It is a beach resort and golf club with pools a spa and more before we get started id really appreciate it. If you could subscribe to my channel, i have a bunch of puerto rico: videos coming up in the next few weeks, as well as travel content already on my channel from iceland, california, new york and more when you drive into the property, you see the two 18 Hole golf courses, we didnt go golfing on our trip, but you can see a lot of the course from the road Music. We are going to start this tour outside because im sure thats. What most of you are watching this video to see feel free to skip around if youd like to see the inside? First, all the time stamps are linked in the description and ill put chapters on this video Music. There are three pools at the resort, and the one that you are seeing right now is the quiet pool. All of the pools are surrounded by several lounge chairs, which are free and then cabanas that are available to rent next to the quiet pool. Is a water slide that goes into the activity pool, which is also known as the kids pool the kids pool is by far the biggest, and there is a hot tub and a little kiddie pool next to it probably noticing that the pools are empty. In these clips and thats, because i flew my drone pretty early one morning before most people came outside because i didnt want to be flying over a ton of people.

The pool areas get pretty crowded by mid morning, which youll see in upcoming clips Music right here is a ground view of the kids pool, and here is that same view at night. Music here is the water slide. Again, i brought my gopro on it a few times to show you guys what it looks like Music right next to the far end of the kids pool is whats known as the playground, its more like a little lawn with cornhole and giant chests, since there isnt Really a playground there, but its where you meet for the daily iguana feedings that happen in the iguana habitat. They are led by some employees who come out with sticks and a bunch of mushed up bananas that you can take a turn. Feeding the iguanas Music before heading to the other pools were going to walk around the kids pool quickly to see their wedding reception area. This big white tent is there as a backup for when it rains, but the three wedding receptions we saw during our stay were all on a deck that youll see in a few seconds. You can also see a few more cabanas that are adjacent to the beach and more private than the ones at the pool Music walking counterclockwise the rest of the way around the pool. We are back at that water slide that little hut you can see on the left of the screen is one of the places to get towels or find an employee behind it.

You can see ocean view rooms and all of their balconies continuing to the right. We are back at the quiet pool Music heading back in the direction of the main building. We are going to walk by some of the grounds and landscaping to reach the bar pool. There is a more direct route on the side closer to the beach, but its definitely not as pretty as what youre seeing now right here is a large green space for recreation in this clip chairs are set up for a wedding, but they were only there on The day of the wedding Music continuing on we reached the five oclock summer bar they are open most of the day for poolside food drinks and dinner, Music heres a view of it from the other side Music. There you can see the bar in the bottom left corner of this drone shot along with the bar pool. You can swim up to the bar and order a drink to enjoy in the pool Music. Music do Music. Of course, there are a ton, more chairs and cabanas by the pool, including some chairs in the water and a beach entry design. On one side, the pool there is more green space and the white building are the ballrooms for conferences. I didnt end up getting any footage in that area because there were conferences in session. The entire length of our stay now were back on the ground and walking by some more chairs near the bar pool.

You can see the five oclock summer bar again and one of the two beach entrances Music. Even though it says you were leaving the resort property, the beach is still considered part of the resort. There is bar service and even employees you can ask to get a chair and an umbrella. The beach is really big and you can walk either way and officially leave wyndham property. The waves are also huge, which made for some really fun, boogie boarding and body surfing. If you walk down the beach all the way to the right, youll reach one of my favorite spots, it was very pretty and a great place to go to escape some of the crowds. When you turn around and walk back towards the resort. You come across. Another bar Music before we move inside for the rest of the tour here, is some more aerial footage of the building and the grounds Music, Music, Music walking in this entrance youll see roots. One of the several restaurants on the resort Music right next to roots is also the spa, but it was closed each time i walked by to film a clip. I dont even think i saw it open the entire time we were there theres, supposedly a gym in the spa too, but obviously i was unable to get in there over where all those people are standing is a cafe. You can get some quick food and its a spot also to get some ice cream Music back over by the door we entered a minute ago is a staircase that leads right up into the lobby level, Music straight ahead and on the right of the screen.

