This is a how to video we’re going to be going over the x20 micro drone from walmart it’s, like 20 bucks, indoor and outdoor and we’re, going to be going over all the features in the stocks. So my dawn is over here charging right now. Some things that come in the package is a big of extra propellers, which i don’t have right now, they’re out in my living room and the charging port and that mini screwdriver in this, which is the guide instruction manual, which i didn’t read yet because i already Know how to fly one of these. I have another one, but my other one was like five dollars and it broke right away. So anyway, here is the drone itself uh hold on one. Second, here is the drone itself, it’s very, very small, there’s, a on and off switch on the back of the drone you guys can see in the charging ports also at the back um the white blades. As you see, there’s two colors of blazers, black and white, the white blades right here are the front and i’ve already formed this thing like i said i got it yesterday. So when you turn on your drone little on and off switch, it will start flashing. The red is the back part, so keep that in mind. Yeah let’s shut this off, so we don’t waste any battery. Here is the part that plugs into the drone, as you guys can see, there’s an arrow besides the arrow on this side, there’s an arrow.

If you guys can kind of see that there’s an air on on that side, this part this side right here goes facing up, so you plug it in just like that, and then this is a usb part when the drone is not on the charger. This part will be red, but right now it’s black, because it’s unplugged i’ve had it plugged into my computer, but um. This part right here um this part right here when you plug the drone in it will be just like this, but when the drone is fully charged, it will turn back to red. Okay, now, let’s take a look at the controller. This is a controller for the x20 micro john right here we got the auto landing auto takeoff button. These are the trims and then this one right here make sure drone go up down and spin in circles. This one makes it go forward backwards left right. This is your on and off switch and these two buttons. This is the speed. There’S three speeds slow, medium and fast, and this is the stun, but i had a super hard time trying to do the stunts correctly, because for this run the battery has to be fully charged. It has to be on. It cannot be on slow mode and it cannot be on training to turn it on training mode. Well, it’s, all it’s going to be on training mode when you first buy it, but to turn it off training mode this.

What this joystick right here, you just click straight down: it’s um, one by the underneath, the stunt. So the right joystick, you click all the way down, and once you do that once only once, just when you do that this button makes it go forward, it switches it basically switches the controls or forward backwards, no yeah, so it basically switches the controls. If you say that um, these are the trims under here. I already went through that. So when you get your drone you’re gon na have to put in batteries, they are aaa batteries and the screwdriver that comes with this drone, like the mini screwdriver. You can use for this, but when you just turn on your controller, it’s gon na beep twice and then start flashing, then that means it’s ready and you got ta turn on your drone and it will connect and it’s flashing slower now to connect the controller with The drone you wan na move the left, joystick up and then down, and then the controller stops flashing and the drone starts flashing. Then, to take it off, you have two ways to take it off: you can either both joysticks down toward the middle, or you can use this auto. Take off button. When you use the auto take off button, it takes off in the air. If you don’t want it to take off in the air, then you just want to have it hover pull both the joysticks toward the middle and your you’ll hear a little beep let’s check the camera angle.

I hit the computer um you’re gon na have to mess around with the trim a lot as you can see, it’s not very good at staying in one spot. Oh, even though it should hover in one spot, um i’m flying in a very small room right now. So let’s go over here and i’ll fly it around over here, so you guys can see it, and i don’t have to worry about crashing into everything all right. So we’ll do start the propellers and then take off hope you guys can see it flying around in a little closer right now, i’m, just trying to mess up the trim a lot it’s getting a little bit better supposed to hover in one spot at all times. Um, when you bring the drone, it does 360 spins too, which is pretty cool when you bring the drone up and down the lights, start flashing, so it’s not because it’s dead. I mean that mistake too um. It takes a half hour to charge and it flies for about five minutes right now. It is not fully charged so probably without like a minute or two minutes um, it does do stuff and tricks, and it goes up to 20 miles an hour um. This is drawing a lot of people, don’t know, but this strong, actually really nice and really fast man, whoa landed on my shelf let’s run with the trim a little bit more. I just want to go to the bring it back, see what it does.

I’M gon na move over here, so you guys can see me piloting this little beast. So start the engines or propellers or whatever you want to call them, but otherwise it’s a very nice drum, but it does always want to go one way just mess around with the trim a lot right when you first get it as you can see, it is Almost dead, as you guys, can see it’s flashing. It is dead now, so it only flies for about five minutes, but otherwise it’s a very good drone and then just plug it in and wait about a half hour for it to charge, but that’s gon na.