My name is brett penney, father and im a field producer for the show and id like to introduce to you one of my favorite pieces of new equipment. The x dynamics evolved too ive really been enjoying this drone. As you can see its a little bit bigger than the average drone we use on our shoot theres. Basically, this really big camera, its a micro. Four thirds sensor not only are the lenses swappable, but so is the camera. This camera can shoot 4k up to 120 frames per second, a lot of the time when were shooting out there, its in harsh light conditions, meaning that we have really bright sunlight and a lot of shadows, and i found that this camera can really bring out the Detail in those shadows and highlights the camera just seems to perform really really well, i flip it over there. You can see it. Has carbon fiber body incredible strength to weight ratio underneath it has this magnesium alloy, the magnesium alloy body has been chosen because it also acts as a heat sink. So this drone doesnt really have a fan or anything like that to cool it compared to a lot of other drones on the market, its also relatively water resistant or weather resistant, and that makes me happy not because im going to be flying in the rain. But we find a lot of dust and i think that lack of a fan sucking aaron is going to be really helpful, with not bringing too much dust up and into this drone.

Its got some really nice powerful, big motors that seem to work really well in the wind, and then we have this battery at the back and thats, where youll turn it on and off they theyre rated for about 33 minutes, which is you know its great. I think a lot of these ratings are done in a setting where theres, no wind or anything like that, but i find ive been getting about 25 minutes even on a relatively windy day and thats, making sure i can get it back safely. The only negative ive found is that it doesnt actually have obstacle sensors theyre there theyre built in, but that hasnt been applied. Yet i dont really rely on sensors or automatic settings that much. I really do like to think about where im flying and the shots im getting. I know a lot of cars have lane sensors and stuff like that, and i hope people arent relying on those too much on the roads and rather using their better judgement to put their equipment where it needs to be so another thing thats pretty unique about this Drone is this ground station, its really handy, because you dont have to use your phone. Its got two screens its set up to do is this will be your your visuals from the camera and then down here you can get the information of the map where you are a weather forecast option. You can see how hard each of your motors are working and theres a battery information.

How your batteries are looking is one of my favorite things about this. Drone is actually the controller. The drone comes in. This super convenient little backpack. Everything has a place. Nice foam casing to protect it, thats super handy because we travel by off road vehicles a whole lot. It can bounce around in there and doesnt seem to have any issues. So, in my opinion, the lack of autonomous features and the size of this drone are offset by the awesome camera quality. I hope you found this little bit of insight into the x dynamics. Evolve too helpful.