This drone has one of the best follow me capabilities in its price range. Find it here Stabilized gimbal and electronic image stabilization makes for smooth follow me with this drone, even when following my car. If you've been looking for a good drone to follow your exploits, this might be it.

This is my second review flight of the A3, and focuses on follow me and sport mode flying of the drone. And here is my first review flight of the A3 which covers the other features of this drone.

I updated the firmware for this flight. You can download this firmware here direct from Fimi And here is how to install the firmware.

– Highly accurate GPS/GLONASS system provides very stable hover. Automatic return to home and landing on command or on loss of signal from the controller.
– 1080p 30/25fps full HD camera records directly to microSD card.
– Two axis stabilized mechanical gimbal with three axis electronic image stabilization provides for very stable video.
– 5.8 Ghz analog FPV. Does NOT use or require a phone or WiFi. FPV viewing monitor is installed directly into the controller. Can also use 5.87Ghz analog FPV racing goggles to receive FPV. A second separate DVR is built into the controller to also record FPV video to a microSD card.
– Advanced flight modes of follow me, orbit, dronie, and fixed wing.
– There is a second very accurate GPS system in the controller. This enables very accurate stabilized follow me capability. One of the better (if not best) follow me drones in this price range.
– 3S 2000mah LiHV battery provides extended flight times (I got close to 15 minutes using the provided LiPo charger).
– Available do it yourself port and controls enables you to attach optional remote controlled features to the drone (servo for parachutes, separate camera, fireworks launcher, etc…)

– 1080p camera. If you've been spoiled with 4K, you'll definitely notice the difference in image quality.
– Still photos are merely 1080p video screenshots.
– In high speed sport mode, the electronic image stabilization can result in jerky video if flying close to the ground. The ground (and objects on the ground) zipping by at high speed can overtask the EIS system. If taking video in sport mode, it's best to climb up higher to improve EIS stabilization.
– Does not return to home on low battery. Instead the drone will slowly descend and land at low battery (the controller will beep to alert you of this descent). But this might be advantageous when conducting extended follow me flights. It may actually be better to land close to you, instead of flying long distance back to its takeoff location.
– In my first and this second flight I did not get anywhere close to the advertised 25 minutes of flight time (only got about 15 minutes in both flights). The LiHV battery can not be charged to its full voltage of 12.75 volts with the provided 12.6V max charge LiPo charger. This is safe and healthy for the longevity of the battery, but will not provide the full potential of possible flight time from this battery.
– The 5 position switch can be cumbersome to access the numerous features and parameters of the drone.

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