Welcome back to the channel were going to take the x2 pro 3, as you can see on the arm there, gps drone with the three axis gimbal up for its test flight now i just did an unboxing and overview on this. As a previous video on my channel, so you want to know all that comes with this the carrying case. You want to see all that stuff so be sure to check back to that video and then ill. Let you know everything that comes with it, but today were going to take it up and going to fly. It really excited to see how this 3 axis gimbal performs, but i have one correction to make and its actually a pretty big correction that i i didnt overlook it in the table review. It just mistakenly thought that this drone had a micro sd card slot. It sure looks like it does even look like its a little metal piece like its the tray in there, but its really, not i wouldnt, say its fake its just that they designed this drone with the sd card slot in mind and didnt, integrate it and its. So unfortunate, i have to give a big shout out to my buddy david for perth west osrc, to tell me to hey double check that now when i went to flight today. Obviously, when you put a card in, i would have realized that it wasnt, but im glad he told me to check that the other day, but boy im disappointed.

It could be something theres no excuse for it, but we think – and talking to some of some of my friends, uh dave and john coope, that maybe the chinese theres a licensing fee, you have to pay to use this and theyre being forced to do that and Theyre just skimping out because of the cost to integrate sd card slot. I dont know thats just a theory because were seeing less and less of these drones with sd card slots now and like the x5c from six years ago, had an sd card slot like why? Are they not including them its such a huge lack of a component that you really really want, because now were going to be recording just the wi fi feed at 720p? This camera can probably do 1080.. You know thats, my guess, but its going to be in 720p, because you cant transmit 1080p as easily over wi fi, unless you use 5g wi fi, and that does help. But its still, just oh because youre going to be broadcasting that 5g, the wi fi, is youre, going to drop frames and were not going to have very good range, were going to go blind really quickly. So to speak because were going to lose the wi fi feed and then the control distance of 1.2 kilometers means nothing when you can only get maybe two or three hundred meters on wi, fi and youre, losing your video feed. If you were able to fly this drone out past the advertised range of the wi fi and you can keep going if youre recording the sd card, you could just keep going and if you were in a safe area you know you got returned to home.

So you could fly it blind and still get video, but this is just not going to do us any good at all, but well see how the video looks. I mean if you keep it close and the wi fi feed is nice and and consistent. Hopefully at least get some steady video because the gimbal looks like its pretty decent, so that was what i was really excited about whenever i asked to review this drone. So what im gon na do now is im gon na power, the drone on and get it connected to the wi fi on my phone and then well get into the app and get it calibrated and get this guy up in the air. So lets set it down on the ground and that power button again is on the bottom. So you got to hold it in im, going to try to hold it level, youre not going to see it. Probably my head cam and then im going to turn on the controller, and then i think it probably just auto binds it a little beep you know were bound and lets go in to the lets actually get a screen recording going here. First, so lets see if we can um the screen. Recording going start now, hopefully were good to go here and lets go into the network and the internet wi fi, oh, i turned the wi fi off oops and lets see if it comes up with one here.

The xys im sure thats it. I got a pretty good breeze at our back today, guys so trying to keep my back to the wind. Let me know that doesnt have internet access and usually with them pop up a warning on your phone on android, and here there it is. You have to approve that and say yes and then itll go ahead and work so lets go ahead and go into the app and its rc gps app and there we go so its showing the l109 thats, not the model we have. We want the x2 pro 3 and there we are and lets see how do we get into it controls it wants to use this while using the app yeah, yeah, yeah, blah blah blah, and there we go, we do have. We do have a feed, so now were going to go ahead and do the compass calibration now were going to record the wi fi feed here with the app, and that should be thatll, be the same as were going to record to our phone. It should be, though, this does advertise eis, so its possible that the footage stage of the phone could be a little more stable if it needs to be stabilized. The gimbal should do that job, but um well, try to try to include both footage. What im getting at, obviously the onboard the footage without the app wont, have all the icons so lets go ahead and do that a quick press will do a a gyro calibration and i cant tell its supposedly and then a long press, and that should interest in The compass calibration, the app didnt say anything so lets go ahead and set that down and i can lift it up and youre supposed to whenever we got a beat from the controller.

That was pretty quick and then go ahead and do i think, face down lets see if we get another beep there we go and we are calibrated. So you have to do a long press and just listen to control. The app does not tell you anything. So all right lets go ahead and do a long press on the video button and see if we get video recording and there we go. So we should be recording the feed here, just like the screen recording just without the icons and stuff lets see. If, if this will do an auto takeoff, i dont think lets do both sticks down and out there we go and now the auto takeoff. Oh that didnt do anything. Quick press Laughter well like lets just give it throttle all right there we go now. Some reason auto takeoff didnt do anything and i unlocked the props it didnt either. I have seen that before a drone doesnt auto take off and it auto land. Now we got some sort of beep on the controller again thats nice and steady, though lets see if we can how the the uh lets back it around here – thats nice and slow, oh yeah, i like that for filming lets. Take it up a little more and lets rotate the camera down oops. That was up its a little bit well, thats, weird its almost like thats odd. When im, when im doing the camera tilt, the gimbal is turn its yawling, what its not its, not keeping a good lock on this gimbal lets see.

