It never does get old. Does it no well Bob it's? Finally, all coming together, the boys are back in town they're, working to get the gold from the ground into the sluice boxes and even got some filtered water going on nice. Filtered water that'll keep all the debris out of the pond extra safe Joe. I, like that generator on Music here comes the water mom's. Looking good got a move to move to shaker a little bit here like that that's, why we do it in smaller scale, it's a lot easier to move around objects like shakers and the water pumps, that's good flow, hey. I love that. So if you guys didn't see the last episode, we've upgraded the battery and each one of these sluice boxes has a two thousand gallon per hour pump, Joe taking on Lyle's Footwear. I see that now they're, brothers and sandals yeah. Are you going to start wearing sandals? Next week, just the hikers case loose get on the dozer we've got lots of natural settling going on where the new retaining wall is. If you can start pushing dirt down from here and just start filling in along this side, careful not to get the dozer stuck good luck, yeah sluice crab before bruised. For you start it, you start it. The same way looks loose is bringing out the beers. I asked I'll bring them over here. Bro bring them over here. Only the best brew homes, man, yeah and red truck at Olympia.

Here, help me out here for a second, I know money, you're, not helping me very much lying to line it up. Will ya. Oh I'm, sakes, you got it all fuzzy now or abuse. I got the back one. Oh, we didn't take the cord and put it on top. Okay I'll hold this, and then you take out one side of the beer and we got to move the cable barrier. Eariy, oh, there now put the cable on top that way. When you're filling in the dirt, you can just go under there with the dozer see problem solved, skinny your nose or well. We that's not that's, just being silly, so these guys are in the back area. Where we've decided to open it up for a bigger mine pit from the drilling samples I did over here, hey you guys aren't 16 feet apart, Lyle's been operating excavators for several years now and to have him working in the back pit just to start clearing. Some of this overburden out of the way is, is truly a privilege. Thank you for bringing all your skills on the excavator here for helping us out. No problem. Man happy to be here seems more efficient. Now, if the safety inspector from the government is watching, you will see that we have pylons all the way around. This sign says that there is a dangerous curve, unfortunately it's a little bit buried it's, acting as a support wall, hey hey good 16 feet pylons everywhere.

Everything'S bright orange, just power, sixty three pounds of hydraulic metal, pushing that dirt right now to brushed motors on either side: Music, Music. Looking good over here, what's going on Joe, you got a lot to go buddy. Are you using the loader or are you just supervising? I was your fourth take this load and get rid of it, you're forming so I'm kind of on both machines. Here, Music seriously, these Steve says we're supposed to get high. I don't know it's hard to hear anybody around here. Alright say knock the deer over you invite them back right and that's what the one of the first things that happens, yeah down that! Well, you know he knocked he knocked over the first well it's better now, ah come on the whole point of doing this is to protect the cable, no withstanding fine dude your first day back, loose, finally figuring it out here. Oh, are you kidding me? Oh man down man down, thank god, you're here dude. I have a new job for you here. You go dust control, go start spraying down the road that's. What you get for, bringing up the beer dust control, the whole yard no dust around here is supposed to be windy, lower how many were damaged every the one, but the rest are all choking up now. Did my beard, we're gon na, have to write this up shut it down, shut it down, control, loose thought. It would be a good idea to do something unsafe, even though I told them to do it.

Just now find one safety infraction ticket I'm supposed to be doing this now after last season in the safety inspector I'm supposed to hand out safety tickets, okay, fire back up up. What are you doing? That'S mining water use the hose that's mining water. I did not need to know this. Okay now, unfortunately, we need to pull you off of what you were doing because sluice knocked over all the beers and we need those to be cleaned up, so no pay to run right now until we get that cleaned up. I feel like we're, never going to make any money around here. It doesn't make sense to knock over all the beers. I think stacking them up was it. I think the stacking them up was a great idea, but the knocking into them was a terrible idea. True, can you take over on dozer Duty right now, while he's doing this course? I can. Thank you. I, like your technique. The way you don't curl, the bucket out to scoop a large bucketful is groundbreaking. Oh, I get it Music. We need it at the top too. This is my first time you said you were an expert at excavators, one of those times where you lie on the resume, then you get the job and you're like. Oh now that you're done with the with the roads. Why don't you go and fill up the whole truck and bring some overburden down here for him to fill in the back for sure, yeah beer break first yeah sure you earned it there.

