It is under that limit with an 850 milliamp hour 4s battery. So you dont even need like a tiny battery to stand under that limit, and i think thats kind of the point of this drone, so im going to be trying it out im gon na rip around these trees behind me and test the limits of this drone And really kind of find out what it can do so stick around for that after the flight ill show you a little bit up close the specs on this drone and give you some of my impressions. So if you like, what i do, there is a subscribe button and a like button down below. It would be cool if you use them, and i want you to know bait. Fpv did send this to me for free, so big thanks, debate, fpv uh, but they have no prior approval on the content of this video and ive received no other compensation as usual, so lets get flying instead of playing music. I think ill. Just talk about the drone now, while you watch the footage and thatll save some time so overall, i had a lot of fun with this drone flying around these trees. If youve been watching, this channel youve probably seen these trees before ive flown here many times with many different drones. So, for me, its a good way to try out the performance of a drone and get to see how it compares to other things.

So, like i said at the beginning, a lot of people are probably going to be looking at the x 935 as an alternative to a heavier five inch drone in comparison, uh, the three and a half inch drone definitely does not have the same top end speed. It definitely doesnt have that sense of raw power that you would get from a five inch drone, but there are some similarities. You can chuck it over the trees. It has enough momentum to do that. You can do kind of slide turns, and that sort of thing, so a lot of the same types of freestyle moves that you would do with a five inch. You could pull off with this and it has enough power to pull out of dives pretty cleanly finish. Those power loops even do pretty tight power loops and youll, see plenty examples of that in this flight, so yeah i had a lot of fun with it and overall it was flying pretty well. The only complaint i would make about the flight performance is that if you look really closely, it does bobble just a little bit sometimes when i am on low throttle or changing directions, sometimes at the top of a move. When i flip around, if you look closely youll, see that – and i think you could tighten it up with a bit of tuning – i didnt have time for that, so i was flying exactly the stock tune.

This is the way it comes from the factory. I literally just bound it up and put my rates on there and took it out to the field like i said, this is the dgi fpv system, theres a vista air unit on the drone and the footage youre seeing was recorded using the dvr in my goggles. So this was my view. While i was flying – and i think it looks really nice. But unfortunately, this drone can only do high quality mode. It cannot do the dji, low, latency mode and thats, because the camera is the catex polar camera, its locked into only supporting that high quality mode. So if you like flying in high quality, then thats not going to be a problem for me personally, i definitely prefer low latency. It feels more immediate, it feels smoother and more connected. I always switch my dji drones into low latency mode. When i can so the fact that this one cant is definitely a drawback, that is something youre going to have to consider when youre looking at this drone, if youre not sure, i suggest you check out reviews on the camera. Specifically, you can get a lot more detail here. You can see the build up close, including that cadx polar camera vista air unit is in the middle hanging from the top plate. Theres, a 20 amp all in one board, 1404 3800 kv motors 3.5 inch props, and these little white antennas are for express lrs.

If you look in there, you can see its kind of sandwiched between the tpu parts and thats super cool im. A big fan of express, lrs, its cheap, it works great and im really happy to see, bind and fly drones, starting to come out with express lrs as an option right out of the box. Overall, i was pretty happy with the build quality and this frame uh. It looks pretty nice, it feels pretty solid and it has this top mount battery. I think a lot of people are going to like having that option. A lot of drones. This size have a bottom mount battery and thats fine too, but they have a slightly different feel a lot of people like top mount, so its cool that this option exists and it can land flat on the ground which is nice. It even has little pads on the bottom of the arm so that you can land on those while were looking down here. You can see that the arms are in kind of a wide x formation. The front arms are swept back almost like a dead cat style. So that these props are out of view of the camera, so thats pretty cool, although one thing i do want to point out is that the grain is entirely in the front to back direction, which means none of the arms are aligned with the carbon and thats Going to make them not as strong or as stiff as they could be so thats kind of unfortunate and then lets get the weight 147 grams thats without a battery and thats, not too bad, but its not what i would call a lightweight build either theres, probably A lot of ways that you could save weight uh in the frame in that vista air unit, probably lots of options, but the way it is with an 850 million power forest battery im going to get a flying weight of 248 249 grams.

So if your goal is to say under 250, this will do it for you as long as you dont, add an action camera or use a battery thats bigger than this. If youre thinking of buying a drone like this or any other fpv gear in the near future, then dont forget that black friday is right around the corner, its a great time to get gear because theres lots of sales. And if you come back to this video, then look down in the video description when the time comes ill, post, some discount codes down there and maybe thatll save you some money, so thats my review of the beta fpv x night 35.. If this information was helpful to you, then awesome thats, why im doing it and ive got some more projects in the queue? So if you want to subscribe and stick around youll see those later, you can also follow me on instagram. If youre interested – and i end up posting on facebook and instagram more often than on youtube, just because it takes a lot of time to make these edited videos. So when i just have a picture or something quick to say ill, often post on one of those. So you can follow that if you want a little bit more real time, interaction and, of course, you can also comment down on this video id be happy to talk to you or answer any questions that you might have.