I will be reviewing the x 20 micro drone company name, i think that’s, the company name, it’s propel so it’s, eight years old and and plus so like. If your kid’s a nine, they could still use it and it’s indoor and outdoor here’s some information. If you want to read it i’ll, give you a quick uh. Second, to read the information. Five okay i’ll be back guys; okay! Sorry, for that, might that need help. So we’re gon na be reviewing the items so first i’ll start with the propellers first. It comes with a few little propellers, just in case the ones that are already on the drone break. So it came with a screw, a screwdriver, but so like you could unscrew this, so you could put batteries. I already put batteries in mine, the screws technically for the whole drone. It was for almost everything, okay and then we’re gon na move on to the controller. So the controller is pretty basic. You can hold that like that, and it has three speed settings. So when you press this button right here, one time it’s gon na make one beep and that’s gon na be the normal setting for speed. So it’s not gon na be super fast and then, if you press it two more time, i mean one more time: it’s gon na make two beeps, which is going to be pretty fast and then, if you press it one more time, it’ll go fast and it Should make three beeps? It also has a stop mode where you could make it do a few flips and tricks, and if you do this uh the drone will start doing a 360.

. These two buttons here i really don’t, know what they are for. I don’t even use them that much so yeah. Next, you go to charger here’s. What it looks like right here, that’s what the charging area looks like and whenever you plug it in and if your drone doesn’t have any charge, this will turn red and when it has charge, this part will turn green okay. So now we’re gon na move on to the drone itself. So the drone should look like this there’s, a few colors red there’s, also silver. There was black. There was also blue. I don’t i don’t remember if there was more but yeah, so it has leds on all the sides or all corners right there and you’re, probably gon na, want to charge your drone i already charged mine. So here is right. There is where you plug in the charger and right here, is how you turn it on so like that there are other leds, so we’re gon na be doing a test flight right after i find a good spot to take the test flight part, okay guys. So i think i found a good spot. I don’t know if this is a good spot, but it looked pretty good, so we’re going to turn on the drone and one more thing if the drone, if the lights are the leds on the drone, if it’s blinking like that, you’re gon na want to turn On the controller that’s, what it should look like and i usually move the joysticks but you’re gon na – have to pair the drone to the controller.

So you’re gon na have to press that button right there and then move the joysticks around and then it should stop. Beeping so yeah i’m, just gon na check one more time, oh yeah, and make sure whenever you’re flying it. This part should be facing you or else it’s going to be, or else it’s going to be like or else it’s or else you might like scratch. The wall with it or like hurt yourself so yeah, i don’t know if you guys can see um wait, i’ll be back all right and i don’t know if you guys can see it good. Sorry for the background noise, my dad’s taking a shower the bathrooms are right there and the living room is there. So when this parts facing you i’ma get away, you’re ready to fly so to fly it. You have to press this button and then it’ll turn on. So there’s the slow mode and then you press it again for the drone to land so i’m gon na press it one more time i mean you’re gon na have to press this one more time for the drone to auto automatically land and then you’re going to Want to press the speed button on time if you want to go a little faster. This is the 2v sound okay, so next i’m going to be showing you what um, how fast it goes whenever you’re doing whenever you’re like driving flying it and the second speed.

So there’s the second speed i don’t know if you guys can see it perfectly and then it just landed so yeah and i’m really hoping i get this right. Okay and then, when you press this one more time, three beeps this is the one beep sound. Okay. So now i’m gon na be flying in the third speed. Three two one go three two third one is pretty fast, so i’m also going to be doing a few. I like to fly it and the second speed so now we’re going to be doing a few tricks and yeah so let’s get started. So whenever you do this it’ll spin, 360., oh, no, okay! So oh there’s about to be a flip! Okay, you guys can see pretty high all right. I don’t know if you guys saw that, but the drone did a flip it’s like i’m gon na demonstrate wait and you need to be pretty close to ground and then it’ll like do it so there okay, wait. I think i found a way better position. Okay, wait i’ll, be back when i get the perfect piss, okay guys, so i couldn’t get the phone to properly like stay there. So here’s a little clip of me doing tricks, okay, i’m gon na be placing them.