Now today were here to check out a very interesting device. Obviously you can see from the title. This is all about the xiaomi 12 pro now, if youve been following the channel, you must have known that i unboxed this guy right here about three days ago, so in todays video, its going to be like a three day review of what i actually think about The xiaomi 12 pro definitely there are things that are very obviously improved and things that i still hope to be improved now in todays video. This should give you a pretty good idea on how it actually feels like to use this device. The xiaomi 12 pro from an actual users perspective now before i do that, of course, if you could just drop a like and sub to the channel, if you want to see more content like this, that will be really awesome. All right so now lets check out the xiaomi 12 pro now. First up lets talk a little bit about the design. Now ive already shown you the design, so i wont spend a lot of time talking about it, but generally overall, i think that the design of the xiaomi 12 pro is quite generic uh. I feel that the back here is actually very nice to touch because it has this very smooth back panel, but i actually kind of scratched it a little bit here and it actually got scratched very easily. So if youre thinking of buying the xiaomi 12 pro, i might actually recommend you to get the one in green, because that is like a fox leather kind of thing which wont scratch up so easily or if youre, the kind of person who use cases you can.

Just ignore what i just said, but overall me personally as someone who likes to use the phone like that without any casing yeah, it does scratch up pretty easily now, overall design wise, i dont have that much to talk about it. So lets move on to the next thing and talk about whats, more important, and that is actually in the display itself. Now, at the front here we have a very, very awesome display and what i mean by that is, let me just share with you: the numbers we have a 2k display, ltpo oled display. It also comes with 120hz refresh rate. We have the corning gorilla glass vectors, apart from that it supports hdr10 plus it has a display made a plus rating and of course, you also have a 480hz touch sampling rate, so thats a whole lot of numbers, but generally what this really means is that the Display here is super awesome, and i mean i really really mean that, because ive used a ton of devices these days and the display on the xiaomi 12 pro here is really so good. You have very good contrast: levels, awesome, saturation levels. Uh, you can watch all those kind of hdr10 plus content. It even supports dolby vision. So if you go onto youtube and look for that kind of videos, youll be actually able to enjoy a really really crazy, immersive viewing experience on the xiaomi 12 pro now. Apart from that, i also must say that everything is obviously battery spoof with the 120 hertz refresh rate uh overall im just very happy with this display.

It goes up to 1 500 nits when youre outdoors, so you will never ever have any issues uh, seeing the display under very bright sunlight, so thats really good. Overall, i think display may give a good rating here a plus, because it really is an a plus level display now uh, one thing that i did not really fancy about it is, although, yes, i did mention that it is a curved display before it is nice To look at, but i also suffered from quite a few accidental touches to the sides. It is quite easy to actually get that accidental touch. Definitely more so than i expected when i did the unboxing video, because when you use your eyes to see, you might think that its just a very, very minor curve, but when actually using it again without a case, it was quite prone to accidental touches on the Side, so again, if you are using a case, i guess that will solve everything all right now. Lets move on to the next point here and talk a little bit about the cameras at the back, because this is also something that i really want to highlight. In todays review now bear in mind. Ive went outdoors and both in day and night and ive took like more than 100 photos here, so i definitely have a good idea on how to share with you guys. Now, generally, we have three sensors at the back here we do have a sony imx.

707. 50 megapixel main sensor with ois moving down. We also have a 15 megapixel ultra light sensor and, last but not least, we also have a 50 megapixel telephoto lens that supports two times optical zoom. Now the good thing here is that xiaomi has actually did very well in terms of the software part of things whenever you shift from the main sensor to the ultra wide, or you wont notice, that much of a change in terms of the exposure and the colors And all that it is actually quite consistent now, but down to the real image quality. How did it actually look like well? This is what i have to tell you now in daytime good, broad, daylight. Obviously, cameras these days on flagship devices always perform very well in terms of night time as well. It also captures quite a fair bit of detail, but there is only one major issue which i think to me personally is something that i did not really like, and that is most of the photos, if not all the photos, even without ai mode turned on look Super saturated now, im going to show you guys a couple of samples here: im going to put a side by side with an iphone photo because iphone 13. Usually they take the most natural kind of images. So, just to give you an idea or a perspective on how saturated the photo actually looked like compared to the real thing: heres a side by side view compared to an iphone 13.

