Look what i got! Oh, i got another drone. I got another one and so far oh golly, this thing im, not a fan. Uh lets see, dropped my phone calls of it. Wasnt listening had phone about it stood up, see what was going on and crack the screen yay. So its cost me that and then other things i was flying a little drone and out about there you see that fence its uh sure so 100 feet 100 feet and then the trees, just behind the fence theres another 100 feet well about 150 feet a little Drone just took a hard right, just took a hard right and disappeared behind those trees there and kept going, and several seconds of i dont know anymore. Couldnt see i panicked im hitting every button on the thing. One of them was the return to home button, but it was constantly losing gps signal prior to that it was beeping at me for many unknown reasons at the time – and i gave up – i just simply pulled down on the throttle and said please land somewhere and Next thing – and it was just totally relaxed, getting ready to contemplate, walking out there and go hunting for it, and i saw it. I saw it center screen and the little thing was just moving over and i said no, what did you see? Something looks like a so i started. Getting a little bit of control could get some orientation on it and miraculously thats the word for it.

Oh, it came back so Laughter. This video, oh man, it is im not kidding, it is anybodys guess. So. What have i got good to say about the little drone, um uh its got brushless motors, and it does have a little bit of distance as far as control. If you want to call it that its got some lack of control, though, and plenty of it plenty plenty of it so lets see, if i can do this with one hand, cause yeah the evolution that that didnt happen. Oh man, dont even get me started on forehands, so all right, it clicks into place shove the battery the rest of the way in there supposed to have a clip on the little battery, but uh it the little clip doesnt work because they made it out of That craptastic plastic and its just fla it doesnt work thats the bottom line. It does have optical flow, it does work, it does have electric gimbal, it does work and aint the little eye is cute. Let me tell you what at night they look just like lights. So kudos on that crappy paint there, and this thing is the ylrc yeah. Does that sound like somebody? This is this experimental model s? What mm? Hmm all that and what happens when you turn it on, sounds to me like its made by Music jjrc as things screaming jjrc. So with that oh baby baby lets fly this puppy. Oh man, thats.

Probably a mistake right there, but im gon na prop the camera up, because i dont have the screen recorder, thingy going so im, just gon na hope, im gon na move it around a little bit and i hope it stays there. But the whole thing on it is its got buttons: its got buttons like everything else, so you do a compass calibration. You press this little button here and that causes it to blink yeah, itll blink at you again, this headless mode. This is another calibration im fixing to press this bottom one is unlocked and this one on the right left here, a little house on it. I have no idea, maybe its not a house but its the gps on and off button thats. What that is, and your camera up and down and then this is speed, one two and three – and this is return to home dont dont press that button dont press that button you cant get it home just pull down on this button, please good good night. So with that yeah and press one button, im gon na press this button – here – oh my god, thats supposedly you know im a quarter turn thing: ive had a drone that only operated on one turn, most all of the rest of them. You know what i aint. Seeing the blinkage on here either i aint not seeing the blanket. Let me put this again: uh huh! Oh, you know what i press the wrong button, thats the button im supposed to press this top button.

I just said that now lets do this thing, spinning and the confusion part where i get one turn out of it: thats the one turn and shoot, and one and three quarter turns now. Thats really completely odd to me, but regardless lets see blinking all of them all of them, blinking slow. So now oh wait a minute! It does request, you point it down and counterclockwise and look. I got a blinkage already and ive done. Half a turn. Half a turn, yeah im really kind of wondering about that, and then with that ah get out the way. Oh now i can arm it. I can put a little sticks down: little sticks down and arm it down and out – or i can press this little button here and then simply press that up up and thatll cause it to rise and hover. You cant control that dont try but then once its in the hover, oh it aint gon na hover along. But in my experience you, you better put both hands on this thing and keep them there. So lets lets do that down and out. Oh, oh, oh! Oh there we go all right there, it is ah and that just didnt listen just took off around the corner. Let me, as far as i get to walk and go get it yeah. I aint going to walk by myself. Im scared! Here you go with me. I dont even know whats around this corner.

Look at it look! Look at you, rotten, stinking troublemaker. You so supposedly a little drone, its not heavy its uh quarter pound, maybe uh says its 200 grams. Anyway, there we are im putting down there. It might be safe. This time prop this thing back up: it takes both hands. You dont just uh uh. Now this aint, this aint that drunk oh im, nursing these controls. I aint gon na kidney, this aint Music, two and three speed three and a little drone just makes me nervous. It really does it, i believe its got gps going on it right now lets see. Lets try no gps, yeah. I think, of course, and theyre supposed to be supposed to be a light on there telling you its got gvs or not. You just, i suppose, get to figure it out, whatever mode im in now seems to be flying its pretty peppy theres some pep to it, and it does almost seem to be listening almost, which is rare. Its been my first experience im telling you yesterday when it flew around the corner. That was it. I have no idea how that drone came back, see it has a little mystery sounds like its doing something and im not telling it to, and it does it just makes me worry, and i dont even know if you can see it over there or not. But, oh that aint optical flow yeah hold on to something now its not a horrible drone and uh second flight.

