Beta fpv status, so when honeystone reached out theyre a pretty reputable brand in the drone space and they said to me, do you want to try out our latest mini drone? You know i just could not resist so today were going to be reviewing the hs 420 by hollystone lets go Music. The outer packaging for this drone is actually really nice and the size of the packaging just shows off how many this drone actually is on the side. We do get a little bit of information about some of those drones features. For example, the 720p camera 2.5 gigahertz kind of wifi connection, and even the flips and variable speeds lets stop looking at the box flow and find out exactly what we get on the inside. We, of course, do get the drone itself three batteries which they say will do up to six minutes of battery life, each the controller and, of course, a ton of accessories and some booklets theres a lot of accessories here, including screwdrivers, and ways to replace both the Propellers and the brushed motors this is really important, because one brush motors dont last particularly long and two propellers they break fairly easily so having some replacements here is really really nice to see before we do. Look at the drone itself, though, lets look at the controller. Its an okay design – it is rather boxy, so it becomes a little bit uncomfortable to hold over long periods of time, but with that six minute battery life, this really shouldnt be too much of an issue on the front.

We do have two sticks controlling the movement of the drone, a button to take pictures and videos, an auto, rotate or circle mode. One button take off and landing headless mode and trimming as well as that power and speed switch. There is a place to hold your phone here as well, and though it does hold my iphone 11 pro, it really didnt hold it very securely. It actually over balanced the controller quite heavily, making it rather tiring to hold it best and worse. This thing crushes your thumbs because it just closes in on them. So not particularly well designed, and i dont recommend you actually hold your phone in the stand. But it is a possibility and well talk a little bit more about why you might want to do that, and some of the apps features a little bit later on in this review before we carry on with todays review, though, if this is the first time that Youre, seeing my face on your screen than one lucky you and two go down there hit that subscribe button smash that bell notification icon, so you get notified every time i upload. We are getting incredibly close to 2 000 subscribers id like to thank each and every one of you for being here and watching my content. If you arent subscribed, if you arent commenting liking and all about jazz, please do it means the absolute world to me without further ado lets continue with this review.

Another thing i dont particularly like about this controller is it takes three triple a batteries? There is no rechargeable battery option here and thats a shame because i feel, like this controller is going to chew. Through batteries like nobodys business, okay, ive kept you waiting long enough lets. Take a look at the actual drone. This thing looks really really cool and is, as noted, very very small as well. It does only come in this black and red combo, but its a really nice look. It gives it this kind of speedy fun vibe that children will absolutely love, but also makes it fairly easy to see while flying its this nice bright, color thats, going to pop against the walls and whatever environment you appear to be flying this in this is actually Smaller than many tiny whoop drones as well, its actually smaller than the fpv status that i have as well, but this really isnt a bad thing, its particularly built for indoor flying. I dont recommend taking this thing outside, because the wind will take it almost instantly. All the propellers are protected by this nice guard here, so it does mean if its gon na fly into any objects or people its not going to hurt them and dance directly off of them. Whats, really nice as well, is if this does hit something and it bounces off. It appears to recover incredibly well ill. Show you some footage of that here. So this is a really really nice beginner drone, because no matter how hard you hit it, its just gon na get back up and keep flying on the front.

We do see that tiny 720p camera that we can actually tilt to look straight forwards or even 90 degrees down or anywhere in between this isnt, an electrical one. So you cant change it within the app you have to set it to one position before you fly its really not a big deal, and, to be honest with you, i very rarely found myself using the camera feature of this drone. I was just having too much fun flying it around my room on the bottom of the drone is where the batteries connect and im going. To be honest with you, i found this incredibly fiddly at first, the batteries kind of have to sit in and then be pushed backwards, and they really do need a good push at first. It will feel like youre going to break either the drone or the battery, but that isnt the case theyre just a little bit stiff over time. They are a little bit easier to get in and out, but just give it a good push and it should connect. Quite easily, you also get two leds one for the power button on the back, which will flash red and the one on the front which will flash white. This is so that you can understand exactly what way is forwards for this drone, this doesnt matter so much due to that headless mode that we were talking about earlier, which ill touch on in a minute, but its still really nice to see.

