So it looks like theres two parts of this company: this is the uh, the ground engineering section and there you go look a very, very large plant. Now. The only thing that concerns me is that um radio mass thats just there but other than that it should be okay. Okay, so, as you can see, it is a massive plan right. What im gon na do now is im gon na just nip in the office, and let them know what im going to do. Okay, though, how are you doing youre what sorry im just going in the office im? Not sorry, no no im just going to tell him that im going to fly a drone over at sight, thats all oh right, okay, right, fair yeah, it just doesnt reception, all right appreciate it. The drone aerial videos yeah, but for was that for the site across the road. Does it work something for the site? No, no, no, no, no, youtube, fair enough! All right all right! The entrance is around that side. All right and bloody, told me otherwise. Theyd have been walking around like a wally, yeah yeah, all right right, something really told me otherwise, it hadnt been lost, thats, nothing new, though right its a bit cooler in the shade electric charging look, but only one electric vehicle electric vehicles are not very good for The environment, if you dont, really believe me, google, it and see hello im glad somebody told me your door was here because im gon na try and get in that way.

Just to confuse me right, i make youtube videos and im going to fly the drone over the site and get some aerial shots of your massive cranes, and things like that. Hello says: hes got a drone and he wants to fly here and take some photos but im going to fly the drone over the site and take some videos and stuff. We already have some others yeah we do. Unfortunately, what do you mean? Unfortunately, yeah its not for you, though its for me, you want something. What do you want? First of all, youve got massive queens on massive plant, its an extremely interesting sight. You look lost yeah, im, not sure im not sure asked to see if thats, okay or not um, i can do it whether you were proven not to be honest, im not asking im just coming in to let you know im going to do it. Okay! No! No, no im going to fly the drone from from the footpath all right. I dont know if you want to tell anybody or anything before i make a move crack on thats. What i like to hear go for it, then yeah yeah yeah, all right. No, the video is not for you its for me all right, all right ill be about 10 or 15 minutes or so before. I actually get the drone up so ill either be at this entrance or that entrance. If anybody wants to come and ask me any questions, all right, love all right.

Thank you! Bye there you go technology yeah! Thank you! Well, they looked a bit like flabbergasted didnt they i dont know why, but they certainly did well. Weve got somebody that does drone shots yeah, but these are for me and not for you. So uh well have a look around a bit further and then well get the old dead drone up and uh. Here we have an example going out on a vehicle uh. The type of things that they made, these people are from cumbria, so im, assuming that this is going all the way to cumbria right, so weve got one below operating the queen and uh hes pouring the concrete and then weve got somebody walking up and down whos. Actually um well hes, actually pulling the concrete and the gary is operating. The crane come over from left and right and put the queen where he wants it and, of course it goes and stops directly in front of my path, but that doesnt matter there you go so im making these big pylon things here now it looks like thats Full of concrete and when the other ones empty, theyll go and swap them over so well see if we can get a bit of video on that. That could be interesting. So here we go time to make a swap by the look of it, looks like im. Gon na put one down and then load the other one now im, assuming that that concrete in the second one has come directly out the back of the concrete larry, nice and gently.

Oh short, attacks all in one box, Applause, in fact, they need to adjust a little bit Applause. I might need to go a little bit closer to the stage here. He will get there. Eventually, i think Applause Applause i dont, look far off right. So put one down pick one up say one thing: these people dont seem to be bothered down videoing down. She goes nice and stubborn. Excuse me. So one hooks the first one picks the second one up 10 ton weight that crane can lift Applause and there we go all done and thats it now they carry on with the poor. I dont know how many cubit meters are in there. I wouldnt think theres a fantastic amount right, so weve had a good look around lets. Get hill drone up take off the home point has been updated. Please check it on the map. Okay, everybody. So it appears that this part of the factory is called centrum and the other part of the factory is called that name. I can never pronounce, but anyway lets go and have a look, see whats happening right. Weve got that tractor there that we just saw loading and unloading concrete and hes um looks like hes going for another load, theres so much to see here its unreal and there we go got that big crane moving around lets see if we can get a little Bit closer, i dont want to get too close now, as you can see, hes uh hes loading a truck by the look of things Music Music, so i dont know if hes finished or not see if we can zoom in a bit and have a look its Certainly got some pylons on there, so i dont know if its done or not once its done, the crane will move to one side or the other and then hell be able to drive out, because obviously he cant drive out at the moment a great big steel.

Girder in front of him all right lets just uh move on just a little bit right, so this bit here is where they were firing that concrete earlier so theyre still going for it Music keeping them busy. I wonder how long it takes for this lot to set settle or set. I should say before they can actually uh move them. Music looks like theres, a lot of them been done. Theyll, probably uh pour them today and perhaps lift them tomorrow might even be two days. I dont know no idea, so they have a large crane. Just here i dont know what thats doing it. Doesnt seem to have moved much all the time ive been here, but it is a large uh. A large mobile crane wow just have to tell this lot different sizes length im, assuming they have different thicknesses as well, and what they got over there i dont know is that like shuttering or whatever it is, could be, and then youve got a big shed there And then some silos well im clear the silo so im not worried and theres the main office that i went in Music. Nice lets just fix the drone back a little bit its like the building houses across the road Music. So theyve got all the stuff here for making the mixers look Music and then theyve got what they call the casting shed Music looks like they might do casting in there. I dont think film casting, though just going to take it up just that little bit now.

