My name is brad laffin and today guys i’m playing with a drone. So um i’ve got this like um a week ago and then obviously i couldn’t open it because it didn’t come with a battery for the drone so yeah. I could buy a battery it’s coming today. Um yeah i’ve already stopped drone right here and i saw the control stairs the bulkhead so quickly. Just move i’m made up with me, so yeah and we’re gon na lift off in three two one. All right, Music is Music Music. Basically, when i press this button here, it makes it land. This makes it do like a 360 loop, and this one needs to go up down, and this makes like go forward and to the side and backwards and all that yeah. I didn’t want to crash and try to land it and all right, we’re gon na. Do it again in three two one, all right: Music Applause? Oh so one of the cops flew off but that’s right, we’re gon na just put it back on and yeah like that is all done, um pretty sure, we’ll move as well. Um yeah but we’ll leave it we’ll see if it flies fine, if it doesn’t yeah let’s, put we’ll, try and find a new one appreciate some spare, so yeah we’ll be good. Oh yeah! I prepare for the spot all right three, two one: Music, that’s Music. Obviously, we don’t want to damage the wing the blades, so it’s got like this cover, so it will hit this first, like it’ll, hit this first and obviously it’s blubber, so it doesn’t like um it’ll, like push in and it’ll make it stop so yeah that’s how The blades are, if you’re wondering how the blades are broken, see that’s how all right prepare for lift off in three two one: Music, oh Music.

I guess it’s good it’s, good uh that’s. Why we needed those covers yeah, another cat? Four. I wonder how oh yeah here it is um, but yeah you guys. I did a flip, but obviously i did it by accident because i did too low to the ground. I tried seeing it if it would do fine, but yeah it didn’t, slow, yeah quickly. Putting a cap on all right: they got food now let’s try and do a flip flop. Again, okay, don’t kill what’s up all right. You ready all right, wait! Wait! I need to turn the ball off Applause: Music, that’s, what Music Applause, Music, okay, uh, yeah that’s? What i meant i need to do, i tried doing it second time, so i did it over here, as you guys saw it flipped over. I tried doing it, but i forgot to keep it up in the air, so it kept it since i wasn’t keeping it up, it fell down and then i tried doing a flip, but obviously it didn’t do so well, so yeah all right. So now that i know what i have to do properly: okay, okay, one more time, let’s do this yeah um! That was a good try.