It is going to be up to 30 miles an hour wind gusts, no one's going to be able to hear anything youtube gold yeah. We got the army here, everybody. It is going to be very challenging today to get out to get that gold lyle. Would you agree a little bit we're going to get it blue hat in the back? Do you agree it's going to be challenging today? You know what i found out we're going to. I was able to get the county to extend our water license one extra week, because i put my back out last week and then i find out you're not coming for the last episode jiv. How are you where to another to another city, what you're leaving this is the last time we see you so that that totally up my plans for the last episode, so how about that he's, selfish, he's, selfish wouldn't, you say a little matt, i don't know i Drove eight hours in the middle of the night i'm, not even listening to you, everybody you ready to get going. Yeah let's get outside one. Two: three, you do: gold, yeah, hey, hey, hey, bring everybody back in okay, so taking your health into consideration. I know a lot of you guys are older and sensitive to wind now, so please call come on up collect your uh collect your earplugs, please one at a time. You can start right here. I got one for each: u no open it up.

Just take one put it back down on the package: jeb jiff come on over here, one yeah come on. Everyone gets one one ear plug that way. You'Re gon na you're gon na complain that you didn't get to hear anybody, so you only get one. So just stand in the direction that the wind is blowing with that you're plugged and you should be fine. I can't get one in my right ear anyway, what's wrong with you. My arm doesn't reach that high come back here. What i buggered up my shoulder man, how did you bugger up your shoulder? Oh you don't want to know. Has he been working with you rookie section what's wrong with steve? Why yeah? We are totally conscious of everybody's health here. Can you hear me in the other ear yeah what's that so i want you to get a tape measure and since your shoulder is bothering you today just make sure that everybody is six feet apart at all times, oh cool yeah so put on your mask and Make sure all right wearing no mask why i'll just have my tape out to 12 feet, i'll measure i like that idea, that's, a better idea. Bob has been out here weathering the storm the whole time the wind is just starting to blow now. Did you get the tape already? I did six feet apart. I see people breaching it already. I'M, not gon na be able to do the 12 foot thing.

This thing breaks it like eight feet. Okay, our electrical board is looking a little worse for wear in the storm rookie. Are you good with how this board is flopping around totally? Can you hear me yeah it's, fine, almost that's good, let's fire. It up. Nice here comes water, going welcome to youtube gold. If you've never seen this show before, where the have you been, we got power to sluice one power to sluice two little red in the trommel round and round. She goes: we've got water and the shaker plant right here, sluice box number three over to the two conveyors over to the gold fox omni fox, into sluice box number four and the final sluice box number five. The youtube gold mascot tree has grown in the pond check this out. This is one of the protected trees. We have here that's why we haven't been able to dig it out that thing's going to grow massive. We only have two more days to mine. This whole place before we lose our water license, and this all comes to an end, that's why we got almost all hands on deck. That could be here in a healthy way, shout out to those that can't be here today, who want to be here or for folks that are watching at home type in right now, in that comment, section youtube gold in support of these boys coming out. How are you doing? Are they all six feet apart, yeah so far, so good excellent, the generator is trying to run away.

We might want to put it up on a block, so it doesn't roll away, hey sluice. How long have we been uh pushing youtube gold? Now digging youtube goals: three years 50, some episodes. How many times have we been on scene where our bodies are hurting in the show? Oh, almost every day you do goldberry michael getting right to work. Look at this wearing matching shorts today, with his excavator. Very bold move on the mine side here: Music, so Music, so rookie trying his hand at running the giant komatsu. We need bigger scoops than that pookie. We need big scoops. We don't have the time for small scoops anymore, yeah yeah. I got an ear plugging this here, yelling this here, that's, why i was on that side. There the season is coming to a close, even weather wise we've got to get as big as scoops as possible. It'S like winter it does. How did we go from a beautiful summer two weeks ago, to this mother? Nature just seems to be a very unfunny answer. Lyle. Thank you for joining us today, how's it going. How are you doing good, sleuth where's, the tape measure we got an infraction here? No, they just moved, make sure they're within six feet. I think lyle's been breaching everything here: hey you're you're closer than no. You were way too close, you're way too. Oh, my god, Music. Thank you! Music. The wind is literally blowing my arms around with the camera.

