These guys here actually reached out to us accents. Now. You will be seeing a second video, because uh these guys sell all kinds of like smoke detectors. I think primarily that was their thing smoke detectors and like carbon monoxide detectors and things like that, we ordered a whole bunch of them because they were reasonably reasonably priced. But they reached out to us originally because they had the security camera. So i was like yeah im down. Lets. Try it out all right! We we can put this in the back thats, where its going to go. So this is the xsens s21 outdoor security, camera uh 2k uh 4 megapixel spotlight camera running on 2.4 or 5 gigahertz thats kind of new, because not all of them will do the 5 gigahertz 156 degree. Viewing angle, color night vision with motion activated lights, two way: audio ip66 waterproof all kind of looks good right, theres, a theres, a little video you guys can look at ill, probably put some shots up there, uh theres your daytime, nighttime daytime nighttime right 2k resolution. I always find it funny when theyre like oh look, we have this resolution its awesome and then they show you before and after im like nobody has that bad, a video but whatever waterproof, very good uh theres your viewing angle, which is really good. We may put this one up actually just to look at the backyard so having that wide angle will be really nice built in alarms, motion sensing, so the lights come on adjustable detection area, my guess would be with their app so lets crack open.

The box. Uh see what comes in it and then im gon na go mount it and hook it up because its supposed to rain today and for the next like two days after today. So i want to get it hooked up and then well play with the app all right coming up. Music, all right, my friends. So here it is outdoor wi, fi, spotlight, camera s21 looks it looks solid uh. There is uh, it says right: there theres a qr code, now theres a qrr code on the back as well. You guys can see here. This is like specs. Basically, what i read off this one just takes you to their website im hoping this one here, this guy, this fella uh is gon na, be whats used to actually get the application heres. My hope lets see. Is it doing it? My guess would be yep. So cool well get that to come down nice and lets see whats in the box im guessing uh camera. I think this one. I think this one is like solar powered or solar powered enabled this is whats thats, good quality uh its plastic in this area. It looks like, but its maybe but its its got, some thickness to it. Metal base plate for sure this is going to screw into wherever youre youre going, and then you got an allen key just to tighten this up right. It says lock just to kind of get that into into position.

You do have a big power cable. This is going somewhere all right. I thought this was solar powered. Maybe i have no idea what im talking about. Maybe this is just its outdoor, its an outdoor camera, maybe thats all thats it so maybe ill put this in the front. Maybe because i have to go find out where i have uh power. You know thats kind of important anything under here, so it does have a little. Thank you for choosing us youre welcome uh. It does have a uh manual, its a its a well its like thats, a its a lovely manual, im gon na, say it its a lovely manual. It shows you all the stuff that comes in. Why did i think this was solar powered its not its? Not because you plug it in okay, very good, setting up the router turning on the camera yeah? Maybe it can be, maybe i dont know did i buy one? I bought a bunch of them. I actually bought some, maybe those i dont think so, oh and and this is a drill hole. So this is a little template to make sure you get your holes proper. I like that thats dont dont lose that and you get a little under video surveillance. These are things that youre supposed to put on your house so that somebody bad thats breaking in would be like, oh im being recorded. So maybe i shouldnt break in because heaven forbid they didnt have that thought before they were thinking about breaking into your house.

All right, so this this in here this in here is all the all the goodies, so you get a whole bunch of little twisty stuff, thats, an ethernet cable, all right! These are your wall anchors and screws im with you and theres uh theres, a power cable. So im trying to im trying to look at this one im looking at this, because this is this – is going somewhere right and then this, oh, i see ones ones ethernet. So if you wanted to hardwire this im guessing – and these are the im guessing – these are caps for, if youre not using one of them so lets say you dont want this one, you just you cap it off you pop a cap in there yeah and then Thats, your power right so thats, just gon na – is that just doing that and im guessing one of these goes over top of that, so you get a waterproof seal on. There would be my guess. Well. Lets lets just lets. Just take a look before i go outside im going to go outside and just mount this on the wall, so this has. This: has a bunch of stuff im sure they they they want to. Tell you how it is so this this that that maybe it goes on that somehow i dont know okay, i figured it out. I just i just i just i looked in here and the parts and it is they call it the uh right here.

