I looked, and i think walmart has it too, and i thought maybe it was just a regional thing of the home depots here in dallas fort worth to have these. But i looked, i even looked in chicago and they have 43 of them at that home depot and these are normally 50, but theyre marked down to 29. So if youre like me or maybe youre, not youre, going through some thrift store – and you see some 20 or 30 drone. But it looks really nice and you go fly it. It smashes into the wall and then you bring it home and you put it back in the box youre going to bring it back, but you never do it next year. You throw it away, i just keep them so i can show you how bad they are. Well, im thinking that this one has to be the same, but i go into home depot every single day and if its not good, i can just return it for 30. I can see if its any good. Well guess what its fantastic. It really flies very, very well ill, go show you outside in a minute so, like i said, theyre fifty dollars but marked down to twenty nine dollars, and so how good are they well, i bought like 15 or 16 of them, so why do i buy so Many of them well, they make great christmas presents um. I give them to my clients, kids, i give them to the kids at work, the neighborhood, kids and a lot of people.

That know me want to learn how to fly a drone, but typically i start out with the hs210, but these are 38 on amazon right now, so at 29. I can give them this one and they can take it home, its got a camera on it and how good is it fly? Well, let me go outside and ill show you how good it flies. I think youll be amazed, then ill. Show you a little bit of how to hook up the camera and the functions of the drone and then ill come back for my final review, Music kind of sounds weird slides good though lifes real good. I love the way the the controls on the x, i mean you know, with many drones whats, so important is how do the controls feel? I mean this thing fly just uh theyre, fluid kind of reminds me of the de rcd50. Oh, my goodness, all right, i think theres 16 of these at another home depot im going to go, buy them all what a man wow holy moly, really 30 bucks wow one out, i dont even care if it has a camera on it. This thing is a blast. Look at this really Music make sure its recording see theres the wind. So its not. You know, theres, not a lot of wind. Today i mean look at this thing whole i mean this really flies good, all right, a camera i mean. I wish it came youre gon na wish it came with extra batteries, but these little batteries that this uh has are really easy to get.

This is such a light drone that uh, i dont, think youd wan na wow. How do they make this? For 30 bucks? Look at this thing: look at this thing hold its kind youd, almost think that its got a its almost a gps, stone or something i dont know why the wind just doesnt blow it away. It seems to be doing really good its quick, its not as fast as like the holy stone, 110 or something but yeah i wish was. This was available on amazon, okay, how longs this battery gon na last thats, just a little bitty tiny 400 milliwatt amp battery whoa. You know lots of them. You got ta, you cant do this, so will it flip backwards? Yeah itll flip! Any way you want. Let me try ive been flying it in speed three. Sometimes i get a gust of wind every once in a while. So let me try all right, thats speed, one ah see oh, this is so nice. Look at this thats full blast in speed, one thats. What you want as a beginner actually so heres some video i took with the drone, as you can see its not stabilized at all its really bouncy and all over the place, but for thirty dollars, youre not going to get it drone with a good camera. But i was really surprised on how good of pictures it took. Theres three at the end and youll see how good they are so lets go.

Take the drone go inside, go over the app and the features of the drone and how to get it up in the air. All right guys so were looking at the x 31 shockwave ive actually already given away a couple of these. So lets see what she weighs she weighs in at 81 grams. Do you know thats about exactly the same as atello, which is 83 grams, which is the same amount as a little huggy orange, so on the drone, it is kind of confusing. It does look like this would be the front of the drone, but this is actually the back of the drone, because the camera points this direction, so it does come with the prop guards and they and they pop right on and they do take screws to put Them on, but it does come with a handy dandy, screwdriver comes with extra props, make sure you do get them in the right direction, because the angle of attack is different and you see it is labeled a and b and on the remote. This is how you turn it on and up here is your speed has got three speeds. You can turn it up and down right here, and this is how you do a flip. So you push the flip in whichever direction you push it itll go right. Here is headless mode, dont ever use that it changes the orientation of the drone. The whole reason youre flying a drone like this is to learn how to fly so right here.

This reset button, that is, to set your trim. So if the drone seems to be sliding to the left or the right so hold down on this button and push one of these trim buttons in the opposite direction of which way its ever going to go, it takes a little bit of practice, but youll get The hang of it so the battery is kind of hard to get in there. You got to connect it. I would even just leave the battery in the drone while youre charging it, so you got to like turn these wires and put them down like that, or this little compartments not going to close once you got it closed, heres your on off switch. So you turn the drone on its got really nice lights point the drone away from you turn on the remote and what you do so you have to bind this remote to that to the quadcopter. How you do that is up and down on this, and you see the lights quit blinking now you have to set the gyro on the drone and how you do that make sure its on a very level surface and push down into the right on both of Them blink and now its set and my dog thinks its going to take off and you pull out on the joysticks and the props will start spinning and then push up and take off. So it comes with a nice instruction book.

You should read it and make yourself a pre start checklist. So what you do is you go to page 16 to the qr code and match it to your android or your apple to your camera and itll pull up this app, you download it and while its downloading, with the drone on you, go to your settings, go To your wi fi and hit skyrider, then you go back to the app open it up hit start now you see the cameras working. So if you take the picture, it just saves it to your phone and then we start a video itll have a countdown right here. You have your speed, switch on your remote or you can do it right here, but ill just use the remote. I would just use this, so you can see where the drones flying all right so lets go back for a final review. So thanks so much for watching my review of the x31 shockwave skyrider. So who is this drone for? Well it? It makes a great beginner drone makes a great present a great first drone, but its also really good to have around if its been a few months and you havent flown your really expensive drone. You can pull this one out work on your muscle, memory kind of get warmed up. If you go play golf you go out and get warmed up right. Well, this could be your your warm up, drone just to go out there and fly it around plus its a lot of fun.

I really enjoy getting so much out of something so little and so cheap and its just amazing the technology that they can put inside these drones and sell something like this. What do i not like about the drone? Well, its hard to get the battery in and out kind of, like the holy stone 200, and it only comes with one battery. But that battery is very common, its in a lot of drones, and i think you can buy them really cheap, because its really important to start out with the beginner drone, like ive, said in so many of my videos to learn the orientation of a drone.