Now i saw these on banggood's several months ago and i thought that looks pretty damn interesting. There are a set of fpv goggles. I show you what's inside in a moment, but i saw these. The specs looked very impressive: oled displays quad diversity, a wide field of view, fantastic, looking optics, because you can change the ipd and the focal length individually for each lens, and i thought if these do what they say on the box. These could be my new go to fpv goggles and at the moment i use the skyzone 030s because they're just so damn good, but i do find they have a slightly too narrow field of view. For my personal preference, i love an immersive experience. I love the big field of view. I don't care if it's, not quite linear and it might be blurry in the edges. I love the big field of view, so these look like they were gon na. Do the biz and i said to ben good: hey, look um i'd like to review those, can you send them to me and they were on backward or while they were waiting? You know for stock to arrive for months and months and then suddenly they turned up, and every reviewer in the world got a set and they sent me a sit and because of the covert 19 it took an extra month for it to get to me because In new zealand here, there's no passenger flights in and out so there's no transport of products, so things take forever.

But finally, finally, they turned up – and i thought let's take a look at them. So without further ado, let's open them up. We don't unbox, but we do unbag. Here we go comes in a nice carry case it's a nice little case with a belt strap here, all looking good. So far inside what we got a manual. We have a manual which tells us that this is the x flip instruction manual, modular 3d, fpv goggles: are they 3d? Are they 3d really seriously? Okay, i guess 3d is a trendy word now. I'Ve looked through this manual and i've got to say a bit of a disappointment. Some really really important stuff is not covered in this manual. Like what's the voltage range of these goggles. It doesn't tell you it doesn't tell you what voltage you use them on. So okay i've opted for a three cell pack because i saw another reviewer use, a three self pack and it didn't blow up. So i thought yeah we'll use the three cell pack here's one. I have lying around uh. The other thing was um. I was looking where do you put the sd card because it's got a dvr like most goggles these days? Looking for the dvr couldn't find it anywhere, couldn't find the slot. I mean you know i was looking underneath and you know, and here and in here and on the top – no no, no i'm, not a fat shark user, so i didn't realize that it's actually hidden way up in there behind this.

Because if you look like this, you can't even see it you've got to know it's there and pull that up so not mentioned in the manual. So the manual falls more than a little short in a number of areas, but okay, maybe – and this isn't an early one. I think stu from uav future's got an early one with chinese writing. Mine'S got english writing so it's it's, not a pre release, it's a release product so it'll be judged as such right. So manual points out of points out of ten two two points for the manual, not very many uh, but nevertheless never mind we're, intelligent people. We can figure a lot of the stuff out, so what else did we get in this little bundle of joy? Well, we've got a power, lead i'll talk about it in a moment, we've got a little kleene cloth for cleaning things and we've got an antenna now. It'S, a fat shark antenna, it came from something else. We didn't get an antenna, no antennas, because, as you'll see, you don't even get the modules but that's okay, it said so in the in the web page, it said, provide your own fat shark, compatible modules, but let's talk about this power lead for a moment there. It is what do you notice? Well, it's, not your regular power lead is it most. Fpv systems come with something that has an xt60 to a barrel connector. This has a barrel connector to a smaller barrel connector.

So what are you going to plug into it? If you didn't already have an fpv lead with that xt60 to barrel converter, you couldn't use this because i don't know any batteries. Oh rc batteries lying around with the barrel connector you can plug in there unless you've already got a set of fat sharks, perhaps yeah. So it doesn't come with a battery. You'Ve got to use your own battery, but the lead doesn't. Let you use the lipo straight out of the box. That'S a bit that's a bit neff um the battery. These provides an extra you got to pay money for it and it slots in the back here and it's a it's like a fat shark battery. I think it's got some looks like 18 650s in it. Perhaps i don't know they didn't, send that i can't review that, but this this is me: what would it cost them to do? Even just two leads one with a xd60, and if you look at this, i don't quite see how this works, because if the battery goes in the back that's a hell of a lot of spare lead. So what were they expecting? Anyway? I have my battery pack here. I can plug my existing oops running around plug my existing goggle power lead into there and plug that into the goggles to get some action. One thing: i'm: not that chuffed on is that it's underneath here it hangs down it's, not a.