. So you can see here that on this kind of photos here its really super saturated. Even when i took a picture of the grass, the greens were just so green its so so green guys. So this is just something that i noticed here on the sensor of this xiaomi 12. Pro is just very saturated now in terms of the video recording. I also took a very short video earlier on now. The good news here is that the ois works really well. Everything is very stable, but again we still have the issue of super saturated videos. So if you just take a short video of you walking down the park, you will notice that everything is just poof, its just crazy vivid guys. So yes, unless youre the kind of person who likes to take a lot of likes to do a lot of post processing, you can actually reduce the saturation, no issues there but yeah. This is just something that i would like to point out, based on the auto settings on the camera of the xiaomi 12 pro now. Moving on lets talk a bit about some nicer things here. Lets talk a bit about the processor. We do have the snapdragon 8 gen one, which is actually a 4nm processor, very, very, very advanced and efficient, and of course we also have your ufs 3.1 storage. You also have your lp ddr5 ram, so obviously everything is just going to fly because again this is flagship level stuff.

So everything you do on the device is buttery smooth everything reacts instantly. Launching apps is very fast and, of course, if you play a bit of gaming every you can definitely play most of your games on the highest graphics settings now in terms of overheating and all that so far, ive played a couple of games here. I didnt really play gen xin impact. I played a couple of moba legends as well as asphalt 9, and i noticed that the device here did actually heat up, but it wasnt as hot as how i experienced on the previous snapdragon 888. Another thing that is also worth mentioning here is that the frame rate was actually more stable and what i mean by that is, after playing long periods of time of gaming on this device here, i actually didnt feel any like lags or drop in frame rates and All that so overall, i would say that the gaming experience is still alright on the xiaomi 12 pro you dont have to worry about that. There now lets move on to the next thing and talk a little bit about the haptics, of course, because thats also very important, haptics wise, you do have the x axis haptic, so everything is just very nice. Interactions feels very good, but theres. Also one major thing that i want to highlight here and lets talk a little bit about me. Ui 13., now miui 13 is supposed to be the big upgrade from miui 12, and i think that xiaomi has done quite a fair bit here to actually improve the operating system now uh in terms of the bugs.

Obviously, this is still a china version software. So i cant really comment on that, but xiaomi introduced the widgets into miui 13 and i must say that they are a whole lot fun to use and theyre really really very interactive. So if you take a look here, you can actually see in the list of widgets. Yes, although they do look a little bit like ios, but there is just so much more types of widgets inside and another thing i noticed here is that xiaomi is actually opening the widgets kind of thing to developers, so developers can go crazy with all kinds of Widgets, so i think thats definitely very fun and it adds a lot of touch of personality for uh for me on the xiaomi 12 pro so thats, definitely something that i love the most on miui 13. now lets move on to the next thing. I talked a little bit about the battery in the back now we do have a 4 600 mah battery. Yes, i was still able to pull in a full day from morning to the night, even after taking a lot of photos as well as videos, and yes, by the end of the day, i have about like 30. The good news here is that the phone itself is able to charge uh from zero to a hundred percent in just 18 minutes using the charger, the 120 watt charger that came in the box so very, very fast charging over there.

Xiaomi is also saying that you can do fast wireless charging, but i dont have a wireless charger at the moment, so i cant report on that. Alright guys, i think the last thing that i probably want to highlight here is in terms of the speakers um. We do have dual stereo speakers, which doesnt sound like exceptionally well, it just sounds: alright sounds good im not going to complain about that there, but yeah thats, the two dual stereo speakers and you do not have a headphone jack, alright, guys thats it for todays video. I hope you enjoyed this very quick, three day kind of review from the perspective of an actual user yeah. I do have my sim card inside and yes, if you do have any further questions, feel free to. Let me know down in the comment section below. Of course, once again, if you do like this, video dont forget to drop a like sub to the channel to see more tech content like this, and i hope to see all of you guys in the next one stay safe.