It is first load of pay from rookie. Now we can start feeding the machines we'll fire up the conveyors. This is the bonus. A lot of people ask us why we use these small radio controlled machines instead of the full size stuff, and you can see clearly that that sluice box is able to be all the way over there and really maneuver the entire mine site. And if we had larger equipment there's no way we could work this mine site. It would just be way too small back to get a second load, the operator standing by ready to get that truck filled up. He looks rather eager to do it Music there. It is first low to pay from rookie. Now we can start feeding the machines. Will fire up the conveyors Joel, making progress back and forth here trying to get everything filled in its going to settle for quite some time. I imagine we'll have to do this for a few different sessions, see you're all enjoying your gourmet lunch today. Nice yeah, but I'll tell you what the viewers got a hold of me ahead of time and told me that I needed to hand out a safety ticket. This that's an embarrassment to the mine site. This is for your sandals. Shame on you it's his fault. What does that say? That'S, fine, you can't read that what does that say by the end of the day, it's going to have ended up looking like one of these firing at the pump, I don't know why I'm firing it up.

Barely you see yeah. Are you ready to start loading he's ready to rock and roll those guys working diligently in the mine pit, first bucket so into the hopper through the Grizzly bars onto a short conveyor, and then up this conveyor here into the hopper looks like we need to move The hopper forward a little bit yeah it's, going straight through and falling straight through right here, shut that down. Watch your fingers. Bro let's, hear it. Oh that doesn't sound good Music. You know what just remove the hopper take the hopper out turn it here. We'Ll turn. It off, if there's a problem with the motor. What we'll do is. We will remove the hopper and we'll just load directly to the conveyor and let the Grizzly bars on little red screen everything out, but we need a chain. So you can lift this right out of here, you're supposed to say your lines: oh that's, the signal to say your lines. This is a family show. Watch your fingers bro supposed to just take the Grizzly bars just the Grizzly bars just just the Grizzly bars, not the whole thing, you're being greedy, just the Grizzly bars buddy, oh, no, keep it going. I just don't want to we'll edit. This out, okay, obviously, we need to redo the chain. It was working beautiful if we had adequate change. Just okay, just lift just lift it out of here. Okay, get it done that to begin with, oh we're, good.

Okay, I'd expect more of a rookie yeah. What are you paying for it? Yeah? I got a small target: I'm gon na turn, my conveyor on. Please shirt, conveyor on hey going in Applause, Music, Music, Music round and round. It goes come on baby, so just making a kind of mandatory on these nice days that these guys take a longer path. It just seems safer on the road than offroad. With these trucks, Music, I feel like the safety inspector would be proud. Did you notice that now that the stores opened up that Bob actually got a haircut, hey, he's loyal, he shows up every day la Petite roads, man, he's gon na head back to the pit, now dude shut it down? What the hell is. This emergency shutdown watch out stop moving. Stop. We don't want anything to happen. You got it turn it on, looks like it got. Bunched up just got a little bit stuck there Steve's trying to keep it from coming down. Let the big stuff roll past that's a lot of pay for the plant to process at once. Allgor stopped great. We need to run it in reverse. Just switch this reverse the polarity. There see, then reverse it back. Don'T, stick your fingers in there. Okay turn it back on fire firing it up. Yeah. Looking good boys got ta watch those plants, yeah that's; okay, we got it just in time that was pretty late. The new guy on eBay, no walking on the roads vehicles only losing signal on the dozer on old Bessie yeah.

She shut down kind of weird the Ripper went down on its own and then charge the battery, no nothing great so we're down to one dozer. Then Kate will flip over to the other one we'll just put this out of the way nice big scoop Falls: buddy everyone's happy when we're getting gold he's starting to become like a ninja with that excavator bucket. In that small target beautiful, we just need to strip away all this top stuff to get down to that nice sandy rocky pay that we like right there. How is it digging it? Lyle awesome good dump truck after dump truck the pay is moving through the pant plan today: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, more pain, so one of the problems with running a mine site like this based on simply lithium polymer all around is that you constantly have to be Changing these batteries and they don't have any live lipo protection on them, so you got to be extra careful or you can kill them dead. This is one of the problems we have with this machine. You can see on yours on the conveyor back. There Fanning gets built up, it's filtering it nicely, though big day today, oh man, look we made some lots of progress. Tons of paper moved yeah, look at all the equipment – hmm crazy, so many batteries you still kicking, rocks down here, they're washing them rookies. Just clearing out those traps getting all the final pay rundown.

We always check in here to see if anything got washed down. Why we like these mats, I don't see anything shining, that's, a good thing and a bad thing. I wouldn't mind seeing some big gold – nothing, nothing not in the not in the not in the tailings at least time to shut her down. The wind is killing us out here. That is nice, it's gon na be better once we get it inside, though there's gold in here that's good, though I'm glad, but that plant wasn't being fed by nothing but tailings from this one that's correct, but we had so many Jam ups. There was no doubt that it was really yeah show me. Where show me all kinds right here: they're hard, not in the sunlight, not to see it yeah there, it is yeah, beautiful, okay, let's get him rinsed, Oh 16, feet apart boys. Yes down, it goes. I wonder how many people are still watching this YouTube gold right now make some noise in the comment section. You read the comments. Is this the last one beautiful boys some days it's just too windy to be out on the mine site? Are we ready to clean some gold yeah time to do the shake shake shake yeah? Okay, we've got the exes lined out, so you guys, or at least six feet apart 16 feet apart outside, though guys I was having a hard time maintaining that okay, this is going to be the cup.

