When i first started, you know what i’m just gon na go easy i’m gon na put out one video a week and it worked for for two weeks and now it’s been like a month. So back at it, i am serious about this. I do want to be pumping out more videos faster, so i’m going to be really dedicating a lot more resources to it. Let’S get started. Ah, should i try that whole thing again? I think that was pretty good. I think it was pretty good yeah. Okay, all right. One of the questions i get asked the most is: what drone should i buy and that’s kind of like asking? What camera should i buy, because whenever somebody asks me that i have dozens of follow up questions that i ask them to really hone down on what their specific needs are and there’s a lot of questions that need to be answered on what specific drone will suit? Your purposes the best, so the best thing that i can do is answer what drone or the current lineup is my favorite. What do i like about all the drones? What do i dislike about all the drones, and hopefully from that you can extract what drone is going to best serve you in the specific purposes and needs that you have, because, honestly, the things that matter to me about a drone may not be the things that Matter to you about a drone, so let’s get started uh.

So now we have the contenders we’re going to start with the mavic 2 pro huge sensor. One inch sensor, 31 minute flight time can shoot in d log it’s a beast. We have the mavic air 2, with its 48 megapixel camera. Also really really good for video shoots and decent alike amazing flight time, and then we have the mini 2. I mean this thing is just for what it is: it’s, amazing, 4k, 30 frames per second great camera and then out of nowhere dji launches the fpv drone and i’m going to go into this one a little bit later, because it’s actually more impressive than i thought It was gon na be but it’s, not necessarily the drone that i want for myself, so you’ll notice. One thing i didn’t go over in any of the bullet points. Any of the cool you like those little trackers that like follow the stuff yeah that only took like three days to do every single time i start doing videography i miss photography. I mean it’s, a fun journey and it’s fun to learn. But boy videography is a different beast and also who thought that it was gon na, be a really good idea to put three reflective pictures right behind when you’re gon na have a massive lights. Like i keep my head here, there we go, yep can’t, see it up, glaring light, can’t see it glaring light, also notice. There are the things that i didn’t mention.

I didn’t mention anything about range in canada. We have to fly visual line of sight, so i love you know the ocusync. 2. 10 kilometer range. I need one kilometer with really really good signal. So if the next drone comes out – and they say – it’s got 30 kilometer range – that i hope that that means it has better signal within one kilometer, because that’s really for the most part, all i’m doing. The other thing i didn’t mention at all with sensors sensors are pretty much the first thing i disable on all the drones i don’t use them at all. I know if i’m close to a tree i’m, a responsible drone pilot, if i’m close to a tree it’s, because i put the drone close to the tree – and i know that i’m there and i want to fly through it. I don’t need the sensors all over the place, letting me know where i am. I know where i am now that’s not saying that i never go too close to a tree, but i feel like that would happen whether i had the sensors on or not they say, there’s two types of drone pilots, those that have crashed and those that have Not crashed yet the three primary things that i look for in a drone are battery life. Like i said before, battery anxiety kills creativity, so i want something with good battery life. The second thing, that’s most important to me is stability, both in signal bad weather and flight.

So i want a strong signal with a good video feed. I want it to be stable in bad weather and i also when i’m controlling it, and this is going to sound weird but i’ll go over this later. When i ask it to go forward in a straight line, i want it to just go forward in a straight line i don’t have to. I don’t want to be wondering about what it’s going to be doing, and i also don’t want to be fighting it. So here’s a comparison that i did of all three of their video modes on an overcast windy snowy day and as you can see, there is a bit of a difference in the video feeds, but it’s, not it’s it’s, actually, nowhere near as dramatic as i expected. It to be okay, so let’s go from biggest to smallest and start with the mavic 2. things i like about it really good battery life about 31 minutes it’s, the only drone where you have adjustable aperture. I like it because when you’re in flight, you can use it as like an in flight nd filter. So if you’re flying around and the sun clears through the clouds you don’t have to land the drone adjust the nd filter and then launch it back up to a point, you can adjust the aperture to keep the same shutter speed for me personally, i like flying With the smart controller – and this works with the smart controller, so i like that the flight is rock solid.

When i tell it to go forward like everything that i ask it to do, it does exactly what i wanted to there’s no surprises there’s, no drifting or anything like that. It’S just rock solid flight, and i really appreciate that hasselblad lens one inch sensor i mean and that’s kind of awesome. The occusync 2 is again really strong signal, even if i’m flying around trees in sort of sketchy areas, it’s always a strong signal. I love the fact that nvidia shoots d log 10 bit, so it gives you a lot of artistic creativity it’s like shooting raw in photography, and then i like the fact that it shoots raw in photography. A couple things i don’t like about. It is the ascension and descension is rather slow, but then, when i started flying with the air 2, which said that thing just drops like a rock it’s amazing, if you’re doing just photography and you’re super high – and you want to get another shot because i i’d, Like to do what i call manual zoom, just go closer don’t necessarily rely on digital zoom. So, if i’m super high up – and i want to get down lower with this one – i just kind of feel like it’s waiting until you can take the shot, whereas with with the air too, it just feels like it’s, a lot quicker. Okay. So next let’s talk about the air too. First thing i absolutely love about.

