Well, this is episode number four on the evolve two! Yes, this is my series on the evolve two. So this is part four and uh. If you watch part one part, one showed you everything about the evolve: all the specs, the ground station and the accessories and the backpack that you get part two was all about the ground station. Probably the most detailed video youll ever see about the ground station. Its really good – actually i like it too, so go check out part two. If you want to see part three part, three is all about this camera up front because it is professional drone. It does have removable lenses that are super expensive and uh. If you get into this type of drone camera thingy well, then you have to have deep pockets, but if you know how to use a camera, you are gon na get awesome. Videos and photos, so go watch part three, its all about the camera up front. Its probably the most detailed explanation of photography using this camera and showing what it can do on youtube. So you might want to check that out. This is part four and in part four, since its so cold out here, im just going to fly this around and im going to show you what it can and cannot do now. The first thing you need to know about the evolv 2 is it fits in this tiny backpack, its probably one of the smallest backpacks ive, seen for a drone of this size and once again, ive mentioned it in previous videos.

This is the smallest form factor of drone to carry a micro, four thirds removable lens camera system, so theres. Nothing else on the market like this. So to get this going, lets open the backpack and lets take out our controller right here and were going to open this up and you have the two screens and if you havent seen me my hands are so cool. Look. I have my fingers out if you havent seen uh my part two on the controller the ground station. They want me to call it a ground station. So if i use the word controller or ground station its this im talking about so if you havent seen that you might want to check it out, because it is the only drone currently on the market that comes with dual screens, both at a thousand nits touch. Screens – and i will say one thing about this drone and that is that what you see coming out the camera up front, the screen is configured so that you get exactly the same thing recorded on the internal recording system. Now the internal recording system. I mentioned that in part one: you have a cfast card. If you want to do prores or you can use a cfast card as well. If you want to record an h.264 h.265, i use it all the time because its so fast it transfers files. It just takes seconds. Please note: a cfast card is not included, but if you go on b h you can buy them theyre pretty cheap.

You can also record to a micro sd card, but you cant record pro res to the micro sd card. There is a ton of memory in the ground station, so all your flights and everything like that are recorded in the ground station. You can call them up at any time in the future and re watch them on the screen. Here. Your batteries are supposed to give you about 30 minutes flight time. I will say: ive been flying this, oh probably a month now, and i dont get 30 minutes on this, especially now, when its super super cold, like this im not going to get 30 minutes, you know 25 minutes. If i push it thats pretty much it but thats to be expected from any company. If they say something goes for 30 minutes, it means its actually 25 in real world flight time. So this is no different. Sometimes you might only get 20 minutes if youre flying around in sport mode a lot lenses. I have a second lens right here and you can replace the lens up front with the second one theres many lenses that work with this here drone. Let me tell you right now what it cannot do, because people have asked me this: can you put a zoom lens on this? You know a zoom lens on a professional camera that you turn and it zooms in well. You cannot do that with this drone at this time. It is not supported.

You have to use prime lenses. A prime lens is a lens with a fixed focal length and thats. What you use on this drone since its a professional drone everything is, you can buy anything from any company, pretty much lenses filters, so heres a filter from one company. It fits because the lenses on here are all made for, like professional cameras, that you go around filming, shooting people its the same camera system up front, so you can buy those lenses put them on here. Those filters put them on here. You can do all the stuff, you would do with a normal camera. It is basically just a drone carrying a professional camera thats what youre getting here. So your props, you do get an extra set right here and they are the normal type of props. You push on and turn, let me grab two and then grab two from the other side. The ones with the white circle go on the motors with the white circle. Now i will mention the motors on here are larger than any motors youll, see on any type of small consumer drone, theyre very large. That is one of the reasons. I would not recommend this drone for a beginner. If you do not know how to fly a drone, this would not be the one for you, because you could hurt yourself, somebody else or property, its its very powerful, all right. So im just going to power on the ground station here and then im going to power on the drone well be all ready to fly.