I got no steer, got no swing, no swing, no swing looks like you got a battery issue. It just died on you. The swing then got to bring it out and have a look at it on the table. Just watch when you pick it up not to bend the side aluminum on the side. The running boards and the the drivers already do a bad enough job, good lifting sir. This excavator literally weighs 80 pounds. Can you feel the 80 pounds? I can feel the 80 pounds, so we got a half half a dump truck full one scoop yeah. This is like our normal typical load. Anyway, though you feed that conveyor as much as you can michael. It makes all the difference as possible. Today, okay pookie, you got lots of aggregate up here. Yeah, can you come give it a shake, shake shake more than two shakes and then you're playing with it round and round that trommel goes sorting out everything hoping for some big gold today, moving lots of dirt it's a messy process, but someone's got to do it. Yeah all that aggregate eh it's, almost like we need more pump there. We go there. We'Re missing, yeah don't want too much because it'll splash up on the conveyor and then make the dirt stick to it perfect now, it's getting it. We need as much gold to come in as possible, wind being very challenging blowing some of it away, but some is better than none.

Oh man, you need fluid yeah. I see you got a leaking ram on the front. I see it. Okay, then shut her down for a minute and we'll get you some hydros, wow, that's, crazy, Music come on up and and start doing pay with it shut it down, shut it down, shut it down. Thank you, sir we're tracking, big time, all right, we're tracking it's, rubbing like crazy down here and it's like totally over here. So we need to straighten this out this one Music right now, he's adjusting the track tension on either on the conveyor tension on either side. Then that way, it stops the squeaking look at that good job, sir. Ah Music. Oh, we need more dirt than that man we're never going to make any money if that's all the dirt we're moving in the last two days. But i see if it was any heavier, it would make a huge obstacle over that stone. Everyone wants us to blast that stone out, but we got like fields of dry, hay everywhere and wheat yeah round and round that trommel goes separating all the dirt. That comes through the conveyor. We got him down here right now, collecting all the rocks far enough away, no problems there, just gon na go ahead and round and round. We only have two days: man we got ta get all this out. I don't care as much about the road as we do about the gold coming out of the ground.

Beer break stuck checking out. Bob'S selection he's got a good selection today, good, oh there's, a good one. Will you do me a favor and hand out the beers? Then, since you and bob are so so friendly these days, oh, who gets the belgian white six feet apart, gentlemen, i don't know if i can spread my wild. You have a creative place for your brew, so Applause, nice driving, good job boys, teamwork, yeah, good job boys, youtube balls yeah. We want to make it memorable boys, Music, you, okay, what's, up, trax locks. We got something going on something's in uh. Can you back up? No hey, i wonder if you've had a motor go out, we've seen it before yeah we're, just gon na have to lift it and you're gon na have to investigate okay, shutter downs lunchtime, Music, lunch time. Okay, everybody uh staggered six feet apart, sluice make sure you're six feet apart now everybody has been saying that you're hard hats man, you got to be careful good point. Good, you pointed it out. I mean life is like out of nowhere. You'Ve, never seen it firsthand. You you never experienced it right, you never know when you're a lipo is heading straight your way, so we know it was your birthday and people have been complaining about lunch, so we got a little special lunch for it. Bring it hey. My lovely life jam. Welcome bring it on in here, but i want you to know that jib completely up your cake and he was supposed to come on the last episode, but he didn't so it's no longer a birthday cake.

What is it jim pull up? The lid please i'd, love to now that you can see it there. You go come on in here guys jiff. Here you go uh everybody clap. It was gon na be happy birthday, but instead it's uh happy going away. Jib! Thank you. So you guys can all complain today about lunch, but what did they say away in the victorian times? Let them eat cake? Oh you're welcome, i can't believe everybody's not up to date on their current history. It comes with rings too. These are rings nice, one. Each. There you go well hold on. We don't you're six feet away six feet apart. There you go perfect. Thank you, let's, throw it at ghibli, just yeah there you go you're! Welcome there, you go well this. Do you know how much this cake costs you can't just get a custom cake like this out in the middle of nowhere for free? Well, the mrs didn't make it. Of course she did look how beautiful it is right, that's, all that's, right! Okay, thank you back to the kitchen get out of here. Oh what everybody's complaining they're upset when i said go back to the kitchen, but where else am i gon na get my lunch exactly? Thank you. My love you're welcome my sweetie we're all going to miss you jiv a little bit lyle's a little bit less. He doesn't really care as much a little bit. I might miss your the skin too low penalty during loading kings, yeah rookie.

