Not only is it a lot lighter its also faster, more durable and overall cheaper. This is the five inch pickle race by ledrone club and everything micro fpv. The pickle race is an ultralight racing drone and comes in at 300 grams for the 4s version or 330 grams for the 6s version compared to the normal 5 inch open class drones that we see at races, which come in at five to five hundred and fifty Grams, this means that when you do crash, there is less weight and therefore less force to cause your drone to break the other major benefit to running an ultra light drone, which we found in testing is most pilots can get one to two seconds quicker, just by Switching to an ultra light when it comes to designing a brand new racing fame, there is a very steep learning curve and i didnt really want to go through that learning curve and have to learn cad. The drone club is a talented designer from france, and all of alexs designs are available on thingiverse. But can you just approach a frame designer and ask them to sign you a frame? Is it something that theyre going to charge for, or are they even going to be interested in doing it? I reached out to the drone club on facebook and pitched the idea of an ultra light racing frame. It turned out that alex didnt have a racing frame in the current lineup, so there was an excellent opportunity for us to work together.

The design brief was to combine the racex et5 with the 533 switchback and use all of the 3d printable parts for the switchback. That are on thingiverse, alex, has just absolutely knocked this out of the park and designed a killer frame from my wish list. When weve been at races, a lot of people are asking: why would you run ultralights and what we found in testing is that most pilots are able to shave one to two seconds off their existing times, with an ultra light compared to a five inch. Normal racing drone, this is because of a very high power to a very low weight ratio. With the ultra light racing drones, you can carry more speed and dont need to pre turn as much and youre able to maintain tighter lines than what you would with a normal sized racing. Drone shaving off fractions of a second at every gate, because you can maintain a tidal line, adds up over the course of a track when it came to developing the frame. One of the biggest considerations was the motors through testing. We found that 2203 motors tend to be the sweet spot between power and weight when it comes to 6s. There are a limited number of choices of motors available im, currently testing the rc and power 2105 plus in 1850 kv. They seem to be working out really. Well, but i also had t motor make me some 2000 kv motors, which i really like.

However, i found it a little bit too expensive when it comes to 4s setups. The access flying af 223s at 2910kv are right on the money when it comes to racing. I prefer to run hd0 and im running the whoop vtx paired with the micro v2 camera, as well as true rc antennas and, of course, using all of the 533 switchback tpu to keep it all together. Flight controller and esc choice is really important to get right. The frame supports only one boards, as well as 20 by 20 mounted escs and flight controllers. Now, in order to save weight, ive gone with an all in one and im using the foxy reaper all in one at 45, amps then to bring the build together. We need to select a battery and because a good battery can make the difference between finishing the race or falling out of the sky, for the 6s builds ive tested a number of different sizes, but ive really found that the 650 6s is the sweet spot when It comes to 4s builds. We found that the best all round battery to have is an 850 milliamp hour, one of the hardest things about designing frame and putting together a drone is actually getting it tuned. Fortunately enough with beta flight 4.3, the karate race preset is right on the money flashing bluej to the esc, to give it rpm filtering as well as using the karate preset just makes this flying like its absolutely on rails.

If youd like to try the pickle race, you can get it on thingiverse or head over to cnc drones, where you can get a frame cut ill leave a parts list in the description. Youre probably wondering how well this flies well.