Weve got something very interesting today: the yamaha tricity, or is it tri city, never get the pronunciation right, the yamaha tri city 300.? Is it a scooter, a motorbike, a trike? Is it possibly even classed as a car lets, find out jump on board, go for a cruise and see what its like to ride without a license? Okay, guys very, very interesting one motorcycling without a license. Now, okay, when i say without a license, you do need some sort of a license to ride this. I more meanly mean mainly mean without a motorcycle license. You dont need a motorcycle license to ride this due to the front wheels being a certain width apart. Its actually classed as a trike, so you can ride this on a car license, which is very interesting, its certainly a different looking machine thats for sure under here, theres all sorts going on. There looks incredibly complicated and clever, but this is going to be very, very interesting concept to ride, see how it rides what it feels like and how it goes really. First off huge. Thank you to branson motorcycles. They do yamaha honda theyre down in yeovil in somerset, very kind for lending me this machine for the day, couldnt turn down the offer, really its a very interesting looking bike. Is it a bike, a trike, a car, not too sure, im pretty sure its classed as a scooter from my professional opinion? What well do just go for an initial ride, see how it is to ride, and i have never ridden a trike or a scooter with three wheels.

Whatever were referring to it as so well just set off and go for a cruise now go through sort of immediately my thoughts of what it feels like to ride and whether its easy, etcetera and then well go into more specifics about licenses how it works. Details horsepower figures etc. So stay tuned, its a very interesting one. What i do know i have done a little bit of research on this machine, its a twist and go so basically it is a scooter, but its got those two wheels at the front. So its sort of trickish and feeling a bit odd, you get a lot of looks already people looking at you, its just completely normal, really im trying to get my head around the two front wheels. Do i steer it like a car, or do i steer it like a motorbike thats, weird theres, a few little trick. Gadgets lets just call electricity. Stick with that word: tri city tricity. I think its probably personal preference, okay, so its very stable, immediate thoughts, its not exactly like a scooter. Well, you can lean in you can definitely i mean, of course you can lean it the right hand. Brake is not very strong. I have to say that you can definitely lean it, but when youre immediately, if youre stopped and coming out of the junction, you cant like use your body to to coax it round the corner as much as you can on an ordinary two wheeled scooter or a Motorbike but initial impressions, its uh yeah.

It may look different and slightly weird concept and not intimidating but strange, but uh its really easy to ride a lot easier than a scooter. I think, even if youve never ridden a motorbike, just a tiny bit. Weve done here. Just in town just going in a straight line and the odd junction i mean you just take your hands off the wheel, its very easy, its a twist and go scooter isnt it its just a lot more stable okay. So you can just thinking what it was like in traffic there like filtering, because its not a theres so much to say about this: its not a scooter. Is it but its, not a car. So is it complete misconcept, where its not useful, or is it actually quite useful yeah so the front brakes theyre, not weak, but theyre, not great, but actually, if you yank on the left, one theyre very good, so youve got a nice option. There youve got three brakes: youve got a left hand here right hand, which i believe is the front, and then a foot brake, which is the rear, which is right for slow maneuvers. But the one you want to be using is the left hand brake because that uses all of the brakes front and rear all right leans in yeah its quite fun there, of course, this being a trike its got, you know its got two front wheels. Its got brakes on every wheel so effectively youve got an extra set of brakes than your ordinary motorcycle, so speed wise jesus, 300cc, single cylinder engine and im going 65 miles an hour.