If i do that again, if i yell down, if i pitch down, i got ta see where thats gon na be in the app thats the controls. Here we go flight distance, uh thats, maybe thats flight record. So let me go back im just trying to see if i can find any kind of controls because they oftentimes they will give you um controls in here. Um. Sorry guys, im just looking. I dont see it. You think thered be some sort of like flight restrictions or something so i was looking for anyway. Lets see if we can lets see if we can do like a manual droning here like marcus, always likes to do like you see this, the the drone is like it like yalls to the side like that. Actually is the drone look at that see that its okay right now, its just sort of like well yall and ive, never seen a drone? Do that you know almost like it needs yall trim except its going, both ways but its not toilet bowling. So its not a compass issue that is really weird thats gon na funk up filming, look at that its yelling back and forth. Oh my gosh! That is weird it. It responds just fine to my controller lets see if we can go up into rates. Yeah thats the higher right now – and here is the low rate he all seems to be the same, but thats more sporty.

So lets fly it around now and see how it how that gimbal works flies pretty nice. Now it took me a while to get going guys, im just sort of like feeling this out. This is a maiden flight for me and this time of the year, its harder to get test flights in flys, pretty good. The gimbal looks like its pretty decent, but again were just recording the wi fi feed, so lets see. How that is. Lets see is that waving at you guys lets see if that calms itself down that, usually something like that, you wouldnt expect it to get better, because that doesnt appear to be a gps or compass issue that appears to be yeah there. It does it some sort of an odd. My theory on that might be. One of the motors is not spinning fast enough, which causes the drone to start yawing, but then the flight controller picks up on it and corrects it and gives it more throttle, and then it corrects itself. I mean ive not even seen that on a toy weird. Well, lets see how the gimbal does, because that could be an issue just to my drone. But i dont see a way of fixing that, and i have a feeling thats not going to be something thats going to be corrected by powering ring off and restarting thats. Not like a gyro issue or something i dont think i mean a gyro issue: can mess up one of the props could swim could um could? Potentially i mean it could cause a yaw, an issue, but youd expect the drone would be would be tilting um.

It would be, it would be. The whole drone will be off a level in the sky because it doesnt think its level, and then it would cause the motors to spin at a different rate, but i dont think thats the case here. The drone doesnt look like its crooked, so if we should get some idea on how that gimbal works again, im keeping it close here so that we can at least get some decent video and not have the risk of losing a ton of frames. I believe this is going to be like 720p. Unfortunately, at 25 frames per second is what im hearing or what ive seen in the vanguard list boy. It flies really really smooth and nice and the gimbal doesnt look to me like its bad. Now i cant, you know im just flying this here in the glare of the sun. There could be some micro, vibes or stuff im, not seeing, but the feed looks good. The gimbal seems to be operating pretty decent in my opinion, but there could be stuff im. Not seeing so obviously ill include some notes here to correct myself in the video here. If it does have any kind of jello or well have to see, it seems like its the gimbals working pretty good and then the more im seeing the drone do that yawning. It looks like the gimbal actually isnt, causing that now that looks like it may have some really bad crooked horizon.

There lets take that up and look lets tilt it up. Yeah theres theres a crooked, going to the left there lets see if it fixes itself thats a probably the number one fault of all these low end gimbal. Oh look: how crooked that is, they cant keep their horizon level now its leveling out at least its fixing itself, but that was pretty bad thats like femi, came and get horizons fixed on their drones. So this is not uncommon, but its still unfortunate, and now it looks like its crooked off to this way you can see a major tilt going so sometimes these drones, you just yawn, look and now its trying to correct itself lets see if we can tilt the Gimbal up some more now its pretty level, probably the more gentle you fly this and the less turning the less that gimbal boy, thats thats, pretty bad. There now were getting the props in so lets tilt it down some. Obviously, the more you tilt this down the less that crooked horizon is gon na, be noticeable but thats still inexcusable. Youre gon na put a three axis gimbal on a drone. Do it right get the gimbal it doesnt have to be 100 level all the time, but my goodness that doesnt look too bad. Now all right lets um. I dont know how much battery we got here. Lets fly it. I i dont want to run out of battery. It looks like we may be getting kind of low lets, fly it out here and do a return to home test.

Ive been jibber driving around theres. So many things about this, i want to test lets, fly it out here, always over the cemetery and send it back home. We may not have enough time to do the test. The other features like circle me and uh. You know circling mode and follow me. It still seems to be the wi fi feed now its starting to freeze on here, which means were probably getting the same: its not frozen, but its really laggy and its jerky jerking around. But look at that tilted horizon, oh my god, its terrible see that makes the lack of an sd card a lot less of a deal youre gon na. If verizons gon na be that crooked, then it doesnt really matter all right lets, go ahead and send it back home and see how it how it does there its its yelling it back around and it should be coming back and we are dropping down 500 meters. 400, so we were out around six according to that, we were at 600 meters um, i dont know if i believe that i think that thats, i was not a half a kilometer. According to this, here now were overheaded to these drones. They tend to be inaccurate. On their distance and my friend, david over perth west, tested that out on one where they were, his drone was way inflated on the distance. They said he could fly so that could very well be what were seeing there, because i was just out past the edge of the cemetery thats, not a half a kilometer.

