It comes with the charger set right here, and it comes with the radio and the drone right here and were gon na put this thing together and uh. One of the features of this drone is an onboard camera and im going to zoom in on a tablet screen over there. As you can see, theres an image on the tablet screen and im going to move the drone around by hand im gon na point. The drone on my computer screen right there. You can see that it shows my computer screen playing second life at the moment. Im going to move it around the room, youre going to see the wall and youre gon na see it looking trying to look at the trying to look at the tablet itself. Im. Sorry, if its a bit dark but uh, let me see if we can see the box in front of it yep. It can now see the box in front of it, so its moving slowly across the box as im physically moving it so were gon na take. Take this out for a test flight when uh, i have the opportunity to do so, as you saw in that video, the video quality wasnt that good so heres my review of this drone. It is a good beginners drone for flight training, but for video or photography, not really good.