This is jagras moments and in todays video i have a pretty special product to unbox. So we have here the xbox series s, the new generation console from xbox so were gon na unbox. It take a closer look all over the details and play some games lets start Music. First of all, xbox series: s is the smallest xbox ever made its almost 60 smaller than the xbox series x, but still brings you the next generation speed with the xbox velocity architecture powered by a new custom, 512 gigabyte ssd. That will give you incredible fast load times, seamless, game, switching and a great game performance. The xbox series s is all digital, so if you are a disc collector or if you wan na play blu ray movies, maybe this series x is for you, as it can play disk from previous xbox models as well. The xbox series says is also backwards compatible with thousands of games and obviously you need to have them digitally, so you can enjoy games from xbox one xbox 360 and original xbox games with faster load times higher resolution and a better input latency. This next generation console can play your games at 120 frames per second at 1440 pixels in supported displays, and it also supports hdr. If you have a 4k tv, this can be upscaled to 4k for the games and it can also stream 4k media playback from your favorite media like netflix, amazon, prime disney or other apps.

The box looks pretty basic with some advertisement of games in the bag and the features and whats included on the site. As we open the box, the xbox seems very well protected there with that fat carton, so thats, very good in the box. You can find straight. The console with that green message power, your dreams. It definitely looks small, but its not light at all its pretty heavy for its size. The design, as you see its simple but very nice with that robo white and the black fan that look like a speaker in the package. You can also find a quick guide to the cables that give you hdmi, cable and a power cord and, of course, the new xbox series xs controller with two aaa batteries. The new xbox series xs controller, have a little bit different design from its previous model and is also a little bit smaller. It have the new high deck d pad a new short button and a nice textured grip with micro dots, so you can hold it better. I have made a separate video about the controller, so you can watch it after about the console im really impressed how small and nice it is great, simple design that fits in with any living room and any furniture. You can put the device vertically or horizontally as there is rubber fit on two sides and thats the hardest thing to choose, as both sides looks very nice in the front of the console.

You have the xbox button that turns the console on when you press it. We got the pair button and a usb 3.1 port in the back. We got our ethernet port, two usb 3.1 ports, hdmi output, a storage expansion port – and this is where you can expand the storage with the special one, terabyte sigits turret expansion card that they made for the xbox series. Xs consoles this sold separately and cost 200 bucks extra and at the end here, is where were gon na plug in the power cord so connecting the power cord and the hdmi to the tv, and our xbox is ready, as i have my router near to the Xbox i plug in an ethernet cable. Otherwise you can connect the xbox to the wifi alright, so we set it up. Everything is ready. We connected to the ethernet, because the router is right here and im ready to press the power button and im gon na see on our screen on the tv lets. Do it pressing the xbox logo, we open the console and the xbox will turn on with a big logo appearing in our screen. You can set up the xbox with the xbox app on your phone by using the code that will show in your screen, but i decided to skip that and do it from the console. So you select the language. There is many languages. If you want to select your local language, i select english next.

If you will use wirelessly the internet, you will have a message to connect your router with a password mine is connected via ethernet. After select your country and start the update, it will take its time. So be patient next turn on the controller and will ask you to press the a button and update the controller as well. Next sign in with the microsoft account, if you make it from the xbox app, i believe most probably, you will skip all these steps and will take the information from the application after confirm your age, understand and accept some policies and how they share your data. You can put a passkey or to sign in every time for safety after choose a caller and then, of course, they advertise the xbox gamepass ultimate. That gives you more than 100 games to download ill skip it for now, but i believe its definitely worth it, and especially with digital device. Thats pretty good deal anyway. If youre looking for more information about the game, bus ill make a review very soon so make sure to subscribe for that video. So i will click. No thanks for now and next we choose the time zone choose if you want energy saving when not using or instant on. I put energy saving for now. Select keep games, updated and thats it. So this is the main menu the home and its performing. Actually, very nice fast and smooth. Of course, they have also the game bus here to advertise.

If you want to activate it, i can see some games here and options. You can go to general tv display option to check your tv, so my tv supports 1080p, 50 hertz and im very curious how it would look like and play in a lower resolution from its capabilities. This is the games that added recently on the game pass, and this is all the games that are on xbox game pass ultimate. There are even older games from xbox, 360 or even xbox original, and you can still play them here. There is more than 100 plus games to play. Look at all these lists, thats amazing. There is also many free games to play like rocket league warzone, hitman, roblox, fortnite and opex legends and other more, but you will need the gold life for enjoying them online. A big disappointment here is the storage, as from 512 gigabyte available is only 361 gigabyte and with all that games, digitally youll need definitely to expand it or delete games all the time. If youre playing not new generation games that made for xbox series xs, then you could use an external, hard drive or ssd to expand your storage for new games that made for the series xs. You need to either use the internal memory or purchase the external storage expansion of one terabyte, which is ridiculous because it costs more than the half of the price of the console. But it is what it is.

So if you want to save 220 dollars, external hardware will do the work to install older titles. All right lets play some games now, as you see, load times is quite fast, and this is all thanks to the ssd drive inside so far. The performance was amazing and loading screen last couple seconds. Even i play the game in 1080p tv and at 50 health, the graphics looks amazing. The interface is fast and snappy and quick resume is unbelievably crazy. Fast, you can switch between games without waiting for loading screen and thats amazing. With a quick resume, you can have a look on some of my favorite games so far: Applause, Music, its okay Applause, the funding war between security agencies rages in the cabin its official excellence. Applause, Music, Music Applause and its barcelonas turn now and hes broken free and its there for him, and just like that, lionel messi has Music scored. I think i know this cop, oh cute, im, serious hes, bad news. We scored big on this one theres some prime hunting, here, Applause, Music body – he is going all over the place. Applause 20 seconds left. Bravo is moving forward, defend it alright. So this was the xbox series s overall, i believe its a great console and with having a game pass. Its a great combination. Storage will be definitely a big issue, as everything is digital, but we can overpass it with external hard drives. Also, as this console max resolution is 1440 pixels, so if you want it for 4k gaming, this will work as it upscaled to 4k, but youll have better results.

With the xbox series x, i tried out with my two 1080p monitors and it was great, but i think it would perfectly pair with 1440p, monitor at high fps at the end, its quite impressive of what it is and how small it is. You can hear the fans or any noise from it and its the most affordable next generation console out there, alright guys, if you find this video helpful hit the like button, as it definitely helps the channel and subscribe to stay up to date on everything that i Publish have a great rest of the day and until next time lets make moments, we can never forget peace again. He was playing all night. Oh my god, you like it so much yeah. You was playing all night again. What i told you dont play xbox all night.