Half a kilometer would be flying from here all the way to the fairgrounds down there. It said 600 on there im pretty sure and im sure that we are in metric theyre. Not these. These drones are made um, not not imperial system thats, the distance. I want to share thats, not bad thats, a totally perfectly acceptable return to home accuracy for a drone that doesnt use the downward facing camera to uh test um to look for a return to home accuracy. Now we got something here, lets see if we can go ahead and lets see, looks like it stopped recording video, i wonder if it does that when it lands, if not, we got the screen recording going. It looks like the the battery here shows us half on the controller, so we still have some battery so lets go ahead and start recording video again huh lets try it. Now we got video record, i dont know. Hopefully we got some on board. If not, i got the screen recording going so ill include that lets see. If this will there we go it unlocks lets. Try that holding the that just lets. Try holding that auto, take off it doesnt do anything guys thats, thats, crappy and auto takeoff. Just doesnt. Do anything all right? It takes off nice, well, thats, a bit wobbly there didnt do that, while i go lets see if it if it levels itself out well its like its wanting to land itself, look at this! Oh, i think its a low.

I think it may be a low battery. I got one bar. I just came down and landed itself. Its still recording video so lets stop that again. Lets try it one more time but im thinking it may be. That final beat may have been a low battery. Beep im surprised it wouldnt even take off lets, go ahead and just give it some throttle start recording video lets see. Was it just gon na land itself? Again, i think it is yeah. It obviously says: hey you, cant fly anymore, the batterys too low. All right guys so thats thats as far as youre gon na were gon na be able to fly so probably wasnt a really great flight time. I dont know how long that was, but that was not the greatest on the flight time return to home accuracy was nice and the gimbal seemed like it was decent for at least not being full of a bunch of jello, wobble and stuff. But oh, the horizon was just horribly tilted at times when you combine that, on top of the fact youre recording a 720p wi fi feed, thats gon na drop frames freeze as you get out a little ways. It really makes this drone difficult to recommend, even though its only 150 dollars and really theres, all theres, literally nothing, there might be one other drone thats has a three axis gimbal at this price, but my goodness, you want to do something right and that crooked horizon Is just horrendous, just really really really really really bad so um, i didnt notice it so much at first was flying around here, but i could have been just because i was looking at the ground.

Once you saw the horizon. There was times where the horizon was tilted by up to 40 45 degrees and thats, just abysmal. I was expecting. I didnt expect the tilted horizon to be that bad, but then again thats, probably the number one problem with these cheap toy grade gimbals. I guess you could go. It was the lack of a steady rock, solid horizon thats. Why you go with the djis. The all tells youre going to get a solid horizon. So on this case here you know its going to be difficult to recommend it. So im going to purchase link – maybe yours wont, have the you know the yawing issue, but otherwise expect the same gimbal issues and theres, nothing. You can do about the wi fi feed, recording thats, what youre going to be stuck with. So you know this will be one i have to pass on this. I cant recommend it not surprising i sort of figured that would be the case with this, but i wanted to test it thats. Why? I do this to say: hey: maybe we get lucky and get a really good drone at this price, because if this gimbal worked perfectly – and we didnt have that weird yawling, where i kept doing that, then i probably would be able to recommend this beca. Even with the wi fi recording, because you just cant get any other drone at this price point that can do that. But what i would recommend is either like the eachine ex4 on 180.

That gimbal is pretty darn good at 180 and the video is not bad and you can get a kilometer range on the wi fi, especially with the upgraded version. I think you can go three kilometers. I did three videos on that, so you can check back on my channel from a couple years ago and see that and banggood still has that thats just a rebranded seafly faith, so id recommend considering that drone um. Otherwise, like the sjrc f11 pro or here in the united states, its rebranded, its a drc de22, i did a video on that one in the spring of this year. That one is a little more that one in the 280 to 300, its probably gon na be at least a hundred dollars more than this has a really fantastic, two axis gimbal a 4k camera thats, not that good, but its still better than this. That would be one to recommend, but into the day the one you should look at if youre on a budget is a dji mini se, its essentially very similar to my the original dji mavic mini the gimbals rock solid. The camera is great for what it is. It just does everything flawlessly and if you have a little more budget, then consider the dji mini 2 that one, you know is even way better than sc and thats. What i would consider you know, but if youre in a shoestring, budget and youre looking for a drone, you just cant go over 150 bucks yeah.

Maybe this one might be something to consider, but i would just say: save your money for something better, all right, guys that wraps up the review flight review for the x2 pro 3. hope. You appreciate the honesty and the thorough review if youre new to this channel.