We shall be flying inside because of the cold weather, at least in some parts of the world. So the tiny whoop season is right around the corner. Now lets check my first ever flight impressions. With this thing all right. This is going to be my first impressions flight with this esc de 65. Lets see, how does this 2s tiny whoop drone handle the flying stuff lets see how it handles for some reason it interesting wow. This is some. I have never flown in this mode where it like keeps the horizon, but allows you to do flips, thats interesting. For some reason, the visuals are quite laggy, uh its all over the place. With these lines, you see those thick lines over the image, because i ran the crossfire cable through here through the upper part of this frame. It was too close to the camera and thats why it was giving this interference so dont do that dont be like me, a rookies mistake lets get back to flying. I have no idea why that is but its it is what it is. So this is the stable mode i got ta say this. Drone feels pretty good when flying its a 2s drone. You can handle some more acrobatic stuff, whoa whoa. That was very close, lets see if we can go through this tree here, uh yeah. This is where these little drones shine the most when you fly through very tiny gaps, especially in trees i enjoy flying in trees, yeah good, good, good, all right all right.

It was my first time in betaflight, actually configuring the drone, so its uh all good, but i was not able to find the air mode its probably there. I just i just couldnt find it because it was my first time doing it whoop a wire all right. So this is a lot of fun. Okay, the battery seems to be so. I have four batteries and it needs like two batteries like this stacked with this 3d printed thing right here. Okay, fill that horizon mode. All right lets lets be a little bit more aggressive in this flight. Whoa nice yeah im not really enjoying the lines that are that im seeing right now all over the screen. For some reason they are there. I have no idea why, though, lets not get caught up in the trees. That would be. That would be a little disaster. You got ta say its a lot of fun. This tiny drone wow it does have some power all right. Okay lets do some more of those three top shots. Okay, and here is our little disaster, its an amazing, tiny, drone, its quite very powerful for its size, and yesterday i had another flight and i had a lot of fun in this outdoor area. It was actually quite windy and this thing held up pretty well its just ton of fun to be flying it its uh, its a great drone for practicing its a great drone for flying indoors.

The only downside i see for this drone is the strength of this frame. So if you are planning on getting one, then i would definitely recommend getting uh one or two more frames for it because well, when it breaks, then you can replace it all in all the flying capabilities and just the feeling when flying was great, it controlled. Well, i also did not change any tuning in the beta flight. I just enabled all of the switches, so i can fly it. Controls really well. Also. One thing i really enjoy about this tiny whoop because ive seen some other tiny whoops dont have this possibility, but this one has. You can actually change the angle of the camera like that, so uh you can fly faster and you can fly slower, so thats a big bonus, in my opinion, at least in the box. It comes with four batteries: 250 million power, uh 1s batteries – and you use two to fly. Then it also comes with this kind of a charger. You can charge six batteries, you can charge it using a xt60 connector battery. You can plug it into a wall or charge it through usb a lot of options how to charge it. It also comes with the power brick thats placed in here, and it also has some spare propellers and some screws propeller removing tool. The range was good. I didnt have any like interruptions. It was always able to fly.

My visual was fine at all times. Could this be your next winter season drone its up to you? I sure did enjoy it and a huge thanks to banggood for providing me with this drone, and if you want to get your own link will be in the description, go check it out. You get it through there youre helping out my channel now its time. For me to get back to practicing indoor flying, because i can do some alright flying when theres a lot of space, but when im in a more confined space. I dont feel that much that comfortable with controlling the drone – and i have seen some crazy clips where, like people fly indoors in a very, very controlled manner, they are doing like trippy spins around the lamps and like crazy stuff, like that, and i want to learn How to control a drone like that? That would be amazing.