I know the sky zones are the same i'd like have a better arrangement for the power lead, but that's where it is so let's take a little bit more of a look at what we've got with the goggles themselves. Well, first up the mirrored front, i guess that's a styling thing, i personally, if i'm wearing my fbv goggles, i don't want to look like a 1980s porn star, but it's just a person. Some people may love this. This may be just right up some people's alley. I don't know why i guess they're trying to be distinctive and to be fair, there's, a lot of goggles out there that look pretty bad they're better than box goggles, but they are boxy. They'Re boxy, goggles we've got a big fan on here. A decent sized fan with a fancy grill to stop. I don't know what falling in there a plethora of buttons and they are labeled, which is really good. Underneath we've got hdmi mini, not micro, which is i don't, have any mini leads. Damn it we've got um earphones, we've got av, we've got the power. We'Ve got a little switch here on each side because see there's a little switch there and a little switch here, because one of the things with these goggles, which i found quite interesting, is it's quad diversity. And how does that work? Well, some plastic covers here. We can pull off let's, pull them off bing and there's another one on the other side, and underneath these plastic covers a fat shark module base.

So you can put a fat shark compatible receiver in here, and a fat shark compatible receiver in there, which means you get four antennas and quad diversity. Is that a good thing well to be totally honest? I don't think so. Um diversity is great. Diversity is great. Going from diversity to quad diversity, you're not going to see much of an improvement at all, not very much at all, you're paying a lot of extra money for another receiver, but you're not really going to see much improvement. I can tell you that um it's a very rapid law of diminishing gains or diminishing returns when you start adding more extra receivers to the diversity and, of course, you're going to draw more power. Your battery goes flatter quicker. You know whatever, but they've made that and one thing that annoys me is: i mean i've got a few fat shark modules i've got way way: early old fat shark modular. Look at that that's, a really early one it's, just fat shark band 5.8 gigs that's! It that's all it is, but i thought this might be a bit old, so i got out this one here, which is one of the next wave receivers brand new in the box. Take it out, it's actually been used in a set of hd2s, and i thought well: okay, let's! Try it out let's put it in and if you plug it in let's plug it in this side, you can see it plugs in the little pins, go in the little slot there's a little bit fiddly, especially when you're trying to work on camera.

Here we go it's all in all the nice and tight um and let's put the cover back on, because obviously the covers they've got little push out and grommets here for making sure you can put the cover back on. But when you put the cover on it, doesn't actually damn fit. It'S it'll go on, but it's a bit it's a bit hard you're going to look it doesn't actually clip down because the module is too thick. It won't clip properly in place like this bulgy gap. Here, um and that's, the thinnest module you can get from fat charge, the thinnest module that is made for fat, shark goggles and still the covers don't fit. So who designed this? What what is the point, if you leave the cover off you've, got an antenna on here. Look at all. The stress is on those pins that's, not good that's, asking for fatigue and failure. So you could put some double sided tape in here. I suppose and tape it to there but it's a bit body to have your module out in the air, like that. I thought that was a bit yeah, not very good, not very good at all, so they didn't think that through very well, they didn't design. That part of it at all well, but let's, get into the real meat and potatoes does it work and how well does it work well, i'm. Sorry to say that this doesn't work not only doesn't, it work very well.