Absolutely no problem at all. It doesnt feel like its straining one bit really doesnt its very smooth, maybe quite obvious, but i can say the wind protection is considerably better than on most motorbikes at a highway speeds right lets, uh get to a town and see what shes like around town. So i just realized hope you can hear me its quite windy. I wasnt even concentrating thats, just going 75 miles an hour, no problem at all, just sort of looking around at the fields and enjoying the scenery. I have to get that in there before we get to town and you dont need a bike motorbike license its really really easy to ride a very, very smooth engine. Okay, so a little bit of town riding see what the tristi 300 is like. Its a v bail belt transmission, so basically its just a twist and go throttle so in town it, its very reminiscent, i mean almost identical to the scooter transmission wise. You just roll on no need for clutching gears, literally nothing by your feet. Apart from the rear brake twist and go very, very simple, so no worries about stalling it if youve never ridden a motorbike before or anything like that, yeah i mean. Obviously it is a fair bit wider than a two wheeled scooter or motorcycle, but then on that matter it is a lot thinner more so than it is wider. If you see what i mean than a than a car, this is 850 millimeters overall width at its widest point and your average car is just below 2 000 millimeters 2 meters.

This is considerably thinner than a car. If im being honest, my main thing when i see these is like okay, i understand it for town, but is it really here you go ive just done two cars there. It wasnt really necessary, but just to show you the uh capabilities of it yeah you can go on the inside there. Is it really really that much more beneficial than a car? You know its quite wide, but oh dogfight. In all honesty, i can say its good for for in town riding and, for instance, city youre, much more, you can definitely filter on this, definitely make much quicker progress than you can in a car and then theres the parking as well. Whether this is classed as a motorbike and you can park in motorbiking places by the law – i dont know, but i dont think anyones uh take a second look or question you and say: thats, not a motorcycle sir. You cant park that there parking wise its a fair bit better than a car as well. I mean im riding it like a motorbike im, just looking straight for the opportunities to overtake other cars. I mean some busy road up here immediately going for the overtakes, its its really good, definitely better than cars for filtering and theres. The added bonus lets turn around here. Oh its good steering, lock. Oh lets tell you one thing that would be good: reverse gear, im afraid it doesnt have a reverse gear.

That would be a nice touch, but the one thing better for filtering in town, if youre not used to riding a motorbike its obviously the two front wheels its so much more stable when youre at slow speeds. So you do have to put your feet down. If you stop its not going to stay up by itself, but it is a lot more stable than two wheels. However, the tristi 300 and the trusty 125 have a little bit of a trick up their sleeve, and we shall demonstrate that just up here. This is the best place i can find. Oh no. I have to stop, but i dont want to put my feet down hello tristy this button here, look at that hands off feet in the air. No cars behind me, theres. Just one button on the left here, its called the standing assist yamaha are calling it and, as you pull up to the lights or a junction like this, where i dont need to be stopping at all but im doing it for demonstration purposes. You can just press that button and it basically locks the um the front two wheels itll go into more depth in it in a bit it doesnt, lock the suspension, etc. So when you want to go roll onto the throttle and it automatically disables, the um stand, assist and you just start moving again and youre back into riding so thats a really cool feature which i believe at the moment just yamaha are doing on their trustees.

Theres. The piaggio mp3 – it does do that, but it does it in a slightly different way where the the piaggio actually locks the suspension and the steering so youre literally bolted in, whereas this yamaha is, i think, a better system. It only locks the parallelogram big word, not the suspension, the steering, so you can still feel the suspension and you can still steer, which is which is good all right. This looks like a nice place to stop. Lets have a little talk around more of the figures and more in depth. Um lets demonstrate that stand assist again. You get a nice beep, look im rolling backwards with it on that strange, but you just a break and um completely no feet and then, as i roll on the throttle, it comes off immediately and its not bad. But just you would want to be aware when you do come on the throttle that immediately its its tilting again but its not a problem. Its also got a standard side stand as well, which cuts the engine ive just found out when you put it down so guys. The trusty 300 retails at 8 100 pounds and its a 292 actually cc single piston engine um with. Obviously, as i was saying, the automatic does twist and go throttle gearbox. It has 28 brake horsepower and 29 newton meters of torque which for me in terms of im, not willy waving um. So you want of a better term, but in terms of motorbikes that doesnt sound like a lot of power and cars even less, but as you saw earlier, its just on the dual carriageway there and honestly i wasnt was hardly even thinking.

