Thank you to grant for motorcycles here for lending me. This, which were gon na take for a ride, see how she feels see how she rides and go over her for the day here she is. This is the 2021 model. The tracer was born in 2015, so theyve got the mt07 and the mt 09 originally, and then they came out with the mt 07 and the mt 09 tracer version. Now it has been updated over the years and now in 2021, theyve come up with this model. I personally think much more of a serious piece of kit. I think theyve really has really grown up this bike, its literally its got everything its got, a semi active suspension. It comes standard with the panniers got heated, grips cornering, abs, cornering traction, control, cruise control, adjustable traction control. I mean its really its got everything this bike, guys its really grown up anyway lets jump on it. Take her for a ride. Ive, never thats a lie. I actually had a quick ride only about 15 minute ride on the original mt09 tracer 2015 model, and i havent ridden it since im, actually really looking forward to this, so were gon na go for a ride ill. Give you my first impressions and then well stop somewhere and go over in a bit more detail. Excuse me if i get some of the figures wrong to start off with very comfortable, it definitely feels more on the sportier side.

So far, riding position wise than sort of adventure bikes its definitely a sport tourer rather than a you know, a torah adventure side so very first initially the dash is coming across slightly complicated. I dont want to be unfair on it, its just an initial thought, but yeah im struggling sort of work out where the gear is whats. My speed just want to get used to that. Okay, ive found the gear and the speed and the revs. That looks to be on the left hand, side here and then, on the right hand, side youve got your trip, temperature, etc. Its a very easy bike to ride. I can say that its really really light, i mean its got. Obviously, its got a triple engine. Three cylinder triple, i think its around 117 brake horsepower and around the 93 newton meters of torque range, but so far just here in town i mean its its actually its very easy. Its just just purring, along really nice light clutch here and the gears are really nice and light very good. First, impressions lets do a bit of town riding first and then well, get out and uh open her up a little bit more see what that famous cp3 triples like now, when i first rode this back in 2015 thats when i first got my license and if Im being honest, i wasnt a fan of it. Then i think it was a bit much for me.

I was too too raw to the game so to speak, but now ive got a bit more experience. This is a its a lovely little package. Actually so i rode the gs for bmw, gs, adventure, the other day, big bike, and that was easy to ride immediately, but this is this is easier. This is so much more friendly, smaller size and the motor is so linear, because its a triple just gon na have to work out how to change the rider modes, and all of that with this screen before we get going too much ill start giving you too Much reviews gts got a thumbs up so far, shes very comfy, oh heres, a bit of a quicker road. I forgot to mention its got: a quick shifter up and down and to say the least: it works very nicely thats, really smooth quick shifter. So you got your adjustable screen here. One handed thats all right on the fly. I have seen some complaints heard some complaints about the wind protection, its not the best. I am getting a fair bit on my sort of arms here on this sort of your bicep area and just onto the shoulders, but my chest: isnt completely covered and im getting some some on the top of my helmet, but i dont think its that bad. I mean its not a huge adventure bike youre not in a bubbler car, but pretty good protection. Okay, so just going to come out onto some nicer roads here out of town, its a very friendly bike.

So far, so ive just been playing around with the riding modes: ive put it in one d mode, one which im assuming stands for drive mode and from what i can work out. That is the sportiest mode. It feels much nicer in that mode. I, like light mode one and its its fairly easy to to change mode theres a little toggle here i press that and then you press these arrows, oh its, not working! Now, no, oh, no! Oh there. We go well stick in mode, one anyway, at least to say its, not the easiest navigational system on here, but im sure you know youll get used to it. I must say the quick shifter is buttery smooth. It is so good its the best, quick shifter ive. Ever ridden with system for sure yamaha know what theyre doing dont they. Oh, yes, the actual riding dynamics of the bike feel phenomenal. Some bikes nowadays with the euro, 5 emissions and exhaust systems etc can feel a bit muted in their throttle response. But this is really nice immediately fun seating position, youre slightly canted forward, i would say than than the typical adventure bike as well: its more of a sporty leaning forward, youre more over the front axe at the front wheel. Excuse me for a more of a sporty riding position, its from my opinion. This feels like a bike. You can go, get it out the garage or wherever you keep it and take it out for a blast on a sunday or whichever chosen day of the week, you like to go for a blast, but you can also go touring on it as well, which is Exactly what the bikes been built for, so that is um thats a good compliment, its definitely a bike.

