and its a beginner foldable drone for about 150 dollars. We have a full 3 axis gimbal and brushless motors 20 minute flight time in a range of they say up to 1 200 meters thats, almost a mile stay tuned. Well, learn more about this beginner drone and if maybe its the one you want. Okay. So what do we have here? Well, its a foldable beginner drone. Now it looks like its almost a mini quad um and when i say mini i mean the sub 250 gram mini, but it isnt this things about 340 grams, so it does have to be registered with the faa lets. Just get that out there. It does have brushless motors. That means its a little more efficient, a little more powerful and it adds a little bit more stability than pretty much any brush motor drone out there. Now it does have a 20 minute flight time, youre not going to get 20 minutes, but 15 is pretty reasonable. With this quad it does have a 3 axis gimbal, which is nice because its going to smooth your video footage but im not super sold on the video footage itself. The video resolution is 720p, that is hd, but but its saving on your phone, not on a drone or an sd card, and that is really disappointing, because anytime theres a lag between your your drone here and the video feed thats. What youre recording right so for pictures its okay and it says its saving 4k pictures, but really theyre upscaled for big pictures.

Ive got a sensor on the bottom to help with stability and you remove the battery to charge it via micro. Usb cable now lets talk about the range they say up to 1200 meters thats just under a mile, but that is only the control link. The video feed back to your phone for what youre, seeing what the camera sees. They say that max is out at 300 meters thats less than a quarter mile, im gon na, say youre gon na get about half of that at 150, just over a football field. I wouldnt fly this thing outside my visual line of sight, not that i would any drone, but this one in particular youre going to want to keep it close, especially because the video is being recorded on your phone. So any distance between the phone and the drone is going to create some glitches and some stutters and the video feed isnt going to look very good. The drone comes in this nice carrying case spot for the remote weve got some documentation and the drone itself. Now, if we take a look at the remote control, weve got the on switch right here right. We do have some interesting telemetry data right. We know how far it is from home and also the height. You can pull your phone right up here. Up top, you can work the gimbal with this little rocker switch up here, turn gps on and off take off and land headless mode.

This button here super important when you get started. Put your drone on a level surface push this button once itll, beep and calibrate the gyro then hold this button down. The lights will start flashing thats. When you start rotating it horizontally, then the lights will flash again. You point camera down, rotate it again until that stops itll beep at you and then youve calibrated the compass. Now it is super important to calibrate this drone, the first time you fly it and if you dont youre, going to get some really strange behavior, and actually i got a little bit of that behavior going on where it just kind of drifted and pivoted and turned Even after calibrating uh the compass, so you know this drone isnt incredibly reliable its very possible that i got kind of a one off, but you know 150 drones in general, theyre, not super fantastic. The best drone that you can get for under 200 is probably the fly hall fx1 thats actually made by mjx its the bug. 16. Pro. I really like that drone for beginners. So if youre thinking about getting a drone, your budget is under 200 thats. The one id look at theres a link for that drone in the description down below. If you want to watch that and see how that compares, but we compared the video quality on that versus this youre really gon na. Go that way, im pretty darn sure so the other buttons on the controller.

This one right here will take pictures. If you tap, it hold it for video and this right here you return to home button. Now i did activate it, it uh, it does work, but you know, like i said i was having some issues with it kind of dancing on me, not something i would rely on unless you absolutely had to all right. So lets take a look at some of the pictures and videos coming out of this drone all right. So this is what the video looks like coming out of the drone. You see kind of those pauses those glitches, those stops in the video thats because its recording the transmission on my phone right. So, if theres ever kind of like a loss packet or just any transmission that isnt super uh connected, you kind of get that loss now. Youre gon na see here, as i raise my altitude, that does help it just kind of gives a better line of sight to the drone, so that signal transfers a little bit better, but i just im not sold on really any drone that records this way. What you really want is a drone thats recording to an sd card so that if you had any of these glitches, while you may experience them on your phone, you may see them if its recording on an sd card, then you wont get that in the video. When you take a look at it now, when you take pictures, thats, not an issue right, you can kind of line it up, and i do think that gimbal does a decent job of kind of smoothing the footage out, but its not again its not super smooth Right it, this thing is going to get pushed around in the wind a little bit now you can adjust the gimbal up and down, which is also a nice feature, but you know its not its, not super smooth.

So this isnt, you know an aerial photography, machine youre not going to take this and go on real estate, shoots or shoot weddings or anything like that. But it is a decent tool to kind of kind of learn how to fly to to set up some shots. You can see some artifacting in the corners as the sun kind of bounces off the propellers. So you know this is the quality of footage that youre going to get and again. The big limitation here is because of that recording to the phone right. It is hd. 720 hd, but a decent picture, sadly disappointing that its not recording on an sd card all right. So i took a couple of pictures, so you can just kind of see uh. You know that shed down. There looks a little distorted this one. Okay, right, they say 4k photos but really come on all right. So this is a look inside the app you can see. It does have some nice little features. Weve got a return to home, uh thatll h button on the left. You can also access that on the controller itself, which is nice, um upper, left hand, corner theres, a follow me, you can kind of fly it from your your phone. If you wanted to, i dont recommend it theres a little orbit. You know gesture control, which is you know in my mind, kind of gimmicky, but you can just kind of see the transmission super laggy as youre flying, not a big fan.

Now i wasnt able to get it to stabilize after compass calibration and i think 12 satellites. It was pretty stable, but only facing east, so i dont get that it still kind of rotated, as if i turned it west or or north. I still kind of got that little jitter. I dont get it so yeah when it comes down to it. There are some things that are actually really nice about this drone. I like the size. I like the portability. I, like the brushless motors i like that it has a three axis gimbal really the deal breaker for me is that you cant save things on an sd card having to save to my phone, just it just isnt good enough for me, and i know that its Only 150 and there arent a whole lot of options at 150 bucks again id suggest you spend another 50 bucks and go with the flyhealth fx1. Actually right now, the flyhealth fx1 is on sale for about the same price. Youll probably want to go that route anyway. Its your money, you decide which, which drones you want to buy. Hopefully, this with information was helpful in deciding whether or not the x2 pro 3 is, for you make sure you check us out on half chrome and we give things away to our patreons link down below if youre interested in being one of those hey good luck.