chug, chug, chug, he's, a boss at this. Laying down his path right now, i can't believe he's actually doing it. I didn't expect him to do it. Oh, like a boss. Okay right on you'll, also see that uh crazy bob is available for you to uh boss around today looks like he's already been drinking. Uh he has had a few in the background along with uh michael there i can see.

Tyler is already digging in the pit with the rock uh so i'm gon na, even though you're foreman, i might as well ask you what would you like to do today, since he basically paid for the performance experience right so yeah? I want to be on the easy drop rock truck. You want rock truck, damn straight. Somebody else can take it sharing that loading plant buddy. That is amazing that you are getting down in the trenches. Okay, brother let's, get it let's youtube. Gold Applause yeah so i'm running both machines, no there's going to be one on each machine, so sluice will head up a machine with the loader uh. If you want to jump on excavator load or just talk to sluice or whatever it's kevin. Do you remember when you went to the website and you picked, the tier package for the rc sparks youtube gold experience and you could either pay for the foreman level or the uh the participants and you chose the participant level. Okay, this is finally his day. We didn't have that option before and now he's the first one to get it. So what even, though, you paid for the experience to be here today, he kind of gets to call the shots. You know that's part of the experience youtube gold. Michael now, on my big johnson, he is digging a huge scoop right now. Just dump your load in the back brother, such an amazing machine.

Can you show us a full extension, nice that's, impressive, now that's what we're talking about when you want to get huge scoops of dirt, michael having years of experience operating a hoe into the back of the volvo ready do a couple of drives? You can hear bedrock underneath man, which is weird, because this is an elevated platform, such a good, looking machine so with a smaller crew. Today it makes it uh easier to film for sure everybody gets their own chance on whatever they want to run. Also a whole lot less maintenance for myself still waiting on parts for my white kamatsu need a new receiver in that be happy to see that back on the mine site, soon yeah one of my faves and one of my faves on loading kings too yeah. Speaking of loading kings, this segment of youtube gold is brought to you by loading kings. The world's, only radio control game show can be seen by clicking the info bubble or check the video description down below a game about mayhem in the warehouse and all the things you wanted to do at work, but could never do that are encouraged in the game. Show anaconda hold on anaconda yeah hold on don't he's running away terrible lunch lunchtime, tyler coming in with the loader Music it's, a tobias breaker bucket on the front tyler, never having any experience with a loader before this is one of the most important jobs figured we'll.

Just throw him to the wolves, see how he did tyler if you're going to be wearing sandals. I can't have you standing behind the scene. You got to be standing off to the side where no one can see that jim kevin. Finally, getting back from his round trip what's the matter conveyor down, i don't know what to do. It was stuck. You just had to advance it with your hand, a little bit it's. The beauty of these you know. Big machines here is that we can do things like that and still you know, maintain cost effectiveness. These guys are looking for a true experience. I think they're having a great time sluice loading up all the pay what's that sorry man i got in my way. This is why we have grizzly bars. You guys got to be careful. What you're processing the plant can't take all of that stuff. Oh nice yeah! He had a shovel here. I don't know you want to move that hold on ready one. Two three he's trying he's trying: no, he he couldn't do it there's still a ton in there wow joe fail hey. It looks like tony's spying on us again fail. This is his third pass. Now, oh, my god, he's gon na give us a way back. He'S friggin checking it out. There should be some sort of rule about flying over someone, else's mine site, he's, just gon na feather it in there giving it plenty of time to get to the faster conveyor on the other side hold on shut her down Applause.

I just want to light light it up yeah, i need a lighter it's like windproof. This isn't interrupting your experience is it. This is a part of it. Yes, nice fire, it up Applause and so there they are working hard in the background to get the dirt out of the ground into the plant washed through the trommel into the shaker plant down to the sluice boxes, washing it all and making sure the gold is Left behind now, as always, the true gold is just right in these boys getting together on the weekend to come on down and have a great time we're, offering big discounts to you guys out there if you're wanting to come down for the youtube gold experience uh One day here you can get on site at twenty five thousand dollars. You us, of course, not canadian, and you can have up to two and a half hours with one of our machines. Here you also get a free lunch. If you've seen our show before you net you, you know how to get a free lunch here. Price obviously goes up with the more you want that basically gets you through the gate and gets you a parking stall normally would add that to the bill. At the end of the season, but if you're just here for one show that's fine, but we take people from all over the world, we can put you up in our great accommodations. We have back here, 22 foot, trailer uh.