You can have fun on its tricky to say from a touring perspective, how effective it will be, but the wind protection is reasonable, its not the best but its not terrible, see what the accelerations like yeah its good knock it down and cog with a quick shifter. Okay, so the suspension is um is accomplished. It feels like quality suspension, especially when you pick up a bit a bit of speed. I just feel so. I dont know what it is. This may just be my personal preference, but it feels like it needs an extra gear just to calm down a bit and chill out when youre at that upper range, but thats thats, where the more sporty side of the bike is. You know its not a incredibly comfortable, just lollipop for touring its, not that type of bike its more sporty than that more buzzy, whether thats for you thats up to you, but its very good at what it does. Please do excuse my uh contraption here and my bag. This is not that does not come standard with this bike thats just my gopro and my uh handy bag here, because my sense of direction is horrendous, so its always good to have a backup for a sat nav. So, if im coming from a personal point of view, i do like this bike, its more geared towards the sport side of things than what i personally go for. However, thats nothing less of the bike, its a really good.

If you like a sporty bike, but you want it to be a bit more touring, but not too large and wallowy, this would be a great option. I think i mean what else you got. The bmw f900xr, i think, would be a very close competition to this. I havent ridden that that beamer but thats a parallel twin, and i believe that is a little bit cheaper than this and a little bit less power so its just that power delivery. This is creamy smooth if you like, a sporty triple youre going to want to go for the yamaha in that perspective. But i cant comment on the beamer suspensions nice. Its actually softer than i was suspecting its got a bit more, give and sort of in a good way wallow to it, its not too hard. It definitely benefits from the 17 inch inch wheels. This it gives it that turning and sportier vibe its a great great handling bike. You can really dig it in dig it into the corners. Oh right there, that bike is quick from that pickup, especially with the quick shifter thats, a seriously sporty machine. So lets start off with the motor so its that famous yamaha. It was originally in the um, the mt 09, the cp3 triple this is actually 890 cc. Its got 117 brake horsepower 93 newton meters of torque, its a really nice motor. I mean its reliability is proven and, if youre into your triples – and you like this style of motor, its really nice very tractable linear, if im comparing it, i would actually say its not as smooth to me as the triumph tiger.

900.. Just my opinion. This is more of a as i was saying, a sporty sporty package, um theres a little bit more vibes. You can see how theyve managed to keep the price lower with you know the switch gear and and the quality of everything its not a high end quality package, but its its at a price range and for the price range. Its really nice package talking a price starting. The tracer 9 actually comes in at 10 300 pounds on the road, so thats a really, i think, a very sensibly priced bike for what it is youre, getting a cracking triple motor with plenty of power, its a quick bike, very capable nice suspension, setup now, cranking. It up to the tracer 9 gt, which is what we have here, which to be honest. This comes with all of the bells and whistles very impressive for that. If you want a bike with all of the latest tech at a good price range, then look no further pretty much cant name anything apart from blind spot detection in the wing mirrors and forward facing radar for cruise control other than that its got all of the Tech, its literally got everything heated, grips cruise control, riding modes, cornering abs, cornering traction control, then the active suspension, its really good, its got all of that. But the price for this is 2 000 pounds more, so its 12 300, which is bringing it up a little bit.

But i think with the tech that you get on the bike, i think thats a reasonable price, all right. Moving on to brakes and suspension come up to the front. We have a kyb, ‘ millimeter telescopic fork, its got 130 millimeters of travel and its semi active breaks up the front. Weve got missing calipers and two 298 millimeter discs up front. The brakes immediately id say were not actually theyre, not really sharp theyre actually very nicely balanced. The stopping ability on them, brilliant and theyre, actually quite progressive when youre coming on the brakes. So yeah im really impressed with the brakes coming on to the rear suspension and the rear brakes got a kyb shock with 137 millimeters of travel. Now i think, actually the look wise of the bike, its a nice package that comes out on camera. It all looks well put together all down here, suspension unit with the panniers and the swing arm and the motor its actually, it looks very quality, so the rear suspension on the gt is pre load adjustable and is also semi active. You have your your adjuster here. Just twist, nice and simple brakes on the rear are also nissan as well single disc, its a 245 millimeter rear disc there rear brakes feel feel perfectly adequate coming on to the seat height. Now it is adjustable, but its on its lower setting at the moment and its a 810 millimeter seat height, which actually is, is its very nice, its a really good height, its very unintimidating.

Unlike an advent big adventure bike where you could find it a bit tall, this would be a good option if youre slightly shorter, hop on and show you what it looks like im: five foot: nine, to give you a perspective of where my feet come to the Ground, so i can actually just about flat foot it. The tank does come out a bit wider here, which i actually think is quite nice gives you some wind protection but yeah its really um maneuverable its not too intimidating, like some big adventure bikes. If you were to get it just on its side on a big adventure bike, it can get a bit much and go over, but this is a yeah, its a really really comfortable unintimidating seat, height, okay, moving on to the weight 213 kilograms in its class thats. Actually, thats actually quite good and for adventure, bikes, thats, very good and id actually say it possibly even feels lighter than that when youre moving it around to me, it feels like one of the easier bikes to maneuver when youre, just walking with it ill just show You now i mean you can do that with most bikes, but its really quite unintimidating to just maneuver around so thats good. Another specification of the bike, the fuel tank that has been increased a little bit in 2021, its now an 18 liter fuel tank and given what this bike is made for, i think thats a sensible size tank because obviously you dont have to do touring on this.

