It says, and it has a camera mode in a dull mode but heres the problem. I have a problem: okay, houston. We have a problem with the air night theres, nothing in the box, theres no doll and theres no camera, so i dont know. I think this was supposed to be the doll version, because you see the doll on there, but theres no dude. We do not have a dude to put on here, okay, so let me get it out of the box and show it to you all right, so theres the air night and the doll would normally sit right on top of there like that, lets see they call It the knight, you see it looks kind of like batmanish, okay, it says right there. I think it says, fly man right, something like that. Yeah fly man, so the man would sit on there and there were the camera module it would go inside of here. If you took this off, so the man would sit in there and if you had the camera module, you would put it right inside here. Theres the power button theres some led lights, heres the battery on the bottom, and that kind of he just pushes his pops out there, like that um its a 3.7 500 thats. What it says here right there, so yeah, im kind of disappointed. Dont have a doll on there, but what are you gon na do right now? Getting this battery back on here is kind of okay.

So what you want to do to get the battery back on? There is push put it down like that and snap it in thats all thats all theres some eyes back there too see them. So the air knight doesnt cut it and you get the transmitter and as the flips and then it has that little spinorama circle thing take off and land, probably some rates or something of that nature. Then the phone holder deal would be here. If you had the camera version and it takes three aaa batteries in the transmitter so yeah, then you get the you know the spare props and the proper movable tool, the charger which is a usb micro, usb and then, of course, the manual which is all in Chinese theres, not one word of english in here, not one, not one word. They even show you this little diagram here how the doll would go on top of there or you would slide that little thing out for the camera so yeah. I thought i was getting the dull version, but i got the no version, but hey you know, figure it. This way, itll fly longer without the without the doll, so lets look at it. That way right. We have to look at the positives. Dont dont dwell on the negatives here: well hit the power button, okay and then the level calibration up now thats, the start there it is down and in is the level calibration.

So let me flip this over and we can drive it around a little bit: Music. Music Music. Thank you. Ah, Music. All right, batman. There it is yeah, see it has two sets of props right, heres a but its got four motors on it, even though it looks like that theyre stacked, you know one stacked on top of the other, so yeah yeah, my its one of them, those ones that Are like this theyre very nimble? You know itll turn on a dime when i get it outside watch and uh watch and see how this thing goes when i get it outside watch how nimble itll be just give me a little bit more room and ill be having that thing dancing all over The place all right guys lets go outside and fly this thing all right. There, boys and girls were out here with the air night for our little outdoor adventure and it is raining a little bit. Did you see the some drips on the controller, but uh were gon na fight our way through it? Okay lets just take off theres the third rate Music. It is kind of noisy. I will give it that, but its easy to fly. Fine Music now lets try this uh little feature that it has on here: theres the spinorama Music, Music theres, a flip ill put the flight time in. I always do yeah. It is a little bit noisy. I will give it that, but its uh, very nimble Applause Applause.

That flies great. I mean you know no issue with the flying. I mean i guarantee you that this thing flies better and longer without the little dude. The little dude is really just for the kids. Okay, thats just but as a just a flying device, it flies great. You know you can actually see that i dont have to tell you Music Music, so i think i see something going on there hold on. Oh, i thought it was. I thought it was some more lights flashing, but i apparently not Music. Now ive been flying it in the third rate, the whole time the first rate seems pathetically slow. I think the batterys starting to go to be honest with you, the way its starting to lose altitude and stuff yeah its flying great. So no issues with that at least the flys good yay, the level calibration. There is no trim buttons on this thing by the way you just have to make sure you do the level calibration completely level. I must have been a little bit forward on it because its you know its rocking away from me, but im able to compensate im able to you know, fly it without it. Bothering me too much yeah the batterys dead, okay, i kind of thought that was going on. Okay, guys, i will put the flight time in there for you and uh yeah, i mean hey, you know, flew great. It would have been nice if they would have sent me uh the dude on there, but yeah thats the way it goes right.