We cater to you uh, mostly this stuff from our garden. You get it to cook it, though it's a really authentic experience. Uh you get to hunt around this area, there's rabbits coyotes, whatever you want to eat it's here check out the information box down below, and you will find a email where you can email. Your request in and we'll know exactly what you want beautiful. I think we could turn it up just slightly more that's at full speed. Let'S bring this forward a little more right there that way, we'll dump straight into it here comes another load down the conveyor: the rocks everything going into this monster hopper right here, where it gets washed with three different jets: the trommel's not turning. What the hell is. This all the gold has been washed out. What is this dude you're foreman, what the all the gold just washed away? Oh, look at this look at this it's all coming out now: hey you're in charge of this plant, hey. I know that you paid for an experience, but you you got to make sure the plants are running if you're, foreman, that's that's the whole point of being a foreman. It is but he's also supposed to be watching the plant to report any problems. Oh that's, a very good point: what do they say about rolls downhill, huh and we're? Certainly downhill. Now, aren't, we yeah – maybe you shouldn't be standing down here. No, no.

I see you and uh crazy, bob or joseph. We calling him joseph today in absence of crazy joe in remembrance in remembrance. I think we just lost about a thousand subscribers there's, always there's, always more sluice fox continuing to pound away at all the pay dirt. We made these hoppers bigger on these conveyors. Quite a long time ago – and it has certainly helped you can see – these conveyors are moving at a nice speed to get the pay away and then over to old, faithful there. Well, hey, we got ta turn this off. If it's burn, is it hot it's? Not even hot which one is it it's number one number one. This says number three on the end number one yeah well it's, not plugged in it's, almost like somebody's trying to sabotage you. Oh all this stuff's, not working. Oh now you got it going backwards. I thought you guys reversed the polarity on this we're gon na need we're gon na need some more butt. Connectors then shut it down. We need some butt, connectors, yeah, the yellow ones, please, i think it's just fun to say buck connectors. I already have some right here. I want to go slip these here yeah. How are you doing michael auto here today? Yes, yes, sweat! You are one of the original uh people that started on youtube gold. You came in about halfway through yeah, something about that yeah. You sent in your cousin wayne for a few episodes.

He'S he's not allowed back here, yeah yeah, he was a dick. It does look like crazy bob piffs himself. Oh watch out. He has poor control just two buddies: another rock truck coming out of the mine site. Uh, sir, you have to back in only so, he could just back up right away, but he had to go well. We figured out it's a lot easier for these guys. Now the pit is getting much larger for these guys just to back into the mine site. It seems safer as well, because then they can use their oversized mirrors what's the point of having oversized mirrors boys if you don't use them. There'S no point so so this is one of the problems. We'Ve noticed is that, with the long trip all the way around the mine site, it almost seems like it's inconvenience in you. It is youtube. Gold, youtube gold. I don't know if kevin's doing a very good job as farming. I haven't heard him call beer break once yet, not once i know i brought my own, thank god, it's quite hot out today. So a lot of people would be asking us why we're not filling up these rock trucks, especially hey, come on. What are you doing? This is one of the problems with the funnel mine right now and the way they're loading trucks. Just just hey, you're, going the wrong way. You need to be backing up, get out of his bloody way.

Just move Music, the one in the pit you're doing great steve. Okay, can you stop the rock truck for a second? There are beer cans everywhere? I know this. It doesn't seem like it's very safe to have all these laying around as a foreman. I would think you'd want to be picking these up or having someone pick them up or something who do we want to pick up who needs the money, the most well he's loading right now. I would clearly say that this would be a you thing right now. Yeah so since you're not really taking full rock trucks around here, i want you to back in and dump that back in there and then use the rock truck just to pick up all the beers. Okay. Thank you quick. So we can get a beer break. Yeah yeah, you haven't even shouted beer break yet it's crazy, uh! No well, maybe according to your watch, but according to my watch it's been 10 minutes anyways. I brought you a beer. I drank it. Yeah it wasn't, really a beer break that's like a working beer. Oh, you guys seem to got this going good. Are you going one handed yep? Is that you, over here good? I noticed you're driving an empty truck. Yeah you're scraping bedrock there for a little bit. I got ta move over a little bit, so you're telling me you basically sent out as much as you could get in there as much as i could scrape together with them big teeth on there.

