The fox was first to say first in one of my recent videos and thus was a shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of a deep new drone. This is the ylrc s138. Looking at the s138, you can see right away, yeah its another one of these folding drones floating for portability. It does come with a nice carrying case for the Drone and its components, so you got that um other things about it, its a rarity folks, in that I you never see or hardly ever see a beginners Learn to Fly drone with brushless motors. This ones got brushless motors folks. That means that these motors should last extra long as compared to the beginner Learn to Fly. Uh brushed motor drones. Okay, those normally fail with time. These should last a while. Okay, so keep that in mind uh. One thing, though, brushless motors tend to be a lot more powerful than brushed motors, so I am kind of hesitant recommending this for beginner Flyers, but you know its supposedly a beginner drum well see. Now it weighs only 128 grams with the battery installed. What does that mean? That means that this particular drone does not require registration in most countries, folks thats, a biggie right there and additionally, its relatively inexpensive for a brushed brushless motor drone. I think this is running around 55 range. I believe you know for a brushless motor drone thats not too bad now.

It does include Optical flow in the belly here thats. This little sensor here see if I can bring that up and have it Focus but thats that little sensor right there, folks its a little camera that looks below the Drone and based on what it sees below the Drone. It helps automatically maintain the drones position in space, so it doesnt move around it. Shouldnt move around okay thats, a great big help for beginner Flyers right there. In addition to that, it comes with a little obstacle avoidance sensor that you can install on top for indoor flying mainly um Outdoors, just doesnt work so well, but indoors. It works real well and the way this works is folks, its a little hingier you just pop it up and just snap it into place, and it becomes an obstacle avoidance drone instantly. Okay, its got emitters on all sides of it and youve got a receiver on the side there. Actually, I believe, its the other way around Im, not quite sure, but what this does folks is. It sends out infrared beams in three in four directions around the Drone and it receives those infrared uh uh beams if it bounces off an object such as a wall again. This is for mainly for indoor flying to prevent you or to help lessen the chance of you impacting objects in your in your home. You dont want again you dont want to do that with these brushless motor joints, because these things are powerful when its going to hurt okay, these things Spin Real, Fast um.

Okay, I mentioned the obstacle avoidance, its powered by a 3.7 volt. Sixteen hundred milliampere hour battery thats pretty big battery for this drone, its supposed to give it about 20 minutes of flight time well see if thats, true or not, but thats, up to 20 minutes of flight time Im guessing its probably going to be around 10 minute Range, especially if you got this obstacle, avoidance sensor installed um, but I do recommend that you use the provided charging cable that comes with it notice. Its a little micro, USB plug or a plug in there do not use a regular, USB cable, okay phone charging cable. In this, I already tried that folks, the reason being its wired differently than this. I, when I tried to use a regular, you know a foam wall charger. It just did not charge the battery a little chart theres a little charging light. It comes on, I believe, its right there and I want to do that with a regular, USB cable, but it only would, when I used the provided cable so use the provided cable to charge the batteries. Dont use your own okay, just let you know that and give you a heads up right there. Now this slides in makes sure these little bumps are on the bottom. When you slide it in the other ways, the wrong way make sure its sliding all the way to to prevent accidents. You dont want the battery to come loose, while youre in in flight now lets talk about the camera on this.

Looking at the camera. First off there is no memory card slot on this drone. All the video and photos are recorded to your phone over Wi Fi, using the drones app now the camera on this. Is it records video to your phone at 720p thats 1280 by 720 pixels at 24 frames per second, it records still photos to your phone at 4K. Okay, however, those still photos are just frame grabs of that 720p video that have been electronically interpolated. That means electronically enlarged the 4K, so theres no real advantage in that you know its other than theyre using it as a marketing ploy to tell you that theres, a 4k camera theres, not a true 4k camera thats, not a native 4K. So, just giving you a heads up right, there youre not going to get a 4k camera and a beginners drone and a drone in the 50 price range. Keep that in mind. Also folks, like people, are often disappointed, saying yeah well its supposed to be 4K well. Technically it is, if you use this marketing Ploy, it is theres still, photos are have been enlarged to 4K, but again you a real 4k camera, is going to up the price of that to well over a hundred dollars. So keep that in mind folks youre not going to get a 4K in a 50 drone. Now other things about this um I mentioned 7, 10 or 20 feet the controller. The controller has a range of up to 150 meters, its being advertised now, thats control range thats, not fpv, video range and the reason being the fpv video.