It turns out that the true loading king is leaving. You might have a shot this year, all right right on good here that one's from my kid get out of here, you guys all full cake. You ready to go back to work. One two: three youtube gold. Why do i say one two three first let's fire it up away. We go let's make a final push here for the day, volvo makes it out of the funnel mine, just gotten, bigger and bigger new one. Trying to back his way in. Everyone was saying that we needed to blast that rock out, but if we did, we would have had a hole trying to fill it in and that angle would have not been easy or as funny and risky. Okay, a non working beer break pookie you're, always on beer, break good job youtube. Gold is what we do. It'S required. I got ta keep up, i got ta make up for joe. I know i wished him good health told him. You know good luck, but uh. If you can't be here, you make up for him exactly yeah good job. How do you drink twice as much? We need twice as much beer consumed. I see it aaron's, giving him a little show there. Thank you. There, blue hat yep, a lot of people. Don'T know because i'm editing, but how is the wind outside hard hat on gentlemen, always always be on guard right? You never know what's going to come out of the air right.

Look at lipo battery to the head. You didn't know that was coming. You can really tell the sense of fall is in the air already aaron hey. If you're going to be putting fluid into the big johnson, you got to be wearing the goggles bro don't worry, they were wiped off after the last movie, all right and even past. Like you might as well just wear them because the dust is floating around out here, like crazy safety, 19th brother matt, good idea, i'm gon na send a truck down to you, so you can take all the tailings off the shaker and run him through the other Plant take him up to rookie there and he can dump it on the conveyor. Okay, thank you. So all these tailings that get washed and bounced out we're gon na have it go through the other one as well, just to make sure we got it all. We can, after you're done with this load, go over to matt, so you can put the tailings in the back off the shaker plant, yeah we're, going to take all the tailings and put them through the green plants lyle times, two okay. So what you're seeing right here is all the dirt comes up off the conveyor into the hopper. Then the hopper gets all that stuff washed around with the pressure of the washer into this round. Trommel that's, spinning, uh and and sorting all the aggregate, all the stuff that's allowed through the the trommel holes comes down into the nugget trap.

All the super heavy stuff gets stuck there and then everything else gets washed all the way down these mats, the sand. All the heavy, oh all the light stuff gets washed away, and only the heavies stay in the mats that's. How we capture the gold uh people are going to start thinking. We know what we're doing around here. If we keep being this efficient, i thought when we started efficiency was also way down on the priority list. I don't think it even makes a list michael's getting low on pay. Those trucks keep moving, though more and more round and round they go the tens of thousands of milliamp hours we go through every single episode of youtube gold is crazy to think what's wrong with it sluice sure. Yet i said one of the tracks keeps stopping yeah. Well, other individual motors with the transmission right locked into it. Is it working or no it's, weird that it just kind of shorts out hey yeah, that's good i'm, glad such a cool machine eh? Can you imagine everything we've done with these machines over over all these episodes and they're still going strong? They are they're, pretty reliable, yes, the switchbox being absolutely fantastic. If you've never seen this before welcome hold on, i got ta light my never mind just hold on. I know what the whole thing is. I got to use power for the lighter. Has anybody else got a lighter, never mind.

I got it Music, you bringing in that pay Music. These guys still prevailing through the wind trying to get as much moved as possible. Music. Music, beautiful all the power being distributed on the block, not the safest thing we've ever done, but it is much more effective than before. Applause Applause, Applause, what's, going on again running backwards. Oh yeah she's traced over quite a bit too she's tracked over it's rubbing on the side. Oh that's way too much there's something going on be a rock in that there stick every once in a while. It gets to a rough spot. Okay, shall i bend it forward like get it away from the roller? I did that Music, Music, okay, hold the camera we're overflowing because there's too much vegetation in the trap now it's going back down. This is how we get all that water to go back down to the recycling pond down in this little uh down to the settling pond. This is where all the tailings go. Then. We can always dig this out as we go, but you can see the water is going into. The spout goes right down to the bottom, so we've always been pushing the dirt in they've, been digging down for a long time, but the system that pookie and jiv, both of them working on this loader, even lyle, getting a chance. They seem to be maximizing everything. Good job boys get some more paint, yeah more pay, one more bucket and then we're gon na shut her down.

Okay, literally six feet away with a zoom lens yeah yeah hold on hold on. You got a boom problem right there. That screw is about to fall out. Yeah we're gon na have to fix that look at right here. Man yeah right there, so we just need to tighten this up. I noticed it was kind of flip flopping back and forth. Hey look at that! So we've lost the hole completely so we've got to line that up and get that in there. Okay, you know what uh that's a bad bad position. It'S almost like you need to to dump the load. Can you go forward? Okay, no that's! Okay, stop! Stop! Okay! That'S, okay number one let's get it it doesn't matter. Let'S just put the mirrors in first number, two don't move. You want to back it up: who's driving back up big johnson. There we're going to try to tip him back right over onto his wheels. Oh, you just lose your track. Okay swing around and both tracks are off on johnson. Okay, both tracks are off. Okay, if that ain't a sign to shut her down. I don't know what it is very smoothly. Okay, somebody that's rock truck here, you got controller. Thank you, lyle, wow, camera, it's, okay, yeah, i don't know lyle. Could you please uh hold that there? Thank you, sir, with all the tracks off, i don't know. If i can do much better, if any man can be the boss, man such a bad position to be in tyler, yes go forward i'm, not driving back up that's jiff, yeah, that's, fine Applause yeah! I can't do anything.