Perfect good job keep up the good work. It wouldn't be a true form and experience for kevin, uh or jim kevin or, however, he filled out his application. If uh i didn't have to clean up after others. Well, no! No! This is if this is a part, but every mine owner makes requests of their foreman, and so this is just part of the experience yep. It is yeah you're doing a mediocre job by the way hurry up. What the hell is this my grandmother faster than that here here's the problem you do need to pay. You do need to pay. I would agree with you hold on there. You go. We just want to make sure that you're happy here at the rc sparks mine site. There you go you're, welcome, sir he's got a legitimate point. Oh he doesn't know how to operate where the go such a great bucket, Music. Okay, now you did a good job on picking those up yeah. Now what you should do is shout it loudly to say beer break, hey guys, beer break, hey, shut it down, shut her down. That also should be a you thing, but go ahead shut her down. Yeah isn't that nice heck yeah beautiful. What do you need? I need an injector for the cabelco mainline it damn straight. Come on kevin you're. In there kev come on bud. You got enough oil in there you're doing a good job kevin slam it in there.

Music is that is that a dash that you have in between your name there, jim kevin turn on the switch box back to work, jim kevin's, basically a slave driver. We all go to work you're right, you get the experience of the mine site. These guys should be going every second i'd say: yeah, Music, Music, Music, don't, give us a handbook. He wanted a hand what i missed that what did you want? I don't think we offer that here. You didn't choose that package. So the whole idea here is that kevin can back in now without having to do an austin powers. You know 100 point turn around beauty: big johnson, ready to go back into action, he's been scraping it all together, hey tyler. What are you doing over there? He paid to be foreman, but it doesn't mean that you have to take it. Hey, hey, jim you! There you go there. You go that's a mine site, that's, a mine site nice, the brotherhood of gold miners. It seems like there's a lot of discontent on the mine site. It'S kind of you know yeah new styles. Okay, can you please explain to the viewers why we're filling the rock trucks up with such little pay? Well, so we don't risk spilling it over the sides. Right, but so the whole argument is, is that most rock trucks do spill it over the sides? Why? Why would we not want to spill it over the sides? Well, this is gold rich pay, exactly why the would you go through all that effort we already went through with joe paving the roads with gold we're not getting it ourselves and did you see matt drive the rock truck he tipped it over often so to minimize The loss yeah see now you guys thought it was stupid that he backed in all he has to do – is drive out now brilliant, easy peasy.

So since we have some time, uh waiting for your dirt to all go all the way around the mine side, i know he's slow, well we're, trying to keep it safe because all the people that write in saying that there's too much traffic on the roads. What travel issue? What happened? It'S shut down shut it down there, you go. They both shut off, though that's okay, it's working now i'm trying to get the bolts on yeah. I agree just tap it because we don't have a spray bar in the inside of this trommel, like the omni fox. Has this trommel was our first one. You can see it screens it into three different uh sizes, the biggest of which go into the shaker, to get washed over to this conveyor right here and then, of course, down into our shaker that's, getting washed down into the final sluice. The smaller stuff goes in here, but this is exactly why i upgraded to the uh to the gold fox omni, fl fox, hey, you, two go baby. Lunch is ready. Thank you. My love. Okay. Boys shut her down lunch time. Shutting her down. You know we got gold in the box already, we might as well enjoy some lunch it's a beautiful day today i got some warm beer out on the table, for you whoa warm it up. Already. Gentlemen, we got you a special lunch today. Here you go. Everybody line up here you go smell, pickles, yeah.