I didnt even notice, and i was going 70 miles an hour just i was just looking at the fields relaxing turn around look at the speeder im going 75 miles an hour actually, but it was really smooth and the wind protections really very, very good better than Most motorbikes, because its just so wide good power, wise and a nice motor, very, very smooth, great for in town, and you can definitely take it on um, dual carriageways and motorways, no problem at all so price wise. How can i say this? I think 8. 100, pounds is on the pricier side for a scooter, but then you look at the size of it in the flesh, its a its quite a substantial thing, its not just like a 50cc 125 scooter, its a proper piece of engineering. We take a look under the front in a minute the suspension and parallelogram thats holding the two wheels together, its all very complicated technology, thats very clever, so yeah its eight eight thousand one hundred pounds. But if you look at the competition which really theres not that much youve got the trusty yamaha trusty one two five, and that comes in at 4, 201 pounds. So pretty much half the price for very similar machine just with a smaller engine thats, where i start to question the the price of this hands up, i havent ridden the one two five, so i cant say whether it is is as capable as this machine.

The other competition is the piaggio mp3 sport, which is seven thousand two hundred and fifty pounds again full disclosure i havent, ridden that machine either, but from from the research ive done on them. This does seem to have a few more tricks up its sleeve. So to speak, that may help it trump, the piaggio so yeah that extra extra, what six seven hundred pounds may be worse, maybe worse, spending on it, okay guys! So i take her off a stand. Seat height, its 795 millimeters bearing in mind, is quite a wide seat on it. Im nine foot, nine foot, five, five foot nine and i can flat foot it just about, but yeah the the seats very comfortable for in town. If you need to put a leg down, but with that uh stand assist you, you dont need to put a leg down effectively, so the seat height is very good. Now one thing to mention whether you are a motorcycle rider or youre a car driver. It weighs 2′ 240 kilograms, which is heavy for a motorbike thats like a big thats, a gs, big adventure style motorcycle weight. If youre coming from a car, thats incredibly light and in town it, the weight doesnt affect how easy it is to ride. Doesnt really affect the practicality of it bar. If youre doing a. U turn, it can be a little tricky to walk it backwards because it doesnt have a reverse gear, thats one one issue with it, but other than that, the weights, not a problem.

Youve got the two front wheels that give you the extra extra balance so guys on to a slightly complicated bit the suspension at the front, its not that complicated its a double telescopic fork with a hundred millimeters of travel and obviously youve got one for each each Wheel and yeah, i mean the suspension, its, not excuse the pun, its not groundbreaking its, not an absolutely incredible suspension, but theres nothing wrong with it. If you, if you hit a bump, it is slightly clunky if were comparing it to other scooters, is better than other scooters yeah. So its a bit of a roundabout way of saying it, its not really flashy olins motorcycle suspension, but having two sets of it with the front wheels up front. It is quite pliable up front, but on the rear you can feel potholes when you go over them. So the rear suspension is a unit spring two of them on the rear there uh with 84 millimeters of travel, okay, guys so on to the brakes. Um well go for the front and the rear, so youve got a 265 millimeter single disc, but on each wheel on the bike. So you have three of them. One on the rear, obviously and and two on the front, makes sense um but yeah its a nissan caliper and the brakes are really interesting on this bike. I was finding them a little bit, not so great and then sort of finding them really good.