I'Ve fallen right in this isn't that that's some kind of penalty there. Speaking of penalty, this segment of youtube gold is brought to you by loading kings. One of the previous shows we've done and thoroughly enjoyed doing for you. You do goals, oh dang, it i'm. Sorry matt, we need your help. Bro, you need the sight it's. Always the blue hat, lift it right out of there, take it over to the table with both oh that's, a sad looking, a broken track, a broken track: okay, let's, just lift it out of here. Shut it down, shut it down what the hell happened. Man i missed that yeah. Well, people were getting closer than six feet away and all hell broke loose god, damn it jim did. You have a good final dig, sir yeah, just that damn rock you know but yeah well, if i wanted to take it out before, but we didn't have enough grunt power and, of course, filling it back in. We was going to make a soft spot in the road it didn't make sense. We didn't have enough compression it's, not like. We have a road grader around here. How easy is it to find a road grader in the hobby world to purchase? You cannot find it it's like looking for a backhoe, yeah it's a custom, build for sure. Did you uh i'm six feet away? Is this see? Is it back up a little back up back there there there we go now.

Did you have a good time today? Heck yeah yeah that's the way it goes brother, good job, you're inspecting. What do you see? Some colors in there good bad ugly, looks pretty good nice. We got some gold in here wouldn't that be all too convenient. I don't think it's a 20 gram day, but it does pretty good. It doesn't. Look that heavy there's a little puddle in the corner, that's about it in the cross, puddle right there, yeah, okay, be extra careful with them. Please, michael is going to un unhook the radial box. I have we convert it into a power box. I like how we finally got all the electrical figured out like basically almost as we're shutting down it's. Perfect. Gentlemen. Gentlemen, what do you see on the big johnson, sir what's wrong? I think there's some tracks missing. I will tighten that up and then i'll show you this did we just lose a pin that's, not too bad, okay, so we'll blow this off and uh. That way, we don't get any of that dirt in there easier to clean it easier to work on it. Yeah. Oh man, look at this, have a closer look there and there there's no mistaking gold. When you see it, look at this piece right. There boys good work today. This was in the larger side. Yeah look at there's an e clip right there, another one right there. That must be what that must be off of the big johnson track hilarious, so it would have popped off, probably when he slid in there and then he would have dug it out himself what's that built up here again we have more gold that built up here.

It pooled yeah because it's not on a big enough angle when it's not on a big enough angle. We'Ll have the gold pool right here. So now it is like it's. If we were up like here and then we just rinsed it, it would go in there. A little bit more yeah, i see it that should be going down into the miners mosque. Oh nice, good call, okay, nicely rinsed out needed a wash anyway pookie. They have seen us use a normal gold bowl or gold tray forever right, yeah yeah. Why don't? We just since these sluice mats are two so small. Why don't we just dump the sluice mats right on the top of the table. This table should be able to take that kind of that kind of keep your eye open. There, lyle, i see gold floating, look at it, yeah there's the big gold right there, yeah it's a lot of shine off the light lyle, like pro good job, good job. This is a terrible idea. Oh backwards right yeah i got ta, try it really yeah! Well, look at how much gold is in here, there's, no way you're going to catch that in the amount of time that you have to get it there's just no way what's the worst. That could happen we're going to lose it all, and i have to process all the we did before so i'm. Not doing that. My idea didn't work, didn't idea, didn't work.

Applause, Music, it's made many men crazy. They look closer than six feet apart yeah. Can you get them to the table again? Okay, jiff. I got a new invention for putting the gold in on the table, but a speedier way that looks like a terrible idea. Where is he jeff? I did the joke. He wasn't here that's, not even funny. Now it looks like a terrible idea. Anyway, i was thinking we could just flick it in onto the table. I can see a spread of it going everywhere. Jeff present for you, buddy power loader. Here you go Laughter: okay, fire up the table boys power on now, we're on healthy scoops. I love it very nice. This table does such a good job of separating it. Oh yeah come on boys. What are you all sleeping today, beer break shut off the table. We got ta have a beer there that's the right spirit. Thank you. There'S been far not enough beer on here. Thank you. You should never stop the table in mid gold collection, but this one. This is important, a guy that knows how to hang out look at all this gold over here dude. It took us so long to dial this table in and a nice trail of gold. Look at all that hard work, boys, that's, crazy amounts, people just don't – believe it on youtube right. If they would only watch all of season one, they would know exactly how much effort we put into this show right.