Well, of course, here you go. You have your choice, pickle, pickle, pickled, carrot, yeah, and we have a plain one: it's easy to take the dry one, because i got a beer to wash it down. It'S easy to digest steve that's. The whole point enjoy guys: hey. You guys can enjoy your lunch out there right. Hey there, you go iron man, bon appetit man. What the hell! The hell! Hey! You guys have you, you paid for tier one, get kevin and get jim kevin an extra cracker, no prob right up. Thank you. I got cookies. Thank you. Tyler no problem, so you've had lunch now. You'Ve had a chance to enjoy some time around the mine site and use some of the equipment. Yeah um. Would you say it's worth the money you paid, i believe so yeah, i would say so. Everything'S been up to par so far meeting your expectations for sure excellent i'm glad that's good. So i mean i mean when i owned a strip club, it wasn't so bad. You owned a strip club yeah. That was my previous job before this as an owner yeah. But well it kind of went under i wasn't making the money i should have been yeah. You were only hiring dudes. I had heard dudes, no, it wasn't that kind of from the chain it looks like it. No okay, are you wearing sandals right now? Mandels michael brings up a very good point: uh for those that uh don't like to drink.

We do offer different types of caffeine, free soda. You can hide it as well as some beer cozies to make it look like it's, authentic and when you're on the show, you can actually feel like you're, one of the guys yeah exactly blend in you don't. What was the name of your strip club, long dong, silvers to the new price that we've had, even though that bloopers well we'll grandfather in your price, we'll still charge? You buy the beer that would make it two years to pay off my last tab, you're, not saying up the price well for everybody else. I didn't want just everybody showing up here. These hairdos don't come cheap right. You know that this takes maintenance, that's real here right. Of course, it is been growing. I didn't have much time during this whole cold, coved, cold, vid, covid thing you get a haircut yep, definitely related! You can't see Music. There is clearly a poppier in the way. Hopefully it doesn't become a problem making another wet spot on the mine site. Didn'T tyler work there getting a little bit of a wind out here today, it's good, taking away some of our uh taking away some of the heat hold. My beer watch this. Oh, i i need you to hold that for me. I don't normally hold people's beer he's going to bring the loader down here. Oh, stop. Stop stop! Stop! Stop i lost run. You lost, drive, yeah! Oh, what did you do? Oh great, he broke it.

Yeah it's, like the pinion, came off. It sounds like it's out of gear holy. What were you driving like that for anyway, hey listen? I wanted to show you that authentic experience, i wanted to feel that authentic experience that's, why i said, hold my beer for what to crash a vehicle well, that's what i paid for wasn't it. What you see on tv and the internet is not what happens in real life. Well, it happens. You know not reality tv it's supposed to be you. Might you might lose your deposit on this it's supposed to be real isn't, it uh how many more scoops, how many scoops does it take to fill up the rock truck? Well, i can't count with these glasses on. I see two all the time. What i see something shining from here, you're, pointing at the ground that doesn't help me – is it shaking Applause that's, not real. You obviously placed that there that looks pretty real to me now pick. It up looks like a gram nugget, wow yep, oh yeah, nice man let's, see that that's a beauty piece yeah it is. It must have gone through the trommel straight up out the shaker yeah washed up man very good, good eye. Okay, so find a gold pan and go stick it in the gold pan. Please will do. Thank you, sir guard, that with your life, if anyone tries to rob you, you have to be willing to die for it.

I will i'm literally watching i'm. Literally. Give me the gold to settle down you guys to settle down hey there's enough there's enough of them. Hey come on. Hey there, hey, hey, quit, trying to hug him, get you get inside get inside that's right! You can't have any of the gold. The gold is mine. You know that the gold is in the experience. Okay, so make sure it's secure. I knew you might have run into some trouble there. This is a reality. Tv show it is uh live action role play at its finest um. So i want you to uh. We'Re gon na have to use a scale cable, as you see this year, uh since other people hadn't been paying their bill. I had to invest in string, but it's. Very strong, it's great got great tensile strength, it's about three millimeters thick, and you know that should work so let's hook up uh the dozer to the loader and drag that big bitch out let's get her done: yeah foreman, jim kev, whoa. Okay, if you guys missed the last uh episode, that's, okay, i'm – not going to hold it against you, but you would have missed out on how to tie a badass knot. One of the most invincible knots, even though we're using a very small cable uh. Thankfully it's just a string and we can tie it into stronger knots. Okay, so this is just a normal slip. Knot on the end, nothing special we'll just run this through the hook right here.

