Welcome to my channel well in this episode im going to take a really close look at the x dynamics of all 2, the drone the specifications im going to look at the controller and then im going to show you some video from the camera and some of The cool things you can do with this drone, so you want to stay tuned now. I know a lot of you are saying the x dynamics evolved to. Why does that name sound familiar to me thats, because, a year ago or two years ago i was flying this baby here, the x dynamics evolve one, and what theyve done is theyve taken what they learned from this one and they put it into this one. So this ones pretty amazing. Now, if you click on the link to look at this droid youre gon na see its pretty pricey, so who is it for well its for people who own these? Do you own these? This is a dslr and this is a mirrorless camera. So if you have been using cameras like this, all your life for photography or videography and youre really good at using the manual settings, not the auto settings, but the manual settings then youre gon na love. This drone, alright, so lets get into it. Now, let me tell you right off the bat x dynamics sent me this drone from my review and my input and feedback, and for about four days now ive been flying it and giving them feedback and its been really good.

Theres, a nice two way conversation going on. They also sent me this super long spec sheet and they wanted me to tell you all the points, but im only going to tell you the points that i think are relevant to you. The viewer of the captain drone channel all right, so the first thing you probably noticed thats different about this drone is the super large huge camera up front. Apparently, im told by x dynamics that this is the only drone on the planet that can lift a micro. Four thirds camera in this size of form factor, so its not a very big drone like if you think of another drone on the market, you would come up with the inspire 2 that has a micro, four thirds camera. That is a very large drone and its not as portable as this. So let me get down to the camera itself and look at my chart because i always forget to say certain things, so it has a micro, four thirds sony cmos sensor. The pixels in this camera are super large, and if you are a photographer, you know that the larger the pixels are on a sensor, the better the sensor is for low light. This is very true of this one im going to show you some footage that i took in pitch blackness and it looks damn good the lenses its up to you. You put the lens on you want it does come with one lens.

Do i have it here? It is, it comes with this little olympus lens right here with it thats my lens, because you can buy lenses off of amazon or b h, theyre all theyre all compatible with this matter of fact, uh the company tested a few lenses and im going to put A little list up here these are the lenses theyve tested that are compatible with this. I think theres like five or six right now, so you can use those lenses on here for whatever type of photography youre doing for video, it could shoot at 4k 120 frames per second. It can also record in pro res at 10 bit and it can record in h.264 h.265, just like dji cameras at 8 bit. It has a color palette in here, so that when you shoot video or photos, your colors look natural and i do find it to be very true. I almost find that the color pattern in this sony cmos sensor is kind of reminiscent of a canon camera. Now let me jump back to the megapixels. Remember i said the megapixels are really large because theyre so large it has a 12 megapixel sensor. So a lot of you out there might go only 12 megapixels im so used to 20 or 30 or 40.. Trust me for photography needs 12 is good, but honestly, if they had those large pixels in a larger sensor, then that would be nice carbon fiber.

Yes, this is a carbon fiber body and the cool thing is this is on right now. Do you hear a fan? Theres no fan running, you know why theres no fan running because there is no fan in here. Every drone on the market that is super, powerful and modern, has a fan in it to cool the processor. This has a magnesium body, so underneath the body is all magnesium and because of that it pulls away the heat off the processor. So if i put my hand down here, yeah its nice and warm its probably going to warm up the room nicely but thats how they get the heat away, its really a ingenious idea. Other items to mention looking at my chart, if i could see through the props, it has a lidar system. So you know like on a lot of drones like dji drones. They have optical flow, so lidar is shooting a laser at the ground. Reading the laser, knowing the proper height it works when youre coming down for a landing, do not stick your body in between the lidar and the ground and the drone, because ive done that a few times the drone will go like what the heck is that and Fly up again and scares the heck out of you uh, it does fly in sport mode at 92, kilometers per hour, so its very fast. They say thats 53 miles per hour, ive only flown in sport mode once just to get from point a to point b.

