It is called the jetson one, the all electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft was launched this month about three years after the firm released a proof of concept prototype in 2018, the company plans to make the evital available as a kit for home building, starting in 2022 Jetson has created a consumer grade version of the one electric evital aircraft. It is built around a rigid aluminum space frame with eight electric motors powered by high discharge lithium ion battery capable of maximum output of 88 kilowatt jetson. One will have an endurance of around 20 minutes of flight time, assuming 85 kilograms pilot weight and a software limited top speed of 102 kilometers per hour at 86 kilograms. The aircraft is also collapsible to 90 centimeters wide when not in use. The aircraft is also equipped with many safety features, including a redundant propulsion system, a ballistic parachute if it were to run out of power and lighter sensors, the drive, terrain, tracking and obstacle avoidance. The onboard computer is capable of hovering and gently bringing down to the ground. If the pilot takes hands off the controls now before you get way too excited lets talk about the aircrafts limitations, youre, probably wondering how much this toy costs. Well. According to the jetson website, the aircraft is available at a starting price of 92 000 u.s, not the most affordable means of transportation. Considering its limited range, the aircraft is primarily designed for recreational use rather than for transportation purposes, as it has a maximum operational distance of only about 15 miles.

Furthermore, current regulatory landscape in most parts of the world does not allow operation of pivotals in urban areas. This leaves the present use cases for the jetson one highly limited, as the aircraft can only be operated on private property away from public. However, as a recreational vehicle, i think jetson one has a lot of potential. Looking at the in flight. Footage does make me want to fly one of these evitos. It just looks like a lot of fun if the aircraft limitations do not deter you and you still wish to own a jetson one aircraft, youre looking to depart from 22 thousand dollars deposit to reserve a build slot for the single seat aircraft. When the kit arrives, it is half assembled with the rest built at home. It is an ikea type of situation. I just hope the quality is better than ikea. There does seem to be demand for jetson one aircraft, as the company has already sold out of their aircraft for 2022 delivery with just 12 units produced, and there are just three units left for 2023. It is not unreasonable to believe that, as demand for jetson one increases, the company will increase its production capacity and perhaps when they decide to expand, they will be looking to go public but of course, im just speculating here.