But i would use this motorbike for touring as well as some sporty riding, but to have that 18 liter fuel tank is uh, just just very useful. You want you want some fuel, so youre not constantly pulling over and it actually it gives it because its a little bit bigger gives it a bit of a bit of more of a masculine feel to it at the size bit more of a beefy. Look to it and actually around your legs for the wind protection, so thats nice. So i was mentioning the screen has had a lot of dip from some reviewers and and the press so far its not the best screen, if youre, comparing it to adventure, bikes or, for instance, the honda nt 1100, which i rode the other day. This is not as good as that, its not perfect, but i mean i didnt, find it too bad the mechanism for for adjusting screens fantastic, its just a lever here. You just pull it up and give it a bit of a wiggle and push down and then its down thats really practical. I think, and i im quite pleased with the screen. I didnt find it too bad to be honest bit of a sticking point. The split dash here now yamaha have said: theyve done it to look like the cockpit of a fighter jet nice marketing, nice marketing tactic there. I suppose it does. I mean theyve split it up a little bit, so it does look very technical.

It doesnt show your altitude or your missile lock on here, which is unfortunate. That would be good, but no, i mean its subjective. I suppose the split screen doesnt bother me. All that does bother me is the amount of information thats on each screen and how small it is. All of this information here is pretty small actually and when youre riding along just to glance down and look at it, it does take some bit of concentration or knowing where it is to find it. So that can be a little bit impractical over here. This is a fairly good layout, its fairly straightforward, i think something theyve missed out, which would be good over here, is to connectivity on your phone either apple, carplay or android. That would have been a nice trick if yamaha would have done that. I think that would have been a good additive, the switch gear, its very yamaha – i mean not hating on it, its all plasticky. You can feel that its all plasticky but im pretty pleased with the layout. Once you know, the layout is pretty straightforward, actually, its quite good the indicators in a nice to get place, your passing lights are very easy horns. There scared myself sensitive horn. You got your mode bot toggle there, which ive eventually worked out were coming across, got a miniature sort of bmw, whiz wheel here, im gon na, say i i quite like it only one problem: ive noticed with it, you try and push it in and it does Push in but its got a bit of a scratchy feel to it when you push it in thats thats.

The only thing with that, but i i actually like that coming up to the uh, the panniers. So these two side panniers come as standard on the gt model. As i was saying, yamaha do do an extra top box which you can uh. You can accessorize and put on the back there, but they they do hold a full full size helmet these panniers. So they are a good size for touring and theyre, pretty straightforward to work, switch all the way left to unlock it and you get this handle, lift it up boom and youre straight off, so for actually unlocking the opening compartment you just twist it the other way. The key and theres a button here press the button, pull the lever and we hope all your stuff doesnt fall out when you open it, but yeah panny is a hard case and theyve got a lining in the side, so they look like they would be pretty Waterproof as well got ta be done onto the obligatory sound test. Personally, i think it sounds really nice good. Its got that white triple wine, but its also got a little bit of a raspy grunt to it. Um from the cp3 engine. I was trying to find where the exhaust was to set the camera up, so itll be in the right position to get the audio couldnt find the exhaust which end has it come out actually tucked right under here its just designed, so that looks like theres no Exhaust its right under the under the bike there ive never seen that before so thats interesting anyway, lets see what she sounds like: Music Applause, so handling in uh confined spaces, not that this is a confined space, its really good, the the traitor, its easy maneuver, like I say it feels light when riding the whole vibe of the bike.

Actually id say everything feels quite light, which i suppose is a good compliment now i i was saying its not for me these more sporty styled bikes, but i think actually you just need more time with the bike, its very hard to get a feel for a Bike within a few hours or half a day, you know this is a really nice bike. Its such, as i said again, its more sporty than not turns in very nicely its a quick sports tourer. If you like, the big guys, please dont, forget to subscribe, it massively helps out the channel and last off another big. Thank you to branson motorcycles for lending me, this wonderful motorbike for the day. Oh yeah, it does turn in nicely get yourself out guys if youre interested in the tracer, its definitely definitely worth a test ride. Oh yes, shouldnt every motorbike come with a quick shifter. These days out on these faster roads guys, i can confirm it would be a very comfortable touring proposition its got. No lack of go. The screen is still loud. I can confirm that, but the the cruise control its very comfortable, really easy to work on the left. Here set set again and forget, and she just cruises along with that, triple motor its so smooth yeah, you could go for go for hours like that right.