These are also led indicator lights, so theyll flash when you need to connect up the controller or be steady when its in flight or when battery is low. It will flash at you again its a nice little indicator to know exactly whats going on with the drone. Just on looks alone, i highly recommend it, but lets talk about actually flying this thing. Considering this is a drone due to the size of the drone. It actually leads to a really fun experience, its pretty fast as well for its size. You can whip it around. The room and its got this nice little turning circle. The drones controls always felt responsive and snappy. I never felt like i didnt have control of this drum. I did at times find the left stick to be a little over sensitive, particularly when flying up or down, and it did take a little while to get used to, but once id done so i really did find myself trying different tricks and to get through different Gaps with this drone, and that is half the fun of it. This thing is so small that you can set up little obstacle courses for it. The drone has a lot of features built in to help you keep flying. For example, it has altitude hold once you let go of that stick, it will hover in space. It might begin to drift over time into one direction or the other, but this is where trimming is going to come in on the top left of the remote.

You can hold down that button and simply flick the left. Stick in the direction opposite of that. It is drifting, for example, if its drifting backwards hold down that button flick forwards and it will start to work itself out and it will altitude hold actually incredibly well. Being a toy drone, it also has a lot of toy like features, for example, being able to flip clicking in that right, stick and pushing it in a direction will flip the drone in that direction, and it actually recovers very well from this. It never felt like. I lost control either during before or after that flip theres, also a mode which makes it spin in round and round in circles. It will only spin in one direction and its fun for a couple of minutes, but i really did enjoy flying this thing more myself. Trying to get it through all of those small gaps, one very interesting feature that i think makes this perfect for children and beginners is the headless mode. Basically, the way youve got to think of it is a drone hand knows which way is forward based upon where its facing. If i were to push forwards on the right stick, it would fly in that direction. Headless mode basically means it will work out where you are in relation to the drone and fly forwards from that way. For example, if the drone is facing to the right here and i push forwards on the stick in head and slow, it will start to fly that way.

Its really clever stuff and a little bit disorienting im very much used to flying in a normal mode. Rather than headless, but i can see why this would be useful for beginners and children just starting to learn a drone. I do highly recommend disabling it after a certain amount of time, though, and letting them get used to the controls and understand just how drones do fly if you, especially if you want to move up to something a little bit bigger, like maybe the djitello, as mentioned Earlier each battery lasts about six minutes of flight time and they take about half an hour to charge. This feels perfectly fine to me for children. It might feel like a little bit of a long time to wait for the actual flight time, but you can get some really good fun out of those six minutes, so i dont see it as a problem myself. The drone can also be connected up to the rather misleadingly named holly stone, fpv app. This is not an fpv drone. There is nothing about this that is fpv outside of being able to look through the lens of the drone itself. Once connected to the wi fi network, you are presented with the view that your drone sees. This is normally in a straight video feed up in the top right corner. You do have the vr mode, which will split the view up into two separate lenses, and you can put this in a phone compatible, vr headset.

The experience really is not that great, though its actually incredibly slow and the feed is a couple of milliseconds behind so youre, probably going to hit something and then realize that youve hit it a couple of milliseconds. Later its really not a good experience, and i dont recommend flying fpv with this drone. You can take videos and photos of this drone and they look acceptable. I really was not expecting anything amazing from this drone, particularly with that very small 720p sensor, but the pictures came out just fine, especially for children. I think theyd be more than happy with these pictures and videos. There is a way to actually control the drone through the app with the two sticks that are on screen. This really again did not feel responsive to me because its over that wi fi connection, it was slow and actually made it more difficult to fly than just using the normal controller. So again, i dont recommend flying with the on screen controls. Really you would only want this to be able to see what the drone is seeing and maybe take some videos and photos. Trajectory flying was something that it promised to be able to do, and i found pretty entertaining basically what you could do is you could set a route for the drone to move and it would move it all by itself. So you wouldnt have to touch controls. It would just fly from point a to point b to point c, to point d and so on and so forth: really cool for creating fun, little videos or maybe even some fun little courses.

But i did find that the joy of this did wear off fairly quickly and i came back to just flying it like a normal drone. It is great for children or people who are just starting in the drone space, its very user friendly, a lot of fun as well and does have some of those more advanced features that you would expect to see in the likes of the dji mini or the Mini 2. do not expect an fpv experience, or for this to be a very good camera drone. This really is not built for that. If youre looking for an fpv drone, then do check out my unboxing, video of the beta fpv status thatll be up there on the description down below if youre looking for a camera drone, i of course recommend the dji mini 2 and some of my videos of That will also be there or there if you want to take a look at them, so there we have it guys that has been my review of the holly stone. Hs 420 mini drone, one of the most entertaining and surprising drones ive actually flown in a while. I havent actually smiled and laughed while flying a drone more than i have with this one theres, just something about its control scheme that really made me enjoy it, not in the same way that i enjoy flying a mini 2 or the beta fpv. Those are much more enthusiast level, but for fun this is great fun anyway, guys.

My name is ben robert.