Well, just go over them quickly, ill show you on the on the bike now now up front here, youve got two brakes right hand and left hand. What far as i can tell the well, it is the right hand. Brake is the front brakes where the left hand, which is good the right hand. Brake is, is nice its definitely far from snappy, its actually quite slow. But when you pull on it, it does bring you to a stop, but relatively slowly, whereas the left brake is again its not snappy at all, but the left brake is applying the brakes on all three wheels and its not snappy at all its actually quite slow. Progressive, but when you ill do it in a second to demonstrate when you yank on it on the road, it brings you to a big stop its quite reassuring, all right guys. So lets jump back on and go for a ride and see what shes, like on some more sort of twistier faster roads, see how she handles first off cant. Do a scooter review without checking what storage under the seat. Its like youve got two buttons here on the left fuel on the right seat right, so i was struggling to open the seat there and the fuel cap, but its actually quite straightforward. Youve got your ignition key here. Two buttons switch it across to open, and then you press, press, the seat button and theres your seat seat opens.

You can fit two full face helmets in here and thats, a lot of storage that is luxury um. Its just got a few gubbins there, but fit a fair amount of shopping in there as well. You can optionally get a rack for the back as well with the top box, so you can fit even more luggage in there um your fuel cap just a button here on the left press fuel and there you go. She pops up. You can top her up. There and you switch the ignition one more around to the right to on turn her on and were good to go lets test. The uh stand assist so im just going to stop here. For you press the button should beep yeah come to a stop. Oh, my god, its nerve, wracking, yeah and its absolutely fine. It doesnt break the wheels. So if youre on an incline, itll roll just have to dab the brake and hold that. But as soon as i come on the throttle theres a yellow light here, you should see that go out and then youre youre no longer being supported so to speak. Yeah yeah that comes off quite quickly. Admittedly, you probably shouldnt. Do it with a bush straight ahead of you but yeah, just something to be aware of, if youre at the lights, but turning wise just in this car park, its so easy, but it it does, have a motorbike feel to it.

Its weird lets just go up. Some uh country roads here and go a little bit faster, see if shes any fun on on some sort of country lanes really one you get that motorbike feel full on the throttle. Now. Oh yes, weird, you can be really accurate with the steering because it really doesnt take any skill. Its got plenty of power plenty of power and youre not going to be breaking any records, but i mean plenty of power to keep up with traffic so around the corners. It is motorbike esque, feeling youre just so much more sturdy. It doesnt really require any skill. Now you dont need a light. A motorbike license to to ride one of these on the english roads rules may vary in different countries, so be sure to check that its relaxing out on these roads youre not going to have a blast on it. I dont think its quick enough, but its very relaxing well round off the video with a conclusion. I think in town, a very interesting uh proposition. I personally would just buy a scooter because i prefer two wheels. I just i just prefer it. I find it more fun, but yamaha are aiming this at car drivers really to convert them to getting one of these thats just so much more practical for in town and cities. I think its a really good idea personally im, not a massive fan of the looks to put it nicely, you know, looks – are subjective yeah, but for in town i get so far.

I often im in london quite a lot and i get so frustrated with uh. How many cars there are and how theyre just not going anywhere theres literally people sitting there in their cars in traffic, its the same in a lot of cities, just not even moving with fumes, spilling out the back, clogging up the roads with one person sitting in The car its just like its such a waste and a vehicle like this, can help to get people out of their cars onto smaller vehicles. Because i understand the scooter may be too big a step for some people, because you have to get your cbt license and you do have to learn how to ride a motorbike, its not hard, but some people just wont want to do it. But one of these you can go get one now. If you live in the city, ditch your car go and get one of these sell. Your car, maybe have a bit of change. Left, get one of these for eight grand and its fantastic in the city. Its very easy to ride its got a lot of storage room i mean lets be honest. How often do you have four people in your car in the city if you want to go out of the city, its got plenty of wind protection, plenty of speed for on the dual carriageway. So what to think about guys one to think about if you dont have your motorbike license? Thank you very much for watching.

I hope you, like the video tim country, roads riding its completely capable enough im, just chilling here really sitting here chilling. One handed sorry a lot, but i shouldnt do that should always be two handed on a motorbike, but yeah really easy. Keeping up with traffic corners are nice, its a nice sunny day, im chilled out looking at the fields having a splendid time.