Now I love home automation, products and I test the ton of this gear and I've actually got a lot of security equipment and home automation installed in my own house and whenever I'm testing a new product like this, there are a few things I'm. Looking for that, really separated from the rest of the products on the market because let's be honest, the home automation, markets exploded in the last five or six years, and there are a ton of companies that make gear like this. That all sort of look the same. But they don't work the same so the first thing: I'm. Looking for whenever I'm testing a smart plug like this, is that one simplicity for installation? I really wanted to be just drop that simple to install it. I don't like to spend an hour and a half through some kind of weird science experiment, trying to get the thing to work, nothing's more frustrating than that. The second thing I'm looking for is, I want reliability in the product, because so many of these technologies that I test, I spend the time to actually get it installed and go through that science project it's working on Tuesday and by Friday it's not doing anything, and Then I have to spend hours troubleshooting it and there's nothing more frustrating than that and the third thing, because I'm, a bit of a cheapskate, so don't like to spend a lot of money in these kind of products.

I really don't want to spend more on the smart plug than I'm spending on the appliance that I'm controlling. So it has to be a good value for the money. Now the product is made by a company called wise I've done, reviews on some of their products before the company. Wise is really in the home. Automation, space and their whole goal is to build products that work that are simple to install and that are really cost effective. So in the case of this plug you're, not gon na believe this, but you'll actually get two of these for less than 20, and I still can't get over that price point because it's not a dumb smart plug like a lot of Mount they're on the market And I'll explain what that means in a minute, but it's got the features you care about. The price points perfect and I've. Had this thing installed in a house for months and it just works, we had it installed over Christmas turn it on the mantel lights. I'Ve got it installed. Turning on lamps on my house, I can set schedules against it. I can have it randomized and we're on vacation, it's, turning lights on full and the bad guys to think somebody's the house. So why is this really done a great job here? Now they make a bunch of other gear that incorporates into that same application, so they have a wise cam if you need an inexpensive, really nice security camera for your home.

The wise cams are great. They also make a new product called the wise bulb, which basically screws into any lamp socket you've got and you can digitally control that without anything else, which is pretty impressive. So some of the features this has you won't, find in other products like this, and these are small things but they're big things when you use it the first one is the product: has a switch on the side. A lot of these when you buy them, the only thing you can do is control it digitally. If your cell phone is too far away from you or you're, not near one of those smart speakers – and maybe you don't even own one – you can't really turn it on. You have to have your cell phone with you and to be honest with you that can be a bigger pain and having a switch just to turn the lamp on. So I love the fact that if I'm in a pension, my cell phones in the office and I'm in the living room, I can tap the button on the side and it turns on another thing: that's really important is the four factor of the unit. I don't know why so many of these companies make these circular, where, when you plug them in they take up both of the outlets, this one's small enough, but when you plug it into the wall, you still have full use of that outlet above it or below It so they're not they're, not hogging, up all the space there's, nothing worse than plugging one of those smart plugs in like that and then losing that second outlet you can plug both of those into the same receptacle on your wall.

Another key feature – and this is something you probably have to read through the fine print on – is how much current will the device control so, for example, if I'm plugging this in and I'm plugging the standard light in it's, not a big deal, but if I'm, using This and control the coffeemaker, or maybe some of those widescreen TVs or worse, if I'm plugging in one of those multi outlets with a bunch of stuff plugged into it. I need to know this can turn on a lot of current. I don't want it to be a small current device now a lot of these. If you check the specs might be five amps or 10 amps, which seems like a lot, but it really isn't, because an outlet like that typically can carry 20 amps or 25 amps of current, so the wise plug will actually handle 15 amps of current individually. So you can plug one in the bottom another one above it again less than 20 bucks for both of those but put both of them in the outlet and you'll have plenty of current carrying capability in each of those plugs. Now, it's not like you're, going to carry 15 amps of current through each of them, but it's nice. To know that, if I plugged in a standard, lamp or a coffee maker, or something like that, that it's not going to get warm because it's carrying too much current than it should so, I think they've done a great job with building electronics in it to make It really robust one other key feature, and this is super important – is a lot of these smart plugs and smart cameras and smart lights require a hub and tell you that so you end up buying it getting it home and realizing this isn't really that's smart.

I keep the hub to actually make it work with this one. It connects directly to your Wi Fi network at home, there's, no hub involved, there's, no complicated configurations involved, it's, just a really simple device to install it's inexpensive and it just works now. What I'd like to do in the rest of this clip? I was gon na. Do an unboxing but there's really little in the box. I'Ve got two outlets that fit in here or two smart plugs that fit in there. You get an instruction manual telling you how to use it, how to configure it, and you get a little sticker here that shows that you're a fan of the product now what I'm going to do next is actually walk. You, through the configuration steps to show you just how simple it is to install when I'm done with that I'll come back and I'll actually show you how this works with my cell phone, how I can turn it on manually and how I can use. I think I have an Amazon echo down here in the shop I'll show you how I can turn it on with that. So stay tuned, we'll, walk through the installation process and then I'll come back with some final thoughts and show you exactly how the unit works. The installation of the wise plug is easy and you'll start on the main screen of the application. Tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner to bring up the configuration screen next tap.