This drone uses 2.4 gigahertz to send data to your phone via Wi Fi. That works with all phones. Thats a good point about it, but the problem is that 2.4 gigahertz. This controller is also operating on 2.4 gigahertz and they tend to interfere with each other in, in effect, the fpv video is not going to be as far as the control range of this controller. Your fpv video Im going to guess its probably a maximum, is only going to be about 50 meters but again, keep in mind. This is a beginners Learn to Fly. Drone beginners should not be flying further than 50 meters Im going to put that out there right now: okay, um other things about it. The controller has a lot of features on lets. Talk about the features heres its phone holder for your phone. I want to switch right there. You can move the camera up or down remotely using these buttons right here uh. The thing is, though, these up or down buttons when you activate them its, not smooth its jerky. You know like that. So keep that in mind again its a 50 drone youre not going to get real fine movement of that uh camera now youre starting to stop video. You press and hold this button here for two seconds and to take a photo, a quick press of this button to activate the um Im, still avoidance feature. You got to press this button here that turns the obstacle when its on and off.

If you want to save battery power and again, if youre lifting that weight that adds additional power drain to the battery, so if youre flying Outdoors, you know remove this entirely and and dont fly with the obstacle void its outdoors. If you want to save battery power and fly longer other things about it, it does have a flip feature which you activate by pressing this button right here then telling it which direction to flip now dont do be doing flips indoors with a brushless motor drone. Do that Outdoors fully folks um you dont want to it, will it will smack into something it hurts something it hurts hurt somebody if youre doing Flying indoors, Im all its almost guaranteed so dont. Do that other things about it. It does have headless mode. You can activate by pressing this button here and you can increase the rates theres three rates, beginner intermediate and expert for depending on the wind – and this button here starts the motors into idle and another press of this button. The Drone will take off and another press in the Drone will automatically land so thats. The controllers features now lets talk about the app this comes with a Wi, Fi, UAV, app or youre supposed to use the Wi Fi UAV app here, heres the instruction manual for it and how you can download it. In fact, Im going to include this up here. So you can go move your phone close to this camera screen and download the app yourself if you want to try it out, but thats, the app for it.

Uh Wi, Fi UAV and with the Wi Fi UAV app youll. Be that you use that for viewing and recording videos and photos on onto your phone. It also has some basic video editing features included in that in that particular app. Also, you can fly the Drone using your phone. It has virtual joysticks that you can activate and if you dont want to use this controller, you can turn on Virtual joysticks and fly it using your phone or via a Gravity Sensor that you put it into headless mode. And then you just tilt the phone right or left forward and back and the Drone will fly around just by tilting the phone and also, finally, it has whats called trajectory, fly thats a poor, mans, uh waypoints. This does not have waypoints lets talk about that right. Now, theres, no GPS in this drone at all. Okay and Ive seen some ads uh inferring this. This has returned to home capability that it has waypoints capability point of Interest capability. It does not have those features. Folks, those features are only available on GPS drones drones with GPSs. This does not have that feature, and only has that Optical flow to maintain its position, but it does have again trajectory fly and what that does is folks. Youll get a little map on your screen. Its just a little gray area and then you can draw a line on your screen and the Drone will generally fly in the direction of that line.