It doesn't really work at all. First thing i noticed was when i, when i turned it on and i couldn't get any snow coming up when i used the the fat shark module this uh, which one was it the the next wave fetch up module. I put this in one side, i get a brief flash of snow and then black that's. All i get nothing so try it in the other bay and i get snow, but i can't change the channels. The channel switch doesn't work, okay, just stuck on one channel. It won't change channel, so maybe this module, this genuine fat shark module, is not compatible with these goggles. As i say, the problem is this manual doesn't, give us any clues as to what modules are compatible and which ones aren't so it's hitting missing. If a genuine fat shark module doesn't work, what are your odds of something else working, but look in here, let's, look! Let'S look a bit more closely at these optics because, as soon as i looked through the through the goggles themselves, because i could get a menu up, i noticed something a little bit disturbing. Okay. What do you notice about that lens? It'S? Incredibly, dirty! I thought. Oh it's got some film on the outside, tried wiping it no look there's something on the inside it's, all white and misty around the edges same with this one it's like it's, not it's. What has happened here what's going on and if you look through the center bit, i probably can't do it with the camera.

If i can, i put the footage in but it's really hard to get cameras to line up with these things. This obviously almost like something's exploded inside the goggles and there's, a thinner of yucky film over everything, including the oled, displays what's. What i don't know what's going on here, but that's like seriously i've noticed. None of the other reviewers seem to have this problem, but i can only review what is sent to me. So i just look at what i've got and tell you what i find that that is just you. Can'T use that it's like looking have they tried to do the soft focus and smear vaseline on there or something i don't know. Maybe that goes with the 1980s porn silvery front. Maybe i got the version that was used by linda lovelace, we don't know but seriously um that's, really just not good so i'm going to pull these apart, because i can't use them like that. I can't use them like that, but let's go back to that module situation. For a moment i thought: well, it doesn't work with a genuine fetch hug module hang on. I know what i've got. I'Ve got the foxier module the actually really quite nice, foxy or wildfire. I thought brand new in box let's, try that let's put that in there, and so i got the foxy a wildfire module and i lined it all up as best you can. When you can't really see and oh hang on a minute it, it doesn't fit it doesn't fit because this bay there's all this plastic in the way at the back, i managed to get it to fit actually in fact, it's, probably fitting.

Now it lights up. I get the numbers but there's, no snow it's, just black, whether it's, because the signal pin isn't connecting i don't know because it's really tenuous look here, it's like seriously there's, not a lot of connection in there. This fan bangs into there. So two out of the two fat shark modules i've got fail. They don't work with these goggles and that's the problem when you rely on third party things like receiver modules, you don't know what they're making for these third party modules, and am i just reviewers curse. I got the two modules that don't work with these goggles i don't know, but i can't test it out. All i can look at is menus on here, because the fat, shark, doesn't change channels and it's on some. I don't know what channel it's on, but i can't pick it up and the fox ear doesn't even work in this system. It does work in other systems. I'Ve tried it seriously. What a disaster! What a disaster i mean. I got this product from banggood. As i said, i looked on, banggood's site saw it coming up. Oh, that could be my go to goggles if it works, as it says, on the box which doesn't um and they send it to me. I don't know if the other reviewers got theirs directly from uh from the manufacturer. If they did, maybe the manufacturer checked them out before they sent them out.

Obviously, banggood doesn't check anything. They just take it off the shelf, throw it in one of those little black plastic bags and send it to you. So this is probably more indicative of what you'd get if you ordered it, rather than the stuff that may have come directly from the manufacturer to the reviewer, which has been checked over so in some ways. Getting it from a reseller like banggood, gives you guys more information as to the quality, the quality control, and in this case there is zero quality control, but okay, can't use them can't test them. It'S rip number five let's see what's happening here. Is there something that's gone bang and sprayed the inside with all sorts of horrible mucky film we're about to find out grab a coffee sit down let's get into it. Okay looks like we've got a screw there, a screw there and a screw there. I won't bore you, while i undo them, let's cut straight to the chase. All right screws are out, but we're gon na have to do a bit of prying. Oh here we go. This face. Cover comes off by the look of it. Yes, there we go right. So that's just a cover: there are our optics and now, if there's no more screws, it should just pull apart. I think this front front silvery bit seems to be an impediment to deconstruction, but that won't last long because i'm here hang on jump, cut, i've lost it 80s porn paraphernalia off let's have a look here.