Today you got to rinse it out. This is a harder to catch with Music Bingle, smaller container doctor awesome doctor. I see it way up there. I see three look at that. This is why they painted the table. Green yeah, there's, a nice little thing I'm, and I got him some big stuff here. Yeah it's a slow shake that's. Okay, though it's just filtering as long as it's getting it out there sound the smaller stuff, worked its way out right there, beautiful for having a late starting day, I'm surprised to see so much gold on the table already took us. A long time to start moving dirt in yep, so all the black sand and the gold, the heavier stuff staying higher up on the table, while the pebbles and the rest of the matter just get washed away. Shake shake shake boys very nice. I can't believe yeah yeah it's separating it very nicely this. This was a good purchase. Dude I'm still paying it off, but they have this excellent 245 month payment plan, excellent yeah yeah, so I don't have that much longer to go I'm a year into it. Now, oh, look at that. Get up look at all of it Wow great job. I knew digging in that back pit area was gon na be more beneficial this year, it's weird I'm, surprised more of the farmers are out here digging out the field you old Albert is known further fields of gold in the soil doesn't.

The texture here is just perfect for catching the gold Wow, all the fine okay, we got flow in the bucket buckets in buckets in jumping okay. So if you guys have not seen YouTube gold before great, where they go yeah, we didn't even do the gold chant. Yet, okay, that's, for you have your gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, no gold, Oh lots of goals. Did you say gold going up already? I want a peak in the bucket. Alright, oh nice, so this is like the concentration table. Does a really good job of getting everything down to like a small, small yeah exactly and then the wheel does a really good job of just picking the gold up and letting everything else fall away: okay, there's, the gold. This seems separated right. There that's huge nice. We haven't seen any riffle riders riders this year at all dude it's a lot of us after another you're chunking. I heard that are you out already who's, not that much that's is that Sean man that's shocking hahaha there. It is Lou those those are beautiful. Four! Twenty the magic number we're gon na go with 5.6. We didn't even get started moving the dirt care we're in a new hole. No five points there's some I'm gon na swish it around a bit in here and see if I can get any more. Oh, oh lots of blacks and I'm glad. Finally round and round she goes when she falls out looks like looks like your tooth.

There, crazy Joe. There goes not quite as big gonzo, okay, let's pause it and reprocess what we go out. So just you know how this goes: KJ he's, going to dump this back into the wheel, so any black sand that we did pick up we're going to be able to reclaim this yeah. That does look sweet all that in the bottom. Okay, then he'll put the bucket back after it's clean and then that way everything can be redone again. Yes, sir, what hopefully nothing there's the gold train, dude that's, amazing, Wow, yeah we're world wow. That is a nice piece that stuck awesome. Alberta, Gold, YouTube Gold. You cheating right now trying to figure out how much there is round and round. She goes let's see what you got three two. What, oh, I think we processes too you're a stick: Wow well, every we've seen sticks get through every process is not the case compared to what we were pulling in season one and to think it was only five feet away right. The whole time sluice. We were digging in the wrong spot that's. What they've always said. You could be a millionaire it's, just it is actually fourteen times well, not really, because if you multiplied it by fourteen that's that's pretty far. Yes, as you know, the haul roads, like I'm glad you're going the long way today, that's the right way, the safe way it may have cost more in milliamp hours, but is it worth it? Oh absolutely: okay, let's, try to rookie gets to turn on the heat gun.

Joe. Thank you for giving your hairdryer over to us to use today. Since we couldn't find it oh well. Now it can be officially official merch right there it's the gold dryer. I love it it's a great idea, somebody's gon na know, somebody's gon na have that out by next month, official gold dryer. We need YouTube gold gold hands, we need dryers, hard hats strike face, masks, face mask alright, I don't even think anyone's watching at this point. The video, probably alright, they usually tune out on the first few minutes. I really want to see the gold count yeah, you don't think it's 420 anymore. I said, wait long looking much better. Now, Applause they're all changing their votes. I know I originally said five more he's like a surgeon drying, the gold let's tear it up grams grams, not ounce of Scott ounces, whoo, conveniently he's blocking the screen for us. Oh, I see we can't see the gold count. That'S. Okay, I don't mind the mystery let's bounce it out because you got like meat cleavers for hands nice job. Oh 5.50, totally wrong! Oh dude! Well, you were the closest to congratulations, whoo, five grams. So in comparison to what we had from last week, four point: nine, the scales cheap, though ten point to ten point: two grams voice, yam we're off you kidding just for me to pay off the beer I'm gon na need like three ounces. Just for that end of the season we started late, you're right, that's, a good idea.

We should go back to work. Hats in on three boys: YouTube gold, one two three: I want to put it into a container that looks big don't attempt them to turn.