Um its just a GEOS feature. I people try it once and then forget about usually dont. Do it again so lets go over what you get in the Box? You get the uh nice carrying case. You get the Drone. You get the sensor for the the dry drone you get one or two batteries, depending on which version you you order. I recommend getting the one with the extra battery because youre going to have a hard time getting extra batteries afterwards, if you dont, you get the instruction manual for the app you get. The instruction manual for the Drone comes in English and Chinese heres. The English version of it, you get the controller you get. Okay, I mentioned the obstacle ones. You get the little hatch that goes on for outdoors. If you dont want to use the obstacle avoidance, you get the charging cable again. We recommend using this charging cable only and you get a spare set of propellers spare set of screws for screwing on the propeller and a little screwdriver for installing those propellers. So thats what comes in the Box folks, so thats, the ylc s y l, RC s138 – lets take this little drone out into the field. Hope you enjoy these flights good morning, quadcopter 101 here and welcome to Pleasant Ridge Park here in Gerard PA, for the test flight of the s 138. Okay, we are here, and I notice I dont – have the obstacle avoidance sensor on the top of this thing I removed thats for this flight.

We do not need that Outdoors were going to turn it on the Drone, but like so putting it on the pad. Turning on the controller and waiting to make sure that we are connected were connected now, Im going to open the app and connect to the app or to the Drone through the app it has that feature folks. Remember that okay, it automatically connected because I connected it at home already, so we should be good to go there, Im going to hit start and also were going to see if we got fpv video and no, we dont so Im gon na have to back out Again see whats up with our Wi Fi working on that flow, my five, no internet Im going to disconnect and reconnect and coming back up where you should be connected and backing out again and hitting start one more time there. Now we got now we have fpv video, so were good there. Let me check the Hat cam one more time before we go and before we take off make sure I am recording and then well start. Okay, we are connected. So all I need to do folks. First off, I want to turn off the virtual joysticks and then um also. I want to start the video recording by holding down this button here and we are recording and then were going to start. The motors now its a breezy day today were going to see how well this Optical flow works at a breeze and taking off its Breezy, but its drying its trying its best.

Let me get in the picture here: whats up there and uh say how do you like my shirt today? Folks, I dont know if you can see it or not, lets cut that a little lower back up a bit. I, like my shirt today, folks its a little Breezy a little cold, but look its holding its position, so this is a good outdoor flyer. Now, with that in mind, I want to go to higher rates. I want to fly this faster, so were going to go. Second right here and while were here, lets try a flip hitting the flip button, flip forward flip trying to show you what Im doing here. Doesnt want to do backflips even by thats, probably just a limitation. Okay lets go up a bit higher now. The optical flow is only going to work so far for about uh, I dont know I dont think its gon na work. A bad altitude lets see. Oh its still working Im surprised, uh. Okay were good 10 feet in here or actually 15 feet in the air and its working now look at our video on this, its nice and choppy thats because of the wind. We got a lot of wind today, but uh. Let me go to higher rates. Okay. Third Rate: oh wait! What was that? I forgot what I pressed here. Heres the third right lets see how this flies as a sport. Drone, oh Im, in a headless mode hold on.

I pressed that doesnt smoke Button had this boat off nice sport. Drone. Okay, come down a bit its nice little sporty little drone not super sporty. Now here comes out nice wind folks, this wind 10 miles per hour. Will it will it stop it that Optical flow is working awesome out here, okay, so yeah? This is an outdoor drone! Folks, uh, you know they say you can fly it indoors, but I would recommend keeping this Outdoors. It does a good job Outdoors. Let me show you the photos. This takes by the way. Okay, we saw the video coming down a bit Im gon na stop the video recording right there for a second. Actually, let me sync it up a bit now. A lot of my my viewers are saying whats this syncing up. You know Ive asked its four hobby stores already. Why are you asking a hobby store like this, but uh? This is whats called a Clapper board. Okay, what Im doing is? I dont have a Clapper board Im using my hands to help synchronize my audio with the audio on my camera. I had camera with the video on my drone. My drone does not have a built in microphone. Keep that in mind folks. So let me stop the video recording and getting a picture and take a picture. I think I took a picture. Try one more coming down a bit. I dont know if that took, but if that did, Im gon na use the app this time come up a bit higher.