Lets see. I have a gopro over here. My ground station is on. I dont know if you can see that thats what it looks like right there and the next thing im going to do – is im just going to power on the drone right here, so press and hold now. One thing i want to mention after flying this for a very long time, the startup time from the ground station and getting the drone going for your first flight is under a minute. It gets satellites, really quick. The ground station starts up fast. The drone starts up fast, so you could take this out of your case. Put the props on power it on and youll get everything done in under a minute now. I just want to show you this when you are ready to fly the first thing it gives you on the top screen. Is your weather information right there then on the bottom screen when youre ready to fly, you hit this button and your drone will be ready to go so you have all the information you should have. A lot of green information on this side means everythings good. You go ready to fly and theres the map of where i am right now and were all set to fly. If you want to see more weather information and other stuff pull that up, you can go through it all over your screen here, ill just close. That and the same as if you want to see detailed information, while i only have one finger sticking out, so i cant really pinch that all right to make this fly up in the air.

It shows i have 15 satellites, so i pull these joysticks in and we start up the motors and you see theyre pretty scary, so lets go up all right. So this is the drone, its very stable, but it is rather noisy and uh yeah. If you fly this around people, they will know this. Drone is definitely near them. So let me be quiet for a second and let me just walk around and let you hear the sound so here we have. The drone filming me and everything youll want to do with this. Drone is all about the camera, its all about filming, but this video is not about filming im, just going to show you some of the basic features on this drone im going to show them to you really fast, because im kind of frozen out here in the Cold, so i want to get through this as fast as possible. There we go look at that. My nails are in focus, so if you wanted to do some cinematic shots like that, you could here ill bring myself in focus and thats. The great thing with a drone with removable camera lenses is that you can keep on changing the focal length to anything you wish now. One thing with a drone like this is you can do really cool orbit maneuvers like im doing here. However, these are not autonomous. This is me doing it, because there is no circle mode on this drone.

There are no waypoints, there are no any other type of autonomous modes, its pretty basic and even up front. You have two obstacle avoidance sensors, but they are not active. So keep that in mind when you buy this drone, its all up to you, the pilot and its all about filming all right. Let me show you a few other things really quick now this is a video not about the camera, its just about the drone flying. So let me just show you: if you fly it, you can fly it really slow. There is no slow flying mode or anything like that. You just do it all manually and you can go faster. So let me just show you the full speed uh that this thing does not in sport mode but im in gps mode here. So here we go. Let me just show you full speed, theres full speed. It has lidar, so it wont crash into the ground as the ground goes up. It goes up so lets bring it back. This way full speed. This is full speed. There you go, so let me put it in sport mode all right, sport mode. Here we go full blast. Ive got a full blast, sport mode there she goes you wouldnt want to get hit with that whoa better put the brakes on next thing. I want to show you: is the speed going up and down im in normal mode, so going up there, you go thats up and lets bring it down full speed.

It is very fast for up and down maneuvers another feature about this drone thats, really good, that a lot of drones for the consumer market no longer have, and that is gps off. I can turn it off. Watch this there theres no gps anymore. It says what look at its coming at me: im not making it come at me, its just flowing with the wind there you go just let it go wherever the wind blows, thats, where it goes, and for people whove been flying drones for a long time. We love to turn the gps off so that we can do this. You could fly it like like a real drone like have a lot of fun. You dont, you no longer have the restrictions of gps. So if you had to set up a certain shot, you could actually get the shot by flying without the gps on and if you put it back on, it will lock itself in the sky. There you go im going to do the return to home im, going to take it forward and im going to let it return to home itself because were getting low in battery with this drone. You do have the option to have it fly back on the exact same course it flew out on there we go drone is coming down, it comes down quite fast, and then it should slow down and land come down, come down so thats. How close it comes back to where it took off, which is pretty darn good there? We are, you know, yeah, thank you.

So after your flight on your screen here ill show it. It shows how long i was flying for 18 minutes, the total distance. I went. 388 meters uh, it says i have about two minutes flight time left thats before low battery would kick in, and top altitude was 74 meters and theres all the stuff. You can actually review your video on here now. If you wanted to, i can click on review. My hands are cold there we go so its going to show you two things its. If i wanted to you see, i have a play button down here. I can play back my entire flight route and i can speed it up. Slow down. Look at the speed of my props here and look at other factors up at the top youll see theyll show up up there or i can watch it on the big screen over here. All right so were gon na change. The battery in here lets just turn that off yank, that out and put a new battery in all right next thing were gon na. Do is a range test now on the back of your ground station. Let me just show you this: on the back of the ground station, you can put two antennas here now. I do not have the antennas that go there x dynamics did say they were going to send them to me, but they never arrived. So, im doing this review without the antennas.