Ah there you go normally i'd. Let the guys do the rigging, but this is pretty uh pretty expensive, stuff let's get you to back up and go move your move, your dozer over a little bit there i'm, just keeping some uh watch the cable it might or cut your arm careful, lower. The bucket keep going digging yourself out: yeah that's, okay, keep going good job, jim kevin he's, almost up yeah start going off to the side. Just pull him drag him over. He can turn yeah there. It is okay, we're, good good job. Was that authentic enough? For you, i think so you know what i think it would have been more realistic if we would have had one of these things. Snap right, yeah next time, i'll we'll, try to improve we're going to give you a little question here at the end: we'll email it to you. If you give us your email address, then that way it only takes about two hours it's about 250 questions. To ask and really dive in depth to you know what we can place you with next time, what you liked, what you disliked, what you could like what you somewhat liked, what you partially disliked and what you could like in the future is this something you'd be Willing to participate in it took a little less time to do great. Well, you can do it as quickly as you want it's totally up to you to customize.

Your experience. Awesome youtube gold! You two gold, baby, youtube gold, baby! Okay! Well, oh look at all this. What is this that looks like hydraulic fluid dude? Did you read in the contract that you're responsible for all repairs done to the machines? I guess so. I guess i'm not coming back next week. I can't afford that that's that's. That sounds like a y p, sir. Not an mp all right, so we could see that michael popped a track here there. It is, except it gets really tight as soon as we get to get it on yeah yeah and then, as it goes yeah there, it is there it is. We got it. We got it damn near lost a finger, but we got it better finger than mine that's, the old saying it goes trying to work. Oh, the back of the machine just made contact that's. Why the weight's back there, oh you're, struggling yeah, oh you're, going to come out of your track again. If you're not careful, go forward go forward there. Oh, you came out of the track you're out totally out yeah dude that's. Okay, see if you can just like put track yourself back right up on there like push with your bucket right here and then just climb yourself out, oh because you're on a slant, all the hydraulic fluids on one side there you go insane. I wonder if you'll have enough yeah, you can do this. You got this yeah there.

It is up back yeah. He knows. Look at that beautiful now we can work on getting that track back on yeah the idler wheel is doing its job, though protecting that track. Good job, i know there's some large scale, heavy duty, mechanics right now watching concerned for our fingers. Wishing that their job was this easy, yep good job. We should almost tension that up a little bit more, the big johnson working its way back unplug it. We got a jammed conveyor, that's, okay, we'll, take care of it. We'Re shutting down anyway, shut her down Music. Well you're, the foreman you get to go down and shut all the switches off Music. Perfect. Some big rocks up here. Grizzly bear stopped him from going in everything's, nice and washed, though hello, sir hello, let's, see, i see lots of gravel in there yeah that's, okay here this is the new garrett, the pro pointer at point it uh into the tailings, so we don't no longer have To wash all the tailings it'll just tell you right away if there's any metal in there or not whoa there's some metal in there that's a good trying to news there's some, oh nice. This is going to make it way easier. Oh, what must not be working right, yeah give the boss that look at that that's a nice one. I wonder how many of these we've lost before. Are you still signaling? Oh, you are nice there.

It is Music. Look at that joe's gon na be jealous. Those are as big as joe's, too yeah nice joe lost his tooth yeah yeah yeah. I don't get any more pings that's a handy dandy tool yeah, it is do it again. Nice yeah, okay, boys, let's, get ready to wash up. Kev go put that with the other nugget you found clean up. Is there something there? Oh look at that line furthest down? Oh my god, that is nice! Oh man look at this there there, oh, my god! There there there there right there right here, it's gon na, be a good cleanup. I think dude Laughter, okay, let's get washing. I guess, let me see it mate. Don'T say that the last time that happened, we had a huge storm here. What are you doing? Seeing anything nothing in the large but there's a piece right there. I do see that there's awesome pieces in the frame. Do we bother with the wheel or bother with the table today or we just go straight to the wheel? I think we should do the table. You want to do the table. Yeah who's voting table table table okay tables, okay, so who's doing what i'm sending the dirt you're sending the dirt yep. Okay, then, who is going to be the one that is catching you're, pitching who's catching michael gross? I trust she's flowing nicely now good job, michael, that gold just keeps coming nice.