Add a product choose wise, plug from the options it's near the middle of the page, plug the device into an outlet, and if the blue line in the front, isn't blinking press the button on the side of the plug to get it ready. Once the blue light is blinking tap next on the screen you'll have to log into your home Wi Fi network. Next, once connected you'll now need to grant your wise plug access to your network. To do this tap choose Wi Fi in the app this will take. You to the main settings page on your phone tap Wi Fi here to bring up the Wi Fi devices near you look for a device that starts with the word wise and tap that device to establish the connection. Wait until you see the check box next to the wise plug, so you know it's connected and then go back to the wise application to complete the setup process. As soon as you return, the app will try to bind your new wise plug to your network. Once this completes successfully you'll be able to name your new plug, be sure to pick a name that allows you to easily identify the plug later. Also keep the name short if you'd be using it with your Amazon, Alexa or Google home to operate the plug remotely. Once you're done tap finish, the next screen allows you to share control of the wise plug with others in your home.

You can do this now or skip this step and add them later. The app will automatically check for firmware updates for the device and, if it prompts you allow it to quickly update the firmware, so you can take advantage of new features. Tap upgrade to start this process. The upgrade should take a minute or two, depending on the size of the upgrade and the speed of your network be sure to allow the upgrade to finish before closing the app once the upgrade is done. You'Ll see the main control screen for your new wise plug. Where you can change the settings as needed, your new wise plug is now ready to use so plug in the device you want it to control and enjoy the convenience of digital control from your phone or smart speaker. Ok, that was super easy to install now. I'Ll show you how easy it is to control it. So I'll start with my smart phone. I'Ve got the application up, I've called it shop, so let me hit the button and it turns on so anywhere I'm in the house. I can turn it on. I can set a timer to turn it on at a certain time in the afternoon turn off at night. I'Ve done that with a couple of lamps, so we don't come home to a dark house after work they're on we're ready to go, we forget to turn them off when we go to bed. This takes over and turns them off so that's really nice.

You can also turn it on and off manually. So, as I mentioned there's a button on the side there it's off there it's back on again. My favorite feature is using an Amazon echo or a Google home now I've changed the wake word on this normally it's. The a word – and if I say that and you've got any of these smart speakers at home, they're gon na go crazy, so I've changed the WIC word to computer. So let me show you how it works. I'Ve called the Smart Switch shop, so I'll turn it on over. Here computer turn off shop, okay, that's, it computer turn on shop. Okay, could I be any nerdier anyway that's as easy as it is, so for me, for 10 bucks I've got control over an appliance or a light. I love that. I also love the fact that I can move it around the house of I'm using it at Christmas time in the mantle, and we take the Christmas decorations down. I can take it in the office and turn on something and there may be a lava lamp or something so it's, a really cool device, it's inexpensive and it just works you'll plug it in you're, not gon na have that hassle of oh, my gosh Friday. It'S. Not working what went wrong with the smart plug, so I like it a lot. I like the company, an awful lot and I'm actually going to give two of these away.

So if you've stayed this long with the clip, you get a bonus where I'm actually going to give two sets of these wise, smart plugs away. So what you have to do to enter the contest is down below I've got a link just hit the link enter your email address, be a subscriber the channel. We really appreciate the subscribers. We want to give this away to somebody that likes the channel so just hit that link enter your email address after seven days, I'm gon na pick a winner at random I'm gon na put these in a box I'm gon na send one to the first winner. One to the second winner, there's no strings attached; no shipping charges, no shenanigans, I just like giving them away and I'm so excited about this home automation space that I want other people to experience it. So if you've been on the fence about home automation, this is a really easy, simple, inexpensive way to get started with it and again the company is a great company, so that's all I had for today thanks an awful lot for watching. If you have any questions about anything, I've covered drop them in the comments below now. I'Ll probably follow this up with two other clips. I'Ll show you how to make the connection to enable this over your Amazon, echo or your Google home so stay tuned. For that clip and then the last one is I'll, show you how to go through the settings to set up like a timer.

So if you want to set this thing up to turn on a four o'clock in the afternoon and turn off at midnight, I'll show you how to do it another clip. I would have put it in this clip, but it's going to be a thirty minute clip if I do so stay tuned for those, if you're at all, interested and that's pretty much it for day.