Look at that box arrived from well there we go use the app to take pictures, one more and one more, just showing you what the camera looks like its just the frame grabs of the video. So okay lets go back to headless mode. Now, Im going to push forward on the Headless mode thats, the head is because its not working on this windy day here, boy that winds spot firing up here, but this drone doesnt seem to mind and whats cool about. It is Optical flow system works even in the Wind Im, not holding it. Oh its going to try it its fighting it look at that lets go up to it. Okay, Im not sliding folks that Optical flow is working real well and, and the breeze is about 10 miles per hour right now. I dont know if you can hear that on the microphone, but its working very well so thats a great feature right there. Okay turn the camera back on the video camera, because its not recording now it is lets, turn it around and see how that Optical flow works. Point the other direction. Okay, working, real! Well, my dogs. Over there. I cant lets see how far we can fly before we lose fpv Im gon na go over. That way. Did I fly over toward them? I dont know Im almost there. So Im not gon na go too far with this, because I dont trust it when coming back toward me turn it to the right to the right to the right should be coming toward me.

Now turn it to left. Coming back toward me now, thats, a skill. You need to learn. Okay, we got it, we still got it thats. The skill you folks need to learn. This drone would be a good one to learn with, because that Optical flow will prevent you from getting into too much trouble. You know if you get out there and you lose your orientation, let go of the sticks and itll stop itself in mid flight, see Im not flying it its flying itself. This one has a good Optical flow on it for outdoor flying. I dont know how well it works indoors were gon na. I havent really floated indoors. Yet I just wanted to try it Outdoors first, but uh apparently its doing a good job. Let me get in the camera again. Actually, I should turn it around and put the sun in the other direction to show you its camera and lets go down one on the uh Gibble there. I am okay again one more time. How do you like my shirt today, folks there we go doing it proper now proper, quadcopter, 101 video, so Im not Im, not flying it, its flying itself, just like its a GPS bird except it does not have returned to home thats a limitation of these Optical Flow systems you do not have return to home capability, but it flies well and its holding its position real well outdoors in a real breezy day and thats.

That impresses me very much that it can do that. Okay um! As an indoor drone, I am kind of hesitant about this because of those brushless motors those are kind of powerful for be flying indoors, but as an outdoor drone, this things awesome, I got ta say for the price. What it can do now keep in mind. You know these brushless motors they should last they should last quite a while, unless you crack it up real hard thats the difference, dont crack it up, but uh see what havent I tried. Uh yeah lets. Try one of these Advanced features on this in this app yeah thats, not an advanced features, and how do I back out of that doesnt show uh? Oh, I should have done that there we go come out of it uh one of the other things on this app. I cant find oh there. They are up in the upper right corner: okay, theyre all blurred out because Im not flying and man Im, not Im flying with the controller to do those uh that mode uh where it um simulates waypoints. You got to be uh in flying it with the uh. Your phone and Im not gon na, do that, especially on a date like today, so were gon na keep flying it with the controller when youre flying it. With the controller you can see, those Advanced features of uh of uh draw two fly two points by drawing on your screen a great ad, but theyre not really big features anyway.

