Thank you very much for tuning in to your outdoor adventures, im mario, your host for your outdoor adventures, uh todays, video watch. It stick around uh, its gon na be a little bit of a lengthy video were gon na cover three drones. Uh were also gon na, take them outside and do some flying test them out and see how they go. This is a journal picture for myself, and these two drones will be given away uh. You need to stick around for the video to find out what youll need to do to join in, for the giveaway they are going to be. Free were were gon na test. These out ive already charged batteries. I did not go through the whole setup of um breaking them down whats in the box and doing a whole opening on the box. Uh real, simple, this sky rider um is the x31 shockwave. I picked it up at home depot. This was pretty much ready to fly out of the box. All i had to do was attach the four legs and the four propeller props for anybody thats tuning in right now i do appreciate it. This is going to be on youtube as well later, so, if youre tuning into the youtube video. Thank you very much. My name is mario and welcome to your outdoor adventures. I do appreciate you sticking around in the video and for our previous viewers and current members. Thank you very much for being here always appreciate the support for our new members hope you guys stick around and new viewers if you like something, stick around as well uh when this hits youtube, dont forget to hit the like subscribe and the notification bell.

Just that way, you guys see when i put out the new drone videos and new outdoor videos. Just so you are aware, the camera quality on these. These are all beginner drones, so the camera quality on these is not going to be amazing. The reason were doing this is because we have a bunch of members that are interested in getting into drone flying. This gives you the opportunity to crash the drone and learn and get comfortable with flying before you actually go ahead and upgrade to a bigger drone. All right um for those that are tuning up on facebook live. Thank you very much. I cant see the comments kyles running the camera for me uh, but i do appreciate you all being here and i will reply to the comments later on. So once again the x31 shockwave skyrider we will take care, so this just got the little battery. I dont expect this to have much range. I believe they said it was like a 300 foot range. If that, which is perfectly fine, were just going ahead. This is mainly a toy, a learning opportunity, so we got one and one Music shouldnt have to do much besides take off. If i have to run back and grab the controls i and will should have speed flip okay. There we go so getting this one started. It was just a matter of turning it on turning that on going down and going up, and that sets it to calibrate the motors and then popping both of the controls down and out starts.

The starts the propellers and lets see what we have whoa okay. So we already know that it needs to be adjusted right off the bat. We will do some pitch back Music. I im trying to get it to turn around and come at us and its like until i get until i can get the pitch in the yaw that it really wants to just keep flying forward Music. So this ones gon na have so im gon na have to play with this a little bit, but obviously it does fly, it does respond. The wind is grabbing it. We are dealing with about eight mile per hour, winds, Music, trying to get down here. So we can land it big wind blast and there we go all right. So the x 31 shockwave skyrider uh im a fan for the 30 cost. It is definitely worth it to go ahead and learn uh. You do have your roll, your pitch, your yaw, so you can go through and do the settings. Obviously we did not do ours, yet we will be going back and doing them afterwards and getting adjustments uh well see how tight we can actually get the flight on this. Its not gps to wi fi.