That means the antenna is right here, and you have to aim this towards the drone to get range. All right lets fire this up and take it on up all right lets see what range we get all right. So here we go im going to head over to the farmers fields and the drone is going that way, so that means i am going to have to face that way. So let me stand over here facing that way. My little camera on my chest might not see this so im going to call out the distance so right now i am at 200 meters, 300 meters im going to take it up higher because i see some trees there. We are 400 meters. We are at almost 500 meters, so were at 500 meters. Now no breakup on the screen lets see if we can get out to a thousand meters, which would be one kilometer. 550., 700 meters im at almost like 750 meters, almost at 800 meters new come on 800 800. going up to 900 meters were gon na get to a thousand, so lets see theres 900. 910. 920 theres nothing around below my drone. Its just farmers field for as far as the eye can see, uh lets see were up to a thousand meters, so theres a kilometer. So you can fly a kilometer im still getting video back reception back nicely. 1. 000. Coming up to 1 200 meters, 1, 200 meters, back of my little controller here between me and the drone are some trees and its still going so were at uh.

1300 meters. Uh lets see 1400 meters im not going to go beyond 2000 meters. That would be two kilometers thats a way over a mile, so when this gets to one or to sixteen hundred meters, thats a mile, so lets see were at 1490 were at 1500., actually ill. Just take it up to a mile 1530 um lets see 15. So 1600 meters is about to hit and theres 1600, so thats a mile, and i dont want to go over that highway. You see their highway up front yeah. I cant fly over that see. If i can get to 2000. It should be just before that road. So – and this is without any external antennas im using the internal antennas on this – so lets go 17 1800. This is more than anybody would ever need. 1800 meters lets go come on, my fingers are cold. I dont want to get over that road. 1900 meters im. Just gon na im gon na turn the drone, so i dont go over the road so ill, just slightly turn it there. We go and ill take it up to uh 2000 meters coming up here coming up to 2000 and there we are 2000 meters. So my hat cam might pick that up its right up. There theres my distance. It says: im 2000.. I always have no problem. This can go quite a distance, so im just gon na hit the return to home now return to home, activate it.

Oh, i think i have to hold it down. Hang on a sec return to home. You got to let it zoom along the little thing there and there we go. Rdh has been activated so, as the drone is flying back to me, ill give you my final thoughts. Well ive used this drone for a month now and if you have knowledge of photography, you have to know how to use a mirrorless or dslr camera. Then this drone is just amazing if you dont, and you put all the settings on auto youre, really not going to benefit from what you want to do with this drone, and also you will need deeper pockets, because when you buy drones like this with removable lenses, You will find yourself buying more lenses and a lens for a camera drone like this. The one thats included with it is 500 u.s. So if you go on b h and you want to buy other ones or amazon youre going to pay a lot of money, you can pay over a thousand dollars for the lens i can see on my display here were getting closer and closer and closer. I dont know: can you see that so here we go theres this and here it is coming back over top here we have our drone coming down. If you want to take control of the drone, just press the h again so watch this, you can see where its landing compared to the landing pad its right there.

But if i want a hole, take control, i press it. It stops see that camera up front. I have it pointing straight down. You just have to hit one of these buttons on the back lets see and there we go forward all right guys. This brings me to the end of the video. It is a rather dull day, but with a lens like this, you should see that you can see me and you can see the sky and im not even recording im pro res. If i record it in pro res, it looks even better here. Let me show you prores watch this youre still looking at me, ill switch, the prores there we go. This is pro res. So the reason you film in pro res with any drone with a really good camera lens and a sensor, is because of this see that blue sky clouds coming down to green grass, black dull theres shadows everywhere. In order to make everything stand out in the image you record in pro res, because you can expand your image all right guys if you havent watched part, one part, two and part three of my series on the evolve: two go check it out. If you have questions on buying this drone, just post them below and ill get back to you, the links to the x dynamics evolve site where you can buy. This drone is included below as well all right guys. Thanks for watching this series, i will bring the evolv 2 out again in the future and maybe compare it against other cool drones on the market till that time take care and bye.