It'S been a lot of work man, but you know a ton of fun three years man, i can't believe we've gone on that long with youtube gold, it's, a hell of a gold trail, yes from here you've asked me three years ago. If we'd be doing this today right three years ago, right, i remember our whole first season was how much 11 grams that's right yeah. We were digging in the wrong spot to think it was only 15 feet to the left of that airplane. Earlier right, then, i would have known season one episode 14. I headed up in an airplane to do some prospecting over the alberta prairies only golden eye, that's right the title of it youtube gold. You do cool love that jibs final episode with us. I love seeing that we actually got gold from what i was looking at it. It didn't look like there was gold in the in the sluice boxes really at all, but it's starting it's. Starting to let you know, it's starting to look pretty good, looks like you're watching for stars there, lyle picking stars out of the sky. I got the tear in my armpit to support my fat ass dude, just twinkling unbelievable. I hope everybody comments right now: youtube gold in support of all the effort these boys have put in throughout the years, it's awesome, yeah, freaking meteor, exactly it's raining down. My thumb is freezing dude it's like a true golden shower it's beautiful.

What jib? I think it is only appropriate that you lead the group in a great gold chant. Can you do that, so we get maximum gold who's got the gold one shovel screw full. You put it in here one after another, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, go go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go yeah, we're! Getting that out. Already look at that where's, the bucket there's, no bucket that's, weird cause. I put it in there round and round. This is an automatic gold panning wheel. This is separating all of the light stuff from the heavy material, allowing all the heavy material to go straight up and be caught in a bucket on the back. Quite a bit of black sand back there right now: that's, okay! This is a recirculating system. Basically, pumps it up from the bucket down there up to the nozzle, washes it all down into the bucket and then, of course, when all the aggregate is on the bottom, it collects and the water overflows back into there good job, sir. I didn't see any big clunkers today, no, no big nuggets that is truly sad, dang it's, all right, beautiful, that's, that's, steep eh re watch, sir three, two one: oh look! How pretty that looks? Dude, that is, youtube gold, if i have ever seen it at its finest yeah, like literally fine gold, that's, beautiful wow, yeah yeah. So now we just had the the wheel set to a little bit of a different setting, keeping all that black stand down.

But you can also see all the flakes in the bottom. There, too, fighting their way to get up so i'll adjust it a little bit more because the black sand isn't climbing as high yeah, is it going back yeah? No. This is the right way. Okay, boys it's a big moment. We worked up to this yeah three two one bring the gold. Oh, oh nice. It looks better. Actually, it looks a little worse than i thought to be honest: okay, but that's still freaking beautiful. Look at that that's. A lot of black sand in there let's get the let's get the magnetite out of here. It does look like a some sort of yeah crocodile print, so pookie's, using a magnet here, picking up all the black sand. Oh there's, a few nice little pieces in there. Look at this one that's, not bad yeah, that's, not bad. It gets pretty big. I noticed the pieces have been getting smaller, though yeah we might be getting to the bottom of that vein. Okay, here we go boys. Could we please get someone to shout out for the camera what the goal is going to be over my camera over my shoulder sure, engram, sir one, two, two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight, nine ten, eleven seven one Applause, dude 13., good job, good! You win yourself: a beer go to the fridge and help yourself. Anybody else needs one grab one through tyler. He just won the prize.

Happy birthday, happy birthday, all right boys. That means 13 grams. Oh 12.9, season total! Oh, shall we look at this dude? Oh dude, here it is 33.5 with today's right there, 33.5 and forty fifty sixty seventy eighty. Ninety one hundred grams ten, oh there's, another big chunk, look at that big chunk here: damn doom 120, 30, 100, 40, 150, 160. 100. 700. 180. 100. 195 45 yeah boys that's huge dudes, unbelievable 6.29 ounces of gold yeah we all drink to that hey good job, good job. I appreciate that, sir, all the hard work look at that jeff, oh crap, right, feel that feel how heavy that is. You'Re, a part of digging that out man yep. I appreciate you paying your bill before you left there's, no way we could do this without that. This equipment is, very, you, know, expensive right, oh yeah, especially when you blow two tracks off of one machine and one dude, yeah maintenance and repairs maintenance. Your field is for your offseason. Maintenance is good. Here we go wow six and a half six uh 0.3 don't drop, it don't drop it that feels pretty good. That'S, crazy, hey Laughter, all righty boys. We did good. So far we got one last episode, we're going to be jib short. Unfortunately, everybody put your hats in together.