You guys can see that one times ethernet port, waterproof kit, so you just basically youd run this cable through it and this just kind of screws on and then you just snug this in and you get a good seal. And then, when you want to take the cable off you twist it and just pops open uh, i ill keep it on because i think itll just help water not get in there. Okay, so i am going to uh hook this up outside right now and before again before the rain and then well run the app and see see what we can. What we can do all right hold on. Okay, so were back in the house. Uh weve got the camera mounted, so mounted pretty easy, uh setup actually just to be aware. Uh set up the camera before you mount it because theres a qr code on the top of it that you need to scan, and i of course mounted it and then realized that i couldnt see the qr code. So then i had to take it off and then i scanned it and started the setup and then mounted it. While the setup was happening and configuring and then i got it mounted and then of course the uh setup failed, because i typed the password of my wi fi in wrong. So then i had to take it back off again. So do it all on the table. Do it all on the table just plug it into power, follow the instructions.

The instructions are easy, nothing, hard uh and then once its connected, you can unplug it and take it out and re plug it back in where youre gon na put it and mount it. That way, so my my mess up saves you time so just just be aware. Okay, so lets lets bring up the app shall we lets bring up the app so a little screen recording going here for you guys. So here it is. This is this: is it hopefully, you guys can see that okay and thats thats thats the front ill, bring that up here, thats thats, what its seeing right now, the one thing it has a tilt like this, but it doesnt really have anything kind of like to Set it up off to the side a little bit at least. Maybe i didnt see it, but it would be nice to just tilt it a little bit off to the side. I should be able to maybe figure that out, but there it is um inside here. Of course, you have theres a bunch of buttons because i believe that this app will be useful for different cameras coming out so theres like a remote, so you can move it, but this isnt a motorized uh camera. So you cant do that uh ability to snap a photo, a microphone to be a talk. Uh theres, a little camera icon right here to record. So you can see it start recording right there.

You do get seven days or seven free days of cloud storage. If you want, i took the seven days because i just didnt put an sd card in right now, but that there it is you just hit that to stop it uh, you do have again. The activity i have turned on sound detection is off because theres always noise, but you can turn that on. If you want to you know its all kind of option here, you can see in here with the activity all kinds of different things i have mine, set to medium full time mode. I specified an area because its getting about a quarter of the wall in there, so it doesnt need to detect anything there nobodys coming out of that wall. If there is uh way different concerns right, so that thats good go back here. Uh, your top one up here is kind of your overall settings. So if you wanted to format your sd card check for firmware upgrades set alarms, if you have a plan for the cloud right now, youll see if i tap that theres all the different plans, i have the seven day free one right now cool and then that Little plus, to be able to add cameras and theres a little grid there beside the plus and that one, basically, i think, is if you have multiple cameras, you can kind of put them up in the grid. Now, if we turn this on, you guys, maybe i can get this going full screen there.

You go its got its got you guys. Hopefully, you can see that its a lovely image – and i i connected it to a 2.4 gigahertz, because even though 5 gigahertz are faster, 2.4 gigahertz can go further. So i just wanted that extra strength, but that image quality coming out of there is excellent. Gives us lots of view, people or cars coming into the driveway and up the walkway, and i can see my car fully so, if anything happens, its its recorded, so thats really good, and you can pinch in talks about that. You can see how good that quality is there pinched in a little bit of wind going right there, you can see the trees fluttering around. Hopefully you guys can see that ill. Turn that a bit like that right, you can see the trees fluttering the little bushes there, but yeah you can just kind of move that around inside that that 2k im guessing is giving it a little bit of extra resolution to kind of move around there yeah. So im pleased um. Hopefully you know – hopefully we never need to utilize it and even for, i think, a basic package with them for some storage, its like five dollars a month. Uh cloud storage is kind of important and id like to see companies like this. If you guys are listening, uh utilize things like uh icloud and things like that, so for those of us that have that we should be able to store our data onto that, because we have lots of it.

If, if we do, i think i think inside here like if we come back out of this, i think you do have uh the ability in one of these possibly to go in uh and look and talk about dropbox. So it may be at a store to dropbox im, not 100 sure um, but yeah see security, settings, light settings, power, frequency, smart control, drop box, settings so uh. It says once you click on no sd card, so im not 100 sure how that works, but ill be playing around with this more um but yeah. I think you know what this is like. 79 u.s, i dont think you can complain too much about that uh. Its its honestly, it was really easy to set up uh just make sure where youre setting it up, because it is powered right. It needs to be close to somewhere to plug it in, but thats kind of the only only thing takes sd cards or micro sd cards. I cant remember which one and thats and thats kind of it uh, if you guys have any questions on it as im. Using it ill be using that now thats, where it is its permanent home, its sitting right there um. Let me know in the comments down below and if i can answer them or if anybody else has this camera and can answer them community right thats. What were for all right, guys um? This is the accents s21 outdoor security camera for 80 bucks.

I think you know what you cant go wrong. All right. My friends im gon na leave you there links to xsenses website uh.