The video till the end x. Pro drone is an electronic device that allows you to take amazing pictures and videos from the air. You can easily operate it with the remote controller. Even you can connect it with a dedicated app to give you the best level of user experience. You can adjust the height and speed, rotate or switch the lens by using the app features of x pro drone 4k adjustable camera. The x pro drone comes with a 4k adjustable camera. To give you the best user experience convenient image transmission. If you want to opt for a real time, video feed this drone will allow you to do that. It has the capability for 5g wi fi image transmission from a long distance, so you can conveniently get the update on real time. Video built in video features. Another amazing fact is: it has some exclusive built in functions which will help you to flourish. Your overall creativity, it has some amazing filters and video effects to make your video outstanding, easy flying. It features an intelligent, follow mode that will help you to fly the drone, conveniently you can do it without any hassle single key operation x. Pro drone is an amazing product that can be operated with a single key so for taking off or making a safe landing. You need to press only one key, excellent, app interface. The app interface is quite user friendly and full of exclusive features. You can view many important parameters from the app.

For instance, you will get a clear idea about latitude and longitude pros of x pro drone. It comes with a sleek and compact design so that you can easily carry it in your backpack. It features a 4k adjustable camera to give you the best possible shot from the air. The convenient image transmission feature of this drone will, let you quickly get the update of real time. Video built in filters and video effects will help you to take your creativity to the next level cons of x pro drone. You have to go through a learning curve to learn everything about operating this drone specifications of x pro drone flying distance about 2000 meters. When no interference and obstruction battery capacity for v, 2, 200 milliamp hours, lithium battery remote control, frequency 4, gigahertz lifetime 5 hours flight time up to 32 minutes charging time about 4 hours, camera 4k, ultra clear camera lens angle, 120, degree, gps, follow 30 meters, gesture, shooting Recognition 1 to 3 meters. Now you can buy this product. Please check the description and click the product link. If you enjoyed this video, please like comment share and subscribe click.