The fpv drone documentary and that day has finally come because flow state has been accepted into the golden gate, international film festival and that film festival is virtual this year. And that means that if you buy a pass to the festival, you can stream the films in the festival, which includes flow state, the fpv documentary. This is the first time that you have actually the general public has actually been able to buy a ticket and stream. This film so number one heres how to do it go to this link, which is in the video description, hit, buy tickets youre going to pick ggiff 2021, any one slot i mean you could also buy a one day pass or an all festival pass. If youre really into film festivals, but if you just want to see flow state youre going to buy a ggif any one slot, then youre going to go to the festival. Schedule page, which is right here. Screenings 2021 and youre going to find our film, which is currently in slot s, which is showing monday november 8th at 6 pm. However, you can also watch the film anytime between november 9th through the 14th, if you cant make it at that time now. It is key, it is key. This is the first time when anyone has actually taken notice. Look who the sponsors are nbc and amc movie theaters. This is the first time when anybody in the industry will be looking at our numbers.

So if you that is so critical that we have a great showing here, if you decide to do a screening, i want to encourage you to have everyone in the audience: buy a ticket im not making were not making any money. All the money goes to the film festival, god bless them. This is not for my personal benefit, but everybody who views it please buy a pass. Please make our numbers look amazing. We get the word out. Tell your friends, everybody in the fpv community share this video on social media. I this is it this is well. I mean there will be more after this, because chances are.