That looks crazy, holy cow dude. Do you ever notice on gold rush? They never show the cleanup process right here. I would love to see. Look at all, oh my god. All of that is gold coming from the bowl from the bowl nice, look at all that michael, the sound of it stuck to the stream dude wow that's, all gold that's. What we like to see – wow, oh you're, holding it in a way that crazy look at here, made its way fairly down the table there fairly far down it got rinsed off, though yeah. Oh, we got too much flow coming. There we'll push the piece off down the side. We are good, good job yeah here here here, very nice, okay. This was all in the bottom of the pants. What was this from? This is just the catch pan from underneath, where we're doing the other pans the springs. There were some nice chunks in there right there, not bad for a short crew. Today, dude nice, yeah it's starting right here right here. Oh wow good job, michael that gold just keeps coming nice that looks crazy, holy cow dude. Do you ever notice on gold rush? They never show the cleanup process right here. I would love to see. Look at all. Oh my god. All of that is gold. Coming from the ball from the bowl, nice, look at all that michael wow that's, all gold that's. What we like to see – wow, oh you're, holding it in a way that crazy look at here, made its way fairly down the table there fairly far down.

It got rinsed off, though good job. Sir positive Applause, nerds rule the world. Man beautiful turn on the wheel. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go there, it is Music dude. The gold is looking good today and we had decent weather for youtube gold and me, oh man. What is that nice that's the pickerel out of the taylor clunk? So this is an automatic panning wheel. This separates all the gold, all the heavies from the lighter materials that washes it away into the bucket below they wish they had one of these 200 years ago, nice and clean Applause slowly, washing that black sand away. There is a beautiful piece: yeah there's, another one, beautiful look at them: yeah they are huge, wow, yeah, there's more in there yeah yeah. We will do the final wash with the giant bucket into the small wheel. Steve. If you will. Please connect the wheel right here with the battery. I got it now perfect. It'S, like old time, steve the wheel of gold original gold gold gold hold on hold yours hold your chance. You got to adjust the wheel, look at that look at all of it. Oh, my god, yes, you can just do this all day long. I wish i could see gold all day long guys. I would have this crew filled all week long, but then we'd be out like there's. Only so much area we can mine.

True that's, true yeah, with that big one going up, i know it's incredible that's, a perfect setting on there. No black sands creeping at all. I see the big ones yeah they're churning in the bottom we're still getting gold climbed, steve it's, still coming up time to weigh the gold boys time to weigh the gold boys dude. Look at the color of the water that's crazy here's put out your hands. You can wash with the golden shower there. You go yeah you're, welcome boys say you didn't get your golden shower experience. Tell everyone you got a golden shower at rc sparks. Will ya ready boys? This is a big day i'm shaking a little bit. Three two one. Go nice that looks freaking awesome dude! You look, didn't pay your bill. Don'T know what you're missing they could have been staring at. My goal too, like just like you guys, are right now. I think this is amazing that you've all come down here. You know just a few moments in the sun gentlemen, heck yeah let's take in get her weight up natural drive, yeah natural drying – that is a decent amount. Kevin yeah let's see on really curious what this dug its way: tour. Okay, let's get this out. You want to see what the nuggets weigh yeah yeah one at a time, it's on grams right now, kev foreman dude pick the biggest one plopper in there, 2.4 grams. Yes, you did good eyes loose you've, been in the industry a long time, bro go ahead, i'm.

Guessing 3.9 nice one yeah one and a half decent 5.4 in nuggies. Look at that 6.2 kev nice job man, 6.6, now we're getting into the smoke that's all small that's, okay, let's! Do it! There we go okay, michael you're, gon na come in beside start counting off what you can see here. Eight three, nine, two Music, 16.4 dude, 16.4 yeah. You guys are way more. I still see a little powder man. I won't make a point difference though dude 16.4 16.5 dude, i don't care. If people like your methods or not, that was a great job for me. We got it done. Boys 16.5, shall we add up all the gold we've done on youtube gold. So far, heck yeah well mike come on buddy. 16. 18. 19.. We want to see over 62. there's kevin, unbelievable your audition today, dude pushed us over two ounces. Congratulations and, of course thank you to sluice fox steve for showing up and paying his bill today. Yeah feels good if we weren't, obviously if we weren't able to collect people the money that we couldn't stay in business, two ounces right, that's, good gold, but how many weekends have we done this now so many? This is episode 10 right, 10 weeks, but i'll tell you what it looks like we're on the right path. At least that is a ton of gold boys. Hats together on three youtube gold.