We go she's coming apart, you're seeing it here. First folks. Here we go i'm not going to see much by the look of it, because these optics are all kind of encapsulated um and a little setup here i don't know: hmm don't know how we're gon na do these come out. Can i unscrew those? So we have to do a bit more digging here. Let'S, take a look while we're in here let's take a look at how well the damn thing's built it doesn't look too bad, but i noticed a bit of real bodgie soldering up here. This is a bit how you going, i don't know. What do you know what they were using when they soldered that, but it must have been something pretty bodgy it's, not very good, but that would have been a bit of manual soldering, but the machine. The automated soldering seems to be fine. Okay, here's the little video module and if we look carefully in there we can see the little oled screen. I hope just let me just try and point it out to you here: oh with my shaky shaky parkinson's hands there. Oh it screams this little piece here. You can see down there and here are our optics and you can see that they're really something's gone on here now. This is glued in by the look. It looks like some glue or something here. I wonder if the glue has fogged the plastic on the inside it's.

All i can think of that would have caused this and that fogging also may have caused some depositing on the front of the oled display, because it's just really really bad it's, terrible so it's. The modules themselves that seem to be the cause of the problem and i don't think i can get that out – it's been glued and taped in place, but look but i'll have a bit more of a play if i can get it out. We'Ll, take a closer look. Okay, one thing: one thing we can see while we've got it apart is: is this focus mechanism you notice the focus mechanism, doesn't move the lens, it moves the um, the oled display. If i can get it to move there, we go see the only display moves backwards and forwards in relation to the lens, which gives you the ability to focus. It does put a bit of flex on this cable and i've noticed that if you give this cable a wiggle oops, i can get my hand in here then the actual the display wiggles as well, so that could cause problems in alignment. Um it's not totally solid. It just runs on these little pillars here, and you can see that lens is fogged, it's, really badly fogged, so yeah. I can't get this much further apart. I think we'll leave it at that. Just say that those both those units, for some reason, are just no good they're.

Just terrible um couldn't use these goggles because you just can't see through the horrible fogging of the lenses, it's terrible, look at it honestly seriously, so that's what they sent me and i can only review what i've got now by way of comparison. Let'S just compare some other goggles. The lenses here are my skies. I'M. Sorry, these are my ion ways. Look how clear those lenses are. They are totally clear. I'Ve got another i've got a set of sky zones here again, look at how clear those optics are there's. No fogging there's no frosting around the edges of those optics. They are totally clear all the way through that's the way the optics should look. Certainly they should not look like the optics in this set, which, let me show them to you again. Look like that. Come on focus, camera focus. They shouldn't look like that at all. Oh there we go. What can i say? Um i've shown you what i got can only review what i was sent that's, what i was sent and i'm less than happy with that. It surprised me it's, not just the one set of optics, but both set of optics are the same. I don't know what went on with is a bad batch of optics and no one bothered to actually even look through them when they uh when they rolled off the end of the production line. I really don't know it's, not a pre production set.

It'S got the english writing on the menus. When you can read them through the foggy lenses, it's yeah it is, it is what it is now. The thing is, the really annoying thing is there's a lot of potential here these boards are well made. They seem well laid out um. The the promise is great wider field of view. Um quad diversity, you don't, have to use quad diversity but it's there. If you want it, the um, the optics with the variable focus and ipd that's, brilliant that's, damn fantastic that's. One of the things that i would have sold me on these alone um if these worked, as they said on the box, i'd, be right into these moscow zones to be gathered and dust. But, honestly, i cannot recommend these. I know that stewie on uav futures has done a review and he's. He said they're, not bad for a first try or whatever. I think, but i mean i know – it's not up to customers to be the beta testers. The customers should get a product that works and the bugs and the problems should have been ironed out before they get them. So i can't recommend this i based on what's before me. I cannot recommend this as a purchase. In fact, i'd say stay well clear. Now what i would say, though, to x flip, is if this is just a bad one. If this is the friday afternoon, special that every manufacturer makes now then and of course, as we know, reviewers curse, if they do, i get it.

