This unusual story happened near the village of ust kamchask russia on the east coast of the peninsula, a puppy lived in a landfill, a few kilometers out of the village. Next to the fish processing plants. There are water protection zones everywhere, so the cars that leave the factory dump all the fish waste in a landfill whenever there is a lot of fish in the region. There are also a lot of bears says arena a local resident. Moreover, the villagers have dug a hole nearby to throw the waste into. Naturally, both stray dogs and bears have become frequent guests there. According to all the laws of nature, one couldnt expect anything good to come out of such encounters, but it turned out that there are exceptions in the animal world too. The common dining room helped the husky and the family of brown bears build a strong friendship. The puppy disappeared from the landfill early in the year. Local residents, who often saw the dog in the piles of garbage, thought that the husky ended up as the bears dinner. But that wasnt the case it was only in may that people learned that everything was fine with the husky. It was alive and well, it simply left its home at the landfill for a life in the taiga. With its new bear family, it would be simply impossible to believe something like that, but a drone flying over the taiga filmed one day in the life of the animals.

The footage showed the landfill husky fooling around with the bear cubs in the forest. Surprisingly, the mother bear was very patient with the adopted cub. Only once did she give the dog a slap on the back, a parental reminder to behave decently, but kids will always be kids even in the animal world. So the animal children continue to play. Walking single file down the path in the taiga, my friend guards the land there he launched the drone to examine the area, says vladimir kimovsky, a friend of the director of the footage and sometime in the middle of may. He happened to film these shots. Actually, none of us knew that this video would cause such a stir. We had it for a long time, but we only published it this month when the footage from the drone hit the internet in october. Local residents, who had never cared about the stray dog before were suddenly worried. What, if the bear, eats it, we had a lot of fish that year it wasnt a hungry year, so we didnt think it would end badly. Moreover, catching such a dog would be a challenge, as it was very nimble, vladimir joked, and what do you think is it true that such behavior is unusual for animals, or maybe such cases are common and many homeless dogs make friends with bears in russia? The question was answered by the biologists. This is an amazing phenomenon. After all, the husky is a breed that was created to hunt bears, but instead became friends with them said pavel glasgow, a biologist.

According to the footage, the dog has really become friends with the wild animals. It is also curious because the she bear is usually very protective of her cubs in nature, but this time it allowed the dog to play with them its amazing by the size of the cubs id say that it isnt may, but probably the end of summer. The dog is also young, judging by its playful behavior and its size, it must be about a year old. The fact that the she bear lets the dog so close to the cubs indicates that they have been in contact for a long time not a day or two. I suppose the husky could have joined the family as a puppy in early spring. The bear with strong maternal instincts couldnt turn away the puppy. They probably spent the whole summer together and then the dog grew up and left for the forest with its new family. To be honest, this story is truly amazing. The brown bear is one of the largest land predators, so hopefully it wont do the dog any harm and thats all for today. Friends share your thoughts about this unusual friendship and whether you think its safe for the husky, like the video and dont forget to share it with your friends.