You can see the art gallery, there are all sorts of beautiful paintings of other windham resort locations, Music and the casino entrance is straight ahead. I was filming pretty low key in these shots, so i apologize for the quality and the angles, but you can see that there are a ton of slot machines and a few tables for blackjack and roulette down the hall. That is to the left of the casino. There is a store: they have all sorts of souvenirs clothes, snacks, medicine and travel essentials, Music back where we walked up the stairs. You can turn left to walk towards the lobby, but first youll come across boleros lounge. Music right here is the check in area for the margaritaville vacation club rooms. The main entrance door is on the right of the screen and the balcony directly opposite of it. On the left that overlooks the breakfast area and large windows, where you can see almost everything outside for breakfast, there is a large buffet set up with great food. You can also order off the menu if you dont want to serve yourself Music back upstairs at the lobby level. You can continue walking forward to reach the check in area for regular rooms, theres also a concierge desk and a little seating area. Music. If you keep walking straight ahead, youll reach the elevators were going down to the second floor for a room tour. Now our room tour is going to be the end of the footage from this tour, but stick around for a few extra minutes to hear my honest opinion on the resort Music.

Our room was a regular room with two queen beds and a non ocean view. Music and finally here is the balcony. Our view was of the road in the iguana pool and there were a bunch of really pretty palm trees and you can even see the sunset at night. So now its time. For my honest opinion about the resort. First ill start off by saying that i think its a really nice place, the pool and the grounds and the beach are also pretty to walk around and hang out and see everything. But ive got to say that my only complaints are that there arent really that many spots by the pool and the beach its really hard to find a chair after like 10 am id say it just gets really really crowded and youd. Think that the resort would try and have a few more spots for people and also its literally impossible to get towels after 10 a.m. Its 11 oclock right now and we went to see if there were towels and they told us that there arent any left and the same thing happened the past few days and they dont really get towels until the end of the afternoon. Again. So. But those are like very little things to not like, i think, its fine, its its okay. We can air dry, but its just a little annoying. I mean you think that a resort, this big, would have a ton of towels and places to stay.

One more thing i forgot to mention is that the food is really good here. I havent had a meal at one of the resorts, restaurants that i havent liked. The breakfast buffet is always great theres, a wide variety of food there and same with all the restaurants. Really good gourmet food so on the food side of things, this resort is doing amazing. Also there isnt really that much going on. I thought that there would be a bunch of activities by the pool and just things that you show up and do, but there really hasnt been anything other than the iguana feeding from a few days ago. I think they do that every day and then also they have pool games sometimes, but the pool games was just hiding a torpedo in the pool and having kids find it, so it really wasnt that much i mean i guess that they do have like a chessboard And some cornhole to do, but its just one set and everything else. I think you have to pay to do so. It would have been nice if there were a few more free things to do or just included in staying here. Theres. Actually, one more thing that i forgot to mention for the activities. What youre seeing right now is a piece of paper that they gave to us when we checked into the resort. But if you look closely youll notice that it says 2020., we stayed at the resort in 2022 and even though it was february the days of the week, didnt line up with the dates that are listed on this paper and the weird part about this is that None of these activities were actually happening other than that daily iguana, feeding and pool games, which was just that torpedo hiding game.

I dont know why they advertised that they had a ton of activities going on when they truly didnt. I dont know if it was a code thing and they had to stop that, just to make sure that people werent giving each other coven it wasnt by any means an awful vacation. But the advertising made it seem like there would be a ton of stuff going on similar to on a cruise when there are activities pretty much every hour. It was just a little disappointing to get there and realize that none of that was actually happening. But if you like, just hanging by the beach and the pool and relaxing and swimming its a great place to stay, i think im just used to vacations where we go off and do a ton of stuff each day like with iceland. How we literally just did sightseeing for like 12 hours straight im, just kind of used to that. I guess, but still it was a really fun vacation, so thats it for this video. Thank you so much for watching.