If this is a friday afternoon, special send me a set that work, send me a set with decent optics and send me some modules that you know work in these module bays, because that doesn't and my genuine fat shark doesn't, maybe that's another fault with this unit. Maybe these module, or certainly the fact this doesn't fit isn't a fault it's, a design issue, but the fact that this doesn't work – maybe it may be a fault with the the goggles, because it they they don't work at all in one bay and they work. But can't change channel in the other, so maybe there's and i guess i did turn on the the module bay. I made sure i played with the switches. So if you want to write the wrongs and say hey, you got it wrong, we we're very sorry. We got a you know, there was a dud one. Everyone makes a dead one now and then send me one that works, i'll, re review it and we'll show the people what these could be and i'll happy to to review another unit. If you think you can do better, i certainly hope you can honestly in the meantime, that's it folks that's it you've seen what i've seen um i it's. Needless to say, i won't be using these, because i can't use them and i'd like to thank my patreon supporters, because if i didn't have patreon support, i couldn't afford to be this brutal and honest when it comes to a product and i've noticed that with other Reviewers, you know let's say stewie from uav futures have has reviewed a few others.

It was a drone, someone reviewed them and i've looked at some of those reviews and they have very much focused on the positives and tried to sort of play down. The negatives and it's fair enough they've got to do that because they are in the unfortunate situation that they reliant on free product to make their channels work it's. I am too to a degree because if you think about it, if i'd spent 280 or 300 buying the set of goggles and found that they didn't work and or even if they did work – and i review them, then i'm only going to get 20 bucks from The video youtube pays nothing 20 bucks from the video that makes it a very big loss proposition. If you're trying to make money out of youtube, you've got to spend 280 to make 20 bucks. You can't do that for very long, so reviewers rely on a steady stream of free product that doesn't cost them anything so that the 20 or 30 bucks they in from their videos they can put in their pocket that's how it works. So most reviewers are very reluctant to you know: do a deep dive and rip the snot out of something because it's so bad, because they know that manufacturer is not likely to send them any more product and then their supply lines dry up and that's happened to Me over the years free sky don't, send me stuff anymore, a number of other manufacturers that i have pilloried for really bad products.

They don't send me stuff anymore. Why should they? Why should they send me a product, especially if it's a bit of a dodgy product when they can send it to other reviewers? Who will focus on the positives and perhaps gloss over the negatives? For two reasons? They want more products to review and they've probably got an affiliate link in the description. So if you do decide to buy one it's a bit more coin in their pocket that's what they rely on, i am so lucky. I have patreon support. I can afford to say i don't care i'm going to tell it like it is because i'm not here to serve the manufacturers i'm, not here, to serve the retailers i'm here to serve you guys watching this video. I want you to make sure that you can buy a product with confidence, if i say it's good and if it's crap you're not going to waste your money on it, because your money is valuable to you. So my focus is on giving the viewer the best information um. This is never going to make me rich and i don't care about that i'm here to support and promote the hobby and tell you what's, good and what's, not and as we've seen here today. The product i had before me is terrible, so only one bit, though only these optics, the rest of it, looks pretty damn fine or maybe the module bays don't work.

I don't know anyway, so what i would say is flip if you've got one that works, send it to me, and i will re review it. Otherwise, i'm gon na say avoid avoid this. Certainly until i get some of the issues sorted out and until they improve the quality control that's, it guys. Thank you very much for your support. Thank you to my patreon supporters, really appreciate it. I'Ve got more reviews coming up this week, it's been a busy week and hopefully you'll find them interesting and entertaining thanks for watching bye.