I didnt really pay attention to the speed but ill do that in future videos. For you, this is a cool point uh, they say its 90 manufactured in house by x dynamics. In other words, these are not off the shelf parts, so the chips, the processors, all the electronics, the framing and all the stuff, its all x dynamics. I should also mention right now in the video that ex dynamics is only selling this to start in the united states, so that means you buy it from the united states. You get it serviced in the united states and all your support is in the united states. Another point they told me to pass on is theres no geofencing. I wonder why they wanted to mention that i guess theres some drones out there that have geo fencing. It has a 33 minute flight time. I have flown this now quite a few times. I never got 33 minutes out of this because you know how, on a drone you set the low battery like when it should warn you or return to home if its getting low. So i set it at about 20 and at 20 im, not getting 33 minutes of flight time. They tell me that if you let it go until it has no battery power at all, youll get 33 minutes. So just just know that range is 11 kilometers. If you put the external antennas on your controller ill show you that i dont have them, so i couldnt do a range like that, but im in canada, i cant do a range test.

I will say for my purposes flying it. I never had any issues with range. You know i can go out, maybe one mile its not a problem internally, so it is long range if you have the proper antennas so thats the list. I think i got all the important points and let me just show you some of the physical things that youre going to see on this drone lets start up here with the props. They are quick release. Props the motors are massive in size. You do have lights on the arms, you can turn the front lights off if you want and you can change them to any color in the rainbow that you desire so heres. Some footage of me changing the colors on the forward arms. The back arms always stay. A certain color when its flying just to let you know everythings working, but the forward ones, are the ones you can change the colors on. Let me show you some footage here. This is flying it at night and what it looks like in the sky with the colors, the props themselves are pretty nice, theyre, flexible tips and the tips to curve up so that they reduce the noise slightly. It is a rather large drone that weighs two kilos. You know four pounds so because of that you can hear it in the sky. The props do make noise its definitely not a stealth machine. Now going to the front of the drone, you see two obstacle avoidance sensors.

However, they are not functioning at the time of this review. X dynamics told me they are leaving them off for a while and ill get into that a little bit later. Uh theyre adding features as they continue on with the production of this drone, which users find they need for people who are professional photographers who use dji, drones or autel drones. We always turn the sensors off. I dont know anybody whos professional, that leaves the sensors on going to the bottom, where the gimbal is for the camera. It is removable, so you can pull that right off if your gimbal broke because of an accident or a crash, you just take it off, get a replacement one and just put it back on and youre up and flying again on one of the sides. I believe its this side over here. This is where you put your micro sd card theres, also the bind button and theres a usb plug thats over there. It does come with a 64 gig micro sd card. I do not use the micro sd card, because micro sd cards are very slow when you use a professional camera if youre going to record them pro res. So i use on the other side theres a slot for a cfas 2.0 card and i have a cfast 2.0 card in there, which is really cool because you can store a ton of stuff on those cards. Super fast read and write capability, and you can record pro res, which is massive size files uh onto that card as well.

Alright, did i miss anything there. I think i got everything up there going along the bottom lets get to the sensors at the back im gon na tell you again: theres two obstacle avoided sensors. Looking down, i dont know why they have them there because they have the lidar system. Those are non functioning either they might turn them on in the future. You have the lidar system thats there, and you also have your led landing light there. We go, i powered it off, so i can pull the battery out and if i look at the battery this is the size of it here. 6700 milliamp hour battery at 14.8 volts all right. So i think ive shown you everything on the drone itself. So lets jump over to the controller, which i think is the most awesome part of this entire package check this out now for many of you that have been flying drones, if you buy drones from dji, autel, hopsin, unique whatever usually well, dji is kind of the Worst djig usually gives you the crappiest of controllers. Autel is pretty good other companies like unique or even better, and then you get companies like hupsyn, which throw in a few things and femi, but yeah dji controllers. The reason i say theyre crappy is because they give you nothing nothing, its just use your phone and you have nothing else there. So this is like unheard of. This is a controller. That is everything you can imagine in a controller.