Im, assuming that the silos are full of cement now that tipper tipped off ages ago, but hes not moved since. Oh hang on the cranes moving see if we can get a shot of this crane moving because it stops done it, but anyway thats that truck. It was just loading i dont know if theyre going to uh load any more stuff on it or not, i dont know yeah anyway. Now the cranes stopped yep ill move out the way im gon na run over now this vehicle thats just come in see. If i can get it Music, its from explore, which is just outside workshop, which i did a video on where the security guard right now was going to give me a parking ticket, but theyre parking them up down here, ready for loading now explore, make or use Precast concrete stuff, so hes going to uh back up and park im going to get some video of this silo in a minute thomas Music, thats, it hes done Music. Take it up just a little bit so im, definitely higher than the silos so theyre full of cement, im imagining and then on this side. It looks like they make more cement center them again and then theyve got a long thing on the cover. I dont know what that is: it cant be a conveyor belt belt bent like that. Not unless youve got a like a transfer point in the middle somewhere, but uh conveyors arent very good at going around corners.

I suppose somebody will tell me different or show me different, but now i cant see that and theres the other yard, with all the other big piles of stock im, desperately wanting to get some footage of the big cranes moving Music Music. All right looks like theres. Some smaller cones up there yeah now last time i was here. These were used to uh load vehicles. I believe theres a load of trailers under them at the moment, so i imagine theyre either loaded or waiting to get loaded. I cant really see because the suns that bright on this screen cant really see much yeah. Some of them are loaded by the look of it. Music yeah. The sun is really really black at the moment. What time is it? Well, it cant be lunchtime. Well, that cranes back over that wagon and i missed it, which is a bit of a bummer, its just a matter of hanging around and waiting for him to move im, afraid. Oh there we go. Look. I dont know if hes going to pick a fresh load up or if hes done, Music Applause Music might be here to pick some more up. You never know theres. Quite a few explore vehicles and trailers here, yeah theyre, lowering the chains on the um on the crane Music. So it looks like hes gon na pick. Some more up lets watch him. Shall we so theres now a bit more accent than this, but you know im doing my best.

I can only go as fast as these go here. Music. I dont know how theyre casting the chains on Music so looks like theres, a quite a collection of hanging chains off that off that crane there you go its lifting. I dont know how hes connected him theres. Definitely lifting i can see with my eyes. Hes got one two three, its like four beams on there, just one layer and off we go and then very shortly is gon na place them on office, ive been in office and told them. I say you got a lot of stuff here from workshop dont you from explorer at workshop. You got a lot of vehicles in and out here from explorer workshop dont, you Music. Are we done in a minute anyway, good to know that somebody dont care actually before? I took the uh the drone out the young lady at the office just come along and very politely asked me if she could have a a look at my license for flying the drone um. She didnt ask for anything else just to well. She asked for a copy – and i said im not going to give you a copy but ill. Let you see it hows that so she was happy at that Music right, so thats down right, so lets think about getting the drone back weve seen. What we wanted to see is that good, looking fella pj stood there. Look, although some would obviously disagree.

Oh and thats it landing landing landing right, so im just going to go in and let them know that ive finished they did ask me to to let them know when id done so thats. What im going to do im just going to stick my head inside and tell them afternoon? How are you doing i dont? I dont want your video on me. Man im, not videoing. You mate. I dont want a video with you. Yeah sorry were. What do you want to see uh the girl on the section hows that between me and the other? We are coming to our premises so id like to know how you want to speak to the girl. I just want to tell us something: thats simple: you can stand there and watch me. What are you videoing uh? No, i just want to uh. Obviously, if youve got something thats, the camera, yeah yeah yeah doesnt mean its running. Does it can i ask you why youre here, please its our premises? You know what i mean. Yeah yeah ive been videoing, hello love. Can you just tell that to you? Just tell that nice young lady on reception, that i finished with the drone and ive done now and im on on my way home. So you can convert to our property to do it. Did you not stop yeah yeah yeah yeah? So if you just let her know that i finished yeah, because she was very nice and very polite, weve had done a bit of research into it right.

Our marketing people say that you cant actually post anything of our site, its still trespass, no, its not trespass. Well, let me answer: let me ask you a question all right: if you go on google maps and google earth fine, yeah yeah, but i mean its, did, they ask you permission its still a bit of an invasion of our privacy isnt it? No not really what we think it might be well thats. Besides the point yeah yeah, and do you say that you actually post this online, i do so. Where do you post it uh youtube yeah and your name is pj audits and is that what it looks like on youtube? Okay, its the second video ive done at this place? Yeah. I did one here some time ago, but you might have done that with permission, but no i didnt okay, but i didnt have the drone then so thats. Why ive come back to do some drone shots? Okay, but if youd let her know because she was very polite, very nice, she is yes, shes, very good ill ill, uh ill agree with you. There yeah uh, if you just let them know that ive done and thats all im here for all right um. Thank you, okay, very much, all right all right! Thank you! Bye, bye always has to be somebody dont they hey always but anyway, if you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up. Please share please subscribe, and i will see you there in the next one.