This is my favorite time of the year. So, if youve been considering a tablet to fly your drone with youre going to want to see this today, im going to show you the brand new triple tech. T8. Pro tablet and im going to let you know if its worth the investment to get the best flying experience with your drone. Also im going to see, if i can do this in under 10 minutes, so we better get started Music hi everyone. My name is russ. Welcome to 51 drones and if you find value here today, click on that subscribe button. So last year i did a review on the seven inch tripletech pro and its a great tablet, but theres a few things theres a lot of things actually that people didnt like about it. One of them was how powerful it was. The processor wasnt so great and a few other things i like there was a lot of criticism in my comments, but youre going to be hard pressed to find something bad about this one. The eight inch pro i think they took all of the negatives that they found that people were getting out of this seven inch and they made it so much better in this one. Now in case you dont know triple tech is a relatively new company. They sell high quality military grade tablets and they market them mostly to drone pilots and the biggest reason for that is this 1200.

Yes, 1200 nits of brightness screen. You can see this screen in the brightest of sunlight and it doesnt decrease in brightness ever even if it gets too hot. Now this past summer i crashed my dji air 2s in the lake, and one of the contributing factors to that was. My iphone screen went dark because it was almost 100 degrees that day and iphones dont, like heat. If id been using the triple tech. I honestly dont think i would have crashed my drone. This screen is incredibly bright and im going to show you some comparisons here in just a little bit. First of all, lets take a look at what you get in the box when you order the triple tech. Eight inch pro when you first open the simple but adequate box for the triple tech. Eight inch pro youre gon na see the tablet itself with its much thinner design its a little bit lighter as well, and i do appreciate that it has a very nice grippy back to it. It really feels good in the hand. You know you have to say that when you do a tech review and then youre going to get the owners manual, which is very well written, i was really surprised on that. Its very detailed tells you everything you need to know you get the charging brick and the usb to usbc cable. If you do have one of the newer dji controllers, youre going to need to get a usbc to usbc, you also get a little screwdriver kit and the brackets for mounting the handle on the back so thats pretty much it thats everything you get.

I also got the mav mount here, which ill show you here a little bit later in the video now going over the hardware and specifications its an 8 inch android tablet that runs on android 10.. This means that it is much faster, much more powerful and its easier to use than its predecessor the seven inch. This tablet has a resolution of 2560 by 1600 and then that incredible 1200 nits of brightness that i mentioned the screen, is glove touch and wet touch capable. So if you fly in cold or wet conditions ever it will work just fine, its made of gorilla glass, aluminum alloy and this military grade casing, which makes it ip68 and pretty much impervious to any known element on earth. Well, except for maybe fire, but it can handle temperatures up to 120 degrees, so its kind of impervious to fire. The triple tech 8 inch pro has 256 gigabytes of internal memory, and it can take listen to this up to a massive one, terabyte micro sd card. It has eight gigabytes of ram and it has the octa core 2.0 gigahertz arm processor. So what all those numbers mean? It means that you can play the most graphic intensive games with no problem whatsoever here, im playing the room old sins. I love puzzle games and the room series has some of the best mobile game, graphics and it runs perfectly on the triple tech. This tablet can also be used just like a smartphone by inserting a sim card right here.

It is 4g compatible and its unlocked. So anything that you can do with an android phone, you can do with the triple tech you can make phone calls. You can send text messages. You can play pretty much any game on it. Now. One thing you cant do: is you cant slip it into your pocket? The dimensions are 8.75 by 5.25 and .6 inches and it weighs just 1.3 pounds or 590 grams, which is just a little bit heavier than my 11 inch ipad pro. The bulk of the weight of this tablet is this behemoth of a battery coming in at 12 200 milliamp hours and its capable of fast charging. This sucker believe this or not, will last 30 days on standby mode now, as far as the exterior features starting on the bottom here is the usbc port for charging and for data. There are two speakers also on the bottom. On the left hand, side is the sim card and the micro sd card port below that is a customizable button which you can assign to do. Many different things on the right side is the power button and then the volume toggles and on the back theres, a 21 megapixel camera that has autofocus and then youll find four mounting holes for the hand, grip now, speaking of the hand grip, you can use that To easily mount to any of the newer dji controllers, just by simply slipping it over the mounting bracket, you dont even really need a separate mounting bracket for this okay.

So if you need a tablet mount like, if you dont want to use, you know just the strap to mount it on your controller. Normally i recommend the pgy tech tablet mount and because it is awesome, its a really good tablet mount, but it doesnt work for the triple tech, because its just a little bit um too thick. The triple tech tablet is just a little bit too thick, and so what happens? It has a tendency to slip out of the bottom here, and so i would get the mav mount or any of the other tablet mounts that triple tech has available also ill put a link in the video description for a couple of tablet mounts that have a Little wider lip here, and so the triple tech wont slip out of it, but honestly, i think the best way to mount this thing is with that strap and that strap just goes right around here. So thats just another thing that you dont have to carry so thats. My recommendation triple tech, also has a variety of tablet mounts available on their website, like this mav mount right here that they sent me now. I personally dont like the mav mount because it is quite heavy, but i do know that some people like it because its built, like a tank and its very secure so because its very difficult to demonstrate on camera a brightness comparison outside in the bright sunlight. I brought these into my studio here.

I have the smart controller, my ipad pro 11 inch, my iphone 11 pro max and then the triple tech. As you can see, the two ios devices are not as bright, so i put those off to the side and i compared the smart controller to the triple tech and, as you can see, they look about the same. A smart controller has a thousand its brightness, and the triple tech has 1200 nits of brightness, of course, that triple tech does have a higher resolution screen uh. So they look about the same when you compare them like this. The triple tech has kind of a green cast to it, but they look the same to me when you compare them like this now. The difference is outside, at least with the iphone compared to the triple tech i put these outside for about 15 minutes. In the 90 degree, sunlight and my iphone screen went dark and thats, of course, because iphones dont, like heat, so the triple tech stayed bright. The smart controller stayed bright when you compare the triple tech to the smart controller. The benefit, of course, is that the triple tech is more than just a controller for your dji drone. You can use it for any drone, its a computer, its a phone, its a gaming device, theres. So many things that you can do with the triple tech and so theres the big benefit and youre paying about the same price as a smart controller.

The triple tech will never decrease in brightness, no matter what temps youre flying in and that, along with this incredible battery life, is why i can recommend this tablet for anyone that wants a dedicated device to fly. Your drones with oh and its not just for dji drones. You can use this tablet with many different brands and youre able to download just about any app that you want. Yes, the smart controller is incredibly convenient and its powerful when using it with a dji drone, but it is pretty much just that its a controller for your dji drone dont forget the triple tech is also a full blown computer and a smartphone. There is nothing else like this on the market right now, i will have a link down in the video description if you want to learn more about the tripletech 8 inch pro, and you can also use that link to purchase this hey question of the day.