I did look. Take a close look at this bird. We take a close look at it, it does look like it has a wi, fi, fb, fpv or other wi fi. I mean the sd card slot. Thats inaudible guys do not put sd card in there and you will lose it. It will drop in the camera. You have to open that camera and get it back out, but thats, neither here nor there, its a pretty nice looking quad. You know what im saying here is the remote altitude hold. Everything is labeled speed, flips photo video one key return. Easy mode is headless mode, which i dont really test any of that crap on the toy grade quads, and this guy takes four double a batteries. You ready to get it in has on and off switch on. This guy has leds on top leds, underneath really nice guys just an altitude hole, wi fi, fpv flyer. There is no gps or nothing with this guy, its a beautiful day in zamunda yeah man were gon na, get this guy all ready to fly now the app we need for this guys, the wi fi ufo app all right guys. So let me go ahead and get this guy all set up and were gon na go for a fly. Lets. Do this all right guys, so we are all good to go. Got the remote on were bound to the quad, got the app all set up now for some of you that are new to quadcopters you have to when you first bind up to the drone with the remote first, then you have to go to the wi fi Settings on your phone find the wi fi of the drone connect to that and then the app for this particular drone is the wi fi ufo app all right guys so were gon na go ahead and start the recording starting a recording, now recording started via the App and im just going to just throttle up there really really is no takeoff button, so im just going to follow up and see if it happens to go up.

Yep, just follow up stall up, stop the motor once and then throttle up again and it takes off a little breezy here, its a little breezy. So this is our first rate by default. We are in a first rate and it should be able to handle a little wind because, surprisingly thats a 2s light bulb in there look at the lights underneath that thing, looking pretty cool, pretty cool led. So this is going to be a nice night flyer guys. You know how i, like the night flights im going to increase the rates. Two beats. We are in the second rate, so we should be able to have a little bit more pitch on it. Now there we go be able to fight this little breeze. It is a little breeze im, pretty sure you guys cant tell but its a little breezy im going to third right now, im going to stay in this third right here: kind of fight, this breeze here guys its quiet for uh, brushed motors, its a quiet quadcopter. Actually, im be quiet, just listen, its pretty quiet all right lets. Try a flip, while the wind uh kind of calm down nice, powerful flip on that boy check it out front flip check that out back flip check that out. So this is altitude hobart. So it should be pretty simple to fly for beginners flying into the sun, now im getting blinded. Let me keep that sun in my back, oh yeah.

I think we might have another winner on our hand, guys its the zenlin x163 theres, another flipper in there, for you flip a rules out there. You flipper guys you little flippers out there so hows that wi fi feed looking Music, its a nice looking quad its only a 500 milliamp hour battery but, like i said its a two cell lipo, so im kind of curious on what kind of flight time were Going to get out of this – and i dont really know if this you know when uh its going to give us any type of warning, because the leds are just flashing, all type of different colors right now. Looking underneath the bird nice looking bird, though, were just cruising around with it im go ahead and stop that recording, so we save something okay, i just wanted to stop that. So we get some saved footage. Looking at the bird now – and you guys know, im gon na go ahead and try to uh attempt to get a photo in its so breezy its hard to get a photo in, though, took a photo shutter button shutter sound that wind is getting under another photo. So took a couple: photos turn around face it at the corn field and see if we can take another photo come on over here. Bird dont blow away on me lets get a close look for you guys get all up in your finish. For the one time, one time your boy, drones and dogs check it out, im surprised at how quiet it is for a brush quad, pretty quiet, pretty stable, too getting blown in this wind sounds really good.

I, like it close, look at it guys shes been blown x6 navigator. All right 30 bucks amazon eat your heart out, im, not sure we getting a low lvc warning because the lights just flash constantly. So i dont really know lets go ahead and just start the recording anyways. So we got our recording going 500 milliamp hour. Battery 2s light bulb, like i said that sd card slot is inoperable, so this is recorded via wi fi directly to your phone. So just be aware, there might be some some frame drop, some lag which is expected due to wi fi, but lets see how lets see how good it does see, how good it does nice. Looking bird, i will say that still got flip so that batteries, usually when they could still flip, i mean we still got good battery – were going to stay away from the cornfield or death, though, were going to stay away from over there. You guys, let me know, hows the camera feed turning out on this one on a drone thats been out for five years or so or more now, just to show you guys, you dont always have to buy the the newest thing thats coming out or the newest Gimmick you could just buy some old school and itll still fly great, sometimes better than the newer stuff, in my opinion, and probably get some decent footage like this is a toy grade so toy stuff.

You know you got to expect toy grade footage and you got to keep price in mind of what you pay. This thing is flying great, though im happy to add this to my collection, its flying great, the only thing that could have made this quad better. In my opinion is to have it not altered to hold, and this thing will be a demon other than that its flying good. You know a lot of these companies are aiming. I was too hoe for a beginner and im, not gon na lie. When i was a beginner, though i was thats, all i wanted was altitude. Hoe too i was, i was more afraid of the niles, that you hold birds, because i couldnt do it. You know. Okay, i didnt have the product management down, but once i got that throttle mine has been down man thats. All i wanted was my altitude whole birds and try to zip around im kind of doing so low level flying right, now kind of get a general test of what this battery, how long its going to last its lasting for a minute. To be honest, here i go into the sun again, i cant see getting blinded decent range im, not going incredibly far, but this is a toy, so you dont want to do that anyway. You dont want to go too far with from yourself with these things decent flight time. What do you guys think still flipping go ahead and stop that recording, so we saved something took a photo from up there face it around this way took another photo.

I think we got lvc one. Let me see the lights like theyre flashing kind of rapidly. Now look at that yeah. I think thats the lbc right there so lets go ahead and just assume that thats lvc look like theyre flashing a little bit rapidly now and one of my landing gear just fell off. Lets get this bird over here and try to get a safe landing. Beginners dont do that hand landed it and one of my landing gear just fell off here. Oh here it is, i should have screwed it down. It did get me screws with that. I should have screwed it down, but nice bird man its not broke guys. The landing gear just came off the x6 navigator man, the zenlin x163. I recommend it 29 bucks a great flyer to get you into the hobby for cheap. If youre looking for a good beginner camera bird now, i dont know how the camera footage turned out, but you got to keep in mind you guys going to see it before i do, but look its wi fi. You know beginners 720p. What can you expect? So i appreciate you guys for joining me today: im your boy, jones and dogs. If you like this episode, dont forget to leave a like and dont forget to subscribe.