My friend bought one and wanted us to see how it works. This, my friends, is an exclusive pay attention to its nose again, its one of those cold air intakes air goes in powers, some sort of generator in there and well goes out the back, but thats not how its powered notice the jewel thats on its back. This is the same power source as the fly spy drone that we had just looked at earlier today, the one right there on the small of his back, the blue, the blue jewel. I know again, i have no idea what it is, its some sort of catch. All light source – and there is that same jewel, just got to plug it in and voila it is an extra power source. The back of this b flips up as youre, seeing there sorry its a little off there. You go yes, so it flips up the jewel goes inside. It is a catch all for all sorts of light, its not just uv, its, not just moon. It is a little of everything. Even artificial light sources can power. This thing i cannot remember the official name for it. I will try to do better research. I feel as if i failed you, my apologies and no monster energy. Drink is not our sponsor, but please sponsor us please. Ah here we are now. This is a drone. There is no question about it. This is artificial in nature, it is mechanical, it is digital, he is controlling it with a control pad all right.

I want you guys to know this. This is not up for debate. This is a drone all right. Just like the fly was, i showed you last time. These are drones. I keep telling you guys and for some reason the comment section just keeps turning into a battle between, if its real or if its fake it is fake. I cant tell you guys enough, and i am not a flat earther and i am not a globe earther. For some reason. You guys want to call me that for some reason i dont know how that even has anything to do with this. But whatever lets move on this thing is great for urban combat its also great for hiding right in front of your face. How? Because nobody wants to go around bugs nobody wants insects on or around them, especially bees. Knowing that this thing could sting, you is one of the worst things in the world. I dont know why, because it doesnt even hurt that bad, but for some reason people are deathly afraid of bees now notice. There are no hairs on this bee. Just like the fly drone that i showed you guys its not real, i dont know how else to say it, but i know theres going to be some knuckleheads in the comments section still battling for supremacy over real or fake its fake okay. Whoever is on the fake side, they want. I dont even want to talk about it.

All right. Jesus, ah, i know, were headed there, thats the worst part about this anyway. This thing has got an hour and a half flight time. How my drone i have the mavic dji mini 2 and that thing doesnt even fly 40 minutes. I think its like 20 minutes, something like that um and i got the battery extender. I guess with two of them: itll go 40. but uh. Why do you have to buy the extender? Why doesnt that come with it and why cant we just have batteries that last 40 minutes. I dont see the problem. I really dont whats the point anyway talking about a mini this right here. My friends is a mini. All right, this is as many as it gets. You saw its about the size of a quarter, and that is even with the power source the jewel still inserted into the back um. Now it has all sorts of cameras all over it. I am shocked at how clear the cameras are on this thing. That is the one thing he did not include im going to get a clip from. I want you guys to see how clear this is. The only reason why i know is because he plugged me in while he was recording on his phone, why he didnt send that over is beyond me. Im very sorry, i i feel bad again. I failed you. I will do better next time. Gentlemen and ladies now, here it is one of the coolest drones ive ever seen in my life honestly, the fly spy drone that we were checking out earlier is definitely, in my opinion, more real and more badass looking than this, but all in all this is really Badass looking, but i still feel like, i would swap the out of this thing just at a general purpose, even if i owned it, even if i knew all about it, then it was fake and that i was that i owned it.

It was two thousand dollars. I still feel like i would have a really bad day and end up swatting it just out of pure forgetfulness, where the big fat fly. Spy drum i dont know man, i dont feel like you could swap that out of the air that puppy was a tank with wings. Anyway, this is boogie.