So keep that in mind, and they dont really work, as as you think they would. Let me put it that way: okay, that wind spots, this thing around so lets fly it around. You know everyones hitting hard, but it still flies Im Amazed. It can really zip around going funnels with it fuse the heck out of it. Its pretty bad lets see you after that. Letting go of the sticks. Pulling back on. This sticks that confused it okay, pulling back in the sticks, bring it back toward me. It wants to fly forward. Is it going to stop Flying forward eventually? Yeah? Okay, so the optical flow took over there as it was trying to pitch into that wind, but just showing you Im still not flying it so were going to see how many minutes we get out of this battery may say: 20 minutes thats pretty good. If thats true, let me turn the video recording back on again coming back down again syncing up the camera, you got to see the camera to do that and again the reason is: look up, clapperboard, clapboard or clapperboard. If you, if youre wondering why I do that synchronization folks, those of you, especially those that you said you wanted to your hobby store to ask ask about the hobby people making another the hobby store is not going to know what I was doing there. I guarantee that, okay, that wind is really picking up now were about 12 miles per hour.

Let go the sticks. Is it gon na all right its the only position, Im amazed and were getting low battery power warning whats it do on on complete low battery? Does it land itself or does it fall out of the sky thats? The next question were going to ask okay Im going to stop the video recording right now, because the big feature of this again is the stability Optical flow system for beginners to be able to fly this outdoors in a field you fly. This in your backyard is innocent in essence, there its easily so yeah. This is a backyard flyer Park, flyer, not so much indoors, though folks and Ill show you why, when I take it indoors, it scares the heck out of me to fly a brushless motor drone in this size, even though its under 250 grams, those Motors are still Spinning pretty fast as compared to brush to motor drone, which doesnt do that they dont make that noise. When you hear that you dont want to get near those props – and here I am near them, so okay were waiting here for the fast last few minutes. Here. Let me get in there: the camera go up a bit higher, see Hello, ma thats the sync up again the screen, but do we got any power left to do a flip? Now dont do flips anymore after the battery starts saying its low? Should I run it all the way down, I am going to run it all the way down until either falls out of the sky or lands itself, one or two so doing a good job lets spin.

It spin it a bit. I, like this drone spin it the other way Music coming around great beginners drone. This is one of the best beginner drones, Ive seen but again meant for outdoors. In my opinion, in my opinion, indoor flying, I wouldnt do it and there it is thats the end of the flight, so out of power. So let me stop the video recording and give you my final thoughts folks so again meant as a beginners Learn to Fly. Drone the price is at that point. You know in the 50 price range for a brushless motor drone with a good Optical flow system for outdoor flying. I dont know well how well Optical 4 is going to work indoors. Well, try that um but uh. I kind of like it so hope you enjoyed this flight quadcopter 101 with the s138 Drone quadcopter 101. Let me hold it up, so you can see it with my new camera. Quadcopter 101. signing out good morning. Quadcopter 101, here welcome to the indoor Test Flight Facility of uh, quadcopter 101. uh were going to do a test flight of the s138 indoors, as promised uh mainly. I want to demonstrate this obstacle avoidance system. On top of this, it doesnt rotate. It stays stationary folks but um. The thing is this only works indoors this this system right there, because it uses infrared you take this Outdoors sunlight tends to interfere with that system with these infrared systems, so mainly its for indoor flying uh.

Additionally, Im going to limit the flight I do in indoors here, because I demonstrated most of the features already outdoors and I do feel uncomfortable a little bit uncomfortable. I got ta admit it flying this brushless motor drone indoors its just a little too powerful for playing around with you know. I feel you know easy if its a brushed motor drill but brushless I get a little bit uh hesitant about flying it around myself. I dont want to get myself cut up, because these will hurt these propellers work, because brushless motors tend to spend quite a bit faster than brushed motor drones. Okay, I have this. I have this bound to the controller Im going to put it on the takeoff pad here pad here, so we should be good to go. I got the app already connected to the Drone and were going to hit start and we got fpv video Im going to turn off that rocker bar in the lower right corner by pressing that button there. That turns on and off the ability to fly this you by using your phone. Now again, I dont recommend using your phone to fly this either. Okay use the controller, it gives you much better control, Im going to turn on the video recorder anyways while were in. Although were indoors, you saw what the video can do outdoors, but lets try it indoors too. So we are ready to go Im going to unlock the Drone by pressing this button here and pressing automatic take off and were going to see how well the first off how well the optical flow system works.