So let me show you it really close, so its a clamshell design and im going to show you close ups and im going to show you it working and everything else, and one of the cool thing is, i think they took this from mac. So if i power it on back here should come to life. I think this uh. This is going to light up so in the back here. Is it lit up already this little thing, its kind of like a mac that lights up so the screen on here? I dont have the drone on at the moment, so i cant show you what it looks like right now, but i am going to show you what it looks like because ive taken some video of this and ill do a voiceover to explain everything about the controller Because the controller is the sweetest thing of all in this package, this controller makes you want to get out and fly a drone. So here i dont have the drone on and if i spin it around, you dont get much, but i just want to tell you this. This screen up here is eight inches and its a touch screen and its 1000 nits. So it doesnt matter how bright it is outside. You can see the screen this screen down here is 5.5 inches its a touch screen and its 1 000 nits. So i want you to think of that a thousand nits, a thousand nits.

How much do you think that would cost you to buy two displays a thousand and a thousand. You already know you see it in so many products, its gon na cost you over a thousand dollars to get something like this and yes, its got hdmi out its got so many configurable buttons on it, its just its the most awesome controller on the planet. All right enough of me talking about the controller here watch this were sorry. The number you have dialed is not in service at this time. Please note this video is actually in four parts, not just this one part. It would be much too long, so part two coming up in another segment is all about the ground station and youll want to watch that, because the ground station is really cool and youll also see how i smashed my drone into a cell tower and destroyed the Prop now part three is all about the camera thats. Why youre gon na buy this drone, so im gon na show you video segments of me filming on a sunny day a dull day and at night and part four will be me. Taking the evolve two out for a flight and you coming along with me, you know from start to finish flying one full battery. I just want to show you exactly some of the cool things you can do with the drone just out and about out in the field by then many of the firmware updates should be out, so it should be great all right what i want to show you Really, quick is what you get when you buy this drone.

So obviously you get this awesome controller, which is super expensive. So just stick that over there you get the controller you get the drone. You get a lens. What do i put theres a lens back here? It comes in the box, so its an olympus lens right here, so you get that uh, you get a. What is this thing? This is a lanyard there. It is whoa. I got stuff falling out, so there we go, you have the x dynamics evolve. Lanyard! You put around your neck when youre, holding this controller thats pretty good, and these little metal things right here will screw into the forward section. Next thing you get. Is you get the props, so you get a set on the drone plus you get two more or one more set here. You have the charging system back here, the big charging brick and you can charge up the battery and you can charge up your controller at the same time and finally, you get the backpack right here. Look at this! This everything i just showed you fits in this backpack, its a very slim design, x, dynamics backpack, i put it on your back and um lets see carry everything to the field with this, and this brings me to the end of the video now youre watching this Review, probably about five days after i made it, because i had to make the review a way in advance because i have a day job, so i had to go to work.

I didnt have time to come back to this. So since this review has come out, ive been flying this drone quite a bit, and i have a lot more video to show you im saying this. This is in the future steve talking of what this thing can do, so what ill do in another video ill? Take it out with like a hat cam on out in the field and ill just talk as im flying it and showing you different things because theres a lot more, it can do so. In summary, if you know your way around a professional camera, then youre gon na love this drone, because a professional camera like this is designed to allow your artistic talents to come through in any lighting environment. Other drones on the market work well in certain lighting environments, and you know the lenses dont come off and youre kind of stuck with what you get so they work well on certain sunny days and other days. It doesnt look that great, but this it doesnt matter. What the lighting is, you can get the shot you want if you know how to use a camera, because it will not do it for you not that. Well, alright, guys hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in a future video with many more reviews of this and other drones. And if you have questions on this drones, im still learning it as well, just post them below and, like i said ill, have another video coming out where i take it out and fly it, and i can give you my thoughts right there on the spot.