This is the xiaomi fini, x8 mini, and i really want to compare to other mini drones. Like this and my left hand, this is the dji mini 2.. You know drones like these are interesting and valuable because they come in under 250 grams, that’s, roughly half a pound that’s important, because if they’re less than 250 grams, there are a lot fewer restrictions in a handful of countries, including here in the us. If your drone weighs less than 250 grams, then you don’t have to register with the faa. Now that’s, not really a super big deal cost five bucks it’s, not a hard process, but it is kind of nice know you don’t have to do that. The other thing that’s really important it isn’t subject to remote id now, that’s a law that was recently passed that pretty much all of these drones are going to have to have basically digital license plates, except for drones that are under 250 grams. Now there was also a law that was passed. That says you can fly drones um over people and that kind of the stipulation is it has to be under 250 grams, but not like this right. There are some other restrictions and things that have to be in place. Propellers have to be covered things like that. So really these drones won’t qualify because they have to add weight to them to make that restriction anyway. Stick around and i’ll talk about this guy, the xiaomi fini x8 mini and how compares to some other mini drones like the mavic mini the mini 2.

Hubsan has a mini drone and actually mjx is coming out with one as well stay tuned all right. So this xiaomi femi x8 mini is of course a foldable drone, as you see here and it’s, pretty darn small, which of course it has to be, if it’s less than 250 grams, now here’s the kicker standard version isn’t this standard version – this one i have here – Has a heavier battery the standard battery actually puts it about 260 grams. If you ask me right off the bat that was stupid, i don’t understand what xiaomi was thinking, why? Why would you do that? I mean, i guess it looks like these are 18 650 cells and they probably couldn’t shave 10 grams, actually yeah they could have, they could have shaved 10 grams and shipped it with this battery uh. That was just kind of some foolish planning, so i i don’t know what that is anyway. You can get a different battery for this and that’s it’s. Actually, a high voltage lipo so it’s a little bit lighter. It actually has a little bit more energy because you can charge it to a higher voltage, so you get about another extra minute of flight time. So that said, the standard xiaomi fini mini is 260 grams and all those things i was talking about the registering with the faa, the roman id. This thing doesn’t qualify. So you will have to register this if you buy the standard for unless, of course, you’re going to modify it yourself and cut off somewhere between 8 and 10 grams, which i guess would be possible, maybe knocking out some of this plastic housing around the battery might Do it these are stickers, i don’t know you could probably shave some of this off, but you don’t want to do that.

What you want is to order this with the pro battery that’ll get you under 250 grams i’m gon na look at the dji minis. The mini 2 is actually about 237 grams. We have a little bit of leeway here. I think dji is thinking about releasing their japanese battery to the us market. That way, you could add the propeller guards to this and get it under 250 grams. That hasn’t happened yet, but i could see that coming now, this one’s actually 249 grams has a different camera. The mini 2 is far superior with its better range 4k camera it just. It is a better drone. So really, if you’re thinking about gosh, which one of these do i want absolutely – you want the mini 2, especially when this thing is 450, and this one’s 400. spend the extra 50 bucks and get the mini 2.. So it too is a foldable drone, very similar uh to the xiaomi drone it’s. Really, if you’re thinking about one of these two drones gosh, which one do you want right, assuming you’re going to get the pro version of this guy, keep it under 250 grams they’re. Pretty darn similar when it comes to specs both of them come in at 450 dollars. They both have a 31 minute flight time. Xiaomi has a range of 8 000 meters, the mini 2 10 000.. So the the xiaomi is just under five miles and the mini is just over six now really you’re, not gon na fly these things that far away, they do pretty well in the wind, but i don’t recommend you fly them that far the transmission distance is gon Na be good when you’re flying around trees and things like that, it just gives you a better fidelity, better quality, coming back to your remote control.

They both top out at max speed about 35 miles an hour, and they both have full three access. Gimbals both shoot 4k, 30.. Okay. So now we’re going to look at some video footage from the femi mini x8 that’s. What we’re looking at here, um and then we’re going to compare that to the dji mini 2. Now both of these drones we’re flying 4k 30. So we’re capturing 4k footage and then we’re playing that back for you. It does get compressed in youtube. So keep that in mind. Now we’ve switched to the dji mini 2 and you can see the colors are a little bit different, the sharpening a little bit different. The contrast again a little bit different now these are both uh stock out of the box. We’Re, not messing with the settings uh that pause. You saw back there that wasn’t the drone that was that was me flying um, but yeah they’re, both good uh here’s. Another clip again, this is the femi mini here chris flying a little bit more aggressively to see. If we can induce some props in the corners, we didn’t see it there, but we’ve seen it. You got to fly pretty darn aggressive to get it, though now we’re going to look at a similar clip again. This is the dji mini 2. um again flying a little bit more aggressive just to see if we can induce some props um. You know, with kind of these quick turns that’s kind of when you’ll see it so, generally speaking, you’re not going to want to do that now.

