I've gotten thousands of concerns from customers about the new DJI Mavic 2 as well as in this clip I address the 10 most popular ones. I have a time code listed below to aid you miss to the area you want in situation you need a particular solution swiftly. I will certainly do a few follow-up clips with solution to questions that didn't make it into this initial clip as well as please feel free to post any type of you require answered in the remarks section. Many thanks for seeing!

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Time Codes:
03:33– Charger & Battery Questions
08:57– CrystalSky Monitor
12:09– Panning Camera
13:54– DJI Safety glasses
16:12– Apple Only?
17:14– Gimbal Cover
18:57– Transferring Data
20:41– Audio Recording
23:33– Precision Landing
25:19– Devices