Of course, and the batteries a little more doesn’t come included, and what battery does it take? It takes triple a’s. Okay, and this battery is a rechargeable actually it’s used in many drones, okay and this card stuff. There is this special outlet there’s this it’s, a different plug, so many drones as blanks and now in this it comes with this. The drone, the batteries and the drone battery is included and inside the box. It also comes a wire it’s, the special type of wire that includes it, gets stuck in this to recharge the battery and there’s, also a screwdriver for opening this okay and a plu, a metals like puller for pulling out this because it’s hard. Because, then, you might pull the wire and it might come bad. Okay, okay, now he’s remote! Okay! Now, if you turn it off, you see it’s gon na start blinking like this. The only way that does this is to turn it off like this. So then you turn it off, and this will recharge the battery and your goods guarding to get this and put it on and see how it’s blinking really fast. Then you turn on your walk thing: it’s gon na start blinking like that too. Now, if you see right here, you have to go up down and it stops blinking, and that starts breaking see that stops and you up and down with this one and it stops blinking. Then you go like this acid detector.

It stops it like that and how we tune it like for tuning. You do go with this like this let’s see. If it goes to it that way, then you can press right so it’s, a little better. Music here comes another one i’m getting blending. Now. Why did you press this for not for landing on this? You had to press this Music, okay, so you see now here. Let me show you how demonstration of flips one two two, so you hear that one two three and here now let’s get Music. Oh so, if it goes like this turns backwards like this really fast, then it falls so, but whenever the flip, it doesn’t really be faster, it doesn’t open and they have to go up and down Music again, Music and using like triple flips lots of flips. I love flips. Let me oh Music, it’s gon na work out Applause. I don’t even see it again, it’s right there on the tree.