This is side by side. We’Ve got the femi on the left, the dji mini 2 on the right i’ll. Let you make your own conclusions. I’Ll tell you mine kind of at the end now this is. This is just kind of looking at an orbit again, not exact. I did the orbit with the femi on the left and chris did the orbit with the mini uh. Two, the dji drone on the right. I think he got kind of a better better shot actually, but really i just want you to kind of compare the you know the colors and the contrast which one do you prefer, because that’s really what it comes down to it’s, not my opinion or chris’s opinion Or really anyone else’s opinion on these drones it’s? What do you think – and i think the camera is probably the most important thing – all right, so the dji mini 2 and the fiemi mini they spec out pretty darn similar. So if you’re thinking gosh, i just want something: that’s, not tji, you’re gon na want this one. Now where this one shines is, it does have some intelligent flight modes that the mini just doesn’t specifically follow me. Dji has been reluctant to include follow me on their mini drones, because they don’t have obstacle avoidance now. This one also does not have obstacle avoidance, but xiaomi is like hey we’re, going to give them what they want. Everybody wants follow me mode, that’s, a pretty solid option.

So, if you need follow me, you can go with this one. Now. What about the hubsan mini right that mini the xeno mini will also have follow me. It actually has a larger sensor. Everything about the hubsan mini seems like it’s, going to be a better drone than actually both of these, at least on paper now, hubsan doesn’t have quite the track record that dji does and honestly i prefer most xiaomi products to hubsan products, at least the older ones, That i’ve flown and i’ve flown them all i’ve flown the xeno i’ve flown um. The original x8 i’ve got the a3 as well. Xiaomi makes a good product, not a great product, but a really good product and that’s. What you’re getting with this now, if at any time, you’re thinking gosh, i want one of these drones, whether it’s the xiaomi, the hubsan, a dji or even one of these mj drones. That i’m, going to talk about later i’ve got descriptions down below and i always ask the sellers if i can have coupon codes for my viewers. So if i got coupon codes – and i know i got one for the xeno – i should have one of these by the end of next week down there in the description so make sure checking out for that save you some extra cash. Let me talk about the flight experience right because i think that’s, where i kind of get some separation between the mini uh from dji and the mini here from xiaomi.

Now the flight app with the xiaomi fimi is actually pretty good. I, like it actually pretty darn similar to the dji fly app. However, i don’t find that the femi here is quite as stable. It just kind of feels a little bit twitchy. You know i got both of these things up in the air and i left them side by side. I set the remotes down and you can see that this xiaomi, just kind of tends to rotate around it. Doesn’T have that quite locked in as dji does. I also had some issues with the gimbal on the xiaomi femi, the horizon wasn’t level, that’s kind of their issue with some of their drones right. Some people have issues with the horizon being tilted. I did have that issue. It kind of solved itself while i was flying, and i also had some issues with the gimbal just kind of moving right. I was doing some some flights with with the gimbal pointed straight down and then when i would stop or start the gimbal kind of the gimbal kind of twitch, so you can see some examples of that in some of the video footage i have here. I do really believe that getting one of these midi drones is an excellent idea that sub 250 gram drone just has so much going for it that a lot of those other drones just can’t yeah. It may not be quite as capable, but the cameras on both of these drones are really darn.

Solid, not having to deal with some of the restrictions is definitely a bonus. Now would i recommend this xiaomi fimi? X8 mini yes, i do like this drone, but at the same price point as the mini 2. No, i probably would still go with the dji drone. It just seems to be more polished. I do like the camera a little bit more, but that’s really kind of a personal preference. I find the image coming out of the shell me to be really sharp and really contrasting. Now you can change some of that if you like to kind of suit your own needs. Overall, this is a pretty darn good drone and again xiaomi makes a good product. This is no exception to that. However, the king for me in the sub 250 gram category is definitely this. The mini 2. we’ll see if hubsyn can kind of put aside some other quality control issues and put out a winner. It looks like they really have stepped up their game, but we’ll see we’ll be testing one of those now the other thing to consider is maybe a less expensive drone. Now there are a lot of drones that are under 250 grams for less than 200 bucks, but really the camera on almost all of them. Isn’T very good, you’re gon na get shaky footage. Now mjx has been the exception for a while. Now they produce a good drone with a good camera. Now they haven’t had one under 250 grams, with image stabilization that’s, something they’re working on.

They have a three axis gimbal coming out on the bug: 16 and the bugs 19 is their mini. Now won’t be a full three axis: gimbal it’ll be electronically stabilized, which actually work really well with the bugs 12 and the bugs 20.. Where does mjx get their naming conventions? I have no idea their numbers make no sense, but they do produce a quality drone. So, with this bugs 19, their mini drone having that image stabilization for about 200 bucks, that’s half the cost of one of these. So if you’re thinking, i want a drone to kind of learn how to fly on. I don’t want to deal with all these restrictions. This mjx 19 might be the winner. Now, if you think about getting the xiaomi make sure you opt for the pro version, unless you don’t care about that 250 gram limit, then you can go with this one anyway. If this was helpful, give us a thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you haven’t, already and don’t forget to check out our website, we have information on all of these drones and we give a drone away once a month to a lucky, patreon subscriber.