Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE Review – Part 1 – [Unboxing, Inspection, Setup, Pros & Cons]

The brand new Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE https://goo.gl/DmNGCQ seems to be good on this Half 1 Evaluation with Unboxing, inspection, Setup, Execs & Cons Keep tuned and subscribe …


  1. Aloha mi Amigo!
    It is $499 Preorder at Banggod. Think I heard you say $400, but close enough 😉 Have you figured out how to increase the FPV range on these new 5ghz Wifi drones? A buddy got the SJRC F11 and the USB Repeaters are not working… Thanks bro!!!

  2. Does an I pad mini fit in that controller?

  3. Impressive! Looks very promising 😎👍 This is great news for the drone consumer, packed with high end features, at a fraction of the cost of a premium drone! 👍😁💥

  4. The drone is just class!

    I beg you to rest with me. Where can I buy this drone with worldwide delivery?

    On aliexpress only pre-order, cheating, the price is more than$1000

    I am from Russia. Help where to buy this drone.

  5. Wow, the timing was insane. Just as i found out about this drone, I was thinking about asking you to review this, but when I checked. You did. The same day.

  6. Excellent review, I'm sold if this flys near its advertised capabilities and features operate well.

  7. cant wait to see it fly keep up the great work Dustin!!!!

  8. DESPERATELY WAITING FOR PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  9. ok, so before I pull the trigger on something else, must see this flying and review for it!!! thank you

  10. Dustin , seen quite a few vids already on the X8 ….feeling they have a long way to go to catch up to the spark…not even a DJI fan!! From what I have seen the blue is horrible, GPS tracking is useless ….kinda looks like X3 with a gimbal and a bunch of Band-Aids that has been rushed into production.

  11. Finally in the right hands…

  12. Hi, from what site and when did you pre-order the Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE? How much time passed between the pre-order and the moment you received the package? I ask you this because I have ordered this drone on January 3rd 2019 and I didn't receive it yet. Thank you!

  13. Hey no worries about saying DJI , because that is the benchmark for affordable awesome drones that other companies are trying to compete with. Competition makes better more affordable products. I predict there is gonna be a surge this year of drones that will meet or exceed DJI in performance at a reasonable price. Should be fun.

  14. Dustin Dustin !!! Keep checking my phone to see the flight test getting withdrawal symptoms let’s go dude !! When is it coming ?? Mahalo 🤟🏻

  15. The image processor for the drone is inferior compared to Autel.

  16. Was about to pull the trigger on an parrot anafi, but decided to wait until this came out and see some reviews on it.

  17. Great video can't wait 4 the flight videos !! 👍👍😀

  18. Hey Dustin, could you do a camera comparison of this vs the parrot bebop 2 power? The mavic would also be a good comparison, but it is kinda unfair because its like twice the price, whereas the bebop is much closer to this in price.


  19. Where’s the flight footage?! This thing has caught my attention big time!

  20. Part 2 ? Killing me 😣😣😣

  21. you dont have to cycle lipos that many times, they aren't nimh than can be optimized by cycling nor have memory effect. cycle once is ok.. 🙂

    looks promising though.

  22. Need avoidance sensors and I'm sold

  23. Waiting for ur next video, good review as always

  24. Dustin, we're waiting with bated breath for your next video!

  25. So this drone can't work without an internet connection ? How can u engage the app in a remote area without cellular/internet connection ?

  26. Great review hope to see flight test soon … any obstacle avoidance ?

  27. Have you seen the "system is preparing" error message people are reporting?

  28. Great video yet again ! Nice…. I have a DJI Spark and looking for another drone too ? This drone looks cool, so i will wait for the flight and the camera actions before i think about this drone …. keep up the good work …

  29. Looking forward to a flight and range test. Really interested in this drone

  30. Excellent review Dustin looking forward to the fight test. We’ll have to watch you fly it’s 0 degrees Fahrenheit here in Nebraska

  31. Hi from where you did buy it ?

  32. Dustin did you get my email by chance……..I reached out a few months back, but things are happening much faster now and I think you would be interested….hit me back and Ill get your contact info to fill you in, thanks……J

  33. Great review. FYI "X" in Chinese is pronounced Sh, so Shaomi, not Zaomi. They now own Segway and also produce all the rental scooters for Bird and Lime that you may see in your city. Now that they have tested the waters and entered the Drone market, you can bet on them upping their game and competing heavily with DJI.

  34. Great unboxing review! Looks like at steal at $499 for preorders.

  35. always great to see a new video from you. these reviews are super helpful and just plain fun to watch. thanks for going into so much detail, for example showing that you have to have a login account to fly it. looking forward to your next upload! mahalo😀

  36. Can you riviews drone sjrc f11

  37. Good good more competions to bring down Apple high prices oops i mean DJI

  38. Don’t forget to update the firmwares

  39. I’ve really been looking forward to your review on this one. It’s looking good so far. Just the spare batteries availability question now.

  40. as easy as that… dosen't work

  41. kinda seems like bullshit, raised the price and web sight says its sold out, god damn cheep ass drone companys cant get their shit together

  42. Dustin when will you do a flight test?

  43. What an amazingly comprehensive reviewer you are Dustin, If I was going to spend that kind of money I would defiantly visit your channel first as I did with my Hubsan 501 Thanks a lot for doing these 🙂

  44. Look good. Can't wait for the flight.

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