Indoors notice, my uh setup over there for my test drive facility for my fpv race cars, but lets go up a bit higher and from there at that position here lets try a flip, yeah yeah see thats. I dont I dont recommend flying this indoors. Folks, dont do stunts with us indoors either. Okay, this drone is mainly for outdoors. In my opinion, my opinion. Okay lets put it back on the pad. Hopefully I didnt damage it Im, hoping uh, while its on the pad there Im going to do a compass calibration. Usually you can do these by down and out on both sticks. Yep there we go Compass has been recap calibrated. You want to do that after a crash, uh recalibrate, your compass again to do that, put it on a flat level surface and bring both sticks down and out like so until the lights, blink and the kit. The compass should be recalibrated lets see if weve got any problems with the Drone with a takeoff again automatic takeoff, hopefully its okay. It looks. Okay appears to be okay, now, Im going to step back a bit and press turn the obstacle avoidance system on okay and Im going to get down on my knees here and the obstacle avoidance is working because you can see that blinking lets see if it detects The hot tub by going slowly forward, ah there we go its working. You hear that beep beeping it wouldnt.

Let me go any further. Let me go up a bit higher lets. Try the wall over my test, drive facility on the other side of the test, drive facility going forward and sponsor against it Im, giving it full forward pitch. It wont. Let me go over there, bringing it back again. Okay away from the wall lets bring it closer lets see if it detects me, bringing it toward me slowly, slowly, slowly and Im trying to pull back and no it. It detects me also so going forward again lets see if the text the right wall going to the right. Let me go up a bit higher too yeah Im trying to go to the right wont. Let me go any further than two meters. Two meters seems to be the distance lets see if it detects the stanchion yep. Does that too? So your Optical flow system does work on this for not Optical flow. The uh. Well, the optical flow does work on this, but so does the obstacle avoidance. Let me lower those gimbals one. One thing here lets go over my test drive facility and record it there. It is my test drive facility. Okay, turn it to the left. Now, when you fly this indoors, like Im, doing fly this one slow folks, take your time with this one. As I mentioned, I you dont want to crash it, and you know what that thing bump it into anybody like your dog or anything like your dog youll feel real bad.

So there I am over there. Let me go up a bit higher hi folks. I got my shirt today. This one come from. Can you who out there can name who this character? Okay? Besides quadcopter 101. Im going up a bit, raising the gimbal up a bit higher so yeah? This works, the obstacle flow system, work Optical flow system works. So does the um obstacle avoidance detectors, detecting my head there now its not, but so be careful. Its detected me again lets go a bit faster. This detected, oh its, detecting the wall on the right, so now its detecting, I yeah its taking the wall already lets. Go a bit forward forward forward forward and its gon na it was gon na. Let me run into the wall that time it was detecting it, but it didnt stop, because I was going a little too fast, so thats, why? Another reason why you want to go slow indoors with this so because you can overcome the Obstacle of winds, youre going a little bit too fast with this, so I just wanted to prove this does fly indoors, but I would limit flying this Outdoors folks. In my opinion, okay, in my opinion, so okay, we showed that indoor flying thats about it Im going to call it quits here folks, uh Landing it. So let me give you my final thoughts on this um yeah. Its a good beginners Learn to Fly. Drone like as all as most of these toy drones are very good.

Beginner slide Im going to fly drone for October flying, in my opinion, folks limit this one to Outdoors uh indoors, youre gon na Crash It crack it up. You saw me crack it up already indoors, just letting you know just giving you a heads up very good outdoor flyer, though Optical flow system, Outdoors works extremely well. I was very surprised how well it works, especially in that window, that we took this with so so. This is the s138 hope you enjoyed these flights. This is quadcopter 101. signing up hi quadcopter 101. Here again, hey. If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel its real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that Bell button right.