I havent had uh my cameraman behind my wifey ive had her be on the camera in a while, as i could see so, maybe we can get you all quick, look at the room, real, quick! You can give them just a quick little. You know what im saying dont give them too much. You can just give them a little. Just just are you giving them too Music? You know well, do um a video of that. Well, have everything straightened and cleaned up and you can show everybody your little toys? I cant even find half of them theyre all over the place in the house in the bedroom in here yeah in the truck in the car at amazon cart but uh anyways. Today, man were going to be checking out this key toys, which is actually a rebrand of the xenon x163 guys now, ive seen this on amazon, it was like 30 bucks and you guys know i am im always interested in the older flyers, the older quadcopters, this Guy has been around for a while, never buying the key toys, and then key toys must be like this company that rebrands a lot of the uh older quads. I think i had something else that was branded under key toys and it was like a hubsan rebrand or something like that, but this is basically the zenlin x 163. This guy came out about five years ago, so its been on the market for a while.

Nothing new, you know what im saying or spectacular, but you guys know me i most of them. The quadcopters that i like are some of the older ones, because they just seem to fly better than the newer crap that they putting out now a lot of the newer crap that theyre putting out now has wi fi and its doing all this and its most Of it, just dont work right unless its a mavic or something it dont work right. They got all this new crap on it and these new little gadgets that the drone theyre trying to get the drone to do something like that they dont want to fly. You know what im saying, so we are getting back to the bases here. You know at the drones and dogs channel. We are getting back to the basics, oh also we reached over 3k. We are over 3k on the subscriber list, so shout out to yall for making that happen. You know what im saying and i know its been a while, since i did a giveaway but hey put it like this were gon na. Do you know what were gon na? Do a 5k giveaway yall push that number up to 5k? We get 5k were gon na. Do a giveaway were gon na give away something nice too. You know what im saying were gon na give away something nice. So you know like share the videos, let everybody know where its at drones and dogs, because we get it happen and uh we get that the subscribers up to 5k were gon na.

Do the 5k giveaway from joy. If i cant get away from drugs, you already know how were going to do that, but were going to unbox this because im going to have you out here too long its supposed to be rainy all during the week. So we got ta see what the channel is going to be doing during the week guys. I dont know its not going to be a lot of flying during this week, its supposed to be raining shaky mode out there with a box. So, of course we got our instruction manual on top right there and i knew it see see i was prepared. I knew they was going to have some. They were going to try to have some updates free. So i was prepared for that. You know what im saying so were gon na just go ahead and do a little. Ah i do that real hard. There we go. I was prepared for at that time, theres the quad its got a pretty decent weight to it. Actually now i know its got to be like some landing gear or something, but the camera is already attached to it. The camera looks like it has the wi fi antenna protruding out the side there. Of course these are brushed geared motors. They look like they would be brushes, but theyre brushed gear motors, and this is not a gps quad. It looks like it has a little gps thing on the top, its not a gps quad, but there is an off switch on the quad on the top there.

You can see the on and off switch and its battery bay, so heres the battery bay in the back. Just pops open and im liking. That already because im seeing something that i like and you guys know me im seeing that micro, low c connector, which is what i like guys it has that micro, low c connector. So this is a common style battery, which means i can use my other batteries with it and do a pop and swap now this battery here is a 7.4 volt, which is a two cell thats interesting. This is a two cell, 500 milliamp hour, lipo guys with a micro, low c connector like the ocma x5 batteries, and you got plenty of space in there to put a bigger battery in there. You want to put a bigger battery in there. Like i said, theres on and off switch up top thats thats, pretty cool. I didnt. I thought this thing will come like a proprietary style battery and see thats the good thing about older drones. They usually come with non proprietary style batteries. Now look at everything here in the bottom. Look at that. I hope this flowers good, but the price is not too bad. Looking at 30 bucks so look, we got the chip clip alligator foam out chip clip thats gon na go right on top of the tx. You guys know that this is probably the cheapest and the best phone mount right here.

The cheapest and the best way to hold your phone, it will not fall out. So here is our charger here, thats pretty interesting there, its not a um usb im, not liking that i would rather have a usb that way. I can take it and charge it on the go, but i have plenty of those so its a actually a wall to the micro micro, lc connector there so thats. The first time, ive ever seen something like that with the low c connector, usually its a usb connection, but with that common style battery, i have plenty of chargers that dont link up with that that, if i want to charge on the go, i can charge them To go so i aint going to worry about that um. So lets see i aint going to get into this, because this is probably stuff that ill, never ever ever use maybe ill use a pop or something out of here, but you get two extra props. Oh, i need that i need the landing gear, its got the landing gear in there, so maybe i do have to use something in here. I get the landing gear out for you guys, wow wow. It looks like theres some hardware in here to put the to screw the landing gear in there, which i probably will not be screwing it down, because you, you guys know me most likely ill be flying this thing without the landing gear, because thats how i do, But i will put it on here for looks sake just for you guys, so yall could check him on out get the full profile.

Look at this bird bam there. He is check him on out. We have a gander, so yeah check him out now so dont. Let me give you a full set of extra props to get two extra props and some prop guards lets see heres the transmitter there. Everything is labeled, so theres no need to go over that and all the buttons are labeled and its a spring loaded throttle. Stick. So what do that tell us guys altitude hold, so we have altitude whole flyer. I would have much rather had nine altitude hole but hey. It is what it is guys. So you guys know what it is. Im gon na throw this thing on a charger. Hopefully i can get a flight in today. You guys like subscribe click that notification bell. If you want to see this guy fly, you dont miss out on the videos and uh, as i said, get the numbers up to 5k. We get up to 5k were going to do a giveaway promise. We will were going to do something nice too, so lets do it. Your boy joined the dogs.