X360 Aerodrone Family Dollar $15 Drone Tech Toyz Quadcopter

Little lookaroo LIKE THE VIDEO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL paypal.me/jaydrone $0.25 $1 $10 $1MILLION DOLLARS ANYTHING WORKS #drone …



  2. my control wont connect with the drone? need help

  3. Dollar general is one of my favorite depo stores regarding store brand but Amazon is by far the best value for price .

  4. Jay ive been a fan since your aerodrone x18 i had a convo with u about it you should to family dollar techtoyz microquad $20 tell me of u have problems because i got one and it fly forward by itself i tried useing the trim buttons that didnt work i recalibrated it still not working

  5. Oh yeah. The plastic iys made og is crazy. One of mine, the white Oneida a molding defect, very thin where the guards connect to the body. NO glue on Earth will stick!!! LOL

  6. I have 3 of these. A white one, and two of the black versions. They are awespmr!!! The only drawback is zero parts available. 😕 They fly very well, are extremely stable at hover too. The 360 flips are great. Can't get the Headless Mode to work though? Okay, as I don't really like it anyway. They also make a mini quad too. Not too good. Neither is their Aeroblade 2 channel co-axial. ( i used the really cool case for a SkyRover co-ax) LOL But the x360 is well worth the $25 I had to pay. Oh, the removable 300mAh battery is cool too. A 390 mAn will fit with a little modification.

  7. How do you fly the thing? I got it for Christmas today.

  8. I got one for Christmas today! of (2018) I'm pretty excited to fly and test it out.
    I got it from family dollar store for $20 and I read you can do a 3d.
    I thought I saw you doing a 3d because when you press the right top button that is a 3d mode.

  9. Just got mine for the house lol

  10. My first quadcopter bought from a yard sale about two years ago for $30 was exactly the same drone only it was branded "Swiftstream RC". It had a .3 MP camera back then was a great price! The guy I bought it from bought a whole case of 6 drones for the price of 1 because they didnt realize it was a case-pack, the packaging looked like one really big drone LOL! It was made of shiny ABS plastic and it ended up breaking pretty easy, one of the arms had a hairline crack and it made it unflyable. This one you have looks like the plastic is better.

  11. just wanted to see if it works.it does.thanks.

  12. What are you going to do with all those toys? Your running out of room…

  13. "leveler" gave me a chuckle

  14. It's pretty easy to have 15 dollars worth of FUN out of just about anything that will lift-off, I enjoy all kinds of cheap stuff, X5C-1 23.00 @ Amazon, ton of fun

  15. lol  i bought one a few weeks ago.  its like a tiny bugs 3 in the way its a you fly it. no altit…yup you just said it…will watch..:-)

  16. You should make those hats for retail! I'd buy one for 15$ maybe 20 if it's better than the cheap trucker style. "JD Hat Cam " 👲

  17. That’s the Mould King 33043 Super F.

    I bought a white one 2 years ago for $18 from GEARBEST. It has 3 nicely tuned rates. The transmitter not so great. Only quirk is it reverts to rate 1 when you do a button flip. ie. if you are in rate 3 and you do a flip it goes back to rate 1. I flew it a lot. Then eventually it would not bind to the tx anymore. So now sits in a bin awaiting a new FCB.

  18. You already know. 😎👍🏽👍🏽😁

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