This is the battery life. They say that it’s 34 minutes over the two 31 minutes, but in real life experience i feel like it’s a lot longer than that. I feel like the battery life is long enough that it lets me actually get lost in the flight. I forget. I start forgetting that battery life is even a thing and i really really appreciate that amazing poor weather performance, so i’ve flown this drone in minus 20 degrees celsius and 30 kilometer an hour winds for you, americans, that’s, minus four fahrenheit in 18 and a half miles Can you guys just get with it already like just join the rest of the world and use numbers that make sense, really sketchy conditions and it is performed admirably every single time it shoots. 4K 60 frames per second in decent alike, so got ta love that well, it only goes 68 kilometers an hour as opposed to the choose 72 kilometers an hour, given the benefit of the size and the weight that’s. The sacrifice that i’m personally willing to make. I love the 48 megapixel sensor now. I know technically it’s taking four photos and mixing them together, but i really appreciate that because, if i’m, shooting horses or i’m shooting some sort of animal, i can be further away. Take the picture and then know that i can zoom in quite drastically in post without losing any image quality. So i really really appreciate that again, the occusync 2.

I think they say eight kilometer range. All i need is one really solid and stable and it works with a smart controller so same with the two, and this one is a big one for me: aircraft detection again i fly a line of sight and i know where my aircraft is at all time, But just like with photography, sometimes you can get tunnel vision, you’re, shooting something and you’re looking at the screen and you’re really focusing on that and so having that warning on the screen, letting you know that there’s another aircraft in the area before a lot of times Before i can even see or hear it gives me a good warning to get down land, let them go by even shows you on the screen where they are in relation to you: it’s, fantastic it’s, just an extra layer of safety which, when flying a remotely piloted Aircraft system, as many layers as you can have they’re all welcome now, let’s talk about the mini 2. This thing is completely took me by surprise by how capable and durable it is best, but with how capable it is it’s, tiny it fits in your pocket. It weighs next to nothing. It can still do 4k 30 frames per second, which is amazing. The picture quality in normal light is almost indistinguishable from any of the other drones. I kind of like the fact that it has no sensors there’s nothing to beep at me.

Nothing to mock me. I know where it is yeah it’s a little bit harder to see because it’s small, but i know where it is – you don’t have to beep at me. I can see my drone it’s sort of my my sacrificial drone when i’m out it’s like this is really bad weather like it’s, i don’t know if i want to risk one of my other drones, i’ll launch this one instead and it always gets good footage and It always comes back i’m, not going to go into too much detail with this one but it’s let’s, just say: it’s, very durable, it’s, surprisingly durable a couple things i don’t like about it technically, as per the specs it’s supposed to have the same battery life. But i find in real world experience the battery doesn’t last, nearly as long as the other two, the other thing and again this is nitpicky, but if you want to shoot raw, you have to shoot jpeg and raw, so there’s, no just raw setting. So then, when you’re downloading the footage you have a jpeg and raw jpeg and raw jpeg and raw and then just it’s an extra setting having to go in and sort it. Luckily, when i use my gnar box and i downloaded everything down to the gnarbox, it creates a folder for jpegs, a folder for raws and a folder for video. I can just select the jpeg folder, delete it and then continue working.

So i really appreciate that, but i just wish that there was a setting where you can be like just take a raw. I don’t care about the jpeg again nitpicky, but have to find something to complain about. I would say my biggest complaint with the mini 2 is that sometimes it doesn’t fly as true as the other ones, sometimes when i’m just trying to fly in a straight line, it drifts off to the left. For no reason, no explanation, like you, think, everything’s going. Fine you’ve got good communication, everything’s, fantastic and then on random thursday afternoon. You get a phone call, it says it’s, just not working for it and you can’t even be friends and it’s gone forever. Sorry, sometimes i drift like the mini 2. I don’t know why it does that it’s a perfectly capable drone, but sometimes it just drifts off to the left and if you’re trying to go through a narrow set of trees, randomly drifting to the left, not great. Now let’s touch quickly on the dji fpv drum i’m, not going to spend too much time on this, because being primarily a drone photographer and dji even mentions that this is not a photography drone. It doesn’t even shoot raw it’s, something that i carry as a backup for when i’m doing any type of video. The difference between this is the ascension and descension rate on this is insane and the amount of power behind this doesn’t have as good battery life.

The footage is not as as stable as the other drones, but it’s a lot more stable than i was expecting it to be, and you can just create some dynamic video with this that i wasn’t expecting. I was impressed with the video capabilities of this and so it’s definitely a drone that i always have in the background, but it’s not necessarily ever going to be my primary drone. Now you might be wondering, have i gone full acro mode on this? I did once it was quick and abrupt and did not end well, like my first tinder date. All that being said, given the capabilities of all these four drones, given what i am looking for in a drone and what matters to me in a drone’s capability functionality. Battery life stability, all those factors rolled into one. I have to say that the air 2 is for me the clear, clear winner again what i look for the capabilities and functionality and drone that i look for, may not necessarily be what’s important to you, but i hope with this video just telling the capabilities, the The pros and the cons between the different drones – it can maybe help you understand what drone would be best for you. Overall now, before i go, some of you may have noticed that there’s been a slight bump in subscribers on this channel. That may have something to do with my friend peter mckinnon, giving me a very unexpected, but incredibly appreciated, shout out.

He also mentioned again unexpectedly that he is giving me this canon 800 rf lens to give away, and i am going to be giving this away to one of you. None in this video. The next video that i put out will be the lens giveaway. Video don’t worry it’s not going to take a month for that video to come out it’s going to be out next week. I appreciate all you new viewers. I hope that you appreciate the content that i’ve got up so far.