My second battery i got, i got a solid 18 minutes out of it, thats thats. What i got so i was. I was a little bit impressed with it lets press this little home button here and it says beep beep lets see. I dont know if one beat means: ive got gps, i dont know oh yeah, its still whoa, just its a little odd its not flying exactly straight. It turns it pivots, and i find myself having to yeah get a little pop quiz is what i get on. How to handle it right, quick, oh this is that part theres nice aint that nice itll do that for a minute, all right press that button again, you see no lights Music. I still dont see any lights. Ah, you didnt, listen! Uh lets see! Oh yeah right is right. There we go oh its, not going left there, we go. Finally, so it now. I imagine to just see if you can see what im doing it has a tendency to not respond for a split second and then over respond little stinker. Ah, get up get up, get away Music. I dont think i made it. No, i didnt make it no thats. It lets walk over there and go get it man ill. Tell you what somebody has trouble walking. I sure do a lot more of it than i care to i dont know i dont know i dont recommend the thing ill.

Tell you not just already it flies, you could take it somewhere. You got wide opening, i mean wide open but uh other than yeah. I dont, i think youre gon na spend a whole lot of time walking to go, get it thats. What i think – and you see, judging from the looks of that one thats – not necessarily always a good thing – not fun, but im gon na fly it again, because i aint got it stuck in the tree. Yet cut the camera up again and see see what we get out of it. A little knob wiggly thing here: Music, thats, pretty much all im doing with it and itll itll itll, look just smooth as silk long enough to get you a little bit of trust built up in it and then itll fool. You thats exactly what its good at im gon na call. This drone the artful dodger because thats exactly what its good at oh yeah, yeah. No you aint listening lets, see what i can get with one knob out of here and we aint even talking about the fpv and any of the little feature things that it supposedly has but its a challenge. This look this this aint, a boring drone to fly at all this thing here keeps you on your toes. You dont know what to expect. I dont know what isnt, but it does have a little bit of distance, but basically my my feelings on it is its a very toy drone with brushless motors thats.

Basically, the best thing about it and i refuse to buy anything that doesnt have brushless motors with the industry. What it is that theres just no sense in putting money into a bunch of features of something thats gon na fly after five seven hours on the motors that its just gon na fall out of the sky, because one of the motors going to quit and lock Up so yeah no im not im not doing that, but this is uh sp3 huh, hey whoa, whoa, whoa man, so oh yeah its a little challenge. I dont see very well. I got blurry vision in my old age and its hard for this thing to get away from me front versus back, which is which you see its got some momentum. I can be pressing front, but its going back for just a few seconds, and so i dont think that its listening, so i tell it to go front again. Oh thats been interesting a few times, then you get to where you fly it on faith like that. I held it and it wasnt responding, but i didnt let off of the controller uh, oh yeah, that one did it so yeah. This is my my oh. This is my exercise drone here, because if im gon na fly this thing you can count on it. Im gon na get some exercise ah ill, just cover it up and be done with it and just rest in peace, but i wont its still on no because a little clippy thing in the back of the drone theyre supposed to clip the battery in there dont Clip because people fools job, it is to know what you would think they would know this by now i told you when it came over here and came out of pack it wasnt gon na work.

When i put my hands on it, i knew it wasnt gon na work, but yet these peoples got a job designing stuff which they do impress me a lot ill, give them that, but they somehow dont know its not gon na work on paper. It works. Just fine dont it look at that little clip just lines up in there, dont it and then poof and it doesnt clip. I dont know if you can see in the crack in there it doesnt clip doesnt go in there far enough to clip so its useless. Somebody im glad im, not the only one that sucks at math yeah, so battery drone. Oh yeah, do this here cause this dont turn off all by itself. I dont recommend it. I dont recommend the little drone at all, not even a little bit its got. Brushless motors, though save uh save up and get something a little more im im gon na go back to sandy that uh epic, five, sg10, 100, 906, sg906 pro or the uh x, 16 believe it or not, but thats, not a beginner drone ls. If you can connect to it and get it off the ground, youll enjoy it, but that first part yeah, thats theres a drunk test built in there. So